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  1. @DeathScepter, I have just made them have the attribute points they should have, considering their level. I have adjusted their stats using the missing point(s) where they seemed most appropriate/useful. The only real arbitrary change I made is to HK-47, because there I have nerfed a perfectly legit (but useless) attribute (Strength) from 16 to 14. That frees up 4 attribute points to which one more should be added, since HK-47 is level 6 when you meet him. That allowed me to significantly improve the droid's constitution (from 10 to 14) with one more point to spare for wisdom. Small note about Mission: I didn't improve her Str score at all because I think it's not appropriate to exceed the initial stat of 10 nor did I raise her constitution, which doesn't seem a defining stat either for her. The attribute points have been used to improve 1 point charisma and 1 point of intelligence. Truth to be told, other NPCs seem to have too high stats (especially Zaalbar, that starts with two scores of 20 in two stats at level 4 when at character creation it is not possible to exceed 18) but I didn't touch them.
  2. Locally I changed the attributes of 3 4 party members: Mission (her stats are illegally low, should have 3 more points to distribute), Canderus (missing 3 points as well) , Carth (missing 1 point), and HK-47 (missing 1 point, but in this case I have also lowered STR from 16 to 15, freeing up the legal use of 2 additional point to raise Con from 10 to 14). Feel free to correct me if I got this wrong, of course.
  3. I have no direct experience with playing KotOR on Android but there is a guide here: Said that, if you attempt this, I'd recommend that you use the K1 Community Patch, which is not compatible with K1 Restoration. The first one is the most essential piece of modding any KotOR player should aim to install. The latter has many good things but it's no longer maintained and there are several bugs. @N-DReW25 is working on a smaller-scope restoration project which will probably see a non-beta release sometimes this year.
  4. Hi! I liked the animations, for starters, especially the buttons. But what I like the most is the aesthetics and the way the textures seem to smoothly integrate with the surroundings, keeping the original visuals intact. I am not so good with words, but I hope I have given an idea of what I meant. Cheers!
  5. Very nice job here, SH! I would like to ask you a favor, if I may. As you know, in K1, LEH_scre02 is the sister texture to LEH_scre01. Now, in my case, I have already a retextured version of both textures and I am very fond of them together. Yet I believe this latest retexture of yours is too good to be left out so I decided I should use it and now comes the problem. LEH_scre01 uses a different, brighter texture for the ship. I have attached a screenshot here to show what I mean. The first shows the cockpit without this modification and the second with. I was wondering, if it is not too much of a trouble for you, if you could kindly make a small customization to this LEH_scre02 retexture of yours using the brighter Ebon Hawk that I have in the LEH_scre01 texture to make them 100% compatible with each other. The inverse operation could be also done, but I have a small preference for the bright Ebon Hawk. I have also attached the LEH_scre01 texture, in case you might want to give it a shot. Thanks!LEH_scre01.tga LEH_scre01.7z
  6. Hello! Thanks. I have locally done that and made a few other changes, like removing the available force powers that are restricted by armor. The change in appearance implies in fact, unless I am mistaken, that the NPC is wearing one.
  7. Hello again! One more question: what head texture would the Sith Governor in Taris use in the original game? And do you know what other NPCs use that same texture? Thanks! (e) A detail about changing the appearance of the Dark Jedi in the Manaan Hangar. Shouldn't you also change the soundset value from 41 to 61 and perhaps other values in the .utc file?
  8. Hello! Thanks for your reply. Got it. Thanks. Yes, I did. I thought it does not really matter where it comes from in its original form. I just thought that in its current form the texture is not something I would ever wish to use. The face in there reminds me of the make-up used by Pris in Blade Runner and it doesn't match with the rest of the skin at all. As a player head or no, I find it unusable. I will take a look at the original Nintendo texture later. I will try this later too. What I was trying to say was that in my game I already had an upscaled N_SithAppren01_H texture and from what I understand, you were telling us that it is never used in the game and that your modification restores it for a few NPCs. Correct? Yes, I have now recolored a little the texture to make the problem I reported a little less prominent but I am not 100% sure I would want to use this texture anyway because, as you said, it looks pretty much unfinished. I would really like to use it for variation, but, as I said, it seems it would need some work done. It's not as bad as the female dirty commoner head though... Cheers!
  9. Hello, N-DReW-25! Thanks for this new release of yours. I have a couple of questions/remarks: 1) Dirty Commoner Head Variant Male. From the screenshot it looks good, but I wonder what kind of texture file it uses because your modification doesn't seem to include one for it. Is it an original game's texture? 2) Dirty Commoner Head Variant Female. This one instead has its own texture in your modification, it seems (N_Comm_f_m2), but when I opened it, it confirmed the weirdness I think I noticed looking at the screenshot. The face is way too pale and clean compared to the rest of the texture. 3) Sith Apprentice 1 Head. I would like to ask more about this one. The game has two head textures for sith apprentices, N_SithAppren01_H and N_SithAppren02_H. You are replacing the first with your own version. From what I understand, you are telling us that the original game doesn't make any use of N_SithAppren01_H and that you wanted to use that one (modifying the texture to remove the scar that is present in the other Sith Apprentice texture) for a few NPCs? Thanks! PS - I just checked the restored female Asian head and I noticed some color weirdness/mismatch, as the screenshot here shows. Not something as egregious as in the Dirty Commoner Female case, but something that perhaps could also be addressed?
  10. I'd be interested in the bigger fonts, mostly.
    One of the many needed engineering fixes made by our resident architect PapaZinos. As all the others, we are talking of a must-have download.
  11. Hello, Blue! I have used 1.4.0 version of your Scripting Tool for some years and recently I updated it to the newest version but I quickly uninstalled in favor of the older one because I find it changed a few things I didn't like in the least and I didn't seem to find any settings to change back to the former behavior. The new version seems to need the include sources in the folder where you save the .nss file rather than just go look for it in the game's override like it used to be and, if none is there, take it straight from the game's source scripts. This is terribly inconvenient and once I even got a dozens compiling error messages about a boolean being used multiple times (sorry, I don't remember the exact message). When I reverted to the older version and compiled the very same script, it all went smoothly. This latest part is likely related to a mistake I made so please disregard it. Also, it would be good to be able to select a path for Tool to save the compiled file to. By default, the program installs in Program Files(x86) and in Windows 10 that spells disaster because the Tool attempts to save the compiled file in the same folder it installed to but I guess Windows 10 castrates the attempt and the Tool has no warning whatsoever about it. The result is that the compiled script is never created.
    Another gem by JCarter426, one of the most influential K1 modders still in activity. I read about a possible remake of KotOR game and while I would be very interested in it, I doubt it could ever amount to what KotOR is today thanks to the quality contributions made to it by the community, whose best representatives turned an originally excellent game into a true masterpiece.
  12. I think it is a very interesting mod! I always refused to play with Widescreen and higher resolution just because of the fonts being too small. Not much of a TSL player though. If you ever release a version for KotOR I will surely want to give it a try.