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    Using the "Very Big" font has been a lifesaver for me, and it's worked flawlessly for me for the past 30'ish hours I've used the mod. Thank you ^^
  1. I've been working on a mod that would like to ask permission from RH to let me use a few of his assets, but seeing as the last time I could track down RH being online was around 17 years ago or so, I figured I'd take my chances and ask if anyone has contact information I could use, to ask RH for permission?
    This mod, along with a difficulty slider mod, really makes K2 hit that sweet spot in difficulty. For those of you not a fan of the faster level progression, just remove exptable.2da from your override folder after installation, and you'll revert to the original level progression.
    Great mod, that adds a fast and more immersive option to make your companions a jedi, than just using say KSE. Mission's dialogue felt a bit off in the way it was written, and the stats felt a bit too overpowered (easily remedied with KoToR Tools). If installed on top of the Sniggles Mod Build, removing the files "PFBIS.MDX" and "PFBIS.MDL" from your override folder, will return the robes to look how they were originally intended (I personally prefer the strange creation, that comes from not removing the files though). -> Thanks to JC for this information All of RH's "Make X a Jedi mod" works perfectly with the Sniggles Mod Build, and as far as I'm aware, only the Mission Jedi mod requires this minor tweak to get the originally intended look for the robes.
    5/5, works perfectly, and looks amazing. Definitely my headcanon main character for both K1 and K2 ^^
  2. You're the best, Effix! Not only did you convert it incredibly fast, but you also included an alternate style in the process! Now I can enjoy it in my upcoming playthrough of K1! Thanks! ^^ *Tries to contain Hype*
  3. As a follow-up advice to DarthRahl's comment, JC also mentioned that editing korr_m34aa_s.rim to korr_m34aa.mod in the "changes.ini" file *before* installation, should in theory make it compatible with K1CP (community patch), if you install it after the community patch. Currently testing this myself, but figured this would be useful to know for anyone wanting to try the mod before I update this review with my results
  4. Great job on this head! Is there any chance we'll be seeing a KoToR 1 port at some point? Loved that this head wasn't affected by DS corruption btw ^^
    Loved the head, definitely my new headcanon Exile head from now on ^^