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  1. a-ma-zing progress so far. I wonder if you would finally release not only HQ but MQ (middle-quality) textures of this aswell, running this myself still on a "half-end" rig, you know ....
  2. MOST interesting indeed. To address the wookiees issue btw. What do you mean with "Mines look consistent with each other. * Droid utility items look consistent with each other." ?? I suppose this install shouldn't affect my already edited uti items correct?? thanks on advance looks great on advance.
  3. OMG OMG OMG OMG. Looks PERFECT (so far)!!!!! (hats off)
  4. A Darth Maul(ed) Bao-Dur? never thought of that (possibility)!!! lol you even changed his remote? have to try this ASAP. A.S.A.P !!! Well done, I think I'll probably end up tweaking this to set Bao's default appearance as your first darkside transition (if that one is the white-black skinned head that is) and the first darkside transition to Maul's textures. I might be doing that I think.
    only now i could try this. excellent work, fits better that helmet visor as supposed to be. Permanent install on my end.
  5. excellent so you placed that utc straight into the 904mal module. why wouldn't this Patcher installation work for non-TSLRCM users aswell, any specific setting in the utc(s) or what? keep it up
  6. most interesting and needed tweak IMHO, good to have options to choose from !!! I did something similar time ago, if I remember correctly both Darth Traya and Atris at her Telos academy use the same file (n_darthtraya001.utc) for their stats. That naturally means that, if you place the n_darthtraya001.utc file in Override folder BEFORE reaching Telos Academy, Atris will take Traya's stats and appearance. Yep, happened to me. LoL be aware of that. Dunno how to fix that except to wait until your character won't be returning to Telos anymore; and ONLY THEN put the n_darthtraya001.utc file at Override (and removing the utc from Override every time you start a new character naturally) Hope that helps !!!
    working good thanks, good for the "silent strong type" Player Characters out there
  7. So Freeman doesn't speak there? never played that one (Half Life). I'm actually playing the wavs individually and yep seems you just muted everything!! lol I don't actually plan to fully mute my male PC but I may give good use to some of these to mute certain set of sounds, like when he's poisoned, low in health or hit. Wasn't expecting this (kind of) soundset upload, at all. Not even as an April Fook's joke....
  8. very well done a much needed fix !!!!! 👍 🍻
  9. shame we cant go back in time (and a good bunch of years) to permanently add to base game p_plyermw_slct8, p_plyermw_stlh4 (and so on) to add even little more variety (and to permanently keep installed) all these but still.... I'll be switching among these rather regularly to listen to them. for now, I'm "mixing" p_plyermw_slct8, p_plyermw_lmin3, p_plyermw_low1 and few others with the Male Jedi Knight from SWTOR PC Replacement soundset and I'll be testing this "mixture" for awhile. These 2 voices in particular don't seem too diferent in these brief statements ... or do they to you?? great upload again SH thanks
    very well done once again, some few pretty long soundsets here. Rated 5 ....
    very good job again, but I prefer Lana Beniko's soundset, just a personal opinion though (this voice is or sounds a little more childish IMHO but its just that). thanks