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  1. Hello all Sith'ari Lokhran here. I had a question concerning the KOTOR tool. It has been awhile since I have played the KOTOR series let alone dabble with modding. I am getting back into KOTOR TSL today. First and formost I am going to get TSLRCM following up with Shem's legendary ultimate sound mod(starting mods). With that being said, could I use KOTOR tool to assign certain sounds within the mod to particular items? I.e. I the sound file that makes short lightsabers ignition sound that of Luke's ROTJ saber sound, could I assign that sound to the standard lightsabers with their corresponding colors? As well as the sound file for the standard sabers which ignite with Vader's Sith lightsaber sound but could I assign it to only red sabers? Standard, short and double? If I can could someone tell me how? Please and thank you!