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  1. Don't do MDLOps, kids.


    1. DarthParametric


      Or do, but enable the head fix flag.

    2. ebmar



      ...enable the head fix flag

      Pro tip! While -


      Don't do MDLOps...

      I found that some worked best with Ops and some don't. The art of shuffling tools is real though, hahah.

    3. Ashton Scorpius

      Ashton Scorpius

      @DarthParametric True. This was the result of using it to convert my broken weights model just to see what'd happen

  2. Ashton Scorpius

    K1 heads question

    For KOTOR I, each head model can only use one texture variant, so you'd need to create a duplicate of Mission's head model. If you extract and load her head model in MDLedit, right click the header to change the model name (i.e. to Mission_PC) and edit the textures to something else as well (i.e. missionbb01_PC and missionh01_PC). If you then save the model files under the new name, rename the textures you want to use for the player head, and edit the heads.2da entry, it should function properly. You'll also probably want to edit the texa column for the new Mission entry in appearance.2da to whatever you renamed p_missionbb01.tga so that the default clothing has the different skin color as well. Hope this helps.
  3. Ashton Scorpius

    [K1] Rakghoul Fiend

    I decided to try this mod out for a test playthrough, and I'm pleasantly surprised with the fear factor it adds to the Undercity. This mod is a keeper Great work.
  4. Ashton Scorpius

    Split mesh to use separate textures, now it's invisible

    @JCarter426 Thanks for attaching that ascii. The torso skins aren't moving with the animations. Edit: After removing and adding bones again, the skin now shows up and animates, so that's progress. Detached from the arms, though.
  5. Ashton Scorpius

    Split mesh to use separate textures, now it's invisible

    How does one load animations?
  6. Ashton Scorpius

    Split mesh to use separate textures, now it's invisible

    They're still there.
  7. Ashton Scorpius

    Split mesh to use separate textures, now it's invisible

    @JCarter426 So I just tried using KOTORmax's fast link tool instead. Didn't change anything.
  8. Ashton Scorpius

    Split mesh to use separate textures, now it's invisible

    I used gmax's link tool. Does that cause issues like mine?
  9. So, I decided to try re-working a Darth Sion wearable robes mod I started a while back. Originally, I'd gone into GIMP and combined PMBAM and N_SionA textures so that the model could have one unique texture. I'd been borrowing bare male chest textures from this mod for testing purposes. This mod was never released because I have no artistic ability of my own and didn't intend on stealing the author's work. I thought that maybe it would be better in the meantime to have the model use the pre-existing textures. In order to do this, I used KOTORmax to split the torso into two separate meshes. I linked the new mesh (lower torso) to the OdysseyBase and to the best of my ability added bones and removed unnecessary bones from the upper torso mesh. When I exported a model that was successfully able to be converted back to binary (via MDLedit), this was the result, both the upper and lower torso meshes appearing invisible: The meshes are set to render and I checked to make sure no normals were inverted, so I'm not sure where I went wrong. There's nothing wrong with the shadows' animations so I assume it's not a bone thing. I found this topic where someone who had a similar invisibility issue, but that was for an area model and had to do with lightmapping. The ascii model I imported into gmax was exported out of Blender so I don't know if that had anything to do with it either.
  10. Ashton Scorpius

    Backstroke of the Old Republic

    Beautiful. This is just the reason I needed to end a break from KOTOR I.
  11. Ashton Scorpius

    K1 Twi'lek Male 3D Ears

    @ebmar I'd actually just noticed that (plus some other differences) when taking comparison shots. I'll work on restoring the original smoothing in those areas.
  12. Looking for feedback on how I did with my latest Twi'lek ears update. I added a lot more geometry for improved roundness & earlobes.


    Unfortunately they still don't blend in well from the front; the small ear texture's a pain to work with ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Ashton Scorpius

      Ashton Scorpius

      @ebmar Appreciated B)

      @DarthParametric Yeah. I'd already done that for the back of the ears, I'll need to find an area that works for the front too

    3. DarthParametric


      You'd have better luck pulling something from TOR I think. More defined diffuse, and a normal map.

      Edit: Here @Ashton Scorpius , try this - TOR_Ear_Texture.7z

    4. Ashton Scorpius

      Ashton Scorpius

      @DarthParametric I appreciate you taking care of the extraction for me. I'll see what I can do with that texture 👍

  13. Ashton Scorpius

    HD MENUS AND UI Assets

  14. Ashton Scorpius


    Great work. It's nice to see an HD main menu texture that stays true to the original look.
  15. View File TSL Removed Mouth Cubes (Modder's Resource) Per request, this is a modder's resource to fix unused models in TSL that had the "mouth cube" problem, AKA tongue tip dummies unintentionally set to render. I have also included a model for Jedi Malak with his "mouth cube" fixed. Not to be confused with my Malak Mouth Fix mod, the model in this download has no further changes. What's Included Jedi Malak (Full body): n_jedimalek.mdl/mdx Sith Governor/Apprentice (Head): sith_app.mdl/mdx Atris (Darth Traya variant) (Full body): n_darthtraya.mdl/mdx Credits Fred Tetra, Kotor Tool bead-v, MDLedit Disclaimer This modder's resource is not supported by LucasArts, BioWare, or Obsidian Entertainment. It is intended to be used by other members of the KOTOR modding community & intends no copyright infringement. Contact me on DeadlyStream or via Discord (listed on my DS profile) if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or the like. Feel free to use these files however you want, this is a resource & no permissions are necessary. Submitter Ashton Scorpius Submitted 02/22/2019 Category Modder's Resources