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  1. Please help us MOBILE ueser with this I just want to talk about a bug in this mod that really triggers me. When ur lightsaber hilt gos black when light reflex off of it or if a shadow is on it and before u say turn off shadows I all ready tryed and one other bug bao dur training for android is buggy do if someone could fix these problems and remake this mod for kotor mobile it would be cool
  2. U need to change the movie files Because it crashes the game its weird that way ?!?!? But I like to talk about another mod like this that needs to but in mobile will 2 really kreia fall ingame cut scene and sions arrival in the mineing facility ingame cutscene Now that would be cool if some one helped us out
  3. Please help us out we need this
  4. Please help us MOBILE uesers this is one of the mod us MOBILE uesers need to complete kotor 2
  5. Can some one make this for mobile a ingame cutscene for bastila fight against revan and mabe others too To make it more realistic and better quality
  6. Can some one fix this for mobile please and other cutscene like this
  7. Can some one make a kotor 1 camera view like kotor 2 mobile in the corner
  8. So it will look like the pics that u send me once I play kotor Bro it said the file is corrupted
  9. Wtf man ur so awsome 😍 One thing though did u make a obi-wan One because the class is awsome But of its ok because there still awsome
  10. u guys are like gods to us all Hale REVENGE OF REVAN
  11. Hi I'm a new member But I know about ur work It's been so long I really hop it comes out soon and I hop it's worth the wait But I do have one question Do u have a time table when revenge of revan is coming out and can u make it compatible with kotor 2 the sith lords on andorid mobile platform I forgot to mention that some files do work on Android but the movies don't