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  1. I found this in a old message from @LiliArch with me about the subject and I think it may still be good. Please report back here to let us know, one way or another. Don't use the Steam Workshop versions of any of the below listed mods. Use only the mods linked to in this message. Presumably with these instructions, you'll be installing TSLRCM, then installing M4-78 Enhancement Project, then (and only then) using the instructions below. It's a good thing I had a copy of the "Coruscant Jedi Temple Expansion" mod saved so I uploaded it to a DropBox. TSLRCM + M4-78 EP + Newbiemodder's Korriban Expansion + Coruscant Jedi Temple + Coruscant Jedi Temple Expansion installation 1. Follow the M4-78 EP + Korriban Expansion compatibility instructions. 2. Install the Coruscant Jedi Temple mod. 3. During the installation, you will get a warning "placeables.2da already exists in the Override folder. Skipping file..." That is normal and nothing to worry about. If you get any other warnings, however, you have a problem. 4. Drop the files "a_galaxymap.ncs", "galaxymap_p.gui" and "tr_leave_ehawk.ncs" from Jedi Temple Compatibility fix's M4-78EP folder to your game's Override folder, overwriting the ones in there. 5. Drop the file "changes.ini" from Jedi Temple Compability fix's "Jedi Temple expansion changes.ini" folder to Jedi Temple expansion's tslpatchdata folder, overwriting the one in there. 6. Run the Jedi Temple Expansion's installer (make sure it is the one whose tslpatchdata folder you dropped the changes.ini into). 7. Pick a savegame from before ever entering Korriban, and enjoy your game.
  2. @Obi Wan Pere, I'm not sure that your thread would actually be helpful as you were constantly having to rearrange mods through your play-through. That's . . . not ideal for most players. Have you considered M4-78 Enhancement Project? If that mod sounds interesting, you might want to check out this blog for graphical improvement mod suggestions.) If you do decide to use this mod, send me a PM as I'd love to get your feedback on this mod. Or perhaps deathdisco's Coruscant: Jedi Temple? If that mod sounds interesting, you might want to check out this Coruscant skybox mod to increase your immersion. And this mod provides superior loading screens to not only Coruscant and M4-78 EP but all of the added content mods (excepting TSLRCM) that you mentioned in your original post. (That suggestion is merely my own humble opinion.) @Mamita, what might help is listing of all of the added content mods you already have in your list so far. (Include TSLRCM on that list.) Then folks can make recommendations on additions to that list. Also what version of TSL are you using? The original 4 CDs, Steam, GOG or the KotOR Collection DVD? If folks do have a recommendation to list below, please list the install order of all of the mods that Mamita lists with that recommendation keeping the TSL version that Mamita lists in mind. Best of luck!
  3. That's a video by @Shem, not @Fallen Guardian.
  4. In lieu of birthday gifts, how about recording on your phones or microphones what you think of the M4-78 Enhancement Project for me? Make sure you introduce yourself as your screen name in your sound file.

  5. More interested in comments on my mod on my mod's download page but OK.
  6. Ebony Moon would know best because she took the pictures.
  7. If I knew how to do it, I would have explained how to use it in the instructions. (I'm not a fan of knowledge gating.) No one could recall how to do it when I first started making those sound sets, and believe me - I certainly asked around.
  8. The third contributor has had his lines prepared and they have been sent to DV for animation. This contributor will appear on screen as Captain Gelesi (of the Onderon Military).
  9. I vaguely recall that but the player is silent in TSL without that lost mod. If it was found or it was recreated, I'd be happy about that - and that's not just because I have several PC sound sets that I put together. (You can find them all here along with my other mods, if you're curious.) And even though I'd have to change my mod instructions to all of those sound set mods, I would be happy to do it if there was a way for TSL players to hear their characters speak.
  10. Squall, are you confusing TSL for K1? The player character is silent in TSL.
  11. If possible, upload it to Gamefront! AFAIK, T7nowhere hasn't given this site permission to host it but if it was on Gamefront originally, why not put it back there? Otherwise, you'll just have dozens of people sending you PMs to have the mods.
  12. And here is where I ask Eric Musco (of the SWTOR dev team) why a drop in Star Fortresses isn't dropping as it is supposed to. If you have posting ability on the SWTOR forums, a show of support over there is very welcome.

  13. Thanks for the comment! BTW, I probably should have mentioned more prominently that the new textures are sized at 512 x 512, which are larger than the original ones. I've also corrected one of the pictures that wasn't showing up before. (The link was there but most people are looking for the actual picture and not a link.)