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  1. GNihilus2

    [K1] SWTOR Male Jedi Knight - PC Replacement Soundset

    if this one is so good/awesome as Lana Beniko's soundset, will stay active in my Override for a GOOD while you know ... thanks again
  2. GNihilus2

    K1 Twi'lek Male 3D Ears

    just checked it on various NPCs, looks good but when you engage a conversation (close view) with the closer camera sometimes the ears look too cut, i mean too straight marked. What i say is that maybe adding few more polygons, nodes or however it is called in the model should help to smooth the model for the closer views (to have a more rounded ear I mean). A minor issue of course, been myself as annoying and "sick" for details as I am. great work cheers
  3. I couldn't read all of the post here but ... did you ever use this load order in another rig? if not, how many mods do you usually install same time before adding more mods to your load order?? do you ever check the files within the tslpatchdata file before installing (to see for coincidental files in your Override for example) or you just click and go with install on each install??
  4. GNihilus2

    [K1] Lana Beniko - PC Replacement Soundset

    great work, loving her little longer - more explanatory if you like - comments and how she sets mines now working without issues compatible with all my stuff of course. Question: when you switch back to the PC from other party member, now I see 3 voicings/options randomly popping up, before (vanilla) there was only one option, correct ?
  5. GNihilus2

    Control Panel For Kashyyyk Shadowlands Forcefield

    worked like a charm, passed 2nd visit without issues. Most recommended sort of must-have improvement for this wookies' land module. (btw, I just changed the CameraAngle setting to 1 instead of 0 in the kas24_force_01 dlg (strRef 11995 node) to avoid visualizing Jolee turning on his feet which bothered me alittle, a very minor detail of course, this way he turns to face the panel and you only see his back and head) thanks amazing work 👍
  6. GNihilus2

    Mira Romance Mod

    yep i remember that kissing scene of Bastila, very-well achieved. How could we not have a chance of kissing Mira then... hottest huntress in the galaxy?
  7. GNihilus2

    Control Panel For Kashyyyk Shadowlands Forcefield

    just passed the First Visit no problems so far, loved that panel there good work will be rating once I'm done with the Second Visit. Apparently that kas_m24aa.ncs didn't cause any trouble, must be from a custom.made mod yes. keep it up
  8. GNihilus2

    Control Panel For Kashyyyk Shadowlands Forcefield

    GREAT improvements here both the added panel and that gap fix, even the "intrusive" vines removal .... agreeing how he faces the panel now to disable it. I have a kas_m24aa.ncs script in my Override folder, checking changes ini file seems there's no overwrite of that one, right? checking the video, I noticed that in First Visit, at 0:37 you switched camera to close view when he starts dealing with the control panel; but in the Second Visit (from 1:05) when he begins saying "I can manipulate it for a moment" he rotates on his feet to face the panel. That looks a little odd for me, or better said, might be visually improved if switching to the close view camera (like First Visit) BEFORE rotating his body to the panel? OR ... alternatively, how about adding a 3 or 4 seconds computer typing animation from 1:13 RIGHT BEFORE he says the line "Ah, there we go ...."? the timing (to add an animation or camera switch there at 1:09 or 1:10) will be more difficult there that just switching to close view of the first option I mentioned .... (a 3 or 4 seconds typing animation with no sounds could be added RIGHT AFTER the line "I can manipulate it for a moment. Let me see... how did the Czerka engineers do it ..." ends?) anyway this is *very* well achieved because Jolee stares at the panel properly (second visit i mean) until he ends his line "... the Czerka engineers do it" before switching the camera to the longest view to open the field and a view of all the party members. hope that was understandable enough
  9. GNihilus2

    [K1] Lana Beniko - PC Replacement Soundset

    "Now your PC character in KotOR1 can sound like Lana Beniko from SWTOR!" oh man. oh man. such an instant download when I read this, and even better.... WITHOUT her head !!! (until we had the head that is but even better if can be used on default PCs) wonderful news, thank goodness you took so seriously (when not) this business of voicing all these SWTOR characters !! Marvellous.
  10. GNihilus2

    Female Armour Collar Fix

    great thanks. I'm not used to give females heavy armors proficiency so maybe its time to change that (i agree about fixing the clipping but also about having more neck visible now)
  11. GNihilus2

    Female Armour Collar Fix

    Do these apply to medium and/or heavy proficiency armors i wonder?? all mandalorians armors included?? seems like another MUST-HAVE fix. Nice catch.
  12. GNihilus2

    Dxun Holocron

    interesting mod idea. on a quick look at the files, seems you spawned a new corpse for this correct? should be compatible with my stuff if that's the case.... what about these new lightsaber forms? they just cant come with new animations i suppose, they are hard.coded too right?? P.S. good you gave some different (and better than passive Force Powers IMO) use to those 2005 files ....
  13. GNihilus2

    Droid Oil Bath Recovery Item

    so this is the equivalent of meatbags Cup of Calf ........ 😃 well done indeed, nice touch with that "oily" icon btw love it
  14. GNihilus2

    JC's Force Knock for K2

    i see, good work.