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This mod makes some alterations to the arena in the Taris Upper City cantina. The primary change is the removal of the original low quality crowd sprites. In the vanilla game these are VFX nodes. It appears that Bioware's original intention was for these to be animated, but that was likely disabled due to performance issues on the Xbox. Subsequently, most of the sprites are lacking arms. Another issue is the scaling. The sprites are completely out of scale with the rest of the game world, appearing to be about half the height of an average human. This was possibly an attempt to skew the perspective, an attempt to make the arena look bigger than it actually is. The original sprites have been completely removed in favour of better quality crowd sprites ported from The Old Republic. Additionally, the bays housing the crowd have been resized in order to fit proper human-sized figures. To comply with recent local ordinance changes, transparisteel safety screens have been fitted for the crowd’s protection. Other minor changes include some texture swaps on the roof section and a dummy door model to hide some unsightly fog on the original.

Additionally, players participating in duels should now correctly face their opponent, and give an alignment-specific emote when they are announced. Opponents will now politely wait until their name is announced before giving their little fist pump. After some complaints by their union about a lack of proper medical services, defeated opponents are now healed back to full health post-match rather than being left to limp around. The view screens in the cantina have been upgraded to have a dynamic display of the current arena rankings. These will change as the player progresses up the ranks. The placeable computer screens have all had their positions adjusted so that they properly contact the walls they are supposed to be mounted to, and to align them with one another. Ajuur the Hutt’s dialogue has also had some minor surgery performed on it, to better deal with player and party positioning. Carth should now properly face Ajuur and the player during his relevant interjections, and won't be replying from across the room.

N.B. - Because alterations are made to the module's GIT file, the mod requires a save before entering the Upper City cantina for the first time. It is thus best suited for a new game. If you load a save after having entered, none of the screens will line up properly with the computer placeables.

Known Issues:

  • The initial v1.0 of the mod used a version of TSLPatcher with a bug that caused it to incorrectly repack the MOD file, losing some scripts. For anyone that installed that version, please download and install the additional patch. It is safe to use this patch even if you installed a later version over the top, as it only reinstates the missing vanilla scripts.
  • During the beginning of a duel you may briefly see the PC in a frozen pose. I have not been able to figure out the cause, but it appears to be a direct consequence of the measures taken to force the proper facing.
  • If you initiate a conversation with Ajuur while the party is standing in the corner with the medpac bin, you will likely see them jump out of frame as they are moved to their now scripted fixed positions directly in front of the Hutt. That's an unfortunate consequence of the way it was handled, but the camera angle should mask the transition from pretty much anywhere else.
  • While opponents are now healed after a match, I forgot to edit the script for the initial cutscene match between Duncan and Gerlon, so Duncan won't be healed until the start of his match against the player. I'll fix that in a future update.



What's New in Version 1.2   See changelog


  • Made the PC properly face their opponent during the initial announcement cutscenes.
  • Changed the timing of all opponent fist pump animations so they wait until their name is announced.
  • Added alignment-specific animations for the PC when their name is announced. A wave for LS, a taunt for DS.
  • Defeated (non-deathmatch) opponents are now healed back to full health at the end of a match rather than remaining permanently wounded.
  • Forcibly positioned the party (hopefully off-screen) during dialogue with Ajuur so that Carth's interjections work in a nicer manner.
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Thanks for Another amazing mod the difference between this and vanilla is night and day.

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Really good!

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· Edited by ebmar



Excited to see the mod was released soon after being showcased on its WIP thread- thanks for creating and sharing this fantastic work, DarthParametric!

Looking very forwards to any updates from this mod; as I believe this mod got the potential to reach v3.0 or v4.5! Lol.

All said and done;

Permanent spot in the mod list has been filled.

Response from the author:

Looking very forwards to any updates from this mod; as I believe this mod got the potential to reach v3.0 or v4.5!

Lol, no. It is basically done. There's a compatibility patch I am looking into, but aside from fixing Duncan not getting healed after the initial cutscene it is pretty much done (unless any bugs turn up). I mused about changing the appearance of the duelists, but I would do that as a separate mod.

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