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  1. i really love the variety mods! Great to see you Marius, I hope you have some more awesome ideas.
  2. could we get some comparisons uploaded?
  3. Sdub

    Tatooine Revisited

    really looking forward to the finished pack!
  4. Sdub

    Choose Your Lightsaber

    what about an option for a single and short together?
  5. Sdub

    HK Stats Rework

    Its funny I have been doing this via KSE almost every playthrough, this will be much more useful
  6. this looks fantastic, will absolutely use my next playthrough
  7. Sdub


    Fantastic! Always great to see your work
  8. Sdub

    Sith Commandos [K1]

    Great, Ty for the clarification. Your screenshots all had the new model so i wanted to be sure. Definitely using this next playthrough
  9. Sdub

    Sith Commandos [K1]

    Just want to make sure I understand, this is not a "replacer" it just adds the commandos as a new type? So you'll still see the old style soldier walking around?
  10. What you did here is still very impressive, apologies if i came off rude or anyting. I just recalled you talking about it in the discord at one point and didnt get to see the follow up. I'll definitely be using this my next play through.
  11. very cool!, i guess it couldnt be figured out to have her give the class specific forms?
  12. Sdub

    Ahto Transit Timetable

    You really saved my sanity here, Thanks
  13. Sdub

    Sith reskin

    I'm sorry but...what even is this? Honestly I don't even feel safe to download this file. These look like some random screenshots? I'm sorry but maybe it's time to take a good look at other mods for the proper format here, take it from us. We want you to succeed but this isn't good.
  14. Fantastic Effix, Ill definitely be using this the next time i playthrough