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  1. Would the data pad as seen in the Jedi Enclave be using a different texture that isn't glitched? I am impressed at the work by all involved so far! I've been working around screens for years and I am glad there's one that I won't have to tackle.
  2. Have you checked out the upscales available here and elsewhere?
  3. Might I suggest after checking them, that you re-upload them here and elsewhere?
  4. Ithorians Improved As for Force Fashion II, try this?
  5. Could you humor us and list your graphics card anyway? And attach the TGA and TXi for good measure?
  6. A fine start! Any chance you could do m21aa next?
  7. Might someone be interested in fixing the walkmeshes in the Lost Modules? Perhaps it may spur interest in folks to add some content to the game(s). And here are the maps for them in case you wanted to make them usable in TSL as well.
  8. I'm still wondering what size you were hoping I'd remake them at. That's why our conversation stalled - because I'm waiting on a specific number. Please tag me if and when you reply.
  9. Well there goes my hope in convincing you to part with it! LOL Glad you like it and the rest of the package though.
  10. Consult this video: If you have questions afterwards, ask the creator of that video in that video's comment section.
  11. Perhaps you should tag the creators? @Hassat Hunter and @zbyl2, this guy needs info.