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  1. I think that's why we brushed it off to some limitation in the engine, IIRC
  2. The format can store 65535 verts and 4294967295 faces per mesh. Weights are per vert, so they're also tied to the 65535 limit. It's also possible there's some limitation in the engine, but I wouldn't know about that.
  3. As for the first one, I've also been getting it, but it only started recently and I haven't noticed it cause any problems. As for duplicating, you can drag holding Shift and then there's also Edit → Clone.
  4. A breakdown of Palpatine's plan
  5. It may be that those weren't intended to print anything in the game itself but a console window, which would be present in a working/debug version of the game. If that's the case, it's not so much that they don't function as that they have no effect. In any case, anything that can be preserved, should be!
  6. So does this mean the entire mesh's weights are destroyed if you just add or remove one vert? Or is it just that in the relevant portion the weights don't correspond to the ones around them?
  7. You could use the onEnter script to temporarily disable the script while the module is loading. Something like void main(){ if(GetLoadFromSaveGame()){ SetLocalBoolean(GetArea(OBJECT_SELF), 50, FALSE); /// Disables the behavior DelayCommand(2.0, SetLocalBoolean(GetArea(OBJECT_SELF), 50, TRUE)); /// Continue behavior after two seconds } } If GetLoadFromSaveGame() works as described, it might even work if you put this directly into your UD script.
  8. Thanks for reporting this! This is a situation the code doesn't consider, so it crashes (unfortunately). I can reproduce the problem, but I'll have to hunt down to place where it happens when I have more time. In the mean time just make sure your animations have nodes in them if your experience another crash (or alternatively delete the animations). Sorry for the inconvenience!
  9. I can't check now, but you can do it yourself, open the ascii with a text editor and see which skin has "weights 0".
  10. There are 0 weights on one of the skins in the ascii, which is why mdledit fails to load it. I've handled this case for the next version of mdledit, it will convert such skins to trimeshes and issue a warning in the report. Thank you for reporting this! In the case at hand, you either need to make sure there are weights on the skin and that they're being exported (could also be a kotormax error), or just convert the skin to a trimesh (if there weren't supposed to be any weights in this particular version of the model) to get it to compile.
  11. No no, just the one ... that is a list of textures that appear in the model. Every mesh has it's own texture (you can see that in the screenshot; btw in area models, the meshes can have a second texture which is the lightmap; texture 3 and 4 that you see in the screenshot are not in use by any vanilla model). So when you rename one of the entries in the list, the textures will be renamed on all the meshes that use it in the model. The game will apply the DS texture dynamically based on what you've entered in the .2da files. But you do need to specify a base LS texture in the model apparently.
  12. The result of just renaming a random texture to the right name: Check that your texture is named the same as in the model and is present in the override folder (not a subfolder of it because those don't work in K1). Also make sure the name is <=16 chars, because that's the maximum length of any resource name.
  13. You're gonna have to be a more specific than that ... 😐 You can use mdledit to change the names of the textures safely without hex editing (Edit → Textures).