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  1. Hello again! That sounds interesting. Could you tell me a little more about the "clone option"? How does it work? And good suggestion about the SetLightsaberPowered() function... I had forgotten about it. Cheers!
  2. I gave it a try. The storing of the weapon worked very well in Taris but on Manaan, we can expect the Player to wield a lightsaber and in this case when it is equipped back it stays unfortunately "turned on" until swapped to another weapon or a new area is loaded. The SuppressStatusSummaryEntry() function seemed to be not working or working only partly. I may have to just drop the idea of having the Player use the drink animation. 😔 Cheers!
  3. Hello again! I am trying to make progress on my dialogue/cutscene and at the moment I have two minor issues: 1) I use the AcionPlayAnimation() function but I noticed that the starting frame for the animations is not consistent, meaning I give a time to the looping animation (in my case 7.5 seconds) and the animation itself starts off at different frames. What does it depend on? I can provide the script I am using and attach a video if I am being unclear. 2) In order to have the PLAYER play the animation, I need to temporarily create and equip two items (g_w_blstrpstl013.uti and w_emptyhnd_01.uti) in the right and left hands. Before the conversation resumes, I have them destroyed of course. The minor problem here is given by the game message about acquiring and losing item(s) shown at the end of the conversation. Is there a way to disable it? Thanks!
  4. Happy New Year, Alvar007! And thanks for yet another amazing job done so quickly. A couple of questions: 1) In the file you uploaded there is also "S_ExtraF01". What is it? 2) If I want to use the animation for the game's protagonist, (s)he may or may not wear a robe at the time and I do use JC's Supermodel Port. If I choose to use S_Female03-robes then the animation will not work correctly each time the female model is not wearing a robe? Thanks a lot again!
  5. Perhaps @Alvar007 will pull another rabbit from his hat. 🙂
  6. I can also confirm its perfect functionality. It feels another hard barrier has been broken today thanks to these three guys... It was a wonderful birthday present. Thanks! EDIT: Upon further testing I did notice a problem with the female model, the swing of the arm is such that the glass goes to her chin rather than her mouth. I am not sure whether it is possible to do something about it?
  7. I fear that didn't improve things. If anything, it made things worse. The right arm stays outstretched for all male models and it breaks facial and legs animations as well (this new issues are caused by the s_male02.mdl/mdx files). This video shows the new result: As further note I'd like to report that even if not in a conversation (I put the animation in the user define script), the result is identical.
  8. Unfortunately it did not make any difference. Weird...
  9. I gave the TSL Robe Variant a try but it works only partly. The drinking arm doesn't move at all and neither does the head or the mouth. This is what I get:
  10. Thanks a lot for this, DP! I will make good use of the TSL robes variant in the Manaan bar. Just a curiosity, is the glass part of it? Cheers!
  11. Nice to see more progress made on this. And even nicer would be to have this animation added to JC's Cloaked Jedi Robes supermodel because choosing one over the other is extremely painful.
  12. Very good job there, Alvar07! Once it is complete I can finally make the Viglo and Duan restoration look the way it was always supposed to be. Cheers!
  13. Thanks for the info, DP. I fear I'd need animloop2 but standing and that is not unfortunately available. Merry Xmas to you and thanks for a wonderful year of KotOR modding!
  14. Great news about the final release! Barring completely new textures created from scratch I believe this project is the best visual enhancement that could be brought to KotOR. Once more, thanks Selphadur, and Merry Xmas!
  15. Hello! Is there a human male / female drinking animation available for KotOR? I seem to remember only the sitting one for Rodians...