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  1. Salk

    MOD:[K1] Three-tiered Dark Jedi Robe

    Hello ebmar! Since you are already planning a new update for this nice modification of yours I was wondering if you could consider including a version compatible with the essential JC's Fashion Line I: Cloaked Jedi Robes for K1 since I would really like to use them both together.
  2. Salk

    MOD:Hidden Bek Control Room Restoration

    Hello! I have done exactly that and when I return to the HB base there is the expected update to the area (guards at the door, Gadon gone from the room, opening doors causing security breach). But the control room is still locked. Odd. Does that perhaps depend on the fact that I have installed this AFTER I have been in there? EDIT: And yes, it seems the mod will not work if installed after having entered tar_m11aa (Hidden Bek base) without it - it would be good to mention this in the read me.
  3. Salk

    MOD:Hidden Bek Control Room Restoration

    I gave this a try but when I attempt (with Security skill 9) to unlock the Control Room door it still says impossible. From what I can see the only difference between the original file and the replacement is k_ptar_lockdoor2.ncs moved from OnClick to OnFailToOpen?
  4. Salk

    MOD:[K1] Three-tiered Dark Jedi Robe

    It's always good to have choices! ebmar, if you have time and inclination, could you provide a few screenshots with the usual "BEFORE" and "AFTER"? Cheers!
  5. Salk

    End Cutscene

    Yes, of course. Here in your reply to Squall Lionheart it seemed you had plans for it though. Best of luck!
  6. Salk

    End Cutscene

    Sad to hear. It looked very promising.
  7. Salk

    End Cutscene

    DarthParametric, will you implement this into your HQ remake of the Endgame cutscene? It'd be a nice addition.
  8. No, it is a vanilla bug. I was considering making the Gizka appear only if the Player visits the station and the Ebon Hawk is infested with Gizka. It would make the most sense since Suvam says "Damn Gizka..." thus making me think he didn't choose to have such a pet there.
  9. Hello! I am sure some of you noticed that sometimes you go visit Suvam Tan on the Yavin Station and you hear the sound of Gizka even if there are none around. Conversely, it is possible to find a Gizka there which does not instead produce any sound (unless talked to by the player). This is a bug and it is caused by this: if (((GetIsObjectValid(GetObjectByTag("yav47_gizka", 0)) == 0) && (GetGlobalNumber("YAV_GIZKA") < 3))) { int nRandom = d6(1); if (((nRandom == 1) || (nRandom == 2))) { SetGlobalNumber("YAV_GIZKA", 1); } else { if (((nRandom == 3) || (nRandom == 4))) { SetGlobalNumber("YAV_GIZKA", 2); } else { if ((nRandom == 6)) { SetGlobalNumber("YAV_GIZKA", 3); CreateObject(1, "yav47_gizka", GetLocation(GetObjectByTag("gizspawn", 0)), 0); } } } } together with these two scripts (yav47_gizka08.ncs and yav47_gizka09.ncs) that are triggered by gizsound1.utt and gizsound2.utt: void main() { object oEntering = GetEnteringObject(); if (((GetGlobalNumber("YAV_GIZKA") == 1) && (GetGlobalNumber("YAV_SUVAM") > 0))) { PlaySound("cs_gizkabeg"); if ((GetIsPC(oEntering) == 1)) { AssignCommand(GetObjectByTag("yav47_suvam", 0), ActionStartConversation(oEntering, "yav47_gizkas", 0, 0, 0, "", "", "", "", "", "", 0)); } } } void main() { object oEntering = GetEnteringObject(); if (((GetGlobalNumber("YAV_GIZKA") == 2) && (GetGlobalNumber("YAV_SUVAM") > 0))) { PlaySound("cs_gizkabeg"); if (((GetIsPC(oEntering) == 1) || (GetObjectByTag("yav47_suvam", 0) == oEntering))) { AssignCommand(GetObjectByTag("yav47_suvam", 0), ActionStartConversation(oEntering, "yav47_gizkas", 0, 0, 0, "", "", "", "", "", "", 0)); } } } Apparently, from what I understand, upon loading the area, the onEnter script rolls a 1D6 die and depending on the result changes the YAV_GIZKA global variable to either 1 (rolling 1 and 2), 2 (rolling 3 and 4) or 3 (rolling 6) while it does not change it at all if rolling 5 (?). Now, with the global on 1 and 2, you will be able to hear the Gizka's sound without seeing it because it simply isn't there while with 3, it will be there but won't make a sound. It also seems like if the Gizka is spawned the Global will stay at 3 until later, when a certain event will take place, because the initial IF condition requires the Global to be lower than 3. Any suggestions about what should be done about it? Thanks!
  10. Salk

    [KotOR] The Bash action

    If this other project meets complete success perhaps it may become possible to open up to more than two henchmen.
  11. Salk

    [WIP] [K1] Sherruk "Legends"

    Hello, my friend! I like your finalized concept for your Sherruk "Legends". If I may give you a suggestion... Perhaps making the color of the beard more similar to that of the hair? Other than that, thumbs up!
  12. Salk

    [KotOR] The Bash action

    Thank you for your intervention, Ragnarök! I happen to feel practically the same and share your opinion about a much needed overhaul of the skill system inside KotOR but I fear that is not really feasible so I have mostly focused on what I believe is the worst offender in an undeniably not well thought-out implementation. I am less critic about the Cross Class Skill and Class Skill (even because locally I made some changes that help in this sense) because I find such restriction to be compatibly with the Class system. We may discuss whether or not having a Class system is a good idea or not but since KotOR offers (forces?) the Player to choose a path then I believe it is just a consequence to face limitations in the development of a certain set of skills. And I agree: Persuade is THE skill to have and it is penalizing for the Soldier and the Scout to not have it as Class Skill. The developers must have realized that and patched this problem partly by making it a Class skill for each Jedi class. I find that the most annoying limitation, more than having to spend double amount of skill points to raise it, is that Cross Class Skills can be invested into up to a rank that is given by (Current Level + 3) / 2 rather than the Current Level +3 which applies to the Class Skill. But back my initial issue: Security is the one skill that truly seems useless because at least Repair and Computer Use open new scenarios (even plot-related like for HK-47) and allow you to have alternatives. Security is the one skill whose purpose is to let you save a little time and gain some XP but that's it. That's why I would welcome a modification that would introduce some sort of drawback for NOT having it. It would already be a big step in the good direction, even if it would not magically solve the inconsistencies and the general poor Skill implementation. There would be other critical issues (namely AI) which I was hoping would mostly be resolved by this project. Unfortunately the author is away and who knows when and if he ever returns to it? Thanks again for your contribution!
  13. Salk

    Download:...A Leveling Fix

    Hello! Since this is a support thread I believe replying in here even after 7 years is not against the rules but if it was so, please feel free to delete my post. I think Canderis had a very nice, low-key idea to work around the experience cap but I was wondering why there's been changes made to classpowergain.2da and featgain.2da. I am also wondering if this is going to affect the joinable NPCs starting level upon their being recruited into the party. To make the characters level up at half the original speed, shouldn't be enough to just change the values in the exptable.2da file? Thanks!
  14. Salk

    DLG Editor

    bead-v, while testing this method I noticed how sometimes the party members seem to turn away but I could not make it happen consistently so I was tentatively trying to remedy this by adding the following after ClearAllActions(): SetFacingPoint(GetPosition(GetPCSpeaker())); so that the new k_hen_heartbt01.nss is: void resetorientation(); void resetorientation() { SetFacingPoint(GetPosition(GetPCSpeaker())); ExecuteScript("k_ai_master", OBJECT_SELF, KOTOR_HENCH_EVENT_ON_HEARTBEAT); } void main() { if(GetIsConversationActive() && GetCurrentAction() == ACTION_FOLLOWLEADER) { ClearAllActions(); resetorientation(); } else { ExecuteScript("k_ai_master", OBJECT_SELF, KOTOR_HENCH_EVENT_ON_HEARTBEAT); } } Do you see a glaring problem with this? I wouldn't want to break anything although I doubt there could be any critical negative consequences. Cheers!
  15. Salk

    Warning Message (tkIcons)

    Hello! Today when I tried to use, after a long time and on a new OS (W10) the latest version of the Toolset (but I tried with the one in the official download section), I got an error message: "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). Click OK to close the application." Anyone else is experiencing something like that? UPDATE: It was a local problem - a conflict with some running application.