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  1. I have zero modding experience, so I cannot say for certain the following is correct: The same trigger that starts the dialog with the thugs (exchthugs01.utt) is the same trigger that checks if they're dead. When you enter the trigger it will initiate the conversation (tr_exch_thugs_01.ncs). When you exit it checks to see if they're dead (tr_exch_thugs_ex.ncs). If they're dead the quest updates (journal entry "InterGRU"). There's also a global number that should be updated (302NAR_ExchThugs_01), but it's not listed in @Hassat Hunter's globals thread so I don't know what it does. So, you just have to enter then exit the trigger. I have no idea how big it is, I don't know how to read the coordinates.
  2. You're correct that checks against strength, persuade, and credits prevent you from killing the guards on entry. However, since I just arrived on Nar Shaddaa I tested by leaving the guards alive and going straight to Saquesh. Killing him turns the guards hostile. Killing them and then running to the exit updates the quest. You're not crazy, I've seen the "bug". But I don't don't believe it's a bug, we simply don't know what triggers the update. If you want I can investigate the game files to figure out exactly how this quest is updated and PM you the results.
  3. Zelda said they killed the guards and still couldn't complete the quest, leading them to believe the "Intergalactic Reunification" quest is bugged. You do not have to make a dark choice to kill the guards on entry. Don't ask about Lootra, tell them you can't pay the toll, and they'll attack you to try and steal your stuff. OTOH, if you leave them alive and kill them later you just have to run back to Aaida. When you enter the module take the path to the left, there is a trigger somewhere between the module entrance and the ramps leading down to the refugee area. I don't know if there is a trigger for the other two entrances from the Serocco territory, so that may be something to add in a future update.
  4. Reached level 32.

    Went to Fassa to finish the pylon quest...

    ... He doesn't give you quest rewards once you're past level 25.


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    2. Thor110


      So much in this game needs fixing! I have taken note of it but I expect someone else will get around to fixing it before me.

    3. Mephiles550


      Do you not get any rewards if you just use the energy cell from the Ithorian nearby?

    4. AmanoJyaku



      Fassa doesn't reward you for fixing the power distribution. You can get XP, but only if you choose the right option (computer skills) and do it in the right order (fix the power before speaking with Fassa or Lasavvou).

      Fassa only rewards you for prioritizing the freighters, and it's based purely on your level.

      I suspect the rushed development is what led to this. I don't blame Obsidian, I blame LucasArts for every obstacle they put in place (short development window, tiny budget, no access to K1 information, etc...)

  5. The code is written to the log, yes. But as Zelda said, older entries get flushed. There needs to be a way to retrieve the updated code/count, or have the value written to the journal with a message about subtracting the number of droids you had to kill. Then I guess I'm lucky, because I just completed 1.5. What about 1.5 "doesn't work"? Yes, unnecessary hostility is a problem. It's the reason I backed off after attempting to help with another of Zelda's requests, and put them on ignore after they filled several threads with dark side points and/or nasty posts. I come here to have fun, and watching the members be antagonized is not fun. I can't speak for @Malkior, or even pretend I've read and remembered all the rules. But from what I've seen when a mod has a bug thread that's where the bugs are filed. There is a bug thread for M4-78, Zelda's comments probably belonged there rather than here.
  6. You may want to reread the thread. I answered before you purchased the digital copy. You replied with hostility for no reason. And then you did as I suggested and purchased the digital copy. "Not helpful, not helpful at all." But don't worry, I won't be replying to you on this or any other topic. Based on your other posts and reactions you're quite difficult.
  7. It wasn't obvious to me because I couldn't think of a reason why anyone would want to play a version that is inferior. So, I just assumed the Aspyr version was released on disc at some point. But you confirmed that never happened, so you want to play the inferior version. Never heard of the Collection release. What is it? As for the Aspyr update, I mentioned it specifically because you wouldn't need to recover files from scratched CDs. The digital copy would also bring you the most bug fixes and compatibility, so it's the superior option in almost every way. I'm not dismissing anything. You aren't getting any patches for the official CDs from a trustworthy source. The only source was through the LucasArts downloader that has long since stopped functioning. Which leaves fan patches and mods. Except, even those are often designed to work with specific versions of the games. What I was attempting to do was encourage you to use a version that is less likely to have compatibility issues with a modern OS (e.g. Win10) and mods (e.g. TSLRCM). Regarding bugs, I was referring to those still in the original game even after the last official patch. I have perfect original CDs of KoTOR and TSL, and yet I purchased digital copies rather than spend time searching down all of the fan-made patches. Why? Because the Aspyr versions have fewer bugs and tweaks for modern hardware. I know, I've tried patches and mods with varying degrees of failure. ("Flawless" Widescreen...) It's your computer, feel free to do whatever makes you happy. Just try not to crap on people when you ask for help, because next time they won't.
  8. Are these copies of the original game released in 2004? Because I don't think the update released by Aspyr was released on disc. Bugs are reason enough to avoid the original game, in addition to missing technical enhancements such as 1080p resolution.
  9. If you have this much experience and you're still struggling that would explain why someone told you to give up (if that's even true). You may be overestimating your capability, or attempting too much. But, I see no reason why you've been asking for the help you have when there are so many solutions available from people who ran into the same problems. For example, I also had the issue with KoTOR Script Tool that you encountered. So I just stopped using it and directly used nwnnsscomp, and haven't had any problems since. At some point you have to become self-sufficient. If you need help it shouldn't be because of old problems. It should be because of things no one has ever seen (I found a bug in nwnnsscomp, now I may have to write a replacement for it), or because the project is too large for one person to complete in a reasonable time frame (for example, TSLRCM). tl;dr Learn to use a search engine, and try things before you ask for help.
  10. It sounds like you're trying to do too much. I can learn NWScript in a few days because I have years of experience writing scripts and programs. It doesn't seem like you have any scripting or programming experience, so it will take you months of dedicated practice to learn how to write scripts. Afterward, you will need to learn the basics of the files that make up the games. You also need to accept that other modders have lives of their own, they don't always have the time to help you. Lastly, you need to learn to listen. I tried to help you with your scripting and you didn't follow my instructions. I gave you a numbered list so you could start from step 1 and you failed to follow it. That might be why so many people ignore you.
  11. In other words, everything SithHolocron said is true? From my experience people are willing to help. If everyone is mean to you it's because you're doing something no one likes. Maybe you aren't reading the tutorials on the site and the internet. Maybe you aren't giving people time to reply. Maybe you're asking too much all at once. I don't know what it is, but no one else seems to have this problem.
  12. So, if you were level 20 when you added her she could be leveled up to 17 immediately?
  13. Is she trainable as a Jedi? If not, the Wisdom attribute is a waste. Also, how likely is she to get to level 20 if you obtain her at level 1 so late in the game?
  14. The continue statement is as old as the C language NWScript is derived from. It exists in K1, and probably NWN, it simply was never used. Another example is do-while; there is only one script out of 2,600+ that has a do-while statement. I haven't seen the ternary operator, the const keyword, or the bitwise operators, either.
  15. So, I finally discovered a bug in nwnnsscomp... I think. The purpose of a reverse compiler is to recreate the syntax of the high-level language. This can only be accomplished if we understand statements, expressions, and values. Statement: HK-47 is ready to serve, master. - HK-47 If you care for others, then dispense with pity and sacrifice and recognize the value in letting them fight their own battles. - Kreia Battle is a pure form of expression. - Handmaiden So, what's all this got to do with nwnnsscomp?