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  1. Any mods that you would like to override the K1CP just need to be installed after it. Anything put into the override folder will take precedence over the K1CP changes in the various .mod files in the modules folder.
  2. I think all three of these would fit in the K1CP. Thanks for the suggestions!
  3. Howdy! I've played KOTOR on Linux before with mods, and there are two ways I've found that work well for mods: 1. Install them through Wine. Honestly I would recommend playing the whole game through Wine, since it has perfect compatibility, and I've never encountered an issue with it. To make it easier you can use PlayOnLinux (but don't use the built-in KOTOR script). If you wanna try it out and run into any trouble, let me know and I can help! 2. You can install KOTOR and all of its mods in a Windows environment (either an actual machine, or a VM running Windows), then copy the entire game directory in place of your directory on Linux. Let me know if you need any more help!
  4. Out of curiosity, will they be compatible with the community patches?
  5. You're missing a comma and a parenthesis. It should be DelayCommand(3.0, ApplyEffectAtLocation(DURATION_TYPE_INSTANT, eExplode, lBlastPoint));
  6. For anyone coming across this in the future, on the /r/kotor subreddit mod builds you can find a link to an improved Sherruk Lightsabers patch: JC has released a mod that does basically the same thing as the Robes for Korriban Sith Students mod, but without doing stuff to their inventory:
  7. I made a version of this for DP's Taris Arena Adjustements if you'd like to upload it as an option: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NuewBFq390wkZuBkbJzN-mN4sIRlvXGd
  8. Yeah, JC will be releasing a compatibility patch for the K1CP with his mod when 1.8 goes live
  9. That’s because before the TSLPatcher (And even quite awhile after it was released) the only way to use .mod files was to copy them to the modules folder. So two mods with .mod files would be incompatible because you’d either use one mod’s .mod or the other, but you couldn’t use both. Now the TSLPatcher can patch files inside .mod files, so it’s not an issue anymore. The exception is that some mod authors don’t properly utilize the TSLPatcher’s features, and still just use it to overwrite .mod files in the modules folder instead of patching them. The Community Patches patch .mod files properly though, so they’re compatible with just about anything.
  10. Like ebmar said, it first checks if the .mod exists. If so, it skips copying it, but then continues to mod files inside the .mod.
  11. If your mod copies .mod files, you can just run the K1CP installer after installing your mod. The K1CP injects files into the .mod files, only replacing the parts of the files that need to be replaced. The only incompatibility would be if both your mod and the K1CP modified the same line in the same file, which shouldn’t happen :)
  12. Hiya peoples! I'm looking for input! First off, JC and DarthParametric have been hard at work knocking stuff off the to-do list, and a new release shouldn't be too far out now. They've been awesome, and this patch wouldn't be the same without them! Secondly, as things have been worked on over the last little bit, we've decided that future releases of the K1CP (and K2CP if the need arises) will have tiers. In the TSLPatcher, you'll have three options to select from, with each higher tier including the changes of the lower tier. Right now, the basic idea for the tiers is like so: Tier 1: Pure bug fixes that don't have any visual change Tier 2: Bug fixes and some enhancements that will change some visual things Tier 3: Enhancements that are somewhat subjective As I said, if you select Tier 2, you'll get Tier 1 and Tier 2 installed, and if you select Tier 3, you'll get all 3. Right now we're trying to nail down the exact definition of each tier. For instance, should making the miners on Tatooine wear Czerka outfits be in Tier 1 or Tier 2? (It's a clear bugfix, but it's a visual change). Is any ported content OK in Tier 2, or should that only go in Tier 3? That's where y'all come in! What are your thoughts on what the exact definition of each tier should be? Let me know what you're thinking! Thanks!
  13. That’s fine, I understand! Thanks for making the fix!
  14. The first bug is confirmed, and a fix will be in the next K1CP. Neither JC nor DarthParametric could reproduce the second one though.