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  1. Is this what you need? Patch v201420 SP.exe If it is, please upload it here. In the description, may I recommend posting the instructions in English and Spanish. You might want to include a reminder that this form is primarily an English speaking forum so if downloaders reach out, they're conversing in a language the majority of us can understand. If you have the International 1.0b Spanish version, please upload that as well.
  2. Did you see my second response?
  3. Checked it myself. Went to a 404. Might I suggest you use that "Need more help?" button on the bottom of that page?
  4. Sith Holocron


    Well, it seems POEM covered up their true intentions of actually making a different game so . . . it's strangely apt!
  5. Sith Holocron


    How about a Copyright Attorney's opinion on this situation?
  6. Sith Holocron

    Looking for Tool..

    Unless I'm mistaken - and I may very well be - I don't think that model viewer rotates on all axes.
  7. New blog up asking for visual improvements for Tatooine for DarthVarkor's next opus.  Register your opinions here!

  8. This post is part of a continuing series I've been doing for Darth Varkor's next movie. He mention that other than using Xarwarz's skins for Dantooine, that he was pretty open to suggestions. The next area we'll be talking about possibly improving is Tatooine! When you set up your ideal Tatooine, what mods you do use? Please list the mods that you use below for both the interiors, skyboxes, and the exteriors of this planet. You can mix and match here so if there's parts that you like from one set of skins and you substitute a few of them from another mod, let us know which you use. (You can let us know why you do so as well!) In addition to skins, let us know if there are other Tatooine mods you use - fixes and other things - that you also use. For these, I'd definitely like to hear your rationale for using these. Go ahead and point out any model fixes if there are any. Finally, please add pictures to illustrate your points. Don't attach a link to make us see it on another page though. Have an IMGUR link (or something similar) or put it right in the post. If you have questions, feel free to ask. By the way, I'm still looking for feedback on the M4-78 EP. If you would rather do that anonymously, PM me.
  9. My least favorite texture in KotOR2 is for a desk with a unchanging monitor. There texture is called "PLC_comPanel". Here's the the texture I'm talking about. And here's an example of one of the many places you'll see it. (Two monitors a little bit behind the long table in the picture use this texture.) Though the rest of the desk texture could use some work, the monitor portion is the one that really irks me. I'd love to see the whole thing improved and if someone was to throw in some animation, that would great too! I'm open to multiple submissions. In this case, I'm hoping for multiple requests this time around - just in case folks I know are making movies that could some extra variety. (So even if you think someone else has made a better one, I'll still want to see yours.) The best way to display your work for myself and others reading this thread: Embed a small video clip into your post (like a YouTube video), That should do nicely.
  10. Sith Holocron

    What's going on with M4-78EP?

    The advice that I stated in my last in this post has not changed. PM Zbyl2 for updates as he's not following this thread.
  11. Sith Holocron


    These damn kids with their textin' vocabulary. It's KotOR! Update: It strikes me that there's some potential fun to be had by replying to any YouTube comment that states Apeiron was a mod by replying that it isn't with a definition. Anyone want to take a crack a writing a small blurb that folks can copy and paste from here to "in order to facilitate communications"?
  12. Sith Holocron


    Appreciated, VP.
  13. Sith Holocron


    Possibly. I'm just going to stick to talking about Apeiron in this thread though. I am headed off to sleep now but if anyone posts a comment on the YouTube comment section, could you let us know about it?
  14. Sith Holocron


    I just hope more folks point out in the comment section of the video that Apeiron wasn't a mod. (Right now, it's mostly folks using the C&D news as an excuse to bash Disney in general about their studio's SW movies or commenting on EA's lackluster games, which seems a bit off-topic to me.)