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This is a mirror. The main file can be found on Nexusmods. Updates will be found, and feedback should be directed, there.

This mod will allow you to start the game as a Jedi Apprentice. All of the dialogue on the Endar Spire has been rewritten, and shortened significantly, to make it a quicker, more fun opening to the game.

The primary goal of the mod was to reduce the horrid boredom that sets in during the Taris section of the game (by letting the player hit things with a lightsaber), and allowing the player to get more Jedi abilities throughout the game, without the limits that waiting until Dantooine enforced on the player. This is the common element between this mods, and all other padawan mods and Jedi start mods.

The secondary aim was to make the story mesh with the players newfound Jedi status. Dialogues have been edited to reflect the player's class (to the best of my ability, I can't record new VO). Conversations have been reordered, and pieces removed, in an attempt to preserve the illusion that the player is a Jedi. This was done very extensively in the dialogue of NPC's on the Endar Spire, Taris, and Dantooine. Party Member dialogues have also been edited, though not as extensively, in order to maintain compatibility.

Finally, and most successfully, this mod removes all of the fourth wall breaks and tutorial sections that crop up at the beginning of the game. If you turn off tutorial pop-ups, you will not receive a single tutorial message or informative instruction, designed to take you out of the game, and teach you something that you already found out in your other dozen playthroughs of the Endar Spire. Trask is completely gone (though you might find the aftermath of his fight with Darth Bandon), and the player now escapes the Endar Spire without his nagging instructions. You can now power through the intro of the game if you like. Doors have been unlocked, allowing the player to progress through the level without being forced to using battle droids or melee weapons to approach combat situations. These features are also available in my Tutorial Remover mod.


  • All tutorial elements removed from the Endar Spire
  • Start the game as a Jedi, at second level
  • Adjusts dialogue throughout the game to conform to the new story

Requirements & Compatibility

  • Installation
    • Start the Installer.exe file (The tslpatchdata folder must stay in the same folder as the Installer.exe). You install the mod by clicking the Install Mod button. The mod is now installed
    • There is a "Manual Installation" option available for anyone who cannot use the Installer for whatever reason. This is not recommended, and will be incompatible with most other mods. Copy both (The Module and the Override) folders in the Manual Installation folder into your SWKotOR folder. The mod is now installed
    • You must uninstall all version older than 3.0.0 before installing version 3.0.0. Jedi from the Start should be installed on a new installation, with KotOR 1 Community Patch or KotOR 1 Restoration already installed if you plan to use them
  • Compatibility

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If you would like to know what else I am working on, you can follow me on my Twitter. If you want to see more of my mods, you can view all of them on my Nexus profile.

If you would like to see more, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel, or follow me on Twitch, where I play a variety of games and showcase a variety of mods.

If you want to discuss any of my work, or just want to hang out, you can join my Discord. If you want to directly contact me, my email address is darth@darthbdaman.com.

Thank you for reading, enjoy!

What's New in Version 3.0.0   See changelog


  • Edits to Bastila, Carth, Juhani, and Bandon's dialogue have been redone. They are now fully scripted through the patcher and should be compatible with everything. The edits have been reduced to only the bare minimum needed to make the story make sense
  • Added Force Persuade options for Janice, Ajuur, Holdan, and the Sith receptionist
  • Added Apprentice robes from JC's Robe Adjustment mod. You get these instead of the Jedi robes from the old version. They are given instead of clothing in the starting locker. They have no defense bonus like clothing, but look like Jedi robes. They work with JC's Jedi Tailor mod. Zhar once again gives you a regular Jedi robe (now of a different color) once you finish the final trial
  • The level up menu is immediately brought up after choosing a Jedi class. This is similar to the behavior of the vanilla game, and hides a game crashing bug when accessing the powers list before leveling up in your Jedi class
  • Trask's Remains now disappear when fully looted. Improved positioning of Trask's corpse to prevent clipping
  • Cleaned up some cutscene scripts on the Endar Spire
  • The Sith Apprentice on the Endar Spire now wins the fight against the Jedi. You have to fight him with the Sith Troopers
  • Player is fully healed when they enter the second section of the Endar Spire, as they are no longer invulnerable, and will likely be at 1 health. The forced level up in the vanilla game normally prevents this, but because you won't level up until after the second section, this fix prevents you from dying immediately
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To anyone having doubts about this mod: don't. :)

At version 2.2.0 it does an exceptional job at delivering what it promises in the summary above. Much of the dialogue about you not being a Jedi is gone, some PC responses have been altered accordingly and it flows really well storywise.

Just an important note: if you are using any other mods that use/alter the dialog.tlk file make sure to install this one last, this way you prevent it from breaking storywise.

I wouldn't recommend this mod for a 1st playthrough, otherwise why wait to be a Jedi?

Will use this mod ALLWAYS

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