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  1. I personally don't think there is any other modification out there with the exception of Sleheyron. Godspeed!
  2. Hello! It seems that after the Leviathan, Bastila's equipped items are gone with the exception of the weapon. Can someone else confirm this is what actually happens? If that is the case, I find it quite inconsistent. It should either be everything (preferable) or nothing. It doesn't make sense that the only item returned to the player's inventory is her weapon.
  3. I have installed this modification (Revised version) and during installation I got four warnings. I believe there may be some incompatibility with this following modification I have installed previously: The first one is harmless and just informs me that there is already a STUNT_42.mod but two others are much more worrysome: [Warning] Unable to find a field label matching "EntryList\23\AnimList\0\Animation" in m12aa_c05.dlg, skipping... [Warning] Unable to find a field label matching "EntryList\23\AnimList\0\Participant" in m12aa_c05.dlg, skipping... The fourth warning is this: [Warning] A Field with the label "CameraID" already exists at "EntryList\23\", skipping it... On top of that, there are four instances where the TSL Patcher tells me that it's modifying an already existing entry for the SoundExists: [Install] A Field with the label "SoundExists" already exists at "EntryList\7\", modifying instead... [Install] A Field with the label "SoundExists" already exists at "EntryList\10\", modifying instead... [Install] A Field with the label "SoundExists" already exists at "EntryList\14\", modifying instead... [Install] A Field with the label "SoundExists" already exists at "EntryList\20\", modifying instead... Lastly, after opening the modified m12aa_c05.dlg file I am informed that there are two orphaned entries/replies (I checked and they were not there in my original file). I attached a screenshot about it. ADDENDUM: When comparing the modified .dlg file to the vanilla Bioware one I have also noticed a strange thing by the end. There are two Entries now after Reply 22 and from what I understand Entry 24 is never going to be used since there is no conditional script for Entry 23. I have attached a second image to show this. Cheers!
  4. Hello and thanks for the reply. I have one more thing I'd like to ask you about this modification. Rows 200 to 227 in the appearance.2da file use "N_JediCountF" and "N_JediCountM" for the Jedi Robe and this means that every NPC actually being set to use one of the standard Jedi appearances do not wear your new robe. I am having half a mind of swapping the original entries with the PFBIM/PFBI and PMBIM/PMBI to rectify that. Do you see a problem with my doing that? Cheers!
  5. JC, I was wondering if it may be possible to restore the original look for the Dantooine Jedi Masters Zhar, Vrook and Dorak while using this modification. I am asking because I prefer for them to keep their distinctive look and also for consistency with the revelation video. Thanks!
  6. Excellent news, Kexikus! Congratulations for completing the original K1 skyboxes. Just out of curiosity, what's the reason for wanting both K1 and K2 skyboxes released simultaneously?
  7. @VeganCannibalism, check this page for how to fix the registry issue.
  8. There is actually only one door in that room.
  9. Very nice, DP! It never made sense the prototype was found lying on the floor.
  10. I will test this once I advance enough in my current playthrough.
  11. Thanks for your input, @La Ingobernable. Ragnos' gauntlets do require Jedi Defense as well to be worn. It may actually be so that Bioware intended to have items restricted to Jedi only if the properties of the item itself apply to Jedi only. That would be consistent with the gauntlets and the fact that the Circlet of Saresh and Tulak's mask can in fact be worn by Jedi. Perhaps changing this would be a mistake, after all.
  12. Yeah, these are very minor little touches that don't make much of a difference. I just care about internal consistency between lore and item properties.
  13. Hello, ebmar! That is exactly what I had done locally but I wasn't quite sure. Especially considering that the polar opposite item (Tulak Hord's Mask, which also looks identical in the original game) is restricted to Dark Side but not Jedi. I hope others will chime in and give us their opinion as well. Cheers!
  14. Hello! I'd like to ask your opinion about this item's restriction. Currently it's restricted to Light Side but not to Jedi. The description speaks specifically of being an item created to celebrate Guun Han Saresh's acceptance into the Order. Do you think it would make more sense if only light sided Jedi could wear it? Thanks.
  15. Thanks for the interesting bit of info, Blue! Cheers!