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    It works and lets you skip this awful puzzle.
  1. I did do a clean install so it's coming from another mod then. Thanks a lot for this, I'll have to look for the issue.
  2. My mods listed in order of install (and mostly alphabetical) and are currently all compatible with K1R without issues (mostly): Thanks for helping me sort through this! stunt_42.mod STUNT_44.mod override.txt
  3. So something's happened that's causing this not to load properly and I'm getting stuck at a black screen when the scene is supposed to play. I thought it was because it was conflicting with the "Revisted End Game Cutscene" mod that I had installed alongside this one. I did a fresh install, and reinstalled all the other mods, except that one and kept this one. I don't have any other mods that would be affecting the files for this stage of the game. What could possibly cause it to not load like this?
    Love, love, LOVE this little mod! I've missed the clumsy voice acting on the Taris raid and I really like the Hybrid Dark Jedi here. As a strictly vanilla player, it brings things home but changed just enough to keep it alive and new.
    Another one of Ebmar's that never leaves my Override folder. A great addition that does little but adds so much.
  4. I'm having issues with the specularity on the buckles and leg braces, they don't reflect so much as they're completely transparent.
  5. This mod never leaves my "Override" folder. It's just so good. If there's one quibble I don't like is that it's covered in Aurebesh/Galactic Basic. Considering it's an Ancient Rakata device, this doens't make sense for me. I wish it had the script it had originally re-drawn in better quality to match. Otherwise, it's just a minor nitpick.
  6. Wish there was a TSL patcher for this as this changes the appearance.2da file rather than adds what it needs to the main file. I've been having trouble with this mod working because it conflicts with other texture mods that do something similar. Would love to have it work and give praise for it. I think this a great minor touch-up for vanilla KotOR.
    It works! Something everyone should add just because!
    A must-have for me. It's small changes like this that just bring the base game up a level regarding immersion, in my eyes.
    This works with K1R fine from what I've done. However, I just take the head files and put them into my override. I love the Republic Soldier fix by @JCarter426 and have this head mod paired with that and it works absolutely fine for me.
    It is a lot of effort to get this working properly but, once you do, it's one step towards the remastered KotOR everybody wants.
    Can't get it to work beyond changing the Rodians to Mandalorians. So I guess that's something?