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    In terms of quality-of-life + Force powers, it is a choice between this mod and extended force power durations. For me, adding Force Enlightenment is the clear winner. It is lore-consistent given TSL and feels much more balanced than set-it & forget-it buffs.
  1. Interesting. That all makes sense, I guess what feels strange is that Xor's dialog seems to act differently than the dialog files I have edited for the rest of the party. My edits are to already existing branches the game should be already moving through. Instead of hitting the next node (one I added) it just ends the dialog. If I try and add a node earlier in the middle of the branch, that node gets skipped. Overall, my goal is to flag an alignment shift in-dialog the way they are normally presented in-game.
  2. Does anyone know why, and a way around, not being able to add new entries/replies at the end of the Xor dialog? No matter what I do, whether the new entries/replies are before or after the final moments, they aren't shown. This is true of both the LS and DS path. Besides this issue, every other character has been tested and confirmed to work on my current build.
  3. No problem, thank you for looking into it. Big shout out and thank you to @ebmar for looking over the project and helping me clean up the change.ini file after using KotorTool and DLGedit. In terms of updates, I was almost finished when I realized that T3-M4 was too much of an omission from this project. The concept I am currently testing: As a general callout, while I have included HK-47, T3-M4, Jolee, and Juhani over my original plans, I do not intend to make a sidequest reward for Bastila. She is the only character whose storyline is fully immersed into the overall gameplay and player choices, so in my opinion she doesn't need alteration. Edit: Successfully implemented my idea for T3-M4. Just need to package everything up.
    Awesome way to spice up K1's lack of variety. Great to mix with N-DReW25's Proper Sith Assassins for K1. Using both, you swap out all 3 enemies (Stalker/ x2 Assassins) to make these encounters totally distinct from other Sith/Dark Jedi.
    Awesome way to spice up K1's lack of variety. Great to mix with eNoodles' Sith Assassin Ambush. Using both, you swap out all 3 enemies (Stalker/ x2 Assassins) to make these encounters totally distinct from other Sith/Dark Jedi.
  4. Alright! I have an alpha version of this all together with TSLpatcher. Anyone interested in testing this out? Sent: ebmar [1/16/2022] StellarExile [1/16/2022] N-DReW25 [1/16/2022]
    Amazing skin! I ended up using the Alt version as a reskin for Cassus Fett's armor (renamed the files and combined with Kainzorus Prime's mod), and it makes me want to use Canderous in my party everytime now.
  5. Thank you! Any help would be amazing. Right now I think I have fully fleshed out what I want to do, I just need to finalize all the pieces and then start working to understand TSLpatcher.
  6. 👨‍🔬Good news everyone! It looks like adding a row to baseitem.2da worked. I copied over the lightsaber row and deleted the required feat. Once I changed a custom lightsaber to that item type, everything else stayed the same but anyone could equip it. I tested it in battle and it worked as expected. Now all I need to do is create a generic feat for Canderous that I can restrict the item. I am debating whether it is worth it though, other mods that interact with his character might not play nice.
  7. Digging into what the mod actually does, it looks like the feat this mod created was just a placeholder that prevented other people from putting on the disguise item the mod was built around needing. There is no reference to "Bastila's Disguise" in the mod now...checking the change log it looks they realized this new feat isn't necessary because Bastila already has a unique feat (Battle Meditation) to restrict items around.
  8. Anyone more knowledgeable please correct me, but my understanding is that you can't really manipulate feats in K1. All the current feat effects are hardcoded. You can make new feats by manipulating the .2da files, but they won't do anything. The only use case is to use them to require the new feat for something else (ex. custom equipment/power). If you are suggesting that the feat effects will just work through the hide item equipped, that could work (that's how Juhani's camo feat works). The scripts you'd need are pretty easy, I can even send you mine as an example (they are based on the scripts from HK-47's repair challenges). To trigger them in the Ebon Hawk, you would need to add something with dialog (a character for example) that could trigger the individual scripts based on player choices. How to add characters, computer panels, or any other dialog trigger to someplace like the Ebon Hawk is beyond me, so you'd likely need to look through mods that do that and try to figure out the process.
  9. @TK-664 Unfortunately that function doesn't exist for K1. Right now, there I have knowledge or can guess at 3 ways to have a non-Jedi character use a lightsaber (without it unequipping): Change the Feat.2da file to allow the class in question to acquire the feat (either at level up or automatically) [Thanks @DeathScepter!] Problem: My goal is to give this bonus to Canderous only. Anything I add to the soldier class would allow Carth to use it as well. This method also doesn't ping off of the completion of a side quest, which is the primary goal for this mod. Re-model/skin a custom vibroblade or create a new weapon type in the baseitem.2da that is essentially a lightsaber for Canderous to use exclusively Problem: The model + animations for lightsabers are likely more complex than what can just be copy pasted onto a vibroblade .uti plus model/texture files in override. If it is possible, I would need to learn a whole lot of stuff to try. Creating a new weapon-type, if it is as easy as appending baseitems.2da and not hardcoded, would be easier but involve new ground to cover. Create some kind of script that re-equips the lightsaber after it is unequipped between areas Problem: I have no idea how I would do this or if it is feasible.
  10. I don't! I have been working on this on my own outside of the help I've had from all the great folks in this thread. @TK-664 I will test this out today and see if it works!
  11. Updated my plan for this will be too hard to provide differentiated bonuses for each character using the "hide method" because only certain properties can be added to hide items. Instead, I am planning on the completion of a character's questline to have that character level up. This level up would stack on top of some of the hide bonuses I have already planned to help balance out the characters (Jedi vs. Non-jedi). Since levels are always useful, this relieves some of the pressure on the hide bonuses to feel meaningful enough. My only problem now...I still cannot get a non-Jedi character to carry a lightsaber. Does anyone else have insight on why, even with the lightsaber feats added through hide items, the lightsabers keep unequipping when moving between areas?