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  1. I think it is a very interesting mod! I always refused to play with Widescreen and higher resolution just because of the fonts being too small. Not much of a TSL player though. If you ever release a version for KotOR I will surely want to give it a try.
  2. Salk

    Explosion texture

    So the explosions in the Endar Spire are just frag granade explosions, after all?
  3. I commend this initiative! Personally, I love the Sith's Energy Shield and I like the standard Energy Shield, the Echani's and Yusani's.
  4. Salk

    Explosion texture

    Great job on this, Dark Hope! This version covers only the explosion of frag grenades, right?
  5. The final revision of this restoration is done. Huge thanks to @PapaZinosfor help with room modelling. SithSoldiersBoarding.mp4
  6. Hello, InSidious. Thank you for a commendable effort. But from what I understand dumping .are files in the override seems really a bad choice. I am no TSL Patcher expert but couldn't you just ship the modification with .mod files for each module whose .are you are changing and let the TSL Patcher patch the .are files inside them? Cheers!
  7. JC, I was wondering if you could possibly further improve the K1R compatible option of your modification by spawning Carth in the apartment (since you have already made the area substitution) and have the camera on him so that the two voiced lines he speaks would not just be on a completely black screen and then run a pretty long (4-5 secs) fadeout by the end.
  8. Well, personally I find K1 CP to be the one and only true mandatory modification for KotOR (possibly together with a good dialog.tlk replacement - there are several available). Because it is actually a patch and the number of bugs it fixes is astounding. DarthParametric is the current maintainer and he's done and is still doing as today an excellent job at making the game run as good as it can be. K1R is a much older project which is unfortunately no longer updated and it does include its own share of bugs so choosing K1 CP over K1R is a no brainer. But there is lots of good restorations in K1R as well and the good news is that N-DreW25 is working on a "lite" version which is compatible with K1 CP.
  9. Hello! Does anyone know (DP, JC?) if GetIsInConversation() works properly and if it returns true for both the object starting the conversation and the target of the conversation? Thanks!
  10. Thanks to precious input and help from @brents742I have come to a possible final version of this. There is space for further improvement (better camera placements, additional props / creatures roaming the hangar) but I think this is already a big improvement over the original restoration. Here's a video of it I uploaded on my YouTube channel.
  11. The Ebon Hawk doesn't need to show up there. It's been boarded so it's off camera. I just need to have a proper hangar rather than a bare, empty floor and a missing wall at the horizon.
  12. Hello! I was wondering if someone could help me improve the looks of what supposedly should be a hangar room by adding appropriate items (including a wall, I guess) to it. The room was created by the K1R team for the Sith's boarding of the Ebon Hawk on the Leviathan. While it serves its purpose it is extremely bare and is in need of some renovation. I post a couple of images here and then the .mdl/.mdx file of the room in case someone might want to lend a hand with this (working with models is not my thing). I have already made some quality-of-life improvements to the K1R scene which I am showing in the video so I just need a visual upgrade for the room in order to call this restoration complete. Star Wars_ Knights of the Old Republic 2022-09-20 07-35-02.mp4 New room for ebo_m40aa module.7z
  13. The best thing to do is report the issue to the author of Holocron toolset in the proper thread. This is a very promising and very actively maintained tool we're talking about, with an author that's been very present and receptive to feedback since start.