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  1. It's because you're trying to add the item using an existing game. Start a new game. tl;dr KOTOR loads UT* files and saves them in the save files. Your save file doesn't have a_robe_45.uti, so it's acting weird.
  2. One file has RSADDI in the _start() function, which I don't think is legal. But, most files seem OK at first glance. Will have to investigate some more as this is beyond the capabilities of the current analyzer.
  3. Yep, the problem is the script is compiled so that StartCreditSequence(int) is told to accept two arguments, despite being defined as accepting one. DeNCS is failing to decompile, because the code doesn't match the function definition. It doesn't know what to do. Crappy coding. Given the fact that I've only just now seen a function call used to initialize a global, my guess is DeNCS was never written with that in mind. It's taking me forever to write my compiler/decompiler because I'm accounting for this and more. And, I still expect the finished product to have issues. 🤣
  4. Not off-topic at all!!! My guess is because the compiled script is wrong. Look at what it does: //Simplified code void main() { StartCreditSequence(); SetGlobalBoolean(); SetGlobalFadeOut(); } So, what's wrong? The very first function: // 518: StartCreditSequence void StartCreditSequence( int bTransparentBackground ); It takes one parameter, an integer. However, look at the byte code: 04 05 0000 //CONSTS - Place Constant String Onto the Stack, 0 characters 04 03 00000000 //CONSTI - Place Constant Integer Onto the Stack, value of 0 05 00 0206 02 //ACTION - Call an Engine Routine, 0x0206 [518, or StartCreditSequence(int)], with two arguments Can you see what's wrong here? Off-Topic: Sometimes the code blocks have colored code. Then, it goes white. Why???
  5. "Closed doors" *AmanoJyaKreia, Dark Lord of the Script, mentors DarthParametric and boosts their security skill*
  6. Not derailed at all. This is exactly what I will encounter when I get far enough. May actually be easier to troubleshoot than the parser and lexer I'm writing. 🤣
  7. Shouldn't matter. The game doesn't have a problem with this, it's the decompilers that do. Guess it's a good idea to create a new one, after all.
  8. Veeeery interesting. I'm seeing the same thing in all files, so I hope it's the culprit. Basically, every NCS file I've worked on uses global variables initialized from constants. However, the files you've given me all include a global that's initialized from an engine routine! I'm wondering if DeNCS is choking on that. 0x00000c67 RSADDS 0x00000c69 CONSTI 32289 0x00000c6f ACTION 239 1 0x00000c74 CPDOWNSP -8 4 0x00000c7c MOVSP -4 // 239: Get a string from the talk table using nStrRef. string GetStringByStrRef(int nStrRef);
  9. Interesting. It's definitely not recursion. There are only four functions: 1) _start() 2) _global() 3) main() 4) sub1() The main() function only calls sub1() once, and sub1() never calls a user-defined function. So, only an engine routine could recur. More interestingly, the file is very short and very simple. I suspect I know what the problem is, because I see something in the code I've never seen anywhere else. But, I would like to withhold assumptions until I can analyze another file that doesn't decompile. Can you supply another?
  10. Have you looked at these mods? KOTOR 1 - KOTOR 2- If these mods aren't good enough, you will need to make your own.
  11. Let's start over. Why are you trying to spawn NPCs? Are you trying to get XP? Are you trying to get items and equipment? Are you creating a mod? What, exactly, are you trying to do?
  12. Start here, then tell us where you're having trouble.
  13. *Looks my own NCS tool* Famous last words...
  14. This? It extracts just fine. Download it again. Use Windows FCIV to make sure your download isn't corrupt. The checksum should be: MD5 df9877f621bd82db2b43ec4230f9394e SHA-1 2c9063151dc5175513cfc15d3b31724b9e308e26
  15. Reading the Purple Dragon Book, and not happy about it...

    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      What book are you referring to?

    2. AmanoJyaku


      Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools

      Excellent book, actually. Just long and information-dense. I haven't had the time to play KOTOR for at least two months!!!