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  1. How many of the hidden achievements have you got yet?
  2. This is supposed to be a yearly event, like the Nar Shaddaa Night Life and the Life Day events are. What reports have you been reading?
  3. There's a Gofundme set up for Kevin now. Here's the link.
  4. Many of you may know Kevin Smets (AKA Kaydon Sentry) from his well put-together KOTOR Machinima movies on YouTube. Unfortunately, today he publicly announced he's been diagnosed with cancer. It would be fitting of our fine community to show our support for Kevin and his family by posting well wishes and positive vibes in that diagnosis announcement thread which I'll link below. Alternatively, those that are more verbose can leave lengthier messages on his Facebook wall. Let's show Kevin that he's more than ready to win his fight and that we have his back.
  5. Read this post and follow the instructions. Precisely.
  6. Looks like the back of one on the Handmaiden's heads with the hood up.
  7. @solcelestial Wrong section. Moving to Modding.
  8. Thanks for the kind words. Just a quick note that I won't be attempting to do the Mandalorian role so there's no competition between me and anyone else. However, if anyone else would like to try the Hijata role, please do! I sincerely hope that someone better comes along to bring Hijata to life. (And not just because it saves me the work! LOL)
  9. I wound up trying out for Hijata. This is really more of a test of my recording space as I'm getting over a cold but why not share the results? But if Salk wants the files, I sent them to him to do what he wishes. The outtake line at the end has an uninvited guest.
  10. True but I don't recall seeing any logos used on the site nor in any of the videos. Perhaps I will get a reply in a year or two. LOL
  11. An interesting update and an unexpected one. So . . . once upon a time, there was another project called KOTORR. They claimed they were going to "remaster" KOTOR. Among the things they claimed they were going to add were new planets, multiplayer and co-op. Yes, they actually said this. Like so many of these large scale projects, they never wound up succeeding in these goals or releasing anything of note. The last thing they ever posted was this explanation video on why they missed their own deadline. About a year ago, I decided to post a comment on the video. I remembered this thing from back in the day and was wondering if I could get some sort of comment. Here's my post. I never thought I'd get a response but lo and behold, I got one tonight. So that's what happened to KOTORR. Some of them didn't learn their lesson about IPs and decided to double down. But a cease and desist from Microsoft? If they reply, I could let you all know. Unless it is the general consensus that I should let this one go. PS: The contact information is not at the end of the video.
  12. I did say it was an evil thought. You gotta change that color from red to orange. To stay thematically on point.
  13. Films. The movie only covers the first half of the book from what I gather.
  14. A minor update: I'll have to do a test to hear how it sounds first before I add the rest of the tiles. . .
  15. I had an evil thought about a skybox suggestion last night: Cathalan.