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  1. GNihilus2


    oh. goodness.... she's far more ... ahhhh... you know, right there her chest (LoL)
  2. GNihilus2

    HD Yuthura Ban

    great to have a tweaked tattoos and no tattoos options, trying those ASAP. Impressive quality here thanks.
  3. oh boy (DP) it worked like a charm!!! you were right I just see the portion of my humble 4:3 setting. wonderful to have Revan (or Malak) to choose as MainMenu background. Btw, it worked and looks decent enough without the ndix UR’s KotOR High Resolution Menus mod. Also, within the Version A - Vanilla Texture (Upscaled) folder, I think you missed to rename N_DarthRevan01.tpc to DP_MenuRevan.tpc or Darth Revan will look untextured in the menu. I kept this vanilla one for now but all most interesting edits to be switching once in a while appreciating the hard work.
  4. good to hear. I'll try and let u know.....
  5. option 1 or 4 are the best for me. Wish you will be able to work out the dlg properly to release this ASAP. Amazing concept/idea !!!! Following .....
  6. would LOVE to see this (Revan in that pose) but for my humble 4:3 view setting .... any chances? is it doable??
  7. oh boy !! how NOT to try this?? i mean, I have seen this in action already in KoToR, not here .... instantly downloaded then. Seems like a moderately thin beam btw.....
  8. great great work Obi Wan hoping to test this asap. gives more life to the droid planet.
  9. interesting way to put it here. Or choose them. For some reason (and/or the mentioned reasons) everyone goes to Tatooine firstly. Same here too, I don't think I ever started a playthrough WITHOUT visiting the dunes planet in the first place. Maybe I have to change that for once in next (playthrough).... And it seems people prefer to recruit first HK instead of Jolee? or maybe its just its funnier dialog entries .... so my order uses to be: Tatooine, Manaan, Kashyyyk, Korriban (or Korriban, Kashyyyk sometimes). Good thread here, SH.
  10. GNihilus2


    goodness!!!! the mod for this !!???
  11. and btw that's a new mesh for the hilt too, or not?
  12. oh boy. how did ANYONE foresee this before?? 2 colored doble-bladed one? fantastic concept. must-have concept I'd dare to say instant download, see how this turns out. Overpowered a little u say? hate that (LoL) will have to work that out then thanks a whole lot on advance
  13. thanks for this great work SH and UnusualCharacters. awesome to see those new missing lines improvised now!! thanks alot aswell for the translations, sometimes its hard to hear what player says, more for non.native english speakers so appreciatte translations alot too.
  14. a-ma-zing progress so far. I wonder if you would finally release not only HQ but MQ (middle-quality) textures of this aswell, running this myself still on a "half-end" rig, you know ....
  15. MOST interesting indeed. To address the wookiees issue btw. What do you mean with "Mines look consistent with each other. * Droid utility items look consistent with each other." ?? I suppose this install shouldn't affect my already edited uti items correct?? thanks on advance looks great on advance.