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  1. EDIT: All of this is fixed. I won't have time to update the instructions and do tests but you can download the previous version it's looking for, just press this button on the DS page. v1.3.1 is what you want. Looks like @Ashton Scorpius updated their mod to use my latest update of HoloPatcher. From what I can tell no content changes were made. As for the dm_qrts yeah it looks like I accidentally used the archive from the full build. Both should be the same thing, since you aren't interacting with the archive outside of KOTORModSync there shouldn't be any spoilers but otherwise just try not to read the main DS page when downloading it. Sorry I couldn't provide a direct fix at the moment but I hope this at least gets your install going if you did want those two mods.
  2. @Guysabosssome mods have both a patch and the mod itself. Make sure you have everything it's telling you you need, the archive file names were up to date last I checked. Stuff like TSL Twilek heads also have compatibility patches for the UCO with similar names that you also need. if all of that sounds too daunting, just unselect the ones that are erroring. You should ideally only be selecting the ones you want anyway, it's unlikely you'll want every single mod in that list.
  3. There is an alien that drops off the Gizka on your ship when you arrive on Tatooine. Despite how annoying this is, the game doesn't give you an option to kill him. A simple dialog option that starts combat, and some extra dialog nodes from him to express disbelief/apologetic tone would be all this idea needs
  4. @JoeNotCharles Look at the summary tab for that mod, should always have the links... There's a Patch required. EDIT: Ugh, nevermind, seems I did forget to put it in there. I'll update the toml's but in the meantime the link needed is!gcxRTYTJ!ILbLFRyGEr4lGZYDOLN_Qg17fCm-TJw4Y1RDuy4WiWI Thanks for reporting this.
    One of my favorite mods for K1. Near impossible to beat and somewhat scary!
  5. No. Look at the project website and repo to see its latest updates.
    I want to extend a heartfelt shoutout to @Cortisol, the mastermind behind this incredible Toolset, and commend your decision to make the entire project open source. My contributions to the toolset have consisted of expanding functionality, fixing bugs, providing documentation, refactoring for stability/consistency, and thorough testing across different platforms. My recent endeavor to create a **SAVEditor** illuminated the vast amount of work involved in such a project. It was an eye-opening experience where I had to construct entire save/load functionalities from scratch, develop a robust data structure, and design a user-friendly editor interface. Despite leveraging the framework of existing editors, the task is still daunting and has underscored the monumental effort required to complete. The sheer complexity and effort required to develop even a single editor are colossal, yet this toolset boasts a comprehensive suite of PyQt-based editors, each demonstrating remarkable functionality. This toolset seemingly took several years of work and was provided to the public for free. A wild thing to see pop up out of nowhere, for a twenty-year-old game. A massive thank you to @Cortisol for your invaluable contribution and for making this groundbreaking work accessible to all. Your dedication and talent have not only advanced the KOTOR modding scene but also inspired a community of developers, including myself, to push the boundaries of what's possible.
  6. No, look at the recent commits to the repo.. Commits · seedhartha/reone (
  7. After spending 5 minutes on this issue (so take this with a grain of salt) I've determined there is no .MOD issue (at least with 702KOR). The issue you guys were experiencing is a bug in KOTOR Tool or ERFEdit or whatever tool you used to create the .mod. Using Holocron Toolset to create the .mod worked fine. I've tested the whole module with one of @Leilukin's light side saves, start->finish, no sequence breaks. Probably the same problem in 401DXN
  8. You should have an 'errorlog.txt' or a 'installlog.txt' in the same folder as HoloPatcher if it was a holopatcher error. Sounds like you're saying your game already has problems before installing k1cp? If so you should be asking in tech support. Try reinstalling your game, or post more informative details so we can help you.
  9. Looks good to me. All of those errors are pretty self-explanatory of what the issue is. updating a field/struct directly when the struct doesn't exist, the mod's changes.ini needs to use AddField syntax. EDIT: looks like the path holopatcher's outputting is wrong actually, should rather say 'Parent field at 'Equip_ItemList\1\' does not exist'. will fix in next release
  10. How does HoloPatcher handle the mod after the syntax error is cleared up?
  11. Can you open a terminal and execute: find "~/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Knights of the Old Republic II/" > ~/tree_result_k2.txt && open ~/tree_result_k2.txt and post the results? This'll show me the long-awaited directory structure for the second game. For the first game: find "~/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/swkotor/Knights of the Old" > ~/tree_result_k1.txt && open ~/tree_result_k1.txt there's also the mac store version of the games, after someone comes along with that information, every known version will be supported.
  12. Thanks for providing the folderpath, I've put out several PSA's over this project's release asking for a user with the mac version to please share their directory structures to no avail until now. When you pointed an incorrect path, did any instructions actually run before it noticed the incorrect gamepath?