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  1. Suthspecter, If l may ask, have you considered looking for some help? The monumental task might become less of a burden. Godspeed and thanks for the latest updates.
  2. The cut of the arm is truly lightsaber (or Monty Python) clean...
  3. Sithspecter, how many lines of dialogue does Sleheyron currently hold? I am in touch with actors that may provide more than decent VO for a couple of NPCs (male or female). Please let me know if it might be something that you are interested in. Cheers!
  4. Really nice with some variation. If I may give a small advice, it'd be great to have some more contrast by making the clothes a bit darker. Right now, the whole figure is almost monochromatic (light gray). Cheers!
  5. Hi! What do you mean with "bugged"?
  6. Neat idea. Aren't there more torture droids in K1? I might be misremembering, of course.
  7. Hey WildKarrde! I assume that the m40ac_42a files found inside the compatibility section of your modification already include the fix for the "hole" you reported to the K1 Community Patch? Cheers!
  8. Thank you for another well-thought, quality-improving modification, WildKarrde! Just a question about this compatibility note: " If you are using a mod that reskins the exterior of the Ebon Hawk, delete this mod's version of LSI_EHawk01.tpc from Override. If the reskin includes "LSI_EHawk01.txi", open it and change the entry after "envmaptexture" to "WK_CM_LevHang"." I do use a skin for the Ebon Hawk exterior and I have a TGA + TXI in the override. I followed the instruction as recommended. I am just wondering what lsi_ehawk01a.tpc does and if that file is still needed for those that do not use this mod's lsi_ehawk01.tpc skin? Cheers!
  9. Hello, N-DReW25! I'd be interested in the full restoration of the complete set of Bavakar packages. Have you perhaps made any test about them and checked they work properly and there is nothing incomplete about them? Also, we see here that one of the Dark Jedis on Kashyyyk was supposed to have one of these three items. Do you perhaps know where the other two were originally supposed to be found/bought? Cheers!
  10. Hello! Let me say I am very interested in this modification of yours, GearHead. I was hoping for such a modification for a long time, since someone else (blinkyzero) in the past announced working on improving KotOR 1's AI. Could we have more details about this? Does it affect party members as well? The way they charge in battles through detected mines is something that's always bothered me, for instance. About some NPCs not having the correct animations for Power Shot, Rapid Shot and Sniper Shot, could you tell us if that is mostly a problem with some specific races? @Alvar007 is our resident master animator and if he is still around he might help.
  11. An excellent job, as always! Thanks for this new, little gem of yours.
  12. Hello, JC! Thanks for this new modification. I thought it could be part of the JC Fashion series though... 😄 My question for you is about the included Rodian texture. I noticed its size is enormous compared to the Ithorian texture. Is there a specific reason for it?
  13. SH, I noticed you packaged your mod with both the .mp3 and .wav version of the sound files. Are they identical and equally working? Because in that case I would use the .wav version.
  14. Hi! 🙂 Still hope you might someday find a solution. Perhaps asking a few of the modding gurus here at Deadlystream (although I think you are a fantastic modder in your own right). Well, it would most definitely be the version I'd go for. It would strike a very fine balance, in my opinion. I could test it for you, if you'd like me to. Cheers!