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  1. I think there are no success of fail tags because there is no roll to determine the outcome. There is no skill attached that influences whether a person believes your lie or not. I suspect supplying these tags would lead to over usage of them. Mmmm... I agree that the [lie] tag should've been used more. At this point I'm trying to finish my changes, review them for spelling errors, review them in dlgedit for context and then review the .tlk file for stupid typo errors. In between this, my work and playing games at home, I'm creating a spreadsheet that lists what line is used in which .dlg file and in what module that sits... For "fun" Maybe at some point I'll look at the [lie] tags
  2. I will adopt both suggestions. (lines 15434 and 16011 use Tuk'ata Queen). For the record: I mention you as contributor of the change in my log and readme. I will finish this WIP, just something else has come in between for now...
  3. 2405, 31461, 2265, 23980 I processed these. Lower city elevator guard: I could find the following discrepancies: Line 24077: The guard's VO says "pass" and the subs "past". (NM03AASITH19000_.wav) Line 24082: The VO says "ahhh, yeah these look..." and the subs "hmmm, these look..." (NM03AASITH19002_.wav) Line 24078, where the VO says "operations" and the subs "operation" (NM03AASITH19016_.wav) Line 2256: This line resides in k_hcan_dialog.dlg in the templates.bif and I can see the text is present. Could it be caused by the 'delay' being 0 instead of -1 like all his other lines? Line 10054: Here, also, is a delay set to 0. I'll add a screenshot. (the line resides in unk41_carth.dlg in ebo_m41aa_s.rim) Line 17462 is using VO nm26aamanm07014_.wav and I did not hear any issues there. The sample cuts of a bit at the end but the " is available." is still clearly hearable. It's more of a "is availabl." (That does not mean persé that it isn't cut off ingame. I tested only the .wav itself)
  4. 39304, 39339 , 48980 - fixed 48872 - accepted change 42719 - rephrased
  5. I can't seem to find this atm, what .dlg is that in? Since you posted the line here -> Maybe: "No! I'm done with this. Hand over the girl or I will take her by force!" fits better. I see your point, however, he throws credits at us to get rid of us. BUT... I've changed the line to "I don't like the way you're looking at me. Maybe I should do something about that." I want to keep the context of us bullying him just because we want, not for credits persé I will I will supply you with a DIFF file between wat you have (just u/l it to me when you're done, 'cause I doubt I still have the exact file you use, and I will create the DIFF) Thanks mate!
  6. I will keep this up to here as a 1.03 (beta! still work in progress): I'm still adding lines as well. As a sidenote: a spellingscheck will be done after all my changes are in the .tlk as well as a double check for all changes in the new .tlk against the old .tlk to get rid of stupidities/errors.
  7. You all probably already know this but it seems you can deduct wether a line is a PC line or a voiced over NPC line. In dialog.tlk every entry has an "Audio" tag, for example _m40aabast01069_ or nm40aabast01018_ The difference is the _ at first position. Looks like all _filename are PC lines. On top of that: nm40aabast01018_ is present in [kotorFolder]\streamwaves\m40aa\bast01 and _m40aabast01069_ is not. I just discovered this and have to find out if this is a constant. It will help keeping my changes limited to PC lines only.
  8. Apparently it's "loath" -> have been fixed. Can't believe I made so many typos. Thanks for your help.
  9. Still a work in progress, it's not finished. I am currently in the 11.000 's (of49.000) editing the .tlk and still altering my edits and adding new ones. After completing that I will release a 1.0 and do two full reviews using "let's play"'s for reference. For the moment you can download the "changelog" which contains most changes. It is not complete though, I have done quite a lot of additions in the dialogues/banter and stuff I ended up changing once I put it in the .tlk You might want to wait a week until I'm ready. Check far above for the link if you want to sample
  10. I've used DLGEditor to go through all dialogue files but not every line is in there. It could be that I changed a line that is actually not "spoken" by the PC. Am I missing a tool here? Is there a way to view who speaks what line, other than the lines in .dlg files?
  11. Ah yes. I'll look into it after the base 1.03 is finished. I'm now checking my changes with DLGEditor, which I hadn't done yet. That really clears up some unclarities in context I had. Adding more rephrased lines as well. This whole project will take a while yet...