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  1. Thanks for the feedback, guys. Even if I must honestly say that I wish that I the actor's recording had some of that " expressiveness" I think I could inject my own recording, it does still seem to me that his is the best alternative overall and that I should go for it.
  2. Thanks, @La Ingobernable. And thank you for your edit, @ebmar. It is a definite improvement but there is a metallic ring to the voice (?) and a cranked up volume, perhaps?
  3. Thanks for the comments, guys. I have actually re-recorded my line because I realized it was really awful. And yes, I do have an accent but I don't think it's too big a problem in this case. The cold I have and the non professional equipment is though. Let me know if you think the second version is any improvement. If not, I will stop trying and go for the actor's voice which is good enough despite the flaws @La Ingobernable detected (and I agree). Cheers!
  4. Salk

    #5: Lips

    I have sent you a PM about your kind offer, JC. I realized only later that you were asking for requests to be posted here. My apologies.
  5. I got the VO from the actor and I must say it's quite good although I believe I have done a decent job myself so I'm not at the moment sure which one I should go for. Perhaps you can help me make a decision. I will upload one line delivered by myself and one by the actor so you all get to chime in and tell me about your preference. UPDATE: Here it is. I do have a cold and don't have a good mic or anything remotely professional so the audio quality's difference is noticeable. But it's just an initial test. I think the actor did a very good job. My only concern was that I didn't hear much pain in his voice as you'd expect from a tortured prisoner. nm35aavict23000_[Actor].wav nm35aavict23000_[Salk].wav
  6. I decided to go with the service of a professional actor to record the lines of the Mandalorian Prisoner. He will be the only one that is going to have a new voice.
  7. Welcome back. I am sorry to hear you lost all your previous work. It must be very frustrating.
  8. I agree with you full-heartedly. Adrenas is the only one I find quite believable and it would have been a nice touch of Bioware if the generic Sith student lines included one with some sort of nasty remark about him. Locally I changed Tariga to a female Twi'lek (and of course removed the "You're human, but you speak like a Twi'lek..." line from its .dlg file) and did the same with Hijata which I turned into a Twi'lek after realizing I couldn't really give him an Ithorian appearance and at the same time make him wear a robe (it would have been better but oh well...). The only one I would be glad to change is the Mandalorian Prisoner's VO and I think my efforts will focus on him. I'm sure I can find someone who can pull it off nicely although it's no easy task. Cheers!
  9. I take any change I do to the game quite seriously so I wouldn't every go for a low quality outcome. This is not a high priority but is something I am definitely considering.
  10. I love(d) Knights of the Old Republic for more than one reason but now that I have been trying for years to make the game even better through fixes and tweaks I cannot help thinking of a few things that Bioware did sloppily. There are several but here in Korriban I noticed how they cut a few corners with some human looking Sith Academy residents whose VO is alien. That's a tolerable thing (especially if there is an interesting story behind it, which is not the case for our game) if it's done once or possibly twice but Bioware did abuse of this in Korriban. I count 3 4 creatures that should speak Galactic Basic but have alien VO and each time all I could think of was that they didn't have the means/time to record the lines properly rather than being a specific choice. The affected creatures are: the Mandalorian Prisoner, Adrenas, Hijata and Tariga. Three Four in a single area module. Way too much, in my opinion. I have half a mind to get someone to record the lines for at least one of the three four and remove the nonsensical excuse for missing a proper VO. Thoughts? Cheers!
  11. Nice to see new material from you, Alvar007! I think the new animations are good and would gladly use them.
  12. Hello! I cannot unfortunately offer you any help on this but I can confirm that the sudden load of an extraneous module happened to me a few times too without any apparent reason. I can add I have never attempted any kind of speedrunning through the game. Cheers!
  13. Thanks for this new fix, DP! I think you have forgotten to add one file to the VANILLA version of it though.
  14. Congratulations on this new, excellent skybox! One question: the table in the opening post is not updated, right?
  15. Thanks, DP. I have not marked those two specific datapads as to be removed though, only renamed. I'll have to double check anyway.
  16. Well, I think I've got them all. I've considered removing from the inventory (as suggested by @AmanoJyaku) a few that are left in the inventory upon completing a quest and to do this I use GetItemPossessedBy() to check if the item is actually in the player's inventory. Problem is that, from what I understand, the function uses the item's tag to find it and a few datapads share the same tag (g_i_datapad002). Calo Nord's is one such item so I wonder how it is possible to remove that specific one from the inventory rather than possibly a second datapad with the same tag. I have of course come with new names for over 20 datapads (a couple may be unused items though, I think...) and if @DarthParametric believes this might be K1 CP material I will gladly try and make a TSL Patcher version of this although I am not really very familiar with the patcher and I won't have a real chance to test it. There will be a bunch of new strings to add to the .tlk file and then reassign the new names to the corresponding items in the modules. The removal of the items can be a bit more complicated though as I have mostly been messing with existing scripts in order to do that and created a couple new ones of my own. One step at a time, I guess... I have made a list of datapads I found in the game and what changes I made, if needed. You are very welcome to suggest others for possible inclusion if I happened to miss them or to think of new names if you think they might be more appropriate. Cheers!
  17. Alright. I will put it in my to-do list then.
  18. Hello! Does anyone know if there is a mod that does give unique names to the dozens of datapads found in the game that use the generic "datapad" name? I find rather annoying that the player is forced to read the content to understand which one is which since there are often several generically named ones in the inventory at the same time. I might do the job myself if no one has done it already. Cheers!
  19. Just wanted to thank you for a very interesting and detailed examination of NWScript and how its flaws could actually hurt people creating new code without knowledge that sometimes it could turn into something wrong (the "OR" condition - it would be great if your decompiler could fix this). Thanks for all the hard work you're putting into this.
  20. I'm not sure whether I did a good job at enhancing/enlarging it but here it is: Some small parts of the footlocker comes out of the base.
  21. I have found a new place for the footlockers in Uthar Wynn's room but I have encountered a strange graphical glitch for one of the two boxes and I have no idea where it comes from. Perhaps looking at the image someone can take a guess?
  22. It seems my issue is quite different from yours, @AmanoJyaku. It is not the other party members but the controlled party member that runs on the spot in my case.
  23. Well, thanks guys! Very informative and useful. Cheers! PS I have immediately made (good, hopefully) use of my new knowledge about placeables by changing the very odd direction/position of the footlocker in Uthar Wynn's room to a much more sensible one. It might be almost K1 CP material...
  24. Hello! I have been fiddling with modding the game for quite some time but I am still inexperienced and not nearly knowledgeable enough so I am going to ask something that I believe would be useful to many others as well. Namely, how to find the right values when it comes to choose direction for creatures, placeables, doors and cameras. It seems to me that the game uses three different standards: 1) X Orientation and Y Orientation in some cases 2) X Quaternion and Y Quaternion in others 3) Bearing Is this correct? And what is the best way to correctly calculate those values having an initial angle? For 1 and 2, I have been using the invaluable Star Admiral's Utility Armband. 3 is not something I have read about anywhere. If I remember correctly, I have also read somewhere that different modules use different compass so that North in one of them can be East in another, adding to the confusion. Is this true? Cheers!