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  1. this kinda makes me mad how much stuff that should of been in kotor 2 man this game would have been the best game of all time i mean it still is but damn it would of been greater btw this isnt a request i am just share how i feel about this demo
  2. the non modded original robes for npc and the jedi masters
  3. so when i talk to the representative of the Czerka Corporation on Tatooine and the text for missons bro griff wont come up so cant do the misson and how i know its the cp is i got a fresh save and it worked and the cp one doesnt and i try reloading and i replayed it
  4. will u add other alien npc too from the star wars galaxy thats not in kotor for the movies too cus that would be cool and is this mod finished or is it still work in progress man i cant wait i been waiting for a mod like this i did not think anyone would make this mod
  5. can some make a mod where it forces the npc and main jedi masters to wear the og robes and with the fix jedi master robe mod for the light side ending too.
  6. if u were a jedi u would be up there with revan and meetra surik
  7. i wanna know what the file is called in the streamwaves for the fight vs bastila and for the taris hide out cus i want to edit the sound track
  8. THX dark hope dont worry its not your mod that made the that bug and i fixed it and now uesing your work bench mod
  10. Alright sorry holocrcon I understand btw thx for telling me to read the rules Ok got it and about the mod it's not a tsl patch it's a manual download it says put it in override