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  1. I sympathize. I have been wondering myself why the area flag for all those areas is set to 1 and I am not even so sure it makes that much sense story-wise at all times.
  2. Agreed! Style 3 is by far the best option. 👌
  3. Hello! Looking at the changes.ini file it seems like your modification is making changes to m38aa.git and m38ab.git in the wrong modules. For some weird reason, the original game area m38aa seems to be using m38ab.git while m38ab uses m38aa.git. Cheers!
  4. Hello Kexikus! I'm interested in both adding music to areas that are without and in removing duplicate music from the game but I'd like to have your own perspective on the additions and replacements. Could you tell us what music changes you have personally made? Cheers!
  5. Hello, DI! Thanks for your reply but I am having the same identical result when I tested it on all my party members, including the main character. Furthermore, from the screenshot it is quite obvious we are not talking of the mask not sitting perfectly but rather being completely off. I hope someone else who tried your modification may chime in and share their own experience with it. Cheers!
  6. Hello Effix! From what I can see, the breath mask (g_i_mask12.uti) uses i_mask_006.mdl/mdx which in turn uses i_vacuummsk.tga as texture, not i_breathmsk.tga.
  7. Well, the second point was what I was thinking of too and I said it in my post. The first point seems to me over the top and not really necessary. There are already Sith Patrols and checkpoints (elevators) on Taris. There is no real need to add more. The third point instead is a key point. The disguise must be made useless/unavailable and for some reason irreplaceable (the latter is going to be tough... what kind of non artificial reason can there be to the impossibility of finding any kind of mask that covers the face, if that is enough to make Bastila unrecognizable on Korriban too?)
  8. Hello! Does anyone know if that mask texture is unused in the game? I have no recollection of seeing it anywhere. Cheers!
  9. Hello Oaks! I did notice the game uses two skin but I did change that because to me it does not make any sense that the same sword looks different. The Notched Steel Sword and Ajunta Pall's Sword are one and the same item. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the Player has to guess which sword is the right one, the properties of the sword cannot be added to the Notched Steel Sword or it would give it away. That is a factor if the Player fails the test and is left with the Notched Steel Sword in his possession. In that case, despite being that Ajunta Pall's Sword it will have the simple properties of an ordinary double bladed sword. To my knowledge there was no way to keep the properties "hidden" in the item description. Said that, I'd be interesting to take a look at your edited Ajunta Pall and even the mod you were talking about but never revealed the name of. Cheers!
  10. Hello InSidious! Thanks for this restoration. I seem to have a major issue with it though. I have attached an image of what it looks like when I have one party member (same result with all) wear it. It also seems someone else reported the same issue (although its seriousness was extremely understated) at Nexus four years ago more or less. I'd also be curious to know whether others who installed this modification are experiencing the same or something similar? Cheers!
  11. Speaking of Korriban, I have been thinking that my strongest objection to the Operation Kill Bastila approach may as well be that the disguise provided would allow for a relatively "safe" visit of Bastila on Korriban which is something the original game (in my own mod, I allow the Player to choose to either have or not Bastila on Korriban) won't permit. This would be an internal inconsistency which is not really acceptable, unless the Taris disguise is lost when the party leaves Taris but then again how smooth can something like that be? I guess in the end the best thing is to keep things as they are. Thanks for participating to the poll!
  12. Well, I did what I could and the result is okay but not wonderful. Here's how Ajunta Pall's sword looks now (and it has a new matching icon): And I have also changed the elemental damage from Fire to Cold to better match the sword's lore. I wanted to give some drawback for using it that would also fit the lore about it being wholly corrupted but my initial idea (a -25 malus to the GoodEvil alignment value for the wielder) was unfeasible. If someone has some other suggestions, I am interested in hearing them out.
  13. Thanks for your opinions, AmanoJyaku and KnifeMaster. I didn't install Operation Kill Bastila because at the moment I am busy with other work so I have no idea how good the hood/cloak disguise is and how smoothly this has been introduced in the game but the idea itself has merit, in my opinion. Probably what I would go for is to simply provide a mask for Bastila to wear (I don't believe a cloak is necessary) without which she is attacked on sight by the Sith patrols. I am a little uncertain about whether wielding the lightsaber should trigger the attack with or without mask though. The weapon would be visible but on the other hand is not that conspicuous unless it's on. I'm trying to think what kind of headgear the part can find/buy on Taris but it seems to me there are no such items that completely cover the face there. Cheers!
  14. Well, it'd be perfectly legit. My own reason for it would be that Lord Malak wanted Bastila captured rather than killed. On the other hand opening fire on her would be the closest thing to it and role playing wise it'd make sense to me.