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  1. Got it, repeats at 40049 Ah you've resparked my interest in this. I *will* finish this!
  2. Check page 1 of this post for the latest version. Still not finished though. I'm sure you know how to use this. It is just a dialog.tlk replacement, meant for an unmodded KOTOR installation. You can mod afterwards.
  3. I'm in the proces of reviewing but I guess I can upload a v1.0 this week. Life just keeps getting in the way
  4. 11699: I disagree, this is Zaalbar talking to you and then shouting to Chuundar 17657: debatable but I agree 1716, 2417: These are weird lines. I'd like look the VO's for these up later today The rest I have processed, thanks for the finds Was in the latest release
  5. Anyone still following this? How would I go about releasing as V 1.0? I have a finished version now.
  6. Nope. Are you sure you're not searching for the EXACT string. iow. if you search for targetted you will find results?
  7. It seems you are correct. sheds some light on this. Meriam WEbster and Oxford both dont list it either. I will incorporate this in my edit.
  8. Apparently cannister is less common but both can be used.
  9. updated. soon done changing .tlk and then onto proof reading and typo scouring
  10. I edited 1757, inteference (21315) and permium (43660 ) in. They will be in the next release.
  11. Changed to those Changed to upper streets Changed but settled on A building... Had that one already Changed to -Now Changed to projectiles Changed. The sub should follow the VO imo, even though it's awkward. Changed to -and get Changed to -you Changed to -Mother Changed it to: Repair droid's motivator and program it to crawl into pool and self destruct. (<CUSTOM44> repair part(s)) These changes will be in version [next], and credited to you. 28395 changed to I'm here to claim the reward 28416 and 28424 changed to [Persuade] You hired me because I can be... persuasive. *Don't* make me demonstrate that. 28469 changed to Stop bothering me with your worthless comments, insect! Also changed the reaction to that (28440) to Sorry, I didn't mean to bother you. I don't want any trouble. 30674 changed 41016 changed 43489 does not seem to be used in any .dlg or templates.bif. Unless I am mistaken... 11111 changed to I bet your equipment will fetch a nice price. Hand it over, all of it! 11666 I deliberately have all wookiees say "The Czerka" I though that fitting 12096 is British English. US/UK is both used, it is not my intention to substitute one with the other (although I might have done that for some words) Thanks for your input!