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  1. Salk

    MOD:TSL Malak Mouth Fix

    Congratualtions on this new release! I am not much of a TSL player but I am always happy to find new fixes for this game as well. Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work!
  2. Salk

    MOD:[K1] Rakghoul Fiend

    Very nice addition! I like how the Alphas now stand out compared to the others. Keep up the excellent work, my friend!
  3. Salk

    Signs for Tatooine Enterable Buildings

    ebmar, the "embossed" effect is wanted, right? It may look particularly good bump mapped.
  4. Yes, I have seen the GetName() function and was surprised by the fact that SetName() was missing. Replacing the containers with empty ones is a theoretically viable solution but as you said, it is probably not worth the effort. I am just wondering how TSL does it.
  5. Hello! I seem to remember that TSL changes the name of empty container so that the Player does not have to bother opening them to check the content. In NWN script there is an easy function called SetName() which seems to be missing from KotOR. Is there any workaround available that someone knows of? If so, I may be interested in introducing this functionality for KotOR containers as well. Cheers!
  6. Thanks, A Future Pilot! Funny that the second seemed to be a local problem then.
  7. Salk

    MOD:JC's Security Spikes for K1

    Congratulations, JCarter426! I have, for my local project, already implemented Option B a long time ago. Cheers!
  8. Hello! That's nice to hear. I have just moved to Kashyyyk and there will be probably things to fix there as well because it seems that each time I play the game I noticed something new that needs intervention. That doesn't mean I end up being able to do anything about it though... We'll see.
  9. Salk


    Sithspecter, first of all, welcome "back" with news about your great project! I, like many, was really happy to read your update and frankly, I am also happy you are cutting content. I feel like Knights of the Old Republic (way more than TSL) did an excellent job at keeping areas nicely contained and focused and I am hoping Sleheyron will follow closely this game design and from your word, it does seem it will. I hope my next question doesn't sound impertinent but is Fair Stride still working on this with you or are you now the sole developer? Could you also give us an example (without providing specific details, of course) about your plan to simplify quests? Thanks and godspeed! Cheers!
  10. Oh of course I wouldn't mind at all. But I think JC has already fixed all that needed fixing on his side. I documented my own progress mostly to avoid confusion. I use the TSL Patcher just as installer so I have been working on the single files directly and they may contain unwanted code. But if JC has some issues that he needs to address we can work on it together, surely. Great to see you again, A Future Pilot, by the way! Cheers!
  11. Hello! All that you have fixed I have done as well on my side (hopefully). I remember finding many oddities and testing quite extensively. These are my notes about the Sand People: - Fixed bug with Sand People Enclave turning hostile when it shouldn't (modified m18ab.are) - The death trap outside of the Sand People Enclave entrance is disabled once the Party gain access to the Enclave (modified k_ptat_sanddeath.ncs) - Fixed bug with Party being able to wander about among the Sand People without a necessary disguise (modified k_cri18aa_heart.ncs and k_ptat18ab_heart.ncs) - The Sand Enclave turrets will no longer be invulnerable to attacks after the Party has accessed the Enclave (created k_cri18ab_enter.ncs) - Small camera/orientation fix for dialogue with Tusken guarding the Enclave entrance (created k_cri_senclave.ncs, k_cri_spgdlook.ncs, k_cri_spgddlg.ncs; modified tat18_14sandg_01.dlg, tat18_senclave.utt) - Fixed bug with random walk script triggering while in dialogue mode after custom changed made to tat18_tusken.dlg (modified k_pkas_randwalk.ncs) - Fixed bug with spawning before the Sand People Chieftain to deliver the moisture vaporators even if the truce has been broken and the whole Enclave is hostile (modified k_ptat_tuskenhost.ncs) - Enclave turrets now activate when they should (created k_cri_perctur.ncs; modified tat18_turret.utc and tat18_turret2.utc) If I remember correctly, I did remove the duplicate heartbeat script from the .are file OnExit because it seemed it was an oversight but I don't recall any crashing of the game when leaving areas after removing the disguise (which I am sure I have tested doing to test hostile reaction/ambushes). I introduced a few tweaks of my own and that's why there is mention of custom scripts in the above notes. Cheers!
  12. Oh I have not changed the Supermodel at all (lots of stuff is still way above my paygrade). What I meant is that I changed the cutscene so that it is no longer using the no loop computer animation but rather the Player does. Cheers!
  13. Okay, I have replaced the overused Twi'lek alien character with a non used Chandra-Fan in Anchorhead (where incidentally you do meet another Twi'lek that is introduced with a similar cutscene for the Genoharadan mission) for one unique encounter and at this link there is the result, if anyone is curious. (VO imported from TSL, dialogue tweaked to fix inconsistencies and accommodate the lack of proper animation for the Chandra-Fan model).
  14. Hello again! The Chedra-Fan model seems to use the Jawa supermodel for animations? If that is the case, would you know what kind of animations are available (among the ones selectable via DLGEditor)? I am planning to replace a Tw'ilek with a Chedra-Fan (namely Ganda Kaitoova) which uses both the Greeting and the Use_Computer_NoLoop in its dialogue and neither seems to have any kind of effect (understandably so). Cheers!
  15. I can but wish you the best of luck and a swift return to your virtual family here at Deadlystream. I do hope the situation will be only temporary.