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  1. Thanks for the heads up, DarthParametric.
  2. Hello! Changing the original (and ugly) splash screen with a custom one is an easy job? Someone could kindly give me a few pointers about how to do it? Is is a simple replacing of one single file (that is my hope)? Thanks!
  3. I am trying to figure out what the difference between the 0 and 1 values is... 4 might indicate a class forbidden feat and 3 a class granted feat...
  4. N-DReW-25, you misunderstood. I do want the NPCs to follow this rule and in fact I have modified files accordingly. I tested it with Bastila and now she joins the party in Taris and is able to wear both Light and Medium Armor. But I would like to know if it is enough to add the Feats to those three files I mentioned above of if I should do it for the 00x versions of them as well (Bastila alone has 6, if I am not mistaken). So of course we think exactly the same!
  5. Hello! I believe that Jedi should be able to wear armor from the very beginning (light for Consular, light and medium for Sentinel while the Guardian should be allowed to wear any - this would sort of mirror the three non Jedi classes). In order to make it happen, I believe I need to make some changes to the feat.2da file. Namely, raws 4, 5 and 6 and columns jcn_granted, jgd_granted and jsn_granted swapping -1 with 1. Preliminary tests seem to indicate that is the right thing to do but I have 2 questions: 1) There are columns called jcn_list, jgd_list and jsn_list with value ranging from 0, 1, 3 and 4. What do they stand for? 2) The changes made wouldn't apply to the joinable NPCs: Bastila, Juhani and Jolee. What files should be changed in order to remedy that? Is it enough I add those starting feats to p_bastila.utc, p_juhani.utc and p_jolee.utc or...? Thanks!
  6. Salk

    Misc TOR Ports

    The mask I always disliked among the original ones was i_mask_004. Not very fond of i_mask_001 and i_mask_002 either. I second i_mask_006 could be replaced with the respirator but I am not sure it'd be a clear improvement (color wise, yes... design wise, maybe).
  7. Salk

    [WIP] Star Maps Revamp

    I really like what you are doing here, CarthOnasty. I think I will wait for version 2.0 to be released though. Keep up the excellent work!
  8. Well, this is tentatively fixed. I found out the game uses K_Star_Map >= 40 to keep track of post Dantooine destruction.
  9. Neither of those is a Boolean so it'd be not so easy to track down what value I should be using, unfortunately. Looking at k_inc_ebonhawk it seems like K_CAPTURED_LEV is set to 10 when escaped. I suppose I could use that?
  10. I am trying to remedy this but to do it right, I would need to know if there is some variable I can check against the destruction of Dantooine. Anybody that has it at hand? Thanks!
  11. Hello! When the Player leaves Dantooine the first time and travels to any other destination, Zaalbar will approach to mention the food supplies being dwindling. The dialogue ebo_zal should start the Quest and I get the "Journal Entry Added" when the dialogue finishes. But when I check on the Active Quests, the entry is not there, for some reason which escapes me but that has possibly to do with the oddity of the script k_pebo_zalmove which removes the entry itself (!) via RemoveJournalQuestEntry("ebo_supplies"); The entry should be: Zaalbar is concerned about the emergency food stores in the Ebon Hawk's cargo hold. The Wookiee's natural fixation on food might be causing him to worry unjustly, but you should still check it out just to be safe. Once the Player investigates the Food Supply crate, the Quest starts properly with another entry: Something, or possibly someone, has been into the food supplies. You might want to conduct a search of the ship to try to find the culprit. Can someone confirm that this is not just a local problem with my game? Thanks!
  12. Hello! Can someone confirm me that saving the game while having the Speed Force Power (any level) would cause an extension (complete renewal?) of the time left? Thanks!
  13. Well, I guess that there is only so much that I could do and I suppose I should pull the curtains on this and upload the textures. I fear that a non half-assed job would require for me to work on the models and their placement on the trees (which is done awfully by Bioware as the attached images in the thread show). Thanks again everyone for your help, support and solutions!
  14. Thanks, ebmar. But from what I understand, those additional files (LDA_leaf02bump.tga, LDA_leaf02bump.txi) are not being used since I never really enabled the specific flag in the model (I don't even know which one it is or where to find it - I was looking in KotOR Tool)?
  15. Hello and thanks for your advice. I am sure you are right about not noticing any difference but then I have to wonder why the original game comes with files like LKA_leaf01.tpc and its twin LKA_leafo1bump.tpc? Isn't the latter a map for the first? Thanks for telling me how to do it anyway.