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  1. It's currently in modding limbo. I sorted out *most* stuff, but then I lost motivation to finish it up. I still have all the files and so on intact, but I probably won't finish up the mod, until I randomly feel like replaying Kotor again, or suddenly get the passion to finish up the mod. ElevenLabs changing their policies on voice cloning, so only paid users have access to it, also means I've lost access to the voice that I created of Mission and her cousin (thankfully I think I have enough voice lines already, to get a decent version of the mod out there). When I return I'll probably just limit my ambitions, and try and get a working version out so as to just have it out there, if anyone feels like playing it. I'm expecting the final version of the mod, to be limited to Dantoine interactions, and a bit of additional global dialogue, and including robe and such. It'll also retain the ability to push Mission towards being light or dark side, but it'll mostly be a relatively superficial decision, compared to what was initially envisioned.
  2. Request 1: If anyone feels like providing feedback to some of the written dialogue I've done for various triggers, do let me know. Currently it's only myself working on the written dialogue, and I'd personally love to have another pair of eyes on some of the stuff that I'm writing, to potentially make it even better. Request 2: On the off chance that someone is able and willing to create a new lightsaber hilt, that's compatible with the upgrade to lightsabers from This Mod, I do think it would be amazing if Mission could gain a unique lightsaber. Currently Mission only has a unique robe, and I think having a unique lightsaber as well, would help make it more interesting, and visually pleasing to turn Mission into a Jedi. The only real requirement, would be for it to roughly match the colour scheme used in her robe Progress update: Thanks to Skpy, I've now gotten most/all the audio needed for my triggers on Kashyyk and Dantoine, and have created the DLG and trigger for one of them, and going to create the .dlg and trigger for Kashyyk in one of the upcoming days. This means that for the triggers aspect of the mod to be completed, I still need to cover the triggers I want to setup on the remaining planets (excluding Taris). Thankfully I've already written out a rough draft for most dialogue, and figured out where to place the majority of the triggers conceptually. When the trigger implementation on all planets is finally finished, the plan is to look at Lehon, and attempt to see if I can let a DS turned Mission join a DS Revan, and add a bit of more content where she'd normally be absent from the game on a DS playthrough. Once I manage to complete the remaining parts described above, that should mark the conclusion of the WIP aspect of the mod, and have it enter into its release stage.
  3. @Snigaroo Thanks for keeping me in mind, it would definitely help with motivation for the project, if I thought that I'd get on your modlist (as I'm understanding that most people only go as far as your list, to look for mods for Kotor). Regarding Mission being force sensitive, she's a 14 year old kid holding her own with the likes of Revan, Bastilla, Carth, etc. If that isn't an indication of potential force sensitivity, idk what is Also fairly impressive that she taught herself to speak fluent Wookie with Zalbar. considering that Big Z hardly seems like a teacher or someone prone to linguistics (all the while navigating the dangerous lower and under cities better than most hardened adults, as a freaking kid) If I'm not mistaken, these are things that would typically be something you'd see in a force sensitive person. Particularly when there's no specific foundation given to the character, that would justify these things happening "naturally" to the point of how it is in the game. Above are just my own musings, but in my PoV that's always been an indication of it to some extent, even if never explicitly touched upon in the game. With all of that being said, what you described is pretty much what my mod is doing. I haven't actually looked at the Lehon part yet, as I wanted to finish up my triggers on all planets first, but as I mentioned last time, the plan is to allow a DS Mission to join Revan, and create some more content for her post the place where a DS MC would no longer have Mission with them. I could re-write a more elaborate explanation as to what I've done, how far I am, and what's in the process of being worked on/planned, but I think I covered that fairly well last time I wrote to you over in the Mod Development channel in Discord. If you feel like there's something I should keep an eye out for beyond what I've already shared, do @ me either here or on discord and let me know, and I'll most likely be happy to incorporate it into the mod. Ps. Just to be explicit about it, my mod allows you either push her towards becoming more light sided, or more dark sided, and it's reflected in the available dialogue that the PC will be able to get during a playthrough, based on her alignment. Her aligntment is initially chosen by you through dialogue choices when you turn her into a Jedi on Dantoine, and the available dialogue is split around roughly 60% universal dialogue with 40% alignment restricted dialogue, depending on whether you've turned Mission towards the DS or LS (might be closer to a 50/50 split, but roughly there about). PsPs: I also think DarthParemtric raises some good points about Mission's PoV, and if you throw in the destruction of near everything she's ever known as well (Read: Taris), where the only person that truly stood by her was ultimately Big Z and Revan, it's really not that hard to see how she could be pushed to joining a DS Revan, and generally begin viewing the world in a more DS oriented "light".
  4. Update: Thanks to the help of Skpy, who's kindly offered to generate voice lines for me through Elevenlabs, I've returned to working on the project again DarthParametric -> You're right of course, when I wrote the part you quoted, I was thinking of "withing a reasonable timeline, where I'd still have a burning passion for seeing my mod work completed". I figured that based on what I've seen, and the general progress of it, that we were talking around 1year+ at the very least before a comparable free software was released (which I'll happily admit, was just a gut feeling estimate based on the above).
  5. ElevenLabs has now officially ended support of voice cloning features, to the free accounts that still had access to it. This means that unless this changes, I find another AI VA at the same level of quality (doubtful), or I end up paying for a subscription, that this mod project is going to be put on hold indefinitely. I might release what I've got at some point as the WIP clip only with corrected dialogue, once I've made up my mind about whether to give up on the continuing the project because of the above reason.
  6. Brilliant idea, I'm very excited to try this mod out ^^
  7. If Sith Holocron's suggestion doesn't work out for you, try to use the pronounciation that I used with it: "Maanaan". I personally think it hits it spot on.
  8. This sounds great, I'm glad to see you could use the ElevenLabs free AI VA's for your project ^^ Very interesting project as well, I quite like what the idea behind it Is it just me, or does the *very* first voice line in that video, sound just a bit like Mission?
  9. To give an impression of what I mean, here's a first draft example of one such trigger on Kashyyk: Trigger point: Kashyyk - Somewhere around the Czerka office, probably towards the bridge area exit. For DS (Czerka) Mission - I feel conflicted about the Czerka being on Kashyyk... On one hand, I know Big Z hates them, and because he's my friend I want to destroy them for him, but on the other hand... I can't really say that I blame them too much for using their strength to dominate those weaker than themselves, ya' know? Reply option 1: I understand what you mean, I feel the same way. Reply Mission 1: See? That's what I like about you. You understand that strength is the only real truth in the universe. [End Dialogue] Reply option 2: Are you listening to yourself? This sounds like the Dark side talking Reply Mission 2: You know what? I'm okay with that, if it gives me the strength to do what I think is right. [End Dialogue] Reply option 3: I'm not really sure how I feel about it yet. Reply Mission 3: Then I think you better make up your mind about it soon. [End Dialogue] For LS Mission (Czerka) - I can't believe Czerka would enslave an entire race... This is wrong. I feel the force echoing with the cries of the enslaved Wookies..Don't you feel it <FullName>? The Czerka corporation are corrupting this planet, we have to help the Wookies somehow! Reply option 1: I feel it too, we have to do something to help them soon. Reopy Mission 1: See? That's what I like about you. You don't just do nothing when you see injustices commited around you. You stand up and fight for what's right, no matter what. [End Dialogue] Reply option 2: This is the way of the universe, there's nothing we can do to change it. Reply Mission 2: How can you say that? I thought Big Z was you friend, and that our mission was to SAVE the universe, not just stand by while it gets slowly destroyed! [End Dialogue] Reply option 3: I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. Reply Mission 3: Then I think you better make up your mind about it soon. [End Dialogue] I might end up scratching some or all of what's written above, as I haven't cross references what dialogue is spoken by her in that module yet (and it's just a first draft), but I figured that this should give a better general impression of what I'm planning to add. I figure some triggers will lead to slightly longer conversations, but basically this is the kind of way that I'd want to go about dividing up the unique alignment dialogue.
  10. Progress Report: I've fixed all the issues present in the WIP clip, meaning I corrected all the written audio to match perfectly with what was spoken, and fixed a couple of voice issues. I worked a bit more on Mission's Global Dialogue, mostly voicing what I'd aready written, and added a bit more dialogue options. I've conceptualized the major points that I want Mission to be able to talk about with the MC, while traveling along to the different planets. New Idea Progress: To give the mod some additional depth, and let the player have a more genuine influence on how Mission evolves as a character, I've also decided to try to incorporate alignment conditionals in her dialogue, so as to give her around 60-70% universal dialogue regardless of her alignment, and the remaining 30-40% be LS or DS exclusive dialogue. I've also decided to add around at least 2 conversation prompts from Mission on each planet, sharing her newly found Jedi PoV on either the planet or before/after a major event. Thanks to the help of Leulikin I've figured out how to setup and shape triggers, and my goal is for Mission to initiate conversation around at least 2 times on each planet, chiming in with her thoughts on the general aspects of the planet from her newly found Jedi PoV, and/or certain bigger events from the same PoV. Thanks to the help of Fury I've also managed to get my code working for the conditional required for the new idea (checking for being a jedi, their current alignment, and specifically which module they're currently in). Thanks to SithSpecter, I also got a working module name for Dantoinne Courtyard, as "danm14aa" wasn't working with "GetModuleName" (Hoping that "GetModuleFileName will alllow me to use danm14aa for the module reference in the script). I've also got a working prompt script on triggers that checks if Mission is a Jedi, and then prompt conversation between Mission and the MC. Which effectively means that I've got all the technichal aspects mostly out of the way, and I'm now able to setup triggers to incorporate my new idea(s) with Mission, in relation to setting up at least 2 triggers on each planet, and letting Mission share her newly found Jedi PoV with you about the planet and major events, while also setting up the conditionals so that around 30-40% will be LS/DS exclusive dialogue. Any inputs as to the new direction I'm taking the mod?
  11. This looks amazing, I'm excited to see it come to fruition, and try it out ^^ In relation to your voice aspect, while I understand you have some experience working with VA's, an alternative solution could be to use one of the free voices from https://beta.elevenlabs.io/ The quality is quite high, and it's very user friendly to use (you'll have a 10k characters limit pr. month as a free user though). Edit: In relation to creating lip files, JCarter's put up a small video that shows how to do it, that's pinned over in the Kotor discord's "Mod Development" channel.
  12. Fun fact LDR, emotional inflection control is one of the things they've been working on a lot recently, and going by their announcements about it so far, I already think I should be able to get a lot better emotional inflection control moving forward (though sadly that's also going to go hand in hand, with a lot more splicework for me). Another downside of this enhanced emotional inflection, is that I expect that it's most likely going to take up more of my monthly quota, to get the optimal results from the new control we've gotten over how the AI VA says the TTS. The new way it's now setup is to give you the emotiional inflection you want, by writing out your TTS sentences something like this: "She shouted angrily: I don't want you to go there!". She continued in an apologetic voice: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to shout at you and be so angry" Essentially we can now narrate the emotional inflection we want any given sentence to be said with, which I think is a huge step forward in gaining better results (I didn't have access to this feature, when I created all the audio in the WIP clip that I've shared). Edit: Only 5 days left before my quota resets, so hopefully I'll be uploading another WIP clip in the next 1-2 weeks of my progress at that point.
  13. First WIP clip of the mod so far This is a very raw WIP progress update clip, but I wanted to be able to show people more clearly what I was working on, so I figurd I'd share the clip anyway Progress update: I've gotten even further with the Dantoine section, and now mostly only need to "clean up" various things. All voice has been done, and only a single splice project, some minor written dialogue corrections. and that one voice reference correction, should be needed now (for the time being at least). The choices you make in the Dialogue with Master Seelah, determines whether you push Mission's alignment further to the light side, or over to the dark side At the conclusion of the dialogue, you'll have given Mission an alignment shift, and given her a Jedi class of your chosing You'll also get a truly unique robe not seen Anywhere else (Thanks to RH and JC), along with 3 light sabers that corresponds in colour to your chosen class After having gone through the dialogue with Master Seelah, Mission will unlock new dialogue choices when you speak to her (yet to be voiced) Any and all feedback is welcome, though I'd prefer if it was constructive ^^ Thanks to Ebmar who provided assistance to me, when I suddenly got an issue with the dialogue speeding by in my mod (fixed now, and turned out to be an issue with the way I'd encoded the voice files the first time around).
  14. Thanks for the well wishes towards the project, I'm excited for when I'm able to show a video clip of the dantoine section, whenever I finish it up sometime this month ^^ I tried listening to your file, but I think your file is broken, there's this strange robotic noise added to the clip now There's sadly not an editor for it, so all of my edits has been me with Audacity so far. While the AI generation is great, it takes a lot of re-generations and splices, to get them all "just right". It's still in the beta stage, so the user control is all over the place, and quite limited still.