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This modding toolset is a work in progress and I carry no responsibility to any damage done to your game files or lost work that may occur. Some antiviruses will flag a false positive and prevent you from opening the application. If this happens you will need to configure your antivirus to allow the program to run.

Holocron Toolset is a collection of modding tools packaged in a single application aimed at streamlining modding development for KotOR/TSL, drawing inspiration from Kotor Tool and the NWN Aurora Toolset. There are editors available for nearly every file type used by the game. Also included with it is a 3D module editor and a "Map Builder" which the user can use to create new maps by rearranging existing models already used in the game.

Discord for suggestions + bug reports: https://discord.com/invite/3ME278a9tQ

If you are running Windows 7 or 8 and get a missing DLL error when opening the program you will need to download the Visual C++ Redist from Microsoft.

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What's New in Version 2.0.8   See changelog


Module Designer

  • Controls can now be customized through the Settings window.
  • A 2D view similar to the one used in the GIT Editor has been added.
  • New freecam mode which gives the user an alternative way of navigating through the module. Default key for toggling it is 'F' while the mouse is over the 3D view.
  • Options have been added to the top tool bar to toggle: locking positions of objects, backface culling, and lightmaps.
  • A 3D cursor which follows where the mouse is pointing to in the module.
  • Moving an object now follows the 3D cursor rather than just moving relative to the amount the mouse has moved. Same applies for adding new objects.
  • Cameras in the object list are now labeled with the ID.
  • Cameras are now rendered with their height and pitch properties.
  • You can now edit object properties manually through the same dialog windows used by the GIT Editor.
  • Opening a module will create a corresponding MOD file if it does not already exist.
  • You can now create a duplicate of the selected object at the 3d cursor by using ALT left click.
  • Objects in the instance list that do not have a correspoding resource file are italicized.
  • Objects in the instance list are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Added options to snap the selected camera to the viewport and vice versa.
  • Adding a waypoint/trigger into the module will have their GIT name/tag match the one found within their resource file.
  • Fixed resource file not auto selecting after selecting the corresponding object.
  • Fixed filter textbox having no affect in the Open Module dialog.
  • Fixed cameras not rotating correctly.
  • Fixed creating a new resource window not saving anything when targeting MOD files.
  • Fixed the user being able to select objects even if they are not currently being rendered.

GIT Editor

  • Fixed dirt material colour sharing the same value as the undefined material colour.
  • Fixed camera rotations not working correctly.
  • Fixed "Edit Resource" sometimes opening the wrong file.

DLG Editor

  • New nodes will now have a default delay of -1 instead of 0.
  • Camera angle is now a dropdown menu. In addition to this, assigning a Camera ID to a node will automatically set the camera angle to "Static Camera".

UTI Editor

  • There is now a preview of the icon that will be used ingame for the item.


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Organized, easy to use, and so full of features (with more coming)! Definitely recommend for any modder and new ones (like me!)

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· Edited by DarthDrija

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This tool is awesome, it has a lot of features, it's user-friendly, and the thing I most like is that it's compatible with mac and ubuntu. The 1.4.0 version improved it even more, thank you a lot for this useful tool.

Edit: since 2.0, there are a lot more features, such as a module builder.

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