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Galaxy of Faces [K1]
A Mod for Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic
Author: N-DReW25
1.1.0 Release Date: 17.03.2024

Please install the K1 Community Patch FIRST before this mod!

This mod replaces the appearances of important named NPCs throughout the game. As such, if you wish  to use mods like Onderon Fashion and Smuggler's Deluxe you'll have to install those mods BEFORE this mod.

Simply click on the INSTALL.exe, select "Galaxy of Faces [Main]", click install then sit back and watch the TSLPatcher do its magic.

The "Effix's Duelists", "Unique Rodians" & "Build a Bendak" are OPTIONAL. You don't have to install them if you don't want to.

Effix's Duelists includes Effix's unique Gerlon, Ice & Marl heads. This installation is NOT a total copy of Effix's original Taris Arena Changes mod, that mod adds UTC files to the Override and patches those whilst Galaxy of Faces patches the UTCs in the .MOD files provided from the K1CP mod.

If you are using the NPC Diversity Pack, install Effix's Duelists via Galaxy of Faces. If you want the Armors from Effix's Taris Arena Changes, install that mod instead.

Unique Rodians gives various Rodian NPCs unique appearances. If you are using Stormie97's High Quality Alien: Rodians, do NOT install this option as a compatibiity patch for that mod hasn't been developed yet.

Build a Bendak adds a unique appearance for Bendak Starkiller, however, the "N_Bendak.tga" texture is the vanilla Field Marshal texture. After installing this option, I encourage the player to replace this texture with a Mandalorian texture from a mod of your choosing, I personally recommend RedRob41's Bendak Starkiller Emblem Armour though do feel free to select a skin YOU want instead!

Simply delete the "N_Bendak.tga" texture in your Override folder, rename your desired texture to either "N_Bendak.tga" or "N_Bendak.tgc" and place it in your Override.

From the good old days of late 70s/early 80s cinema, the expansive comics and novels of the 90s and 2000s, the rise of modern Star Wars video games and well into the Disney era, the Star Wars Galaxy has always been a "Galaxy of Faces". 

And I'm not just referring to the faces of the main characters. I'm referring to background characters such as the aliens of Chalmun's Spaceport Cantina in Episode 4 (many of whom were merely random alien costumes who have since evolved into staples of Star Wars alienography with timeless classics like Rodians, Aqualish and Devaronians amongst them), or the the Bounty Hunters hired by Darth Vader to track down the Millennium Falcon in Episode 5 (despite only having 4 lines of dialogue and just over 6 minutes of screen time, Boba Fett has since become just as popular as the main characters mostly down to his unique bad ass appearance in his limited screen time) or the background Jedi characters sprinkled throughout the prequel trilogy (despite never saying a word in the movies, the Jedi Plo-Koon, Kit Fisto and Aayla Secura have since become fan favorites)!

Why do I say this? I think it goes without saying that unique appearances are what makes or breaks a character, and BioWare's 2003 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic RPG has a few problems with this.

As with many video games from this period of gaming, KoTOR has a problem with NPC appearances. In Kotor, the generic background NPCs are referred to as "Commoners" both in the game files and in-game sometimes, the game has 24 generic NPC appearances including 2 white heads, 2 black heads and 2 asian heads for both adult and old appearances which are split between male and female types with an additional male and female white and asian "Tatooine" commoner variant that exists for some reason, bringing the total of commoner appearances up to 24.

Throughout KoTOR, many of these generic appearances aren't even used for background NPCs, those background NPCs receive the low-resolution Lite appearances leaving the actual generic heads for named NPCs. NPCs like Holdan, Jon, Junix Nard, Matton Daisel, Firith Me and Kel Algwinn are all well written characters that really bring these environments to life... but sometimes these NPCs are forgettable simply due to the fact that they use the same appearances, the NPCs I named were strategically chosen as they both use the exact same 1st white and asian male commoner heads. This "clone" problem is intensified once you install NPC Overhaul style mods that remove the Lite appearances and replace them with generic commoner appearances as now you'll be seeing the same 24 heads across over a hundred NPCs throughout the game.

This mod aims to fix that by giving many of these named NPCs unique heads to differentiate them from the generic heads. This mod aims to one day cover almost EVERY single named NPC in the game where possible through a combination of NPC appearances made by me, modder's resources and mods with the modder's permission.

But do keep in mind, not ALL the modded unique heads will be added. Instead, if you consult the "Recommended Mods.txt" file you shall find a list of other mods that I personally recommend that shall also add new unique heads for NPCs that aren't part of this mod.

Thus far, most of the unique heads of the K1 Enhancement Pack modder's resource have been added.

To read about what appearances have been added thus far, please consult the "List.txt" file for a complete list of new appearances.

Known Bugs:
If there are bugs feel free to report them to me on Deadlystream.

Incompatible with any mods that modify the appearances of Nico Senvi, Nemo, Matton Dasol, Kono Nolan, Jon, Jagi, Eli Gand, Dorak Quinn, Dak Vesser, Hidden Bek Lookout, Ahlan Matale, Shen Matale, Nurik Sandral, Rahasia Sandral, Gerlon, Ice, Marl, Twitch, Mika Dorin, Gluupor, Adum Larp or Bendak Starkiller.

Incompatible with High Quality Aliens: Rodians, though a patch may be made in the future!

Please report any incompatibilities!

Do NOT claim credit for this mod and do not use assets from this mod without my permission.

Thanks to:
SpaceAlex: For releasing his K1 Enhancement Project as a modder's resource.
SilverEgde9: For textures used from the Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge mod.
Effix: For the upscaled reskins of the Onderon commoner textures & textures from his Taris Arena Changes mod.
DarthParametric: For fixing the Fat Commoner clothing models.
Obsidian Entertainment: For the Flight Suit and Onderon commoner assets. 
Bioware: For such an amazing game!
Fred Tetra: For Kotor Tool!
Stoffee: For TSLPatcher!
Everyone who downloads the mod!


What's New in Version 1.1.0   See changelog


* As Jon is a Zeltron in this mod, his hair is now pink.

* Added Effix's Gerlon, Ice & Marl appearances as an optional installation.

* Added an optional & fully customizable Bendak Starkiller appearance installation.

* Added a unique Rodian installation (with Effix's Twitch included).

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