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    Awesome mod to use in combination with JCarter426's JC's Mandalorian Armor for K1 (Option B ). This means you can rock another great mando armor, but still have the disguise property. For anyone interested, I have confirmed that you could also swap out the Boba-themed texture in the tslpatchdata folder with any other Mandalorian armor texture and it works (I used the campaign guide alternative to redrob41's Bendak Starkiller Armour). Just rename the .tga file to match.
    Great mod! Adds an awesome challenge early game to help validate anyone who likes level 8/12 builds.
    For those who prefer to use Snigaroo's mod list (which uses K1CP and specifically not K1R), this mod lets you add the much needed bump in difficulty that K1 needs.
  1. I noticed there is an issue where the Extra 1000 & Extra 2500 options of this mod don't work as intended. The extra experience needed only applies once, not once per level. Opening up the exptable.2da files, it looks like this is due to some of the math used to replace the original values. Comparing the default table to the Extra 1k and 2.5k versions, each row after the first has a static 1k or 2.5k added from the default. Each level cap is shifted the same amount, so the difference between any two levels is the same raw amount of experience (after lvl 2) as a vanilla version. See an example below, and my "fix" to increase the difference between each level the appropriate amount. You can see what I am talking about by taking any level and substracting the level cap of the previous level to see the amount of raw experience needed to advance between them. I did this in excel, so it should be easy to replicate for the 2.5K version. I can also send over an updated 2.5K version if you'd like.
  2. Masamune753

    Party Leveler K1

    Not sure if you saw my message, but unfortunately those mods won't solve the problem. They were already a part of my build when I noticed the incompatibility. Both mods are amazing, but add force powers at lvl 8 or much later. Any soft lock would happen in the first 1-4 levels when many powers are blocked. I solved the issue by deleting the preset lvl 1 powers in .utc files for Jolee and Juhani in Kotor Tool and loading a previous save. Not a great solution, but worth it to make all this awesome stuff work together.
    Definitely appreciate a balanced boost to Force powers. Great for PCs with level 8/12 builds who miss out on the variety of powers.
  3. Masamune753

    Force Power Gain

    For anyone interested in this mod the extra power points per class are as follows (if starting from lvl 1): Consular +6 (25 → 31) Sentinel +6 (21 → 27) Guardian +4 (21 → 25)
  4. Masamune753

    Party Leveler K1

    Great mod! I love the idea. One callout on compatibility. If you have a mod that increases the number of Force powers, all the extra levels plus the preset powers can cause issues. I used this mod by Shem for a modest increase (since I added powers). But with the powers given at lvl 1, I had to choose every power available to Juhani when she joined. I haven't added Jolee yet. I suspect I will run into an issue where I won't be able to select any powers since I won't have the prerequisites, but will be locked out of continuing since I have to select something.
  5. For sure, it's definitely a lot. I guess I was just expecting that if something were to break, it would be BOS:SR and not something seemingly unrelated like force powers. Besides one initial issue with Trask that I fixed with the Trask removal mod, the rest of the game runs fine. Taris, Dantooine, the initial sections of Tatooine and Korriban all had no issues. I even ran the first 20 minutes of BOS:SR on the included mod save without any crashes. All that to say, I knew it was a long shot, but it felt like it was worth asking the smart people here.
  6. By AC (Armor Class), I actually mean Defense. AC is just what it is called in D&D, which is what KOTOR's stat system is based on.
  7. Not sure if this helps, but I just successfully uninstalled the Four Force Powers Mod (everything else the same; using backups and reinstalling mods as necessary) and reloaded my save from Davik's mansion. Still the same issue once I got Form I.
  8. I have quite a few: BOS:SR, Lehon Mando Exp, Gamorrean stronghold Exp Snigaroo's Full Mod List Impossible Diff, Level-up rate, Four Force Powers, Force Enlightenment, Party lvl. 1, Vibro reskin, Selven Legends, and Sith Assassins. They were installed in roughly that order. There were 4 errors in the patcher, one was for ii_datapad_018.tga being skipped, the other 3 were listed as errors, but the correct files are in the override. These were di_spwb_01.ncs, di_wb_01.utp, and k_pebo_upgrade.ncs.
  9. I have a bug when I try to activate the forms after just acquiring them on Dantooine. Instead of the intended effect, my stats seem to go all over the place (example: Default AC15, Atk +11 to AC25, Atk 21 with Shii-Cho). Activating Form 1 and Form 3 can result in negative AC and negative Attack bonuses. I can clear the effects using JC's effects bug hotfix, but the same thing happens on multiple attempts. I am super excited to use this mod, so I am down to do whatever I can to try and fix this. I do have multiple other mods installed, but I didn't think they would conflict based on their contents.