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This modding toolset is a work in progress and I carry no responsibility to any damage done to your game files or lost work that may occur. Some antiviruses will flag a false positive and prevent you from opening the application. If this happens you will need to configure your antivirus to allow the program to run.

Holocron Toolset is a collection of modding tools packaged in a single application aimed at streamlining modding development for KotOR/TSL, drawing inspiration from Kotor Tool and the NWN Aurora Toolset. There are editors available for nearly every file type used by the game. Also included with it is a 3D module editor and a "Map Builder" which the user can use to create new maps by rearranging existing models already used in the game.

Discord for suggestions + bug reports: https://discord.com/invite/3ME278a9tQ

If you are running Windows 7 or 8 and get a missing DLL error when opening the program you will need to download the Visual C++ Redist from Microsoft.

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What's New in Version 2.1.2   See changelog


General Changes

  • Fixed major bug that was causing most editors to load data incorrectly.
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This tool is awesome, it has a lot of features, it's user-friendly, and the thing I most like is that it's compatible with mac and ubuntu. The 1.4.0 version improved it even more, thank you a lot for this useful tool.

Edit: since 2.0, there are a lot more features, such as a module builder.

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Organized, easy to use, and so full of features (with more coming)! Definitely recommend for any modder and new ones (like me!)

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modder 9

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This is a great modding tool!

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I want to extend a heartfelt shoutout to @Cortisol, the mastermind behind this incredible Toolset, and commend your decision to make the entire project open source.

My contributions to the toolset have consisted of expanding functionality, fixing bugs, providing documentation, refactoring for stability/consistency, and thorough testing across different platforms.

My recent endeavor to create a **SAVEditor** illuminated the vast amount of work involved in such a project. It was an eye-opening experience where I had to construct entire save/load functionalities from scratch, develop a robust data structure, and design a user-friendly editor interface. Despite leveraging the framework of existing editors, the task is still daunting and has underscored the monumental effort required to complete.

The sheer complexity and effort required to develop even a single editor are colossal, yet this toolset boasts a comprehensive suite of PyQt-based editors, each demonstrating remarkable functionality. This toolset seemingly took several years of work and was provided to the public for free. A wild thing to see pop up out of nowhere, for a twenty-year-old game.

A massive thank you to @Cortisol for your invaluable contribution and for making this groundbreaking work accessible to all. Your dedication and talent have not only advanced the KOTOR modding scene but also inspired a community of developers, including myself, to push the boundaries of what's possible.

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Overall a fantastic new tool!

I love how each plugin seamlessly activates whenever the user double-clicks virtually anything and just how many new plugins were developed.

For example, there's a new soundset editor which includes useful things such as the string to identify what a specific sound is supposed to be, and sliders to control its volume. 

There's also a much more robust texture viewer including even settings to change your TXI data on the fly. Speaking of textures, there's now a new 3d model viewer, so we can finally see which module piece or vehicle we're working on with a simple double-click from the asset menu.

If you're interested in editing dialogue, there's a setting for that too with a near replica of the old dialogue editor included with this tool.

If your files are in the Override, it has the ability to access and edit all of those files from within the tool; and all of these features are a part of the new Module editor which takes the original concept from Kotortool but expands on it to include a 3d viewer, map, and comprehensive list of every asset so you can add them into your mod with minimal effort.

Lastly, the 2DA Editor is by far my favorite improvement. I want to personally thank the UI designer as the font and layout you chose has saved my eyes hours of pain.

The whole thing runs out of the folder with no further steps beyond picking your folder directories which are made even easier with the tooltips which will help step-by-step to do so.


Now, I would recommend this as a perfect replacement for Kotortool as it has started to show its age and Holocron has so many improved features, but there are a couple of caveats that I also need to cover.

1.) Performance. One of the most helpful features of Kotortool was how lightweight it was. As of writing this, there are a few areas of the Holocron Toolset that experience brutal lag such as startup (It takes a while to initialize when it populates the list after choosing which game to run) This is especially rough when you try to open some of the heavier plugins like the Module Editor which I was able to crash on multiple occasions by simply hitting "open" too many times. And, speaking of crashing, it has a nasty habit of freezing up the program whenever a plugin gets too overloaded and you may lose a lot of work if you even move the window while a plugin is loading.

2.) Interface. For the most part, the UI is immaculate, but if you're a Windows user like myself, you may become frustrated with how navigation is done in the 3d model viewer. Ctrl- Left Mouse is move the object, Ctrl Middle Mouse is rotate the object, and Ctrl- Mouse Wheel is how to pan the camera up or down for anyone interested. I personally was able to pick it up pretty easily after a bit, but I just wanted to drop that warning in case you come from a Windows background.

These will probably be addressed in future patches and I'm sure performance will continue to improve as well, but even though there is some bad, it is FAR outweighed by the good.

That said, I'm looking forward to each new update as this tool matures.

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Amazing tool, thanks for creating this.

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