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  1. I don't have a problem with it. Gamorreans are supposed to be formidable fighters, and it can be assumed that a leader of the GenoHaradan would be one of the stronger ones. Besides, maybe he used mines like we did.
  2. @JediArchivist Like @Effix said, check the VDF to see if "PublishFileId" is present. If the value is "2075761409" and it's failing, then change it to "0" or remove the line entirely.
  3. Yes, try that. Also, you may need to wait. During my testing a few days ago I uploaded the VDF, but it failed because I deliberately didn't put any content in. Today, I logged into and saw a workshop item for the first time! So, even if it fails, if you get a PublishFileId (which I got despite the failure) then you have an item in the Workshop! You will find your mod at "Workshop Items" to the bottom-right. The direct link is<custom_id>/myworkshopfiles/, where <custom_id> is your custom URL ID. Custom URL IDs are set in the "Edit Profile" section. The direct link to your mod should be at
  4. @JediArchivist I don't believe there is moderation unless people complain about ToS violations. Setting "visibility" to "0" makes it visible to everyone. It's also a different field than the one you see in your screenshot. Yes, there are two visibility properties. Very weird. If you need to activate Steam Guard you will get an email with a Steam Guard code automatically. Various theories range from having to accept EULAs in the Steam website, to having to put $5 into your Steam Account (Steam says this limits fake mods).
  5. @JediArchivist Well, whatever it is, it's not the contents of the script. I just made a VDF and saved in the directory structure you created. It gives me a workshop item ID and everything. Steam>login hodgel Logging in user 'hodgel' to Steam Public ... Logged in OK Waiting for user info...OK Steam>workshop_build_item C:\Mods\VDF\MiraRomance.vdf Create new workshop item ( PublishFileID 2075413754). Preparing update... Preparing content...ERROR! Failed to update workshop item (Failure). The error is because I never created any of the mod's files. But, I was able to replicate your error: Steam>workshop_build_item C:\Mods\VDF\MiraRomancw.vdf ERROR! Failed to load build config file "C:\Mods\VDF\MiraRomancw.vdf". So... you have a problem with the path. Check the file name properties. Since you created it in Notepad, you may have saved it as a text file due to the way Notepad works. The filename may be "MiraRomance.vdf.txt"
  6. @Effix According to Steam's documentation, "publishedfileid" "0" tells Steam to create a new Workshop mod. After creation, "publishedfileid" in the VFD is modified with whatever value Steam gives your mod. Updates to the mod then use the modified "publishedfileid" value in order to find the mod to update. The documentation does say that "publishedfileid" can be left "unset" to create the mod, but I'm unclear as to what that means. For example, leave out "publishedfileid" entirely, or just write "publishedfileid" without a corresponding value? It can't hurt to try the full syntax, especially since everything else looks ok. @JediArchivist I would ensure this is being run with administrator rights since it modifies the VDF file. I would also check stderr.txt to see if it gives more information on the error.
  7. @JediArchivist I think you're missing a field. Try adding "publishedfileid" "0", e.g. "workshopitem" { "appid" "208580" "publishedfileid" "0" "contentfolder" "C:\\Mods\\Mira Romance 2.0" "previewfile" "C:\\Mods\\Previews\\1.jpg" "visibility" "0" "title" "Mira Romance Mod 2.0" "description" "This Mod enables the Male Exile to romance Mira! It adds new conversation lines, a new movie, and a new outfit for Mira" "changenote" "Version 2.0.0" }
  8. There is no quest associated with the Rakata genes, and once you talk to the Elder tribe the One and his tribe become hostile. Doesn't matter, because the researcher tells you they just need access to the computer in the temple.
  9. It says you can't use KotorBlender while NeverBlender is enabled. Did you disable or remove NeverBlender?
  10. The Feats and Content Mod was implemented using scripts. So, same problem I outlined above.
  11. Anything is possible. It just takes someone willing to rewrite the game from scratch... So, practically impossible.
  12. The only way modders can change the game's behavior is through scripting. However, I don't see anything related to sneak attack in the script files.
  13. I don't think the game was designed to have per-member queues. I think only the currently selected character is supposed to have a queue. Otherwise, this would have been fixed already. As for modders fixing the behavior, if it is indeed part of the game engine then it is unlikely to be fixed. The game engine is effectively the game. Anyone willing to do recode it is unlikely to just give it away for free when they could sell their own games. tl;dr It's possible, but unlikely to be fixed.
  14. I remember seeing something about this a few years ago. It may be a bug in the display. You need to check the log to see what it says. OTOH, I remember reading that the log may be bugged, too!
  15. Tsk tsk. "Who mods the mod-men?" 🤣 Yeah, we knew who you were talking about. And, that was just some of the problematic behavior, rules or no. I don't think the occasional stubborn case warrants a change in the rules. With regards to necroposting, they're pretty explicit: General Posting Habits Before posting a new topic, do a search to see if there is already a recent thread on the subject. If there is already a thread similar to what you’d like to post, feel free to read it and post a reply in the existing thread. If you can find no suitable thread that has received new posts recently you may post your own. Do not revive threads that have not had any activity for months or years this way unless you have something of substance to add to the topic. Try to stay on-topic. Discussion is a good thing and is encouraged, but if what you have to say deviates a lot from the topic, do not post it in that thread. Consider starting your own thread instead. This is a matter of respect to the thread starter. Spamming Do not post messages that are irrelevant to the topic or attempt to derail the conversation. Your posts should contribute to the thread in some manner. A Simple Catch-All The most important rule of all: Don't be stupid. Use common sense. Last week, I came close to breaking the stay on-topic rule. It was in response to the OP's question, yes. But, once I gave my input it was necessary to stop there. It wasn't contributing to the discussion anymore, and it was irrelevant to the real issue. The OP wanted to make a cosmetic redesign, even though I thought the design wasn't supported by any in-game description. The OP disagreed and said it was. Clearly, the OP wanted to do it, so I used common sense and broke off.