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  1. Sith Holocron

    Protocol Droids by Vurt

    It is compatible with TSLRCM. And with M4-78, before anyone asks.
  2. Sith Holocron

    Selkath with lightsabers

    Too early. Expect another delay now.
  3. Sith Holocron

    Download:canon revan's hair for default's faces

    Then PM him because he's not following this thread.
  4. If anyone has the time and/or is sufficiently bored, could you research what dates each version of the M4-78 EP came out and let me know? Thanks! The first to provide definitive, provable dates gets listed in the final credits of the documentary.  (Show your work.)

    1. Malkior


      I have as far as 1.0, 1.1, 1.1B, 1.2.3, 1.2.4, and 1.3 

      The only solid dates are 1.0, 1.1B, 1.2.4, and of course, 1.2.5

      The rest are supposition due to the lack of available links, but the dates are the earliest sightings I could find.


      Obviously, Hassat Hunter would be the most likely to have the most accurate dates, and my results could be skewed if he uploaded them to other sites earlier.


      I'm just posting this in case no one else responds so you at least have something to use. (The links will naturally be PMd to you if you want them)

    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Seeing as I reached out to HH and received no reply, I will take your suppositions when you're ready to pass 'em.  :)

  5. Please make it two weeks out?
  6. Hopefully you'll give us all enough time to plan to see the live premiere and spring it on us with no real heads up. Funny trailer. I liked it.
  7. Sith Holocron


    I'm showing that I have signatures visible to me checked on my profile but I don't see them. Maybe it's a mobile thing.
  8. Sith Holocron


    Have signatures been removed from this site? If so, why hasn't this been mentioned before - like in the News section? And also - if so - why have they been removed?
  9. Sith Holocron

    Looking for old mod

    Is this what you're talking about? The linked mod was an homage to this other mod called the "Holowan Spire" which though I don't have a link to a mod, I have a link to a video of it.
  10. Sith Holocron


    If you're using K1R in your load out, use the first list. If not, use the "FOR ANY MODS OTHER THAN K1R !" list. As you're not posting in an actual BOSSR release thread, using one of the two lists I suggested is your best bet. When listing other mods, make sure you provide links to those other mods - even of they're on this site. Good luck.
  11. Sith Holocron


    Then that's what you should've said? Just sayin'. Try using this question and answer format for a speedier response. (The first post.)
  12. Sith Holocron


    Brotherhood of Shadow is for KOTOR, not TSL.
  13. Sith Holocron

    Mass Effect: Paragon or Renegade?

    When you play Mass Effect, do you tend to lean towards Paragon or Renegade?
  14. Sith Holocron

    Blog #100

    Seller has accepted our offer! Now it's in the hands of the lawyers... Wish us luck!
  15. This may be a silly suggestion but have you considered using an earlier save - one from before you ever entered the tomb?