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  1. @InSidious When you have a chance, can you update the description to include the number of placeables added? Per the issue found by @DarthParametric and their Jedi Captive Diversity mod, there is a hard limit that will impact compatibility (in particular, these two together, but really any that add to that placeables.2da file).
  2. Progress update...none as of yet, but I still have this project on my mind. Just very busy as of late. My bandwidth is pretty limited, so I put out some requests to some other great mods to be a part of the T3-M4 repair component of this project. I assumed it would take some time, but I haven't heard back since February so I am just going to figure out something on my own.
  3. I directly tried this with Mission for my companion rewards mod. It didn't work.
  4. Wait, so if you were willing to edit every relevant module (which might be all of them), you could add additional scripts to specific locations and events? That does feel huge. Off the top of my head you could... Add AOE damage on story relevant location (The Ravager, poison rooms, etc.) Send the PC to jail/or healing room on a death event Turn NPCs hostile if you are wielding certain items (Red lightsabers, Revan robes, Jedi Robes, etc.) in specific areas
  5. @Sdub This is amazing! Just to confirm this mod's status as a resource... is it okay to include this mod within another mod or do you prefer that players download both separately (crediting you either way)? I want to make sure to know the right way to use something as useful as this!
  6. Is this K1 or TSL? In K1 those live in the .UTI for the actual lightsabers. Equipment have all those properties already in the file, and then when the player applies the appropriate upgrade item, it adds the bonus.
  7. Oh wow, I came here to suggest a color change to black only to find that the issue has been thoroughly explored. Not sure if it would be any easier now vs. a few years ago, so I'll 2nd the request anyway. My other comment was whether you'd consider something similar for Bacca's Ceremonial Blade? Both are considered ancient during the events of K1, so I'd buy that they share some visual elements (the model), but from a gameplay perspective it would highlight both as the higher-level melee weapons they are meant to be.
  8. Hello @todevuch! I sent a PM a month or so ago. Would you be open to me using some of these items in a mod I am working on? Details are in my PM, happy to discuss there or in this thread.
  9. Went to create a new thread... but I see that the topic had already been requested. There are definitely a ton of mods now that we are 8 years away from this post. I was thinking of the following: Current: + Media + Mods + Skins + Modder's Resources Proposed: + Media + UI (Icons & Menus) + Weapons / Armor + Force Powers & Abilities + Skins + Worlds & Locations + General Mods + Expansions I made the list above in relation to K1, but I could see it applying to TSL as well.
  10. That would work, not to derail the thread, but my goal for the duel-wield batons was to touch as few things like .2da as possible (at the time for my lack of expertise; but with the added benefit of it being compatible with pretty much anything). It was never my goal to make all stun batons be DW because, from a design perspective, their properties aren't built with that in mind. For sure, that might be more of a concern for lightsabers to vibros vs. vibros to stun batons, but I haven't tried it out to know how much of an issue it is in practice. I was trying to frame the solution as simple as possible, but you make a good point that it would be easier to adjust the base item value for a vibrosword uti than it would to strip a lightsaber uti of all the extraneous properties those have. Unfortunately, I don't think there is any way around that (at least that I know of). You'd have to convince the game to think you are wielding a lightsaber while still using unarmed animations for attacks.
  11. Does it need to be all vibros or just a specific item for your use case? I was able to get around the dual wield limit for stun batons by pointing a vibroblade uti (with stun properties) to a stun baton model. Could you make a lightsaber uti and point it to another weapon model to make it work with Force Jump?
  12. I love seeing a unique robe! Is this fully compatible with all of JC's other robe mods? Specifically: JC's Fashion Line I: Cloaked Jedi Robes JC's Fashion Line I: Cloaked Hybrid Robes JC's Fashion Line I: Cloaked Party Robes If so, is there a recommended install order?
    I love bonuses for the droids! Both are already underpowered vs. non-droid characters, and even worse vs. Jedi characters. Its a struggle to buff characters in a balanced way, so using cut content from TSL as inspiration is a great way to keep things at least thematically consistent.
  13. Thanks for the coding wisdom! I am in the copy-and-adjust phase of learning to write script, so any advice is always appreciated. Right now, the idea would be that Jolee would have the easiest time with the stealth/awareness aspect of this project. Besides that, I am not sure what else to go with. I struggled with this in my Sidequest Reward mod as well, Jolee is already OP as a Jedi vs. other party members. None of the other skills feel like they would make sense. He directly states he is not tech savvy. Persuade could work, but his personality feels incongruent with that. Plus it's just too easy and a little tedious to dump points in persuade and always switch in Jolee for merchants. Definitely open to any ideas I haven't thought of though!
  14. Progress update! Computer Use → "Unlocking" T3-M4's ability to act as an upgrade bench ✓ Already done Treat Injury → Swapping Canderous Implants (ala TSL) Not started. Repair → Custom skill challenge with T3-M4 to create unique items: ✓ Created new dialog entry with script that bumps to new .dlg file (styled as computer interface) ✓ Ported over TOR version of Revan's lightsaber from TSL with permission, and some guidance, from @Kaidon Jorn (Thank you!!!) ✓ Adapted .uti files for the new lightsaber: ✓ upcrystals.2da change and multiple .uti files created to make saber fully upgradeable (including Guardian & Mantle) ✓ Matching all file names/models references to ported over models/textures ✓ Added unique bonuses to the lightsaber that will stack on top of upgrades/customizations Persuade → Make all* merchants adjust their prices based on persuade skill 26% of appropriate merchant call scripts adjusted (thank you @DarthParametric!) Awareness → Swap out all Sith assassin encounters ("Malak was most displeased...") with stealth challenge: Not started.