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  1. It's not really. Feats are hardcoded. Potentially some scripting could replicate feat features, but almost certainly not something like stealth run.
  2. Fyi Canderous also has dialogue for you having the codes before you talk to him. I don't think getting the codes early will break the game. You still need to rescue Bastila to trigger Canderous spawning.
  3. Just to add on, I tried reverting to a previous save and comtinuing, and the problem still occurs, I tried gaining light side points through a different encounter in the same module and it still occurs, I tried gaining light side points in a different module and it still occurs. I was able to bypass by removing the script from the override. I have now gotten to the telos academy, where all of the sisters (except the handmaiden) are invisible. They are only invisible while in the academy (I can see them in the cutscene outside). I tried reloading an earlier save and coming back and they are still invisible.
  4. Save from right before the encounter attached KotOR Save-20210102T171742Z-001.zip
  5. I'm using the Android version, with just MTSLRCM. I'm having a game breaking issue I've never had on PC. When the ravager alignment cutscenes triggers, after it plays, I am stuck in the ravagers cutscene cell. The cutscene is being triggered in Entertainment Module 081 by the light side points from the sullistan/mercenaries encounter.
  6. It was ok. That stupid episode where he forgets his jetpack on the ground is absolute horse shit to advance the plot. Using a spear against lightsabers seems like a bad idea for your fingers. And Luke Skywalker looks more like Topher Grace than Mark Hamill (they could have just give him a beard or something. Would have looked way better). He also doesn't say or doing anything, it's the most generic cameo ever. He doesn't act or talk like Luke. I don't get why people got worked up over it. It's obviously better than the sequels though.
  7. Obviously, I agree with this and think everyone should ask permission as a courtesy. I still think it is healthy to point out that closed permissions should not be the default mindset of mod authors, and there isn't any good reason why it has become so.
  8. It's free content, there isn't any reason to release all your stuff without open permissions. The traditions of modding communities in this regard are farcical
  9. Yay This is great. I think bastilas dark robes are too blue (and juhanis to a lesser extent). Should be desaturated a little more I think
  10. There is an issue with the gender check for the "greetings, lady jedi how may i serve you" dialogue. The isfemale condition is in the fire field instead of the determines availability field, so it's always picking the female dialogue.
  11. I do agree with this, but its hard to say someone "goofed" when the version that was released later includes a new texture, specifically for this character. That is a hell of an accident. I think changing him because it doesn't make sense is reasonable, but sticking to developer intention is a really poor justification for this change.
  12. I would strongly disagree with that. Did they accidentally draw and implement a new face for him? You can absolutely say that changing him makes more sense (it definitely does), but the developers clearly intended for him to be a purple twi-lek at the end of development
  13. Ya I changed it back for myself before. I just think in general, reverting the faces shouldn't be the solution. If possible the dialogue or skin should be changed, though obviously thats much harder