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  1. Can someone make a mod where it force spawns the two sith masters please someone help me with this
  2. Bro your top g I would never make your responsible if I did something stupid like testing a unfinished mod don't worry man I am not that typo of people after all i love your work so far And yes I do have a back up and to be honest I really don't need a back up like Thor said android is different all I need to do is refresh the game and the original flies will be there but thanks for the warning ⚠
  3. Just a question what will happen if I put it in kotor now it break the game
  4. Thor is right guys cus I used that kinda mod for kotor already before for sure it will work
  5. Could it work with android and will this Help with bastila romance fixs It would be cool if there would be more love opportunities
  6. Please can someone make this a thing for mobile
  7. Can someone one port this robes in to kotor 1 as a packq
  8. Ok man it's ill right I guess I'll try it again
  9. Can someone make a mod where u can use the fens mod for the carth and bastlia npcs
  10. Question is this the kotor 2 style robe animation cus the kotor 2 one that they made looks way more realistic