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  1. Might be helpful to have some images we could see if you're looking for input.
  2. 1. Visas is available for both male and female characters. Are you thinking of Handmaiden? 2. Bump a topic again and I'll have to ding your account. (I have removed the second post.) 3. When replying and you wish to get someone's attention, tag them. Don't quote an extensive portion. (The second post mentioned above had the extensive quote in it.)
  3. I would humbly suggest that you read the post right before yours. Kexikus will post information when there's something to announce.
  4. If you missed Obi Wan Pere's latest mod, I've added a video to it so you can see the animation in the mod in action.

  5. Your video couldn't be embedded so I remade it for you. Hopefully, that will be acceptable. Interesting idea and one that I wouldn't have thought of doing. Nice job!
  6. If you don't want to smack, slap, shock or mangle Czerka employees, please enjoy this video. 


  7. I second this portion especially. This thread goes more into detail on why I suggest that.
  8. I have received this transmission from a Czerka protocol droid on Telos Citadel Station. Patching it through now . . .
  9. If anyone has any suggestions, please tag Masirimo when replying. Thanks.
  10. @Masirimso24, relying on old saves may in fact be part of the problem. Let me quote @Fair Strides here... So, could you follow the link's requirements and answer each and every question now? And please do this for all future bug questions for TSL. (K1 has it's own rule set.)
  11. For starters, don't bump your thread. Secondly, when you list your mods you must provide links to each and every one of them. That's listed here which is why you probably posted your issue in the wrong sub-forum. I fixed that for you BTW. (You're welcome.) Finally (and possibly off-topic), why are you using an older version of the the TSLRCM?
  12. @sELFiNDUCEDcOMA @seedhartha If you two have anything else discuss about this off-topic matter, please either have it in an appropriate thread (as already noted by sic) or take it to PMs. Thanks to you both for your understanding!
  13. Already recommended that one to Jorak, as well as Outland.
  14. Let me see if I've got this straight - and please, correct me if I have any of this wrong... You modded up your game with many mods - none of which you've listed. (Listing all mods is required.) Then - you uninstalled those many mods (excepting TSLRCM) - without starting a new game. Is that about right? Edit: I'm going to head off to sleep right now. If @Kimosabe answers in the affirmative to both of the bulleted lines above before I get back, please feel free to jump in and explain why deleting several mods in the middle of a playthrough might be . . . problematic.