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  1. Before we get into the nitty gritty, let's talk about these armors first. There are several varieties of the armors. However, they are all BoE (Bind on Equip) armor pieces. They are designed for level 70 characters and the special abilities that are currently on them are rescinded at level 75. Why would you want these? Cosmetic reasons, I suppose. If this turns you off, you may as well skip the rest. Still interested? Let's continue. Luckily, as I was researching one of the armor sets, I found a convenient Reddit thread that described all of the armor sets you can find. Here's the thread on Reddit if you want to read the whole thing but here's the relevant parts quoted. There's a few very similar armor pieces that are rare BoE drops. You can sometimes find them on the GTN, but they have very generic names. You can search for Adaptive Armor with a level range of 70-70 to find them. There's 4 distinct appearances and they have the following names (some names repeat but have a different icon and look): Head: Faceguard, Cap, Helmet (x2) Chest: Suit, Armor (x2), Shirt Wrists: Cuffs, Bracers (x2), Armgear Hands: Gauntlets (x2), Handwear, Handgear Waist: Girdle (x2), Waistcord, Belt Legs: Greaves, Legwraps, Leg Guards, Legguards Feet: Kneeboots (x2), Shoes, Footgear They have the following affixes (Except for Wrists and Waist): Accuracy: Wanderer's Shield: Resolute Absorption: Stalwart Captain's Alacrity: Trickster's Critical: Exile's Wrists and Waist items have the following affixes: Power: Aggressor's Defense: Protector's They come in green, blue and purple quality. Purple has a set bonus for extra stats, but it stops working at level 75. What do they look like? Well, here's a picture from the aforementioned thread... Here's an example Armor in the original colors. This mostly made up of the Trickster's Amor. It has a Wanderer's belt. Here's a side view of the same armor with the Trickster's Dual Saber. And here's the front view dyed. For this color scheme, I used the "Ceremonia;l Yellow" dye which on this is basically a Gold primary and a secondary Dark Grey. It dyes rather well. How to Start: On Ossus, there's a Daily mission called Crossed Wires. Here's how SWTOR describes it. The second of these two droids is named R8-4XL and it can be found on the eastern side of this map in the area indicated with a poorly drawn green border. It is necessary to pick up the mission "Crossed Wires" in order to farm the armors but as you'll be in the area, you may as well complete the Daily while you're there. In this area, there are two types of clickable crates: Valuable Supplies and Forgotten Troves. This is what the Valuable Supplies look like and a random selection of what you might find inside. These have a very small chance to have the armor described above. However, I recommend grabbing them anyway. The other type of clickable crate are the Forgotten Troves. Here's what they look like and a random selection of what you might find inside. These have very high chance of have the armor pieces. The setback is that these crates only appear once every half hour. Granted, you can probably decrease your wait times by hopping different instances but still . . . that's a long wait. In order to cut down on the waiting, here are the 3 locations that SWTOR has decided to place the Forgotten Troves so if they're not present in any of the three, you can go ahead and do something else. Happy hunting!
  2. What version of TSL are you working with? (The original 4 CDs, or the KOTOR Collection, or the Steam version, or the version from GOG)? What OS are you using?
  3. I could possibly be remembering this wrong. My memory of this had something to do with making the loading screen for the area. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong, folks.
  4. The Red Eclipse slavers that board the EH use prop weapons.
  5. Is your mod compatible with the M4-78 New Building Texture mod?
  6. As @DarthRevan101isn't following this thread, I thought I'd ping him for you. So it is seen.
  7. @JCarter426: Might you (or anyone else for that matter) know how one would apply your overlays in GIMP? Feel free to dumb it down. (LOL) I swear I used to have instructions for this but scrolling through multiple emails and messages of the last 5 years hasn't resulting anything useful.
  8. That's normal. (Reread step 5.)
  9. If you were talking about the bad fog on M4-78, what about the fog fix mod? If not M4-78, what other fog problems are there?
  10. I've seen it discussed in DS discord, the KOTOR subreddit discord, private messages there. And there's a few videos floating around as well. Here's one to get you started...

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    2. DarthParametric


      Oh yeah. I guess I blocked that whole movie out. I'd suggest that it could have been filmed in advance, but that amount of forethought would be giving them too much credit.

    3. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      I understand blocking that movie out. That's why it hasn't joined the BluRay collection and never will.

    4. HK-47


      hahaha. Well, there was absolutely no forethought. JJ, the cast, and others have admitted that there was no plan. The fact they didn't give each film the proper time and... well anyway, it's obvious. I wish people would stop looking at the "good moments/concepts" and saying "it's all done well/perfect". It's not the moments, it's not about us OT or PT fans, it's not about Rey (or any female) being the lead character. The surface isn't the important part, it's what's underneath. Why and how were the moments reached and how do they connect? What respect for the characters from the OT and PT is shown? Why is x character (insert thing here)? THAT is what the issues are about. It's not about "what", it is (as is all things in life) about "why".

      This was a nice watch.

  12. Just a few moments ago, I posted a long quote from Quanon that he left on my previous blog. It's useful but without the picture links (that are now broken), it's not nearly as useful as it could be. I have reached out to Quanon to see if he could provide either the pictures (or recreate them) or do the "more noob friendly tutorial" that once indicated he might be willing to do. Feel free to work on your concept until Quanon responds, @Thor110. And if you want to see the quote in it's current state that I referred to, see this blog and scroll down until you see Quanon's entry.
  13. By request, here's how I make portraits and how I make them relatively quickly without having you use GIMP, NWMax, or other 3D programs. Of course, if you're making portraits for a Recruit mod, you wouldn't be doing such this until you had your model working in game, had the writing finalized, made new textures for your character if needed, and if it was essential - had your new voice lines finished with appropriate lip syncing. Because making portraits before then would be really dumb, right? Right? Anyway, on to the instructions. 1. In the game, engage the person you want a portrait of in a conversation. That'll give you a close up of the face to work with without having to adjust the position of the player character. 2. Take a bunch of screenshots when the camera is focused on the character that isn't your PC. If you have FRAPS, have it set to take snapshots every second and have it saved to BMP format. Otherwise, use the traditional screenshot function in the game. 3. Choose the best picture (or pictures) of your choice. Let's say it's Dustil Onasi, for example. 4. Crop the background out of the picture. 5. If necessary, crop the area left in the picture to what you want in your portrait. You may find that having it as a perfect square may help you gauge things. I recommend leaving enough that what you have will fit on a 1024 by 1024 background. This is larger than the standard portrait size which is why they tend to look a bit crisper than the vanilla portraits you find in game. Note that the Dustil pictures are not for a 1024 background but merely for illustrative purposes. 6. Place the cropped image on to one of three backgrounds (LS, DS1, or DS2). Make sure you don't leave any space between the bottom of the background free picture you copped and your new background or your portrait will look like it's floating. I have three templates background templates - one for LS, DS1, and DS2. I only have three backgrounds as I tend not to make PC portraits for K1. (If you want to see someone else's take on the background, I believe DarthParametric may have made some as well.) If you want mine instead of hassling DarthParametric, then just grab these examples that I’ve archived on Dropbox. 7. Optional step: Personally, I blur the edges of the cropped character you placed on the background. This is barely noticeable when you see it in game but it seems to make a world of difference to some people. YMMV, of course. 8. Save file to name needed. Repeat as needed for the other portraits. 9. Profit.
  14. Might I suggest asking @Logan23about this? He had to do recolor GUI elements for ROR so he's a good person to ask.
  15. You did do it with the spacing (or more to the point, lack of spacing) as shown in the LoneWanderer's example above? (My example in picture form follows.) In addition, sometimes folks have better results with changing the swkotor2.ini file by moving it to the desktop, making the changes, saving it, and only then returning it to when you grabbed it.