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  1. I checked both vanilla values in K1 and K2 and it seems this modification does not change anything. It sets the value for "droidorhuman" at raw81 of baseitems.2da to 1 but it is already 1 originally. Unless I'm mistaken?
  2. Nice touch with the reskinned injured soldiers. I noticed that you decided to not equip the tanks in the main room with the computer panel though.
  3. I can buy that. Only, for healing wounds you'd expect naked bodies... But yeah, I can imagine how controversial a choice it'd be.
  4. A clear improvement, in my opinion. But I guess I didn't make myself clear when I was asking earlier about what generates those bubbles. I meant to ask where the player should think they come from. Why are there bubbles floating upwards from the floor of the cylinder? And why just from the inner circle and not diffusedly? That's why I am not so sure I think having any bubbles at all in the cylinder is a good idea.
  5. There is the additional question about what generates those bubbles and why their presence is limited to an inner cylindrical area of the tank. And yes, I'd definitely lower the speed of the bubbles animation on top of making them much less obvious than they are in the video.
  6. In my opinion, it'd be better without the bubbles.
  7. Very much looking forward to this re-texture! I think it's an excellent replacement with a permanent place in my override. Thanks for all your work, DH!
  8. DP explained everything above. Ignore this post.
  9. @Marius Fett, thanks for providing a fixed version of the model. I was wondering if you may be inclined to check fix also the UV mapping for some of the items on the shelf. It's quite obvious to me that some sides are completely messed up.
  10. DP, in case you believe this won't ever become a published modification, I was wondering if you could share the room model with the TSL ponds but without the additional trees, if you still have those files somewhere.
  11. Great to see this up for grab! Thanks!
  12. Hello, Alvar007! Just wanted to quote you: "One day I will come back and create those Selkath animations." I'll be the first to download them! Cheers!
  13. Nice idea. Was it necessary to activate the Feat by the use of an item though? Personally, I'd rather swap the original Wookie Toughness with this one rather than have Zaalbar be the only party NPC that has two because that seems a bit unfair. But neat restoration, nonetheless! 👌