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  1. Not really no. They probably all use the same model slot, and there are a very limited number of those. You have to choose 1, or do some very complicated modding (as in mod making not installing) to get around it
  2. To me that seems like a series of stills would fulfill the same function, according to the dev note, and would better fit the quality of the rest of the game. The custcene was a little jarring and never really fit into the game right imo
  3. It would be very nice if it replicated the K2 behavior. Vanilla is completely obnoxious
  4. darthbdaman

    KSR 2022

    Probably not. Making it compatible would be a pain, and it would probably conflict with Extra Saber Colors which I prefer and recommend
  5. darthbdaman

    KSR 2022

    Why would they not be compatible? Not sure what he's talking about
  6. Bandons dialogue isn't fixed in the release version. The installer wasn't updated until the last version. That's why your version from earlier in the year doesn't work
  7. Redownload the mod, you have an older version. You'll have to uninstall the current version and then reinstall. That should fix the issue, assuming the problem is the installer corrupting the module The TSLPatcher should be from 2021
  8. What is the date on TSLPatcher exe included with the version you downloaded?
  9. This mod doesn't touch the supply container or it's dialogue
  10. The Trask line is already fixed. I've been able to complete dwindling supplies no problem, so you might have another mod breaking it. I'll look at the Davik line, but I would rather not have the cutscene at all
  11. Awesome. I think the models are actually identical to the Padawan models from Svosh Collar Fix found here. (I'm not 100% sure though, you would have to check) Appears that you are free to edit the models as long you give credit. Not sure how many people still use those, but the master robe models might be worth doing as well.
  12. Could we get a patch for the models in this mod?
  13. The TSLPatcher install all option has some problems. It's missing some of the files from the individual modules so they are not installed. Also the module install folders are misslabeled (there are 2 instruction labeled [install_folder6].
  14. The version of TSLPatcher you have included with the bug fixes option is outdated, and this is causing an issue in the Taris Cantina Dueling scene. Basically some of the scripts have a "+" at the end of them, and the TSLPatcher is removing those from the script names, which will break the dueling quest (the Gerlon fight is unable to start). If you grab the TSLPatcher included with the community patch it will fix this issue.
  15. This stuff was edited or removed as appropriate if anyone is wondering. Bastila's dialogue specifically is removed, and the early part of Dantooine is abridged with appropriate dialogue