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  1. Well, when you press the process button, you expect the values you entered to be applied, right? If the position and rotation controllers were not linear, then it would just do nothing. I had to look at the code to figure out that this was the requirement. So now when you press the button, you get a message about which controllers are supported and will be affected, and then you're asked if you want to continue.
  2. The problem with it is that it only works with linear_position and linear_rotation controllers. I also enabled it for bezier_position now, which is the default kotormax uses. However, in some of my tests I experienced some unwanted side-effects (wobbly movement). I'm sending an edited script in the attachment. It supports bezier_position controllers, but the main addition is feedback messages telling the user which controllers are supported and what is going on. You put this script into your "gmax_or_3dsmax_folder/scripts/kotormax/kotormax_scripts" and overwrite the existing one.
  3. Considering how weird animations are in kotor sometimes, this is perfect! I'm fine with it as-is
  4. I see... then I wonder if it would work making Dodonna move in the previous shot already, but you've probably considered this as well and found the best solution And thank you for the list of changes, didn't catch all of them before! Kudos!
  5. Good work DP! The only thing I like better in the vanilla version is the camera angle when Vandar steps forward. Yours is very close up, so it actually confused me on where exactly he's standing (I forgot how the scene plays out). The way it jumps from a right side to the left side right afterwards was also a bit abrupt, I would suggest a broader view from the same side. But other than that it's perfect!
  6. I think so too. As for the path files, I long time ago I made a program for editing PTH files. It used the ingame maps for reference and the data in the .are to get the coords right, but that never worked 100% for some reason I never figured out. But editing the .pths themselves was ok. I used it mainly for K2 though, I know I must have tested K1 too, but I don't remember how that went. It's another thing I could possibly integrate into kmax.... hmm... So what gets you stuck?
  7. The scale wizard was meant for exactly this purpose apparently. I don't have the time to get into this properly, but I did make a quickfix which should make it usable. Hopefully that helps you out, @ebmar. You put these into "gmax\scripts\KOTORmax\kotormax_scripts", overwrite the old ones and reload gmax. The script will probably encounter problems if there are more objects with the same name in the selection.
  8. Did they take down the letter? Does anyone have a screenshot?
  9. You can change it from a looping to a fireforget animation in dialoganimations.2da. But this means the animation will freeze after it plays until the end of the node. The mouth still moves but if the node is a bit longer, it looks kind of weird. Up to you to decide which option is worse
  10. bead-v


    Hey ebmar! Please try the latest version attached to this post. Hopefully it'll work then.
  11. Naah, you can't break anything. It should be fine, I think. It only fires once per dialog... but the best way to find out is to test it.
  12. Yeah, GetLastSpeaker() works in a weird way that's not obvious to me from a few tests. In any case, I don't think it can be used in this way. And even if it could, there's no way of checking whether this an actual speaking node or just a cutscene node, so you'd likely get partymembers turning weird directions during cutscenes. You'd also want a few more checks in there, like Solo mode, distance, etc... But I'd say with the functions we have at our disposal, this isn't doable at a decent level.
  13. So that's a bit different, because it clears the action if the party member happens to be in Solo mode, not in dialog as in our case. But the reason why that part of the code's commented out is because that's probably the old code for the script before it was all moved to k_ai_master and run from there. Fingers crossed!
  14. You could do it for the main onDialog script, but that wouldn't eliminate all the cases. Whenever the dialog is fired from any other script, you'd need to either edit the dialog to add the ClearAllActions() script as suggested above or edit the script that fires it. EDIT: But here's another thing that seems to work. I modified the party member heartbeat script to do this: if(GetIsConversationActive() && GetCurrentAction() == ACTION_FOLLOWLEADER) ClearAllActions(); The heartbeat script only fires every 4s or so, so it may not always work immediately, but it is a pretty general solution.
  15. Another piece of information, discovered as a result of Salk's question. When outside of dialog, party members follow the PC and reorient on them at any time. When you enter dialog in K1 this behavior persists, and causes them to reorient on the PC whenever they speak, ignoring the Speaker/Listener functionality. Calling ClearAllActions() on the party member will remove this behavior. This issue will also not arise in Solo mode, because in that case the party members are not following and reorienting on the PC.