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  1. You may have noticed that quite a few of these are up now. I tackled the stuff you're seen from modders A through D. jc2 is tackling RedHawke's mods when he can. However until I get another day off, I'm done for now. Perhaps it's time for you to follow the pattern I've started and help pick up the slack? It would be appreciated. Ask any questions you may have before you start.
  2. The JumpStationZ Archive transfer has begun.  This is going to take a few days, folks.

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    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Yes.  That's this account.  You oughta see how many I've uploaded already by checking here;)

    3. Mephiles550


      Nice! Lot of classic mods from there really need to come here.

    4. ChAiNz.2da


      REALLY appreciate all the hard work you and the other staff are doing to make this happen. I wouldn't have trusted this task to anyone else to be honest. :)

      While I don't regret closing down JSZ, I DO regret not having done this (transfer to DS) a LOT sooner.  🤣

      I think this better facilitates the community and provides better accessibility.

  3. Yes, and I've corrected my last entry now. It looks like the Battlefront II screenshot has the colors a little off on those Naboo energy things. I'm guessing you can get it closer than they can. Here's a screenshot from the movie so you can compare. Could the texture you're looking for possibly be "fx_tex_19.tpc"? Just guessing here.
  4. I'm not crazy about the new energy beams as seen in the Peragus pictures as I liked the original color. The dark look of Telos might take a bit getting used to. It's well done though and it does seem to match the plot better than a more pristine mining colony.
  5. It's hard to tell just seeing the two texture textures by themselves. I think I'd have to see them in the actual environments to get them in context.
  6. Are those Dathomir runes from Fallen Order?
  7. Glad it all worked out for you. Perhaps you'll post what your characters look like and what server you're on in the Let's See Your Characters thread!
  8. If you're using Steam Workshop, I personally wouldn't recommend using ANY mods.
  9. Once @Snigaroo makes the sock puppet account, we should be ready to go. However, this thread seems to have a lot of folks that are enthusiastic about the JumpStationZ mods being available to the community. It only makes sense to have many hands helping in this as we don't know how long we have. If you're interested in helping, why not state which of the modders you like to preserve by uploading their work to the site? Here is the recommended way to proceed: 1. State which modder's work you're uploading. Only choose one modder at a time. (You can always volunteer again after checking who is available.) 2. Use the information in the Mod's read-me (where available) to create the mod description. If spelling errors exist, please correct them. 3. If you wish to use the mod to gather pictures, you can do so but it is not required. Use the logo in my last post in the thread and alter it accordingly for each mod uploaded. 4. If the mod is for KotOR1, put down that is not compatible with K1R. If the mod is for KotOR2, put down that is not compatible with TSLRCM. 5. State in this thread which mods you have uploaded by stating both the modder and the official title. This will let other folks in the thread know which mods have already been taken care of so we don't have a duplication of effort. If the admins deem a different way to proceed after I post this, they have blanket permission to adjust the suggestions as necessary. Update: I have uploaded the following modder's mods which are hidden until they can be transferred to the alt account. This list will be updated accordingly so check back here for continual updates. Modders and whether their mod's uploaded have been 100% completed yet AI (100% complete) Achilles (in progress) Agent Xim (100% complete) Alveron182 (100% complete) AVol (100% complete) CaptainSkye (100% complete) Colja (100% complete) Colma Adawin (100% complete) Commas (100% complete) D.J. (100% complete) Dak Vesser (100% complete) DarthMoeller [AKA Moeller] (100% complete) Quanon (100% complete) RedHawke (in progress by jc2)
  10. My time is limited but I will see what I can do. However, I do have a request for the admin folks... For those modders that aren't on this site (like Quanon for example), I'd like for a new screen name to be created - such as "JumpStationZArchive" - so no one here gets undue credit for uploading the mods. Credit should always remain with the original modder and having my name (or anyone else's) attached to it lessens those modder's work. AFAIK, administrators can still change the ownership of the mods from one person to another but moderators may not be in the same boat. If one or more administrators can both create the pseudo-member and reassign the uploads to that account, I'd be willing to start work on this. As I don't have time to go through every mod, I will not be listed compatibility for any of these mods nor provide representative pictures. I will assume that each and every mod that I upload is incompatible with either K1R or TSL. In stead of a representative picture, I'll post something like this for each of the JumpStationZ archived mods. As I go through the mods, I'll also look over the documentation for each for spelling errors and also change the TXT files to either RTF or DOCX for modernization purposes. Sound good, admin types? @ChAiNz.2da: Does the above logo meet with your satisfaction? Addendum: I have been informed through back channels that @jc2 is still quite willing to do this. I commend him for his efforts if he does wish to continue and he can use the above logo if he likes. (The font used above is "Verdana" and matches what @ChAiNz.2da used in his original logo on his site. IIRC, Verdana is a standard font included with Windows.)
  11. Updated "gui_open"" with a silent version.
  12. You didn't mention if this is for KotOR1 or KotOR2, but anyway . . . Do you see a "OPEN.wav" file in the game folder - that's not the Override folder but the folder that's one tier up with the EXE file. If you find any WAV files there - such as OPEN, CLICK, HOVER, MAIN, or START - you can move those outside of the game folder. (I personally recommend the Desktop folder but just make sure it's not in the game's folder.) Please test that out and check back with me?