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  1. For sure, it's definitely a lot. I guess I was just expecting that if something were to break, it would be BOS:SR and not something seemingly unrelated like force powers. Besides one initial issue with Trask that I fixed with the Trask removal mod, the rest of the game runs fine. Taris, Dantooine, the initial sections of Tatooine and Korriban all had no issues. I even ran the first 20 minutes of BOS:SR on the included mod save without any crashes. All that to say, I knew it was a long shot, but it felt like it was worth asking the smart people here.
  2. By AC (Armor Class), I actually mean Defense. AC is just what it is called in D&D, which is what KOTOR's stat system is based on.
  3. Not sure if this helps, but I just successfully uninstalled the Four Force Powers Mod (everything else the same; using backups and reinstalling mods as necessary) and reloaded my save from Davik's mansion. Still the same issue once I got Form I.
  4. I have quite a few: BOS:SR, Lehon Mando Exp, Gamorrean stronghold Exp Snigaroo's Full Mod List Impossible Diff, Level-up rate, Four Force Powers, Force Enlightenment, Party lvl. 1, Vibro reskin, Selven Legends, and Sith Assassins. They were installed in roughly that order. There were 4 errors in the patcher, one was for ii_datapad_018.tga being skipped, the other 3 were listed as errors, but the correct files are in the override. These were di_spwb_01.ncs, di_wb_01.utp, and k_pebo_upgrade.ncs.
  5. I have a bug when I try to activate the forms after just acquiring them on Dantooine. Instead of the intended effect, my stats seem to go all over the place (example: Default AC15, Atk +11 to AC25, Atk 21 with Shii-Cho). Activating Form 1 and Form 3 can result in negative AC and negative Attack bonuses. I can clear the effects using JC's effects bug hotfix, but the same thing happens on multiple attempts. I am super excited to use this mod, so I am down to do whatever I can to try and fix this. I do have multiple other mods installed, but I didn't think they would conflict based on their contents.