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  1. Hello! I would like for someone to confirm two (minor) bugs I have just encountered during my playthrough: the first one is about the Tw'ilek Czerka Liaison officer walking about by the Ebon Hawk. He doesn't resume walking after being talked to. The second is with Janos, the Czerka Ithorian that welcomes the party disembarking has an issue showing if you refuse to pay the docking fee. The party would then be forced to return to the Ebon Hawk and once back to Kashyyyk, Janos will be there to meet the party again. Only, once he delivers his initial message, he will start walking to the Czerka office, which it is what he should do only after getting the docking fees settled. What I have been doing to fix these two problems is actually quite funny. I removed the k_def_endconv script from Janos's .utc file and conversely, added the very same to the Tw'ilek Czerka Liaison officer, which was missing it instead. Cheers!
  2. Salk

    Spawn Pazaak Deck

    Nice small detail added there! It would be a welcome addition for many players, myself included. Good job you all!
  3. Salk

    KotOR .lip file

    Hello! Has anyone found the .lip file for n_gmtwilek_lghm? I browsed through the lips mod files of the game without success. Is there any other place I should be looking in for them? Are all the .lip files there? Thanks!
  4. Salk

    KotOR .lip file

    The first game.
  5. Salk

    MOD:Control Panel For Kashyyyk Shadowlands Forcefield

    Usual permanent addition to the game (and still excited for more DP marvels announced but yet to be released)! I would only like to add that I found the head of the protagonist in the video to be such a great homage to DarthParametric's iconic icon appearance here at Deadlystream. Cheers!
  6. Salk

    MOD:K1 Ported Alien VO Replacements

    Hello! Great idea, this one! I have a curiosity: why are there two audio files in .mp3 format while all the others are in .wav format? Cheers!
  7. Hello! I do not know how many of you agree with me but I personally hate that all 3 AI scripts in the game include the running into mines and making it impossible for the Player to withhold an attack. The file aiscripts.2da has 3 AI states set for these 3 scripts: 0 (Default), 4 (Grenade) and 5 (Jedi). Checking the .tlk file I found reference to more scripts: Aid, Melee, Ranged and No Script. Now, I'd happily settle for the No Script and manage each of the party members in combat. Is there someone that knows more about those 3 AI states? I suppose that 1, 2 and 3 might be legitimate values and I am going to test that but if there is someone that has some tips, I'd welcome that wholeheartedly. Thanks!
  8. Hello! I am resurrecting this thread because I think it is better to do that rather than open a new topic of very similar content. What I am trying to do is figure a few things out about AI behavior in combat. I have made the No Script option available for party members and it does prevent the blind charge forward when that is undesirable (ex. mines ahead) but it does nothing to help in the case of shouts. The AI uses GEN_I_WAS_ATTACKED as shout and that triggers responses found in the k_inc_generic script. I added a new entry to aiscript.2da which sets "aistate" to 6. What I thought to do was to compile k_ai_default.nss using a k_inc_generic.nss with the following change: /*(line 1053)*/ void GN_RespondToShout(object oShouter, int nShoutIndex, object oIntruder = OBJECT_INVALID) { ... /*(line 1061)*/ int nNPC_AI = GetNPCAIStyle(OBJECT_SELF); //Determines how the individual should react in combat ... /*(line 1085)*/ if(GetPartyMemberByIndex(0) != OBJECT_SELF && nPartyAI != PARTY_AISTYLE_PASSIVE && !GetPlayerRestrictMode()) ... } changed to: /*(line 1053)*/ void GN_RespondToShout(object oShouter, int nShoutIndex, object oIntruder = OBJECT_INVALID) { ... /*(line 1061)*/ int nNPC_AI = GetNPCAIStyle(OBJECT_SELF); //Determines how the individual should react in combat ... /*(line 1085)*/ if(GetPartyMemberByIndex(0) != OBJECT_SELF && nPartyAI != PARTY_AISTYLE_PASSIVE && !GetPlayerRestrictMode() && nNPC_AI != 6) ... } Can anyone confirm that this is a good enough solution? I would very much rather have someone with expertise and familiarity with scripting be in charge of the code but alas, blinkyzero's project has never seen a public release anywhere and the author has not been seen for well over a year now. Thanks for your attention. Cheers!
  9. Salk

    TOOL:CSLU Toolkit (No Online Licensing)

    Thanks for the suggestion! Won't your own Lyp Synch Editor sort of supersede the CSLU Toolkit once it is available though? Cheers!
  10. Salk

    TOOL:CSLU Toolkit (No Online Licensing)

    I didn't certainly mean to sound ungrateful, if that was the impression I gave. I was only remarking on the fact that the usability of the CSLU Toolkit is certainly hampered by the fact that it won't work on Windows 10. Sure, running it inside a virtual machine is an option but I do not have Windows 7 and Windows XP has been a pain because of the Activation process (ironically, I do own a legit copy of it but I cannot use it).
  11. Hello! Kudos for the nice small update there! The CSLU toolkit works only on older, unsupported OS so even if it is possible to run it in VirtualBox many would really welcome having a new lyp synching software that works natively on Windows 10. So a big yes to .phn support! Cheers!
  12. Salk

    Download:Senni Vek Restoration

    I noticed also this inconsistency and I tend to agree with N-DReW25 here. It does not make sense, reading the dialogue lines, that Vek and Senni Vek are the same person. There is no mention in the dialogue with Vek on Manaan of having met before even if the player did meet Senni Vek earlier. There is nothing to suggest Vek on Manaan is affiliated to the GenoHaradan, at least from what I can see. Even if it is not much to go by, they do wear different kind of clothes as well. So the way I see it is this: the restoration of Senni Vek on the Dune of Tatooine is sensible. Minor adjustments could be done in order to make it less confusing though by small changes in the name of one or the other and/or the use a different skin. Cheers!
  13. Salk

    TOOL:CSLU Toolkit (No Online Licensing)

    Well, I find that a very severe limitation. I guess I have to consider lip synching still unavailable.
  14. Salk

    MOD:Taris Dueling Arena Adjustment

    Right, thanks! And I think I will try to replace the straight healing with EffectRegenerate so that the duelists will keep their pose for a time. Cheers!
  15. Salk

    MOD:Taris Dueling Arena Adjustment

    DarthParametric, while I am a bit ambivalent about the fact that the duelists are healed after a fight (it makes sense but the wounded animation is quite iconic and it sorts of makes you visually feel your climbing of the ranks by looking at the room), I would like to ask you if it would be possible to make the duelists resume their original animations after fighting you. What they do now is just stand and do nothing. Perhaps you can tell me what script governs this behavior and I can take a look myself? Thanks!
  16. Salk

    [WIP] High quality skyboxes

    Eh, I played Taris so many times that I recognized the building (and the janitor) in a nanosecond. Those great backdrop buildings weren't there and I simply love them. Thanks for the update Kexikus and have fantastic holidays!
  17. Salk

    Download:Helena Shan Improvement

    Yes, thanks N-DReW25. Sometimes I cannot really use the TSL Patcher and I need to install things manually and that's why it can be tricky.
  18. Salk

    Download:Helena Shan Improvement

    When I open this mod's helena.utc file KOTOR Tool cannot display the "Appearance" field due to index out of bounds. In the video above Helena is in fact showing a different set of clothes that I do not recognize. Also, I noticed that the forehead wrinkles are really way too prominent to look good, a problem that is somewhat heightened by the too young and smooth look of the rest of the face. I will try and see if something can be done with the .tga file.
  19. Salk

    Kotor 1 Level Cap Change

    This is exactly what I have been doing myself. But it is just a workaround. Far from ideal.
  20. Salk

    Misc TOR Ports

    Excellent! Are there new voice clips you can use for the new Jedi?
  21. Salk

    Signs for Tatooine Enterable Buildings

    Excellent initiative, DarthParametric! I pretty much like them all the way they are already. The only suggestion I may have is about dulling a little the colors of the Swoop Bike and the Sun behind it.
  22. Salk

    Mod of the Year 2018 Nominations Are Open!

    Hello! Here I cast my nominations as well. Best Texture Enhancement Hard to choose, as usual. And this one is not even one I use myself (for consistency reason) but it shows great care in the design and texturing. Other great contenders were ebmar's Selven "Legends" and VP's Spectral Ajunta Pall Canonical Appearance. Best Content Restoration / Addition Hard to choose here as well. In the end my vote goes to one of the recent excellent releases from our resident guru DarthParametric. Most Helpful Community Member What was hard to choose up to here becomes for me almost impossible here. This great community has helped me greatly and so many would stand out in this respect. I want to mention @Canderis, @ebmar, @DarthParametric in particular although there have been others worthy of much praise. But I can choose only one and this year's preference is going to @JCarter426 who has been a constant support and a patient listener. Said that, ebmar deserves the title of most enthusiast, kindest soul, quickest runner-up and talented newcomer this community has seen this year. Mod of the Year Again, tough competition here as well. For my own vision of what the most good a modification can do for a game I must choose the amazing @A Future Pilot's debut mod. I do not use it myself because I have my own all-in-one modification I can rely on but the project itself is the one I am the most interested in, hoping also for future collaboration. As a personal note, the Most Anticipated Mod of the Year for me would no doubt be @blinkyzero's Enemy Enhancer, a real shame there's never been any release.
  23. Hello! I was wondering if someone else could reproduce this annoying glitch that I have been experiencing myself. It seems that the Transit Back function used when wearing the Sand People disguise causes the disguise itself to not work anymore under certain conditions I need to investigate. Cheers!
  24. Well, the question above found its answer in a modification that I forgot I had installed. All is solved. What I have noticed though is that the minimap for the Eastern Dune Sea is broken. The whole area of the cave of the dragon is missing from it. I don't really know how to work with minimaps so if anyone has an idea about how to fix it, that would be great!
  25. Okay, some small updating here and a question. I've been trying to polish a few things in Tatooine and I encountered several issues, mostly minor, and lately I have been trying to remedy that, including a minor restoration of an unused dialogue/cutscene for the trip to the Eastern Dune Sea and small improvements to the Banthas/Komad cutscene (the voice over was cut short in two places: I eliminated the first, useless and duplicated VO and kept the second, which is now delivered correctly). My question is: can someone help me understand what triggers the cutscene with Bastila commenting on the Holocron found in the dragon's cave? I have been searching but this is currently escaping me. I know that it is triggered by clicking on the tattered equipment pack (K_SWG_HELENA01.UTP) found in there but I checked the file and I didn't find any script associated to it. Thanks!