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  1. If I had not already done a very similar work with all K1 armors I would have certainly been more than interested in this new modification of yours. Thanks for this new release, TK-664!
  2. There is no mod (to my knowledge) that does that but there is a mod (which I incorporated in my own project and improved upon) that gives you a chance to get the second Krayt dragon pearl. Honestly, I would not be sure I'd recommend the version you can download without my improvements/fixes but you can find it here.
  3. Hello again! Well, the best solution is without any doubt option 2 but if you are uncomfortable learning how to use the TSLPatcher (my own knowledge of it is very limited) I think you could go for option 1. Option 3 is a no no... 😄
  4. Hello again! I like it better and I would definitely use this one rather than the white patch. But I understand why you say it looks like there are holes in the patch. But if you used a different color (possibly black or a much darker grey) rather than just the same color of the uniform, I think that would solve the issue. And about the latest update, I like a lot the new archeologist's uniform. I like the rest too but the grey beret doesn't look good, in my opinion, with the brown uniform. Keep up the good work!
  5. I''d go for another color: same color they have at the wrist.
  6. Hello again, TK-664. Long story short, my "stuff" (😄) is embedded into other people's modifications. Some authors did not give me permission to publish my modpack and no, I can't just release my own part as single modifications. Oh okay, got it. Your reason for making them undroppable was...? I'm curious... Looking forward to an update then! Cheers!
  7. Very nice! Another small chromatic nitpicking on my part. In the screenshot "East Central sith ladies" and "Same place sith couple": there is a small white patch on the shoulder of the grey upper uniform of two of the ladies and the Sith man in the second screenshot. I think that white is making too much contrast and doesn't fit with the chromatic harmony of the uniform. The same patch (I think) is visible in the screenshot "The Court" for another Sith Uniform but in that case, the color blends it very well.
  8. Hello, heyorange! I think the uniform itself looks very good. I just thought that the light grey pants don't look wonderful with the upper part of the uniform. I realize that this applies also to the Sith Captain uniform but oddly, he does look better in the screenshot. So it's probably just a wrong impression on my side which you can disregard. But if you want a suggestion: in your last screenshot there is a darker grey color used in the Ensign's upper uniform over the shoulder. I believe that that kind of grey would look much better for the pants. Perhaps you could consider testing this alternative and possibly show a comparison screenshot? If that is not asking too much, of course... Cheers!
  9. Many nice reskins for uniforms there. One of the few that don't look so good chromatically is the Sith Ensign, in my opinion. But that's just minor nitpicking... Keep up the good work!
  10. Very glad about this release of yours, TK-664. Your nitpicking is more than welcome with me. I had myself made similar changes to a few items (namely, changing price for the Bothan visors and reworking the whole Ajunta Pall swords to be consistent with themselves and the quest plot) but I found many other very valid changes there that I incorporated locally into my own modification for personal use. Just one question: could you elaborate the "NPC items no longer drop" change? I could see in the default.ini file that The One no longer drops his weapons but other than that...? I hope you will find more to nitpick on for future versions! 👌
  11. I had edited jagi001.utc rather than g_jagi.utc. The shield activation inside the cutscene works correctly now.
  12. It's as you say. But even after combat begins Jagi won't activate the shield. The Mandalorian thug instead will. Weird.
  13. Yes, it is. The code in the first post works and it uses OBJECT_SELF.