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  1. Hello, @Alvar007! I had finally time to test the new FLIRT animation (only the Male one) and I fear there are some issues with it. On the positive note instead, I switched your WELD (a.k.a. DRINKING) animation from looping to fireandforget and now it does cycle correctly. About the FLIRT animation instead, I notice some corruption of the eyes/eyebrows animations which were present even in the former test of which I made a video before (unfortunately it doesn't show so well due to the low resolution). This corruption extends also to the texture (or is it just a shadow issue?) of the DRUNK animation I play in a dialogue after playing the FLIRT animation first. I should do more testing in order to understand whether this corruption of the eyes textures/animation happens only after playing the FLIRT animation first. I can of course make a new video, if needed. Sorry about all the problems with this, Alvar007. I understand if you don't want to put any more of your time in making this right. Cheers! UPDATE: The corruption I was talking about seems to be that the NPC no longer properly plays the blink animation.
  2. Just to answer @AlucardPendragon's question: yes, I have fixed this before K1CP came with its own fix. Locally I made several more changes though to make sure the Matale-Sandral quests run as smoothly as possible. A few tweaks were necessary.
  3. Indeed it seems like this solution may work for all the vanilla items. I made a quick search and it seems the only difference between the Tag and the TemplateResRef is upper and lower case for the same string. I will have to look for possible exception, as suggested by JC but overall it should be alright. I had also another idea that worked fine but wouldn't solve the problem: it is possible to use the EffectDisguise() but even in this case it would not produce a creature wearing the equipment of the party NPC. Cheers!
  4. Hello! I would like for a creature to wear the armor that another creature is currently wearing (in this case, Carth) so I was thinking of this: object oArmor = GetItemInSlot(INVENTORY_SLOT_BODY, GetObjectByTag("Carth")); but CreateItemOnObject() requires the item's TemplateStrRef rather than the object so my question is: how do I make it work? GetTag() is not the right function and neither is GetName(). Thanks for the assistance!
  5. Hello! Yes, I did fix the issue with the k_pas_morph++ missing the ++. So that was not it. And I am reworking the morphing too because the way K1R did can heavily break immersion. In my own modification Rulan will either morph into a party member that is there when encountering him (with the exception of the droids which I excluded) or Jolee. I noticed also another vanilla issue with the game. Supposedly Rulan morphed into a tach should spawn 5 fake tachs but the buggy script spawns only one. Cheers!
  6. Hello again. I have a question about K1R's restoration of Rulan the shapeshifter morphing into a random party member. From what I can see from the k1r_pkas_rulmor.ncs K1R code: // Globals object objectGLOB_1; // Prototypes void sub2(string stringParam1, location locationParam2); void sub1(int intParam1, object objectParam2, string stringParam3); void sub2(string stringParam1, location locationParam2) { object object1 = CreateObject(1, stringParam1, locationParam2, 0); objectGLOB_1 = object1; } void sub1(int intParam1, object objectParam2, string stringParam3) { location location1 = GetLocation(objectParam2); DestroyObject(objectParam2, 0.0, 0, 0.0); DelayCommand(1.5, sub2(stringParam3, location1)); DelayCommand(1.75, AssignCommand(objectGLOB_1, JumpToLocation(location1))); DelayCommand(1.7, SetGlobalFadeIn(0.1, 3.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0)); } void main() { int nRandom; int int2; int int3; string string1; object oRulan_jolee = GetObjectByTag("rulan_jolee", 0); location location1 = GetLocation(oRulan_jolee); nRandom = Random(9); int2 = nRandom; switch (nRandom) { case 0: string1 = "rulan_bast"; break; case 1: string1 = "rulan_cand"; break; case 2: string1 = "rulan_carth"; break; case 3: string1 = "rulan_hk"; break; case 4: string1 = "rulan_jol"; break; case 5: string1 = "rulan_juh"; break; case 6: string1 = "rulan_mis"; break; case 7: string1 = "rulan_t3"; break; case 8: string1 = "rulan_zal"; break; default: string1 = "rulan_jol"; break; } object object3 = GetObjectByTag("rulan_jolee", 0); if ((nRandom != 4)) { sub1(nRandom, object3, string1); } else { DelayCommand(1.7, SetGlobalFadeIn(0.1, 3.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0)); } SetGlobalNumber("KAS_RULAN_NPC", int2); } it would seem that Rulan may morph into any party member without consideration to whether they've actually joined the Player's party at that time? If I'm correct in this assumption I believe this is a restoration I'd rather not have because it can very easily break immersion. Cheers!
  7. Neither. I'm playing a heavily modded but completely customized game as part of a project called SW: KotOR Upgrade 2.0. I did incorporate the K1R change about Rulan randomly morphing into one of the party members which should have no bearing at all in this case. It seems, from further testing that the culprit may be in these messy lines of codes (taken from k_pkas_rulanspx2 - the spawn script Rulan uses when turning into a Tach😞 if ((GetTag(OBJECT_SELF) == "Rulan4")) { SetCommandable(0, OBJECT_SELF); DelayCommand(0.1, ApplyEffectToObject(1, EffectMovementSpeedIncrease(60), OBJECT_SELF, 20.0)); DelayCommand(0.3, SetCommandable(1, OBJECT_SELF)); DelayCommand(0.3, ActionForceMoveToLocation(GetLocation(GetObjectByTag("rulan_tach_wp", 0)), 1, 30.0)); DelayCommand(0.3, SetCommandable(0, OBJECT_SELF)); DelayCommand(0.5, sub2(1, "kas_fake", GetLocation(GetObjectByTag("rulan_tach_wp1", 0)))); DelayCommand(0.5, sub2(1, "kas_fake", GetLocation(GetObjectByTag("rulan_tach_wp2", 0)))); DelayCommand(0.5, sub2(1, "kas_fake2", GetLocation(GetObjectByTag("rulan_tach_wp3", 0)))); DelayCommand(0.5, sub2(1, "kas_fake", GetLocation(GetObjectByTag("rulan_tach_wp4", 0)))); DelayCommand(10.0, SetCommandable(1, OBJECT_SELF)); } I'll need further investigation but answers to my questions would help. Cheers!
  8. Hello! Earlier I have experienced an annoying issue with the GenoHaradan mission about Rulan Prolik, the shapeshifter. In short, once he morphs into a tach and runs away, what happens is that the tachs I meet and click on won't start any dialogue at all. Investigating this problem is quite annoying because I have entered the area a long time ago and the creature changes would need a first time module load but I can perhaps ask you here a few questions to help with my diagnostics: 1) This bug was reported and confirmed by several people. Has any of you experienced it before? From preliminary testing it seems like the culprit may be the SW_FLAG_EVENT_ON_DIALOGUE_INTERRUPT flag being set to 1 by the tach's spawn script so what I did was to disable it and use the tach's own dialogue file to duplicate the function found inside the tach's UD script. 2) I saved before the fight with Rulan started and sometimes it happened that this bug didn't really trigger completely, meaning that some tachs would not start the dialogue while others did. When I kill a real tach, I seem to recall getting the same amount of XP (650) that I get for killing Rulan in tach disguise. When you kill tachs, you normally get only 20 XP instead so I believe this is another bug but I would like confirmation. Can someone who has a save just before fighting Rulan please confirm this? 3) Does the player get dark side points for each tach that is slain during the Rulan mission? Thanks!
  9. Makes sense. 👌 Thanks for your input.
  10. Hello again, @Alvar007! Thanks for all the work you have been doing specifically for me. It must have taken much time and effort and I am very grateful. I will test everything carefully as soon as I am done with trying to fix a problem with the Rulan mission in Kashyyyk which is quite broken (that comes from my attempt to manually merge some K1R assets/changes into my own project). I know you will now move on to work on your machinimas and I will not bother you further but perhaps I can still contact you in case something is wrong with my testing? Thanks again!
  11. Hello! I was wondering if other players has somewhat cringed at the discovery (as part of the GenoHaradan's set of missions) that Vorn Daasraad had slain a mighty Krayt Dragon. This happens if the player rigs Vorn's droid to hunt its owner down. According to me, Bioware should have used a less mighty beast in this case. Do you agree with their choice or does it leave a bitter taste in your mouths as well?
  12. Hello! 1) I think the Vulkar Base being off-limits at that point is intended. 2) IIRC Calo's and Davik's bodies are not visible after the fight but it might be a good idea to put them there. 3) Do you have a screenshot for that? Cheers!
  13. Hello! I'd like to give Vorn Daasraad (Gamorrean) a unique look. Does anyone know of a good reskin that might suit him? Thanks!
  14. Having just recently played Manaan and experienced the issue with the Underwater Manaan ceiling I must say I'm very happy with the new version. I can't unfortunately say I have noticed a very big difference with V2 just watching the YouTube video though.
  15. Hello, @Alvar007! Before wasting more of your time it'd be very important if the problem with the animation cycle could be resolved because, as it stands, it's quite a big issue. Perhaps @DarthParametric or @JCarter426 can shed some light about why this happens and if there is anything that can be done to fix it. I personally have no idea why that happens and it's a complete mystery to me. Would it be possible to use the same workaround you used for your new Force Power? Could you turn the FLIRT animation into a fire and forget one? Cheers!