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  1. bead-v

    Forum Idea: KotOR Hacking?

    A forum like that has already been proposed a few times since the new tools started appearing. There has been mention of new forums that are supposed to be on the waiting list to be created, but I'm not sure if this one is included. A wiki is very welcome, but I think a new forum for such discussions will still be necessary. So, fingers crossed!
  2. Bead-V now has darth revan as a follower! :P

  3. bead-v

    K2 Community Patch

    Permission granted.
  4. bead-v

    New Site Layout/Format

    Sony Xperia XA1, Android 8.0.0, Mozilla Firefox
  5. bead-v

    New Site Layout/Format

    I'm experiencing a problem with the reply window on my phone. Whenever I move the input cursor thingy somewhere else to edit already written text, it jumps me to the top of the reply window. If I have quoted a long message, I have to scroll down to get back to my message every time, so it's really annoying. I hope something can be done about that.
  6. bead-v

    What controls blaster bolt textures, Really? (K1)

    Would it be easier if the format of the values in that window would match the one in the ascii? I think that should be possible for me to do.
  7. bead-v


    There is indeed a failsafe, but not always I think, in the currently released version . In the next version of mdledit, pretty much everything will either use a default value or show you a specific error message in such cases. You will also be able to see in the report all the cases where values were missing in the ASCII and mdledit used default values instead.
  8. bead-v

    Taris Escape Sequence Adjustments

  9. bead-v

    Sexy Malak

  10. bead-v

    Traditional Mandalorian Blades

  11. bead-v

    KotOR High Resolution Menus

  12. bead-v

    Helena Shan Improvement