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  1. I really enjoyed that. I think your videos are better when you are doing voice commentary. Even simple hack and slash mods like this are really quite impressive considering the tools that they were made with. Anyone who tried to do module editing with KotOR tool will know what I mean. Hopefully we will get more new content mods now that we have really excellent tools like Holocron Toolset. The lack of them has always been one of the more unfortunate parts of KotOR modding. One of the projects I've done a bit of work on is a mini TC that would act as a module starter hub for other mods, so people could make modules like they do for Neverwinter Nights or Dragon Age. I think little TC mods like this would benefit from having something like that as a framework.
  2. The feats can be controlled in feat.2da, but I'm pretty sure the powers are hardcoded
  3. For the BaB mod, this is possibly related (though goes a lot further than you wanted); This is the changelog for a feat mod I'm working on. It's for both K1 and K2, but fulfills the same function. There are a lot of changes in there, but most of them are minor consistency tweaks between the games, restorations, or small fixes, similar to JC's Feat Fixes. There is also a ton of QoL edits and description changes to make the games more new player friendly (and also old player friendly because the game does a really bad job explaining itself). For K2, the major changes are restoring BaB and restoring the K1 style AC bonus feats. Instead of scaling forever, you just get the bonuses up to +6 at level 12. I've also stripped the bonuses from the Soldier and Jedi Prestige Classes (only Scoundrel, Droids, and Starting Jedi Classes get AC bonuses). This reduces player AC by 4-8 at level 30, without affecting the early game, but I'd like discussion on it. I've made the Superior Weapon Focus and TwF feats generic. Now that BaB is restored, the Weapon Master and Marauder don't need them to stand out. I've also tweaked the Saving Throws for most classes. Starting Jedi Classes are now in-between the Jedi and Sith prestige classes in terms of Saving Throws. I kept the Sith having slightly worse saves as I like it thematically, while making sure the Jedi Prestige classes get better saves than their base classes
  4. Yes it requires it. I don't find the melee weapon model changes that drastic, they match the aesthetic quite well, maybe give it a try (but make sure to install HQ Blasters after
  5. Personally I really like Weapon Model Overhaul Texture Rework for the melee weapons (while letting HQ Blasters overwrite it), why doesn't it work?
  6. Not really no. They probably all use the same model slot, and there are a very limited number of those. You have to choose 1, or do some very complicated modding (as in mod making not installing) to get around it
  7. To me that seems like a series of stills would fulfill the same function, according to the dev note, and would better fit the quality of the rest of the game. The custcene was a little jarring and never really fit into the game right imo
  8. It would be very nice if it replicated the K2 behavior. Vanilla is completely obnoxious
  9. darthbdaman

    KSR 2022

    Probably not. Making it compatible would be a pain, and it would probably conflict with Extra Saber Colors which I prefer and recommend
  10. darthbdaman

    KSR 2022

    Why would they not be compatible? Not sure what he's talking about
  11. Bandons dialogue isn't fixed in the release version. The installer wasn't updated until the last version. That's why your version from earlier in the year doesn't work
  12. Redownload the mod, you have an older version. You'll have to uninstall the current version and then reinstall. That should fix the issue, assuming the problem is the installer corrupting the module The TSLPatcher should be from 2021
  13. What is the date on TSLPatcher exe included with the version you downloaded?
  14. This mod doesn't touch the supply container or it's dialogue