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  1. Sorry about resurrecting this thread but I thought it was better than opening a new one. My question: is it possible to meet and fight Xor on Dantooine? PS - I don't think it is but I found a post where someone mentioned that .
  2. Hello! I was wondering if it's possible to change the size of the Rodian model so that it fits more with the usual Rodian size throughout the game. EDIT: In case I do get an answer from the author, I might point out that the Rodian head on top of the Jedi body does look weird because it is proportionally too small. So if it is not possible to make the body smaller then I think one possible solution is to make the Rodian head a little bigger.
  3. I tested this in full screen (my resolution: 800x600) by warping to STUNT_55a and after the cutscene the movie played correctly without any kind of issues. A minor problem comes from the low FPS the cutscene plays at but you did warn about that and I was expecting it. EDIT: I actually have a rather weird problem with the cutscene. I uploaded a recording of it here: As you can see, there are some differences. The Sith Soldiers use a different texture but that is expected. I have the two rogue Sith Officers (min 0:28 - initially only the first is visible) that should have been removed by dp_stunt55a_en. I checked the module.ifo file for STUNT_55a and dp_stunt55a_en is correctly set at Mod_OnModStart. Any advice? PS - I noticed that running the script at Mod_OnModLoad would correctly remove the mooks but the price to pay is the cutscene freezing twice for a couple of seconds after Bastila begins to talk. Same thing if I run the script in the first node of the .dlg file. ADDITIONAL INFO: The problem is remedied if I remove two animations in the dlg file that call for the now deleted UTC. That was what caused the temporary freezing.
  4. Fantastic work as always, Alvar007! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Hello, TK-664! Oh I was just talking about non-Jedi and you answered already in your post saying that you aren't interested in changing the alignment of Sith troopers and patrols. I must have a modified Ajunta Pall .utc in my game since his alignment is 60 there. Cheers! PS - I noticed that you left The One's alignment untouched as well. Perhaps that one could be brought down to 25?
  6. Hello, Obi Wan Pere! I like very much one of the new components: - (NEW) Animated Panel when a Computer is used, making it similar to the on floor Computer Panel Placeable. but I fear that it only works if playing with a 1280x960 resolution. I play at 1024x768 800x600 and I was wondering if you could be so kind as to provide an improved texture for people like me? Thanks!
  7. Hello! I have been looking through the .ini file and I noticed that it seems you decided to leave out non-Jedi Sith from your adjustments. Is it so? And if that is the case, could you tell me why generic Sith soldiers should keep the original neutral (50) alignment? And one more question: I noticed you changed the alignment for Ajunta Pall too but the game seems to have deliberately decided to give him a Good alignment and that fits with his story. Perhaps it was best left alone? Cheers!
  8. Useful tool. Funny how I have done something similar modifying the henchmen heartbeat script.
  9. Nice work again, Alvar007! Glad to see you are still working on animations! I think the gamorrean animations are just great and I'd love to download and use them. Happy 2022!
  10. Congratulations on this new release, DP! Many were looking forward to it. I have one question about this: "Currently, the DS credit sequence does not play in fullscreen when movies are enabled due to the requirement for additional exe patching not currently done by any existing widescreen patch." Does this limitation apply to the original 4:3 screen format as well? Thanks!
  11. Perhaps one possible course of action would be to search through Bioware's complete list of source scripts for "AdjustAlignment" just to check how many there would need this mod's intervention. Do you have all modules scripts decompiled? If you do, you can apply that same search to those as well. It is possible (I use Windows 10) to search for text in a file by changing the default indexing option.
  12. Very neat, ebmar! The only issue I can think of is that there can be (and I seem to recall the K1 CP itself may have one such) scripts that modify the alignment other than the k_act ones.
  13. All perfect, except that the game mentioned in the instructions is TSL rather than KotOR.
  14. I think it's a good idea to have also the extended bar. Personally I like it better so and in a way it is more similar to the original logo.