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  1. Hello Oaks! There is a mod just here on deadlystream that partly does that: It would be possible to equip every melee weapon wielding Wookie with such weapons but it would require some editing work.
  2. Hello! Thanks for sharing this modification with us. I find it interesting. My gripe is with the first element of the installation giving the receptionist a Sith Officer look. From the dialogue (at least from a branch of it), we discover that she is a civilian hired at the base as receptionist. "[Success] 50 credits? You've got a deal! The Sith have made my life a living hell ever since they took over this base." "Don't shoot! I just work here, I never wanted any part of this! I would have quit when the Sith took over, but they wouldn't let me!" "You know, it's about time someone stood up to these Sith! Just do me a favor and wait until I'm out of here before you start blasting the place up." It makes also some sense that she is unarmed when and if the Player confronts her but adding some basic mean to defend herself may be alright (I'd rather have her use a baton though). I'm a bit confused about the second element: I don't know of a way to enter the Sith base by aircraft. Is it something that perhaps was added by the K1 Restoration Project? And about the last element: is Admiral Varko replacing Saul? Because if that is what happens, it would conflict heavily with Carth's quest. Cheers!
  3. Hello, @Sith Holocron! I'm no expert but I believe the higher number of frames makes for a smoother transition of colors so I don't think you should limit it to 14 although there is perhaps a reason for it I don't understand. The 100+ frames in your latest WIP seems to me even better. Again, my personal preference is for the signs style you went for in the first version of your modification and would be thrilled to see the increased frames count applied to them. Oh and to answer your question, I didn't have any slow down at all when using the new version. I realize I may be actually not using your version of the Animated Cantina Signs hence the very big different in style. I will have to check who authored the one I have in my Override. Cheers!
  4. Hello! I really enjoyed your Animated Cantina Signs for K1, SH. I was glad to test this new version. In short, I like better the cycling in the new version, certainly due to the increased number of frames used. It does make the animation much smoother and natural. Said that, I like much more how the original signs looked, even chromatically. The speed seems to be fine in the newer version while I always felt it was a bit too fast in the original version. I guess that ideally, in my opinion, we should have more frames and slower speed for the original signs to make for the perfect improvement. Cheers!
  5. It would be better to have the author of the original mod ( @LDR) release a new version to include the .vis file.
  6. Hello, DI! No apology needed at all. Thank you for keeping in touch here and giving me your reasons. You have always been very polite and kind to me in the past and perhaps that was one of the reasons I had assumed that your permission for more of your content was nothing but a formality. Yes, you are right about that and I apologized for it but truth to be told, at that page I did write that the list was just a WIP list (I removed the list so that disclaimer cannot be read anymore but I hope some of you may have noticed it) and not final by any means. It was mostly meant to show that it was a community project with many contributors that were willing to be part of it. I swear I was going to ask permission for each new piece of modification that I would've in the end decided to include (I had already started the process with @eNoodles, @jc2, @DeadMan, @uwadmin12, @N-DReW25, @R2-X2and @ndix UR. They all can confirm that I have sent messages to them and obtained permission from them this last month and half, when a release date was getting closer. Plus others from other communities, like Nexus, and from which I received permission). I was leaving last those I was truly convinced would never deny permission like yourself, @Kexikus and @JCarter426. Again, I had assumed that it was mostly a formality for people that had known me for a long time and with whom I collaborated (like @DarthParametric, for instance, a real mentor and source of inspiration, just like @Fallen Guardianhas been in the past) and with whom I have always considered myself at friendly terms. I do understand that it did leave a sour taste although I understand a little less why anyone who agreed to be onboard would deny permission for other modifications produced later. I am the same person, I was crediting properly the author, thanking everyone there for their contributions, including the original Read Me files of the mod and I was going to put a link to the original modifications as well. Not to mention I was surely going to keep the content updated in case the original author would come out with a new version. So... all I am trying to say is I don't understand what harm I was going to do with this project. It was a gift to the community and an homage to all of you. I, like every other modder, was not profiting from this in any way and was trying to offer a single modification for the users to install to get the best of all worlds (at least in my opinion). Your three mods are very nice but by all means they are not truly "necessary" but after you DarthParametric joined in denying permission for his own modifications and he has authored really many that were part of SW: KotOR Upgrade because he is a great and talented modder. There was a cascade effect that perhaps would have not stopped there but could have extended to other authors that, like you, took offense. Still, even if it was just your own three modifications to be missing I would have still felt poorly about a release. I had actually edited your SIth Holocron because in my install the icon was too big and wouldn't fit in with the original Bioware look for inventory items. I didn't want to "downgrade" what I was trying to create and cripple something that was working beautifully well. I could not guarantee compatibility with the removed modifications because they were integrated inside SW: KotOR Upgrade and there were edits made and it would simply have not worked. My own work, which was quite considerable, cannot really be at this point released as a series of mini-mods and it's thus not going to see the light of the day. I could post WIP of much of what I created. I wrote over 300 new scripts for the game. I tried to improve some AI behavior and created custom content of various kind. It's all going to be lost but it's alright. I can personally still enjoy what I made of course but I am sad nobody else will ever do. I'm still very, very grateful for everyone that created and shared their modifications. Cheers! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Hello @AmanoJyaku! Absolutely. I respect the wishes of the original authors. I am sure they have their reasons but, just like you, I don't know what they are. Yes, looking back of course I would have behaved differently. I didn't really need this and it saddened me because my integrity was sort of questioned and I don't feel like I deserved it. I made a mistake but I am no thief. Have a great 2021 and thanks for the work you are doing for this community.
  7. Salk

    Removed Topic

    Hello, Tyvokka! I think there has been a huge misunderstanding because there literally never was any content uploaded by me anywhere anytime on any place. The only public visibility I gave, and for which I apologized in public and in private, was of a temporary Read Me list that mentioned assets I was hoping to get permission for and which I wrongly assumed was just a formality. I was in a process of doing just that in these very days (I have proof of what I said: I messaged some modders asking for such new permissions just a few days before). I have removed the list from the ModDB page and officially asked one of the Admin there to delete the page altogether. SW: KotOR Upgrade has been cancelled. I cannot do more than this, really. Thanks for your answer and I wish you all a better 2021.
  8. Salk

    Removed Topic

    Hello! May I ask the Administration the reason behind the removal of the topic of mine "[KotOR] Revan's Mask" under the Mod Request section of this site? It happened without any kind of warning and with full disregard to the original topic which was not controversial in any way, since it was a mere request for help. There was no rule being infringed as far as I know (but the Administration can correct me if that is not the case) and I find this choice to be completely arbitrary and unfair. I believe it was a rather crude and sly form of censorship because it didn't even bother to preserve the original topic which was actually hijacked by a member of your own Administration. I think of all the possible action of "moderation", this taken was the worst possible and I hope that at least this message won't be removed and will be addressed properly by those in charge. Furthermore, I ask my own original topic to be reinstated since no rule was broken on my part. Thanks for your attention.
  9. Hello @AmanoJyaku, There won't be a next time. All the original work that I have produced will never be released in any form. And, unlike what DarthParametric seemed to imply with his post above, there was a lot of original content there, including restoration of unseen material (for the latest WIP of one of the most important part interested people can take a look here) and a considerable number of various improvements, some of which I have even posted here through the years. Of course work was under way. I have been working on this for years. But it was not a rogue operation. My error, for which I apologize(d), was to make a temporary list public before I could gather the new permissions for new mods released by authors that in the past okayed the inclusion of some of their work. A wrong assumption, I realize, but on the other hand, why would someone say "All right" to one and "No" to another? I admit I have thought it was more of a formality than anything else but I have learned the hard way that I should have kept that list private and asked each contributor first. In the end, it would have been shut down anyway because DarthParametric clearly said he would have denied permission for many of the modifications I intended to include and the whole point of this project of mine was to provide the end user with a single modification that would take care of everything, making sure possible mod conflicts were properly removed, working with the original material for proper integration. I am left wondering what kind of harm could I ever have caused to anyone by making something available to the community which I believed had value, by properly crediting every and each author, by going as far as including the original modification Read Me when available. Perhaps someone can be so kind to explain it to me. Well, I am sorry about that but there was nothing I could have done to make it happen anyway. I have been asked for permission to use my material sometimes both in public and in private, I contributed (being also credited) to the K1 Community Project and I am still doing it. I have never denied permission nor did I ever ask for being credited (although it is nice when that happens) for anything I created. My main mistake has been to believe that fellow modders of this community who have known me for years shared the same philosophy and trusted me enough to not harm any of them by releasing something that I have since inception identified as a Community Project. Life goes on and I hope there won't be any bad blood left. Happy new year!
  10. Alright. I see there's no chance for this to go any further. I'll immediately start procedure to remove the page and the list.
  11. Hello, DI! I have not acted with any nefarious intent and I swear I was just going through the permission list and I messaged you today BEFORE reading this message of yours. I was not about to release publicly anything without getting confirmation first. The list you read was only meant to be a WIP list as reminder of which mod are currently included. I have not uploaded or distributed anything yet. I am sorry to have disappointed you but I can honestly guarantee you that I was/am about to contact every author that gave me permission in the past for confirmation of old permissions and new permission for new material. I have worked hard on this project for years and it would be a real shame to kill it over what is nothing but a misunderstanding. I can absolutely guarantee you and any other contributor that I have never intended to take advantage of anyone's good will. Everyone has been properly credited for each modification. If you really are denying permission for the other modifications I included I will not release anything to the public because I believe in providing the best quality modification possible to the community and that won't be possible anymore. I will of course respect your final decision, DI.
  12. I have offered everything that I have ever produced for K1 CP inclusion if there was the slightest possibility it could be pertinent community patch material. Most things are tweaks and not fixes though and they will be part of SW: KotOR Upgrade, scheduled for a 2021 release.
  13. Hello! I was wondering if a modeller/texture artist could help me (a lot) implementing an idea of mine. Sadly, I don't have the know-how and the means to do this myself so I am reaching out to the community talent hoping that someone could lend a hand. What I would like to do was to replace the dull three options that the Star Forge computer gives the player to create a Light, a Medium and a Heavy armor with the possibility to create Revan's Mask. The one Mask we see in the game movies and that has sadly never been part of the game. The design should obviously be canon and just like for the Star Forge/Darth Revan's robes, there should be a Star Forge Mask being produced instead of Revan's Mask for non dark aligned players and for that purpose it would be good to use the already existing model for Teta's Royal Band which Darth Insidious has already restored in the past (I and others personally have problems with the model and I reported it to the original author here). If anyone is interested in this, I'd really appreciate the support. If successful, this will become part of the upcoming SW: KotOR Upgrade 2.0 modification, scheduled to be released in 2021. Cheers!
  14. Hello, LoneWanderer. Thanks for your input. I find I sympathize with the introduction. The Star Forge is indeed a factory and in the case we are examining, it requires computer spikes (for some reasons) as "ingredients" to fabricate the items it produces. But there is something else I find inconsistent. Following your logic, as long as there are spikes available the Player should be able to produce unlimited number of robes. Bioware has settled for three, presumably due to the fact that the max party size is three. But that was a real clumsy implementation. What they decided to do was to have three different "access points" to the same computer and made sure that each point can produce only one robe. That's quite ludicrous and it doesn't really sit well with me. So we have two inconsistencies: the first one is with the Star Forge limiting the production of robes to three. And the second would be with limiting the production of such robes to only one. I would rather go for the latter because by going that way, we could preserve the uniqueness of the item. I do realize they are supposed to be "mass produced" according to some input design but in the game the item should be unique even to justify the fact that Malak didn't start mass producing such robes for his own use. Admittedly, there is not an ideal solution that comes to my mind but for the moment, I removed the two spurious additional access points to the Star Forge computer so that the Player is given the choice of producing a customized robe only once. Cheers!
  15. Hello! I am finally coming to the last part of my playthrough and I have just completed Deck 2 of the Star Forge. I wanted to ask your opinion about the Star Forge/Darth Revan's Robe availability. It rubs me the wrong way that the Player has the opportunity to produce more than one sample of the most powerful robe in the game. It irks me especially when the Darth Raven's Robe is produced which feels like it should be truly unique. I have my opinion but perhaps I am overlooking something and I'd like to hear arguments against it that might be convincing enough to stay this planned change for my upcoming modification. Thanks!