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  1. Great! Now only the Republic Officers are missing. 👌 I like very much the new design. My only suggestion would be to make the two "wings" on the chest gold instead of silver just like they are in the original texture. But it is really a minor thing and a personal preference. Thank you, Dark Hope.
  2. Hello, @TK-664! I commend you for this nice little modification of yours. I feel like it is a really good addition to the game and a must-have. A suggestion for your next version: wouldn't it be good to extend this to the Party Members as well? Those that are going to fight or may end up fighting against the Protagonist: Dark Bastila, Jolee, Zaalbar and Juhani. There would be also some Taris NPC (Selven, the Assassin comes first to mind but also the Dark Jedi at the Sith Base) but I guess you have intentionally left them out because the Protagonist has not yet acquired a Jedi class there yet. Cheers!
  3. Hello, Dark Hope! Thanks for this new release. May I ask if it's in your plans to redo the rest of the Republican soldier and officer textures as well? There are several: N_RepSold_F01, N_RepSold_FH01, N_RepOff01, N_RepoffH, N_RepOffF01, N_RepOff_F01, N_RepOff_low_F and N_RepOff_low_M. Cheers!
  4. The .2da files are limited column-wise. That means we cannot add new model classes but just replace existing ones, for instance. I'm not knowledgeable enough but I am sure experienced and talented modders like DarthParametric could tell you about many more limitations. Just recently he told me that what he planned to do (upgrading the DS ending scene) could not be done because of engine limitations. @JCarter426would be another great modder that could tell you about other hard limits he encountered modding the game, I am sure. Cheers!
  5. Well, my two cents' worth. I think seedhartha's approach to the recreation of the engine is right. I don't think it's time to speak about making changes to the engine when we aren't sure everyone would even welcome specific changes as "real improvements". I think the author should only consider making straight changes if there are some aspects of the engine we're not interested in replicating because we know already now with certainty that they need replacement. In this case it's perhaps correct to plan ahead and save time by not even bothering with the vanilla game engine behavior. The most important thing, in my opinion, is to see if reone can overcome some of the annoying limitations of the Odissey Engine. Lifting those limitations could really make a difference when it comes to modding, which I reckon is the main reason to have reone for. Cheers!
  6. I see, thank you. Good luck with the development of this extremely interesting project.
  7. Would current mods be fully compatible with reone?
  8. I see. I was just watching the video you uploaded and it does look flawless to me hence my curiosity about the state of this WIP. Perhaps the "reone" project might open up new possibilities for modding the game in the future.
  9. Okay so the FPS drop is still a stopping issue. Could you tell us how much worse the FPS drop of your WIP is when compared to the original?
  10. Hello, @DarthParametric! While I was testing the DS ending sequence I was reminded of how much better your WIP you worked on a couple of years ago is. Is there something in particular you need to finalize before a public release? Was there something that didn't satisfy you completely? I reckon the issue with the FPS drop was taken care of? Thanks.
  11. Yes, I can do that. For the LS ending what module is it? 56a.... 56b... 57?
  12. Thanks, ebmar. I'll take a look. Just wanted to test the DS ending and since I never play DS I need to cheat.
  13. Hello! Can someone tell me what kind of check the game does (perhaps a global?) in order to choose between playing the LS ending or the DS ending of the game? Thanks!
  14. Hi DP! I was wondering if you may like the idea of adding Revan's/Star Forge's Robes to the end scene? I guess it would be just a matter of tweaking the k_donrobe script to allow for it?
  15. Hello! You find the Robes of Qel-Droma in the Shyrack Caves on Korriban. I suspect that you put the files in the Override and then loaded a saved game where you had already visited the Caves. The game is such that many area assets properties are saved into the save game file. This means that even if you place new files in your Override directory, the game still uses old assets you have at the time your game was saved. Try loading another saved game (if you have it) before entering the Shyrack Caves and I believe you may get the revised Quel-Droma Robes. Good luck!