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  1. Gimmick5000

    eXtensive Dialog Overhaul v1.01 for KotOR 1.03

    I've used DLGEditor to go through all dialogue files but not every line is in there. It could be that I changed a line that is actually not "spoken" by the PC. Am I missing a tool here? Is there a way to view who speaks what line, other than the lines in .dlg files?
  2. Gimmick5000

    eXtensive Dialog Overhaul v1.01 for KotOR 1.03

    Fixed. Sorry. I'll use versioning better
  3. Gimmick5000

    eXtensive Dialog Overhaul v1.01 for KotOR 1.03

    Ah yes. I'll look into it after the base 1.03 is finished. I'm now checking my changes with DLGEditor, which I hadn't done yet. That really clears up some unclarities in context I had. Adding more rephrased lines as well. This whole project will take a while yet...
  4. Gimmick5000

    eXtensive Dialog Overhaul v1.01 for KotOR 1.03

    Yes... I had some doubts about those myself. But... "stealing a son" ... ugh... Entire fate of the Galaxy is dialogue by Master Vandar, it could be that is was deliberately worded this way. I'm scrapping those lines. Good point, I 've put a period there for now. Does he emphasize? I'll have to check. Fixed. And some other stuff. I'll upload v1.01 and make it downloadable. Thanks for your input! Thanks. I've kept a few of your punctuation suggestions, I didnt want to "borrow" any more of your hard work so I decided to rephrase most lines. Thanks for giving me some good ideas. Base at the moment. Will take me some time to release. Still editing the dialog.tlk at the moment and when done I'll have to do a second check on the edited one. Busy work week coming with little time 😕 Does K1R replace the original dialog.tlk? I will look into that.
  5. Hello everyone, I want to share with you my KotOR dialog overhaul project. It is a revised dialog.tlk file for SW:KotOR v1.03, in the same spirit of Kainzorus Prime's "PC Response Moderation" Currently I am in the process of editing the dialog.tlk with all my (~6850) changes, so it's very much still a work in progress. I initially installed Kainzorus Prime's "PC Response Moderation" (link) and that got me inspired to do a full spelling correction and dialog review, on all (almost 50.000) lines of text in the dialog.tlk. I tried to stay true to the original lines, but some are different on purpose. But they always convey the same tone or flavor. Some dialog was so screamish or childishly simple. I don't have a degree in English literature but some dialog appears to be written by a child. Note that (barring punctuation) I only edited PC response or alien dialog, because of the human lines being voiced over. There are a *lot* of spelling errors in this game. You'd think they'd run this through a spellings-checker. It took 7 months but it's done and done (scratch that: I'm still correcting and changing lines actually!). I did this purely from my head and the dialog.tlk so if I missed a point or certain context don't hesitate to tell me. Suggestions are also welcome. Please provide some screenshots of the lines so I get the proper context. (extra note: Now using DLGEdit to get proper context) For all spelling I used as a guideline. At the moment approximately 5900 lines have been touched in some way. Here is a complete list of *all* changes (Work in progress!) I kept some of Kainzorus Prime's !/. changes, and furthermore I: -corrected typos, misspellings and grammatically incorrect sentences. -corrected wrong, misplaced and missing punctuation. -corrected words to use Star Wars spelling. -removed leading, trailing and double spaces, and trailing enters. -added omitted words. -added a hyphen or a space to some words and removed it in others. -made many, many changes for consistency's sake (check complete transcript!) -rephrased some words and many sentences, or fleshed them out; especially in NPC diologue -rephrased most [Force Persuade] lines into more like the Jedi mind trick. -replaced some of the semicolons (;) to a comma (,) or a period (.) A semicolon should not be used in a continuous sentence. Some lines even contradict the previous one by using semicolon in one line and a comma in the next. -replaced many, many cases of a hyphen/dashes (-) with a period (.) or semicolon (;) or colon (:), whatever was appropriate. There are common rules for using hyphens, I felt they were not applied there. (See -replaced round brackets () for square brackets [] for some descriptive lines, or added them in some cases. BioWare was really inconsistent with those, -replaced () for ** in case of descriptive sounds (burp, snort, ahem) and some interjections. I tried to make it consistent so I thought ** the best option. Excluded are actual sounds (like hmm, hmpf, raaaggh) (Onomatopoeia), which is sometimes written in Italic, but we don't have that. -replaced ALLCAPS for *asterisk* in case of emphasized (be it angry, stressed, or sarcastic) but not shouted words. It is not considered good practice to use CAPS for emphasizing words. Besides it is frowned upon, and we wouldn't want frowning. Frowning makes your face age faster. Also: -British spelling ("travelling, licence") and US spelling ("colors, rumors") are used inconsistently, I decided to leave it alone in most cases. Check the changelog, you might be pleasantly surprised about some of the changes. ( I hope someone else apart from myself will find this useful/fun/interesting. Happy gaming! --Gimmick5000
  6. Gimmick5000

    Shadow of Revan

    Not te be a little b*tch but there is no ReadMe in your archive, nor is there any info here. Why is P_bastilaBAS02.tga in your files. I know I'm a noob but still... Also I can deduct this is dependant on the Brotherhood of Shadow mod, but are there any things to consider? Pretty though