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  1. Thor u r right if someone some fix that problem it would be sweet 😋
  2. Thank u man this means so much to me I'll take ur advice
  3. I am not trolling for one and for two U r right I should of asked properly it's just some of u guys have been giving me a hard time so now it feels like I am bugging u guys. I am kinda shy to ask But now I wont be thanks by the way for explaining my wrongs
  4. I have no idea what u guys r talking about hahaha I am stupid I love mods but I just don't understand how u make them I am just along the ride ahahaha I hope u make this mod happen hahhahah If only I had a pc I would be able to do this lol HAHAH
  5. I think this animation would be better for kotor one but how does one make this work
  6. U remind me of kreia dude u have wisdom in ur words I know ur right I wish I could help people when it comes to modding but no pc hahahhaha. Can someone explain the rules I like to know the rules of this community. I am sorry if I crossed the line bro I am only 17 and sometimes I forget that u guys r grown man and u have families 👪 and life's my point is u don't know how much kotor and u guys mean to me u guys can bring out the best in people kotor is my safe place and u guys had made it so much better for me I just can't explain how grateful I am to u guys u guys r my hero
  7. Bro I am not spamming tf I am just trying to help u know like a jedi would do And i am still new so I don't know all the rules man Please just give me a break
  8. wouldn't it be more canon if the player had a mission before building his or her lightsaber by finding a lightsaber Crystal in the caves as a misson and if someone does make this mod possible can someone make a patch for a modders lightsaber mod I know I'll give the link at the bottom And if u can make a patch for all his mods but of course u need to ask him first if someone does make this mod
  9. Can someone help make this mod is it even possible and revans star forge jedi robes with no mask The brother hood of shadow model of revans mask
  10. Please help me with this. One more thing could someone keep darth nihilus lightsaber Red not that weird black color