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  1. Are you sure about that? Leaving aside your Status Updates . . . Character Portraits thread - posted once (here) Mod Finishing thread - posted twice (here and here) [WIP]Recruit Sarna thread - posted twice (here and here) New person? He's been here since 2015. And by crop, I mean do indeed mean deleting the unnecessary text. And he is replying in my Blog.
  2. Why check your Private Messages when you can ask @Sithspecterhere. In public. Hey @Sithspecter, can he use your mod? As long I have you here: Neville, isn't it high time to finally stop using this picture? We get it - you love the picture. One posting of it per thread is more than enough though. Speaking of threads, one WIP thread for Sarna related things is more than enough for the Works In Progress section. You have two at the moment. (Before I retired, it was three.) If you actually want folks to help you, don't divide your effort over multiple threads. Ask an administrator to merge them for you. Lastly, only quote something if you're going to reply to the questions. Crop out what you're not going to reply to. That's just simple common sense.
  3. Let's start this off with a very recent quote. I've thought that very thing too! Which led to a recent Status Update of mine. Wow. That's a lot of engagement on that Status Update. In case you're coming late to this party of sorts, let's bring you up to speed. I'm talking about a recent modder which I will not mention by name. In fact I will refer to them as "the modder in question" from here on. The modder in question has proved . . . problematic. In short, the modder in question is a spammer. Besides the previously alluded to inundation of the Status Updates section, this fellow loves make threads too. And a blog. And presumably, lots of Private Messages too. (I was a recipient too until I blocked them.) I won't even name the mod in question by the modder in question. But ask yourself this question: how often have you seen this picture posted lately? If it's more than once, you may have an idea about who I'm talking about. When you have a singular mod you're working on, how many WIP threads do you need for it? And I'm not talking about threads tangential to the mod that seek advice on how to do something. Oh no. I'm just talking about a WIP thread. The answer you're likely thinking of is one. The modder in question apparently doesn't feel the same way. The modder in question seems to think that posting several threads about the project is the correct way to go. Threads (in several sections), Status Updates, and PMs. Until very recently, there were two threads by the modder in question in the Works in Progress section alone. One of my last acts as Staff was to merge those two threads in the WIP section together. (Apparently, the Retirement papers took a few days to be filed.) But then, there was a new thread posted in the General Kotor/TSL Modding section. And it's basically yet another WIP thread. You know . . . by the modder in question. My musings aren't about a need or lack of one for the mod. (I could have another blog dedicated to that whole topic but I fear that may be overkill.) My issue is how the site itself appears to be gamed - or to use Effix's word "Bombarded" - in order to force folks to volunteer to make the mod for the modder in question. How many times must a thing be spammed before it's called a violation of the rules? Just wondering out loud.
  4. Remember the days when the Status Update section wasn't dominated by one person?

  5. To the person uploading other people's mods: STOP IT!

    1. N-DReW25


      I also noticed that person, I'm not sure how or why but his comment and review sections where totally missing and funny enough when I downloaded his mods it turns out he uploaded empty .zip files.

    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      I should have said "persons" not "person".  Looks like we have two folks uploading things that aren't theirs.  However, the major offender has had the stolen mods hidden.  As a moderator, I am unable to take any further punitive action.  Folks would have to appeal to the Administrators for that.

      By the way: if anyone is in touch with Ferc Kast, please ask if they could reach out to me?

  6. Done. You'll have to rename the files to what you'll need yourself. This concludes the transaction. Sarna TGA.7z
  7. That image is not a galaxy map. As you can plainly see, I used portions of XarWarz's texture in my texture, with his permission. (Three out of the four screens that is.) And mine is animated. Perhaps you ought to look at the screenshots or maybe the video?
  8. We have several issues that need to be taken care of before you even get to the portrait stage: 1) Though I was sent a save and some 2da files, I don't have an updated UTC file for Sarna. Now to everyone else out there that isn't currently aware of this, I don't work with UTC files in my mod. I'm mostly a texture only mod type of guy. (loadscreens.2da being an exception in my TSL loading screen packs) As such, I wouldn't even be able to begin to explain how he can adjust Sarna's UTC file to have her wearing a Republic Trooper uniform. Which leads to the next problem... 2) From what I gather, Sarna's head just doesn't have a mask hook on it. So will Neville tackle that issue so that Sarna can wear that helmet? 3) That helmet is from @Sithspecter's Republic Helmet mod. Not sure if you've received permission to use that. How are you planning on dealing with that? Note that I've tagged SS in this post so he sees this. When you requested portraits for this mod you've been discussing lately, I thought you'd be - um - further along. If the mod isn't ready enough to show the character in the uniform you want her in, it's too early to have portraits done. Unless you want her looking like she did in the cantina - in civilian clothing.
  9. Provide me with a save where the PC can engage in conversation with her. I may work on this but you'll have to be patient as this'll go by my schedule, not yours. Lack of patience will negate the request.
  10. You're in the right place for it.
  11. When it's ready, it's ready. You'll know when that is.
  12. Might anyone be willing to find all of the lines that Jolee Bindo says in the Korriban Expansion mod by @newbiemodder? Reasonably, you may be wondering why I might ask for this . . . Seeing as many folks have been making samples of characters (from both KOTOR and TSL) saying various things, it might be interesting to try and put these new methods to actual use in a mod. Mind you, I wouldn't be doing anything with this but if someone else had the lines, the sound files, knowledge on how to make LIP files and the time, they could make some sort of compatibility patch. In addition, most of these examples that have cropped up lately have been almost universally female characters. If using AI models is the way of the future, let's see male characters be tested on in addition to female characters.