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  1. A Future Pilot

    KOTOR 1 Community Patch

    Sorry I'm just now replying to this. Real life has really gotten in the way of games recently. The two files are k_hjuh_p04.ncs and k_hjuh_p23.ncs, both of which were made by Kexikus
  2. A Future Pilot

    K1 Faster Scuba

    I've actually included an optional download for the space walk as well
  3. A Future Pilot

    [WIP] Star Maps Revamp

    That...is terrifying.
  4. A Future Pilot

    Sith Assassins in K1

    Before you go through all that trouble, I can try my hand at it
  5. A Future Pilot

    Sith Assassins in K1

    You should be able to just edit the .utcs of each one and replace their appearance with the Sith Assassins (you'd have to add a line for the Sith Assassins to appearance.2da). Depending on the naming convention of the utc files, you may need to add them to their respective module files instead of straight into the Override.
  6. A Future Pilot

    KOTOR 1 Community Patch

    Looks like JC and N-DreW have already got you covered I included all of the adjustements and fixes in JC's mod, except for making the students and Uthar/Yuthura wear jedi robes. (Since as much as I like that, it doesn't fit in a patch). Deleting the files N-DreW mentioned will remove those adjustements, however just make sure no other mods have edited those files. If they have, you can remove them from the K1CP by editing the changes.ini file in the Part 1 folder in tslpatchdata. Remove the lines File22=dan13_zhar.utc and File21=dan13_vrook.utc from the [GFFList] section. Then remove any sections that begin with [gff_dan13_vrook...] or [gff_dan13_zhar...] from the rest of the file (remove the header and everything beneath it until you reach the next header). I hope that helps, and I'm glad you like the patch!
  7. A Future Pilot

    K2 Community Patch

    Yeah, I talked to some people on Discord and they also agreed it's too much of a change for the K2CP.
  8. A Future Pilot

    KOTOR 1 Community Patch

    I was under the impression that K1R and BoS:SR weren't compatible with each other, but I may be wrong lol. Those warnings should be safe to ignore, although it's possible using the BoS:SR save could cause problems (just cause using saves that didn't have mods installed when you DO have mods installed will generally cause issues). Definitely let us know how it goes though, and thanks for testing!
  9. A Future Pilot

    SWTOR Styled Darth Revan Robes

    That waist scares me...
  10. A Future Pilot

    KOTOR 1 Community Patch

    I don't know that anyone's tested it, but if you install this after the BoS, you should be good
  11. A Future Pilot

    exporting voice lines

    The best way I've found is the way I show in the tutorial I wrote recently:
  12. A Future Pilot

    [Question] NPCs vs Placeables

    That's a sweet idea too!
  13. A Future Pilot

    [Question] NPCs vs Placeables

    Ah, good point. I hadn't thought of that 😕
  14. Given the fact that there are a limited number of placeables possible in the games, is there any problem with creating new placeables as NPCs and just setting them to not move in appearance.2da? Obviously this won't work for containers, but for anything else it should work, right? Has anyone tried it, or know of any limitations doing it this way?
  15. A Future Pilot

    Require assistance on something

    Triggers aren't fired by scripts, it's the other way around. A trigger is given specific geometry in the .git file for the module, then you edit the .utt file (which is the trigger file itself) and set its OnEnter script to whatever script you want to fire. Then anytime anyone walks into the area defined for that trigger, the script will fire. (Make sure you check that the person entering is the PC, or otherwise it will fire for anybody that walks in). What you probably want to do is edit the script for the trigger that's already there