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  1. Ricky92


    Thanks for the reply, I'll try that!
  2. Ricky92


    Does anyone know how to fix the saber core problem described here http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=144884 ? (The download link of the fix doesn't work of course) Here is a screenshot of the issue http://cmgsccc0.tripod.com/id2.html
  3. Ricky92


    Hi guys! I'd really like a KOTOR1 mod that would make lightsabers' blades longer while keeping this mod's textures: http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/238-lightsaber-blade-replacement-pack-kotor/ So no new longsaber crystals, just have all the default blades replaced with longer ones (while keeping the mentioned textures). Could it be possible? Thanks. ps: sorry for my english, it's not my first language Edit: never mind, i found the longsaber crystals by chainz to be a very good mod, I'll stick with that