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  1. Sith Holocron

    Blog #80 - Looking for a small voice part to be filled

    Mellowtron11 hooked me up. Thanks, man! Closin' this thread.
  2. Well if you want to work on something like that and you want to include my work just to save yourself some time, that's OK by me - if you give me a credit in your read-me and mod description.
  3. Please don't leave buddy! 

  4. Please remove me from Staff.

    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Not kidding.  Don't want to hear another complaint about my over-moderation. Please remove me from Staff.

  5. Sith Holocron

    A New Chapter for the Kotor Community!

    Which is now hidden as it's outdated. (I would've thought that would've been done earlier...) Thanks for pointing that out!
  6. Sith Holocron

    A New Chapter for the Kotor Community!

    I am also curious where the porting stance change came from. I wasn't the one rallying for it but I was the one that suggested the Porting Tags be implemented, in case we need to quickly reverse the decision made. On one hand, I won't have to hear the (until now) ceaseless clamor from those wanting to port between the game. On the other, DP illustrated the possible concerns. I won't be personally approving mods that carry the Porting Tag. That's to both limit my liability and to limit my current mod approval caseload. Hmmm . . . Has anyone noticed that those folks that were asking for this porting rule change the most haven't said anything in this thread yet?
  7. Sith Holocron

    Blog #74 - Have you seen my LucasArts Golden Guys videos?

    The LucasArts Golden Guy Bonus Episode: Star Wars: Battle for Naboo (2001) I haven't abandoned this series quite yet. Here's another video to tide you over until I acquire more old LA games that include the Golden Guy.
  8. I've been converting the Imperial Agent storyline into a audio drama. From time to time, I need to have folks do the lines for droids and aliens because - as it's an audio drama - I can't rely on subtitles. I'm looking for a someone to record the lines below if they're interested. British, Irish, Welsh, or Scottish accents preferred but I'll listen to all submissions. Male or female voices welcome. Mono or stereo. MP3 or WAV. Lines: I request your attention. I have an urgent message for you from Grand Moff Ilyan Regus. [Editor note: use pronunciation for "Moff Iyan Regus" using attached sound file as a guide line] Grand Moff Regus is the commander of Special Forces. I am patching you through now. Ilum is accessible by starship. I am uploading relevant star maps as directed. Operation Dark Ice is of critical importance. You should proceed to Ilum now. T9 M6 ending transmission. Darth Malgus represents a critical threat. Grand Moff Regus and the War Council request your immediate presence. Access granted. Removing Darth Malgus from the Galaxy is the top priority. Moff Ilyan Regus.mp3
  9. Sith Holocron

    [WIP] Pazaak Revamp

    The design you refer can be seen here. It can also be purchased here.
  10. Sith Holocron

    [WIP] Selven 2.0

    Or something like . . . Selven ". . . The only question is 'Do I kill you fast or kill you slow?'" PC: "How did you get off of Taris?" [One of oh-so-many possible responses to her cliche line] Selven: "Who's asking the questions around here?"
  11. Sith Holocron

    [WIP] Pazaak Revamp

    I don't know . . . I kinda like the Uno card look! As long as you can add in the green cards, I'd say make two packs and see what everyone thinks when both are out? (I mean, you've already done most of the work, right?) Perhaps folks will gravitate towards the Uno version more than you think.
  12. Sith Holocron

    Peragus Large Monitor Adjustment

    I recommend using my mod with DarthParametric's Peragus Administration Level Room Model Fixes for best results.
  13. Sith Holocron

    Download:Peragus Large Monitor Adjustment

    I recommend using my mod with DarthParametric's Peragus Administration Level Room Model Fixes for best results. PS: I've only locked this to enable newer mods to enable newer mods to take this thread's top spot. Feel free to ask questions about this mod, leave feedback, or lavish praise on the download page. (Comments work better than reviews.) Yes, I do follow my content.
  14. Sith Holocron

    [K1] Selven 2.0 [Moved to WIP Section]

    You haven't met him? Uh . . . Have you not played the game yet?