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  1. Hello! There is another, easier to use tool that you can use to display the dialog.tlk as simple text file. Deadlystream has it here. Good luck!
  2. Salk

    [Query] Using DeNCS

    Hello, ebmar! I can answer your question. DeNCS does decompile most scripts "partially" but that is sufficient to display their content. All you need to do is to right click on the Original or the Recompiled window that appears and choose "View Decompiled Code". In my experience with the original files, I would estimate around 20-25% of compiled script which DeNCS fail completely at decompiling (for a few of them there is the source available in the game files though) while the majority does decompile partially. Cheers!
  3. Salk

    Dantooine Jedi Enclave Landscaping

    The extra trees do not really look good there, in my opinion.
  4. Hi! Personally I think the changes I made are adequate and that there is no need to additional embellishment. I mostly wanted to avoid an inconsistency. Cheers!
  5. Well, after more testing, I think all that was critically bugged in the Tatooine desert is finally fixed. Naturally I could only test stuff on my local installation so if someone else is available for doing some testing, just let me know. Cheers!
  6. Hello! If someone has a save game before entering the Sand People Enclave (for the first time) in Tatooine, I would be grateful for a test: it seems that taking the hostile path AND leaving without killing the Chieftain is going to be fatal if you leave the Enclave and try move past the turrets because they will be activated and hostile, killing the entire party. A confirmation of such behavior would be nice. It does not make much sense that the turrets are online in one case and offline in the other. In both cases the party would leave the Enclave without disguise. Perhaps something could be done to make this behavior more consistent. Ideally we would place two Tuskens manning the turrets and remove them from the map once the Party has infiltrated the Enclave. Cheers!
  7. Update: one interesting fact I just discovered. If you enter the SP Enclave controlling a henchman rather than the protagonist, this will trigger the hostile reception. If you leave the Enclave to avoid the fight, there will be a brief period of hostility (until the OnHeartbeat area script fixes things) with the turrets firing shots. Then it is possible to enter the Enclave again (this time controlling the protagonist) and things would work fine. This seems to be caused by a bug in the .are file which I am surprised nobody found out about before: the OnExit has the area heartbeat script set to it. It is enough to remove it and the issue above is gone. Cheers! Update2: It seems I can no longer replicate that behavior. I am baffled.
  8. Hello! Indeed that last parameter seems to be correct but it seems it is enough to change a couple of flags: 1) In the relevant .utc file PartyInteraction needs to be set to 0 2) In the relevant .dlg file ConversationType should be set to 2 I discovered this by comparing files in one conversation that can be had with any party member and one that forced talk with the protagonist. As a minor thing, once the latter is over the game switched automatically focus on the henchman, if it was the dialogue trigger. I would like to change that so that the selection stays with the protagonist because right now it is a bit inconsistent (unless it would cause problems?). Cheers!
  9. Hello! Then you are confirming that this happens to you too. I have worked to make things a little better in the very unlikely case that someone would want to talk to them while wearing a disguise. That would now lead to the robes being removed triggering the same reaction a non disguised party would. Thanks! PS I take the opportunity to ask you an additional question: do you know if there is a way to force to conversation to be done with the protagonist rather than any other party member that would initiate it? I know the game does it at times with a quick fade out/fade in effect.
  10. @JCarter426 Can you please confirm that most of the Tuskens in m18aa guarding the entrance to the Sand People territory will just do nothing after turning hostile if you talk to them while disguised? That is what happens in my game both with and without modifications. Thanks!
  11. Salk

    MOD:Taris Dueling Arena Adjustment

    DarthParametric, I took a quick look at the last version and I have a question and a minor observation. The question: the changes.ini show this entry: WaypointList\30\YOrientation=1.22514845490862E-16 I checked the m02ae.git file for it and didn't find it anywhere. I installed 1.2 over 1.0 and checked for the differences. Since v1.0 didn't have this entry I expected m02ae.git to be modified with the new entry but Winmerge showed me the files were identical. I am completely unfamiliar with TSLPatcher so I am probably missing something. The observation: you have made some changes to some game scripts which originally could be decompiled but no longer after your changes. I believe you should move the int declarations from where you placed them (where the functions are) to, for example, inside the void(main) function. If you do that, the script can be decompiled again afterwards. Cheers!
  12. Hello, JCarter426! I think you are right. While my solution above seems to partly address the issue (but there are outstanding problems, like the fact that the area would turn hostile even when the Player is working to help the Sand People which I sort of remedied with an inelegant series of exclusions using GetJournalEntry), it is far from ideal and when I tried figuring out things in the next area, I was met with additional problems. Unfortunately the interesting scripts following the dialogue with the Sand People Chief can't, again, be converted to source but I did take a few steps in the right direction (I think). I will keep you updated in case I find out more! Cheers!
  13. Salk

    MOD:Taris Dueling Arena Adjustment

    DarthParametric, I suppose you didn't do anything about the wrong Player facing during the fight presentation? Kudos for taking care of the issue so promptly!
  14. Well, the first problem in the first area (Dune Sea) is fixed. Now the Rapid Transit (or walking back to Anchorhead) when successfully disguised won't cause the party to have free passage unless they put the disguise back on. Solution: change the OnHeartBeat (m18aa.are) from the original k_ptat18aa_heart to a custom one (like k_cri18aa_heart): void main() { object oTat18_tuskanfac = GetObjectByTag("tat18_tuskanfac", 0); object oPC = GetFirstPC(); if ((GetIsEnemy(oPC, oTat18_tuskanfac) == 0) && (GetGlobalBoolean("tat_TuskenSuit") == 0)) { ChangeToStandardFaction(oTat18_tuskanfac, 1); ExecuteScript("k_ptat18aa_heart", OBJECT_SELF, 0xFFFFFFFF); } else { ExecuteScript("k_ptat18aa_heart", OBJECT_SELF, 0xFFFFFFFF); } } Now I should tackle the issue in the Sand People Territory map but I suppose something similar is happening there as well. Cheers!
  15. Probably not but the faction state is the right thing to purse. In fact, opening one of the scripts associated with the various ambush triggers in the Dune Sea we get this (lucky, it could be decompiled!): void main() { object oPC = GetFirstPC(); object oEntering = GetEnteringObject(); object oNearestTat18_encoun_spk = GetNearestObjectByTag("tat18_encoun_spk", OBJECT_SELF, 1); object oTat18_tuskanfac = GetObjectByTag("tat18_tuskanfac", 0); SetGlobalNumber("tat_DuneSeaEnc", 1); object oTat18_tusken05 = GetObjectByTag("tat18_tusken05", 0); object object11 = GetObjectByTag("tat18_tusken05", 1); object oTat18_tusken06 = GetObjectByTag("tat18_tusken06", 0); if ((((((IsObjectPartyMember(oEntering) == 1) && (GetIsEnemy(oPC, oTat18_tuskanfac) == 1)) && ((GetDistanceToObject(oTat18_tusken05) > 40.0) || (GetIsObjectValid(oTat18_tusken05) == 0))) && ((GetDistanceToObject(object11) > 40.0) || (GetIsObjectValid(object11) == 0))) && ((GetDistanceToObject(oTat18_tusken06) > 40.0) || (GetIsObjectValid(oTat18_tusken06) == 0)))) { SetPartyLeader(0xFFFFFFFF); AssignCommand(oNearestTat18_encoun_spk, ActionStartConversation(oPC, "", 0, 0, 1, "", "", "", "", "", "")); DestroyObject(OBJECT_SELF, 0.0, 0, 0.0); } } The interesting part is that, from what I understand, the encounter is triggered if tat18_tuskenfac is hostile. I could easily trigger the ambush by replacing that conditional check with a check for the boolean but then we would need to add a line that switches the faction to hostile too or my guess is (but It I will test it soon enough) that the ambush will spawn but the tusken won't be hostile. Cheers!