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    Thank you so much for finding and uploading these high-resolution fonts, they are wonderful not only in 4K, but in 1080p as well (even the "Dialogue_Description_Very Big" that creates a small issue with the inventory screen). This fix should have been included by Aspyr in the Steam update of KOTOR 1 for modern systems that they've never bothered to release. I'll always use your mod in my mod builds from now on.
  1. Thank you for clarification. Could you send me a link to that graphics pack, please?
  2. For some reason this mod doesn't fully work. I dropped the files into Override, started a new game and checked out the computer at the end of Endar Spire. The background image did change as is shown in the screenshots, but the computer and gear icons remained the same: https://i.imgur.com/WVncfNA.jpg
  3. There's a bug in the Temple Catacombs which the new update has introduced: there's an invisible wall in the left side of the room: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKCEliR4AbU