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  1. Hello ebmar! While going through some files I noticed how Jon reports Sherruk to wield a lightsaber . I know you are planning to use customized Mandalorian blades which are great but I personally would rather stick to in-game consistency. J: One thing I do remember when those dogs killed my Ilsa, is that their leader was a giant of a man... who wielded a lightsaber. P: A lightsaber? J: Yes it was. Mandalorians have never been open to the ways of the Jedi. They are much too barbaric and violent. J: I rather think that it may have been from some poor Jedi he had slain before. You can see now that he is as much of a threat to you as to me! You must kill them! It may be a good idea to equip him with one or even two. Cheers! PS: I noticed that the original .utc file has "Lightsaber" as enabled weapon proficiency. Another hint to what the original intention was.
  2. Hello! There is a problem with this mod and the AI. The knocked down opponent doesn't resume its attack. I am showing this in a video here: The vanilla behavior is such that the enemy would just attack again instead of waiting for a party member to get closer.
  3. Hello! I was wondering if there was a way to "disable" the transition triggers from an area and then re-enable them. DestroyObject() works but then it seems I cannot use CreateObject() to restore them. I thought of creating a script to use OnEnter to call for the TransAbort but it doesn't seem to work either. void main() { object oJuhani = GetObjectByTag("dan14_juhani"); object oEntering = GetEnteringObject(); if ((GetStandardFaction(oJuhani) == 1) && GetIsPC(oEntering)) { AssignCommand(GetNearestObjectByTag("k_trans_abort"), ActionStartConversation(GetPartyMemberByIndex(0), "", FALSE, CONVERSATION_TYPE_CINEMATIC, TRUE, "", "", "", "", "", "", TRUE)); } } Any advice? Cheers!
  4. Yes, I do believe Option 1 for the loading screen should be used by default for the modification. And the color should match that of the original loading screens as well, just like N-DReW25 pointed out. Option 2 can be colored and made part of the Loadscreens in Color mod just like SH suggested.
  5. An interesting mod! From what I understand the primary target is knocked down if it fails a saving throw while additional targets won't be affected? Have you considered extending the effect to the additional targets too if they'd fail an easier to resist saving throw (ex. DC 0 + character level + WIS/CHA modifier against reflex save)? Cheers!
  6. At 28395 suggested change: "I'm here to claim my reward for winning the last race." At 28416 and 28424 suggested change: "[Persuade] Didn't you hire me to intimidate Nico? How would you like if I switched sides and pushed *you* around instead?" At 28469 suggested change: "How dare you talk to me with such familiar tone, you insignificant bug?!" At 29723 suggested change: "You're Tanis, right? Your wife... ex-wife, I guess... says hello." At 29981 remove the first superfluous "Lead them here." At 30674 typo: "principals" -> "principles" At 41016 typo: "in in" -> "in" At 43489 suggested change: "Does it sound like I am joking? Surrender your weapons and withdraw from this planet!" At 11111 suggested change: "You're right, not enough. I'll just have to loot what valuables you carry from your corpses." At 38470 suggested change: "Though I doubt he will, especially when you bring filth such as this with you. This mad-claw has no place here." At 11666 suggested change: "Zaalbar stays here to ensure your loyalty. Czerka would not let me hold an outsider hostage, but they don't care what I do with fellow Wookiees." At 11339 suggested change: "do your leaders" -> " does your leader"
  7. Salk

    Muted cameras

    Hello! Is someone able to put together a modification which would mute the in-game cameras? I tried to set the MicRange to 0 but they still produce sound. Also, if I am not mistaken, there is no (at last in K1) situation where cameras producing sound is somewhat plot-related. In that case, I would gladly turn audio off for them all. Cheers!
  8. By the way, I suppose the least bad of the existing animations I can use to simulate sleeping was the one I used first (ANIMATION_LOOPING_DEAD_PRONE)? If someone has other suggestions, they are welcome. Thanks!
  9. Thanks! I am working on M10ab_14a but I can still look at how you did your work on this one so I am really grateful. Cheers!
  10. I will still try to make it work despite Gmax's limtation although it does sound quite a complex task for me. Said that, and for reference, since it seems like you have already done the job, could you share your result with me to check how you did it and, if I fail, to use it in my game? Thanks.
  11. Hello, JC! I figured out how to select the walkmesh to work with and hide the rest and as first step I just wanted to see if I could make the whole pink area walkable like the rest of the floor so under Edit Mesh I chose Select Face and changed the material from 7 to 10 (for 2 faces) turning the whole floor black. Then I tried to export it using MDL Exporting and I got an ASCII file which I later imported into MDLEdit and Saved as Binary. That produced three files: one .mdl, one .mdx and one .wok. I placed them into Override to test it but I couldn't even enter the room anymore. There must be something wrong I am doing at exporting or reconverting from ASCII because just to test this I have imported the room file and exported again following the same steps above without changing anything and the result is the same: the room cannot be entered and on top of that the cursor could highlight a footlocker that was placed in the neighboring room like if the walls were not there to obstruct visibility. To export I selected by name and chose M10ab_14a as Odyssey Base. Also I don't have the Edit Poly menu under Modifier List and I couldn't find it either in the menu list. The closest was Turn To Poly or Edit Patch? Thanks for your patience.
  12. Personally I wouldn't be against a strong Czerka presence on Sleheyron because one of the planet's main avenues is slave trading and, like we could see in Kashyyyk, Czerka is completely fine with it and in sharing in the business and profit. It is also true that one of the original Czerka business was mining and Sleheyron is a vulcanic world whose economy relied strongly on the extraction of Tibanna gas. That makes me think that partnership, more than competition, with Czerka could be a sensible possibility. Said that, I would not suggest to have Czerka employees running the landing pad and/or dealing with visitors. I expect the Hutt to want to be in direct control of that so I could imagine Gamorrean guards, Quarrens, Trandoshans and many droids being put in charge of that, possibly under the direct supervision of a resident Hutt official.
  13. I find this is a wonderful community full of talented people that are always ready to lend a hand. God knows how many times I have been bothering many of the most knowledgeable modders for help, advice and tips. I am sure all those who contribute their talent to your project are doing it with the confidence it is going to see the light of the day and that it is going to be a massive success. Godspeed, Sithspecter.
  14. I can't thank you enough for the wonderful tutorial there, JC! I wouldn't have ever figured it out by myself. How do you get into that very nice, clean view that shows so clearly the bed's walkmesh, the room and very little else? I have such a messy view in my own Perspective window. If I get stuck somewhere in the process I hope I can ask for your advice again. Cheers!
  15. I agree. As atmosphere goes, I think the new version is a definite improvement. Thanks for the comparison images.