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    [WIP] High quality skyboxes

    Impressive! Thanks for the update, Kexikus. I am looking forward to see what the Unknown World skybox will look like. A question: will there be an animated skybox also for K1? Cheers!
  2. Salk

    [WIP] High quality skyboxes

    I surely like the first one better. The reason, in my case, is simply that I find the color choice to be more appropriate. On top of that, it is closer to the original color of the vanilla sky as well.
  3. Salk

    [WIP] High quality skyboxes

    I think this is the best skybox you have ever created, Kexikus. So astonishing that will make me look at all those other ones being sad that they won't all be as beautifully animated as this one.
  4. Hello! When I exit Anchorhead and enter the Dune Sea, the Wraids spawn far to the right of the Sandcrawler and they do not move, making me think that their spawn script may not be doing the job right. I was wondering if someone else could reproduce this? Cheers!
  5. Hello! I took a screenshot after using a few grenades in a fight and noticed how the explosion leaves a blast residual that is cut by what I think is piece of maps intersecting and doesn't play nice at all with non flat surfaces, giving a real bad impression. I suppose nothing can be done about it? Cheers!
  6. Yes, that is exactly what I was thinking to do with Tatooine and any other area that has a non flat surface. Thanks for the suggestion.
  7. If I go for the latter, can I disable that effect just in particular areas where I'd rather not have it at all then? And thanks for the suggestion.
  8. Hello, JCarter426. Eh I suspected there wasn't really much to do but it is indeed ugly. I wonder if it would be possibly preferable to disable it altogether rather than see something like that on specific places like the Tatooine desert where the burn marks in the sand don't make much sense anyway. Cheers!
  9. Hello! In the .dlg file that leads to: "*sigh* I can see there's not much chance of convincing you to come work for us after all. Most unfortunate." and then battle starts. Unless I am missing another instance where the outcome is different? Even here, the reply to it is: "What do you want? Credits? Here, take some! Just leave me alone. I've got work to do." so he is actually paying us? (k_ptat_give25g gives the party 25 credits) And I am still working on 1.01. Around 30000 now. Please continue keep a good change log because I will need to go through those lines that you modified/added. Thanks a lot again!
  10. Salk

    MOD:KOTOR Bug Fix Attempt

    danil-ch, could you please tell me what changed between version 1.0.0 and 1.1.1? Thanks a lot!
  11. Salk

    MOD:[K1] Marlena Venn "Legends"

    Hello, my friend! And congratulations for yet another legendary entry to the Legends series (I am still eagerly awaiting your Dantooine improvements 😊). I just wanted to ask you something about the blaster you said you gave her. Like in your own video above, even in my case she doesn't seem like she is wielding any. Was it intended to be only used if you have jc's mod "Kill Marlena" too? And also a question about the new position. Is it possibly a very subtle difference, possibly in the direction she is facing? I don't recall the original being far from that very spot at all. Cheers!
  12. Salk

    K1 Community Patch

    DP, will there be full documentation/source material for each of the new fixes? I would like to steal (😂) integrate a good number of them as part of my own project. I would also recommend considering the revised dialog.tlk from Gimmick5000 as part of the community patch. Once he is ready with it, that is. Thanks for the excellent work!
  13. Oh no, you are not missing any tool, to my knowledge. There is simply no way (again, to my knowledge) to identify which dialog.tlk strings are actually unused. The lines you found inside .dlg files may actually be unused too. There is much cut content in the game. K1R is using an updated dialog.tlk I provided some time ago but I will recommend yours to replace it altogether since it is a vastly superior effort. Actually, if you could just separate the mere fixes (typos) then I believe that version should be part of the Community Patch. Cheers!
  14. No problem, friend. I am impressed so far with the quality of your work. You have my most sincere thanks for it. Sometimes it is a bit hard to figure the right punctuation replacing the overused hyphen and of course there are many VO'ed lines that you have changed a bit and I do understand the reason behind it. I have been struggling myself about doing the same or let them be. Cheers!
  15. Gimmick5000, I am now at line 14000 but I don't seem to be able to download your new 1.01 version. Cheers!
  16. I am taking a very good look to all the wonderfully documented entries. I noticed how you have improved the dialogue making changes to a few lines which unfortunately would no longer match the VOs (ex. "kidnapping" replacing "stealing" or "the entire fate of the galaxy" replaced by "the fate of the entire galaxy"). While I can appreciate how the text itself becomes better, I have myself chosen in such cases to let it go. At 2406 I would suggest a "!" after "worry"- At 2533 there is a typo (at least in the documentation): "to". At 4118 typo ("yo" -> "you") Entry 5346 appears twice. At 6831 the correction is missing. At 18397 "almost" is written twice. At 19195 you change "loathe" to "loathed" but I find the original text to be correct. At 19465 typo: payed -> paid 19543 has a double entry. At 21287 self-righteousness -> self-righteous At 21573 not going risk -> not going to risk At 21808 want leave -> want to leave 24769 should really be 24768 At 24781 "keep" should be changed to "kept" 24832 suggested change: "You think you can cheat me out of my hard-earned credits and live?" At 24833 "settle 400 credits" -> "settle for 400 credits" At 24834 "exited" -> "excited" 24874 suggested change: "Davik plans to make credits off the deathly sick? That's truly despicable." 25149 suggested change: "Sure. Run back to the surface before things get too hot around here, brave soldier." At 25156 "there" -> "here" At 25253 "it's" -> "its" At 25254 "dispicable" -> "despicable" - also suggested change: "Have you always been so self-centered?" At 25280 and 25311 "I'm going" -> "I'm not going" At 26083 "conviced" -> "convinced" and "realtionship" -> "relationship" At 26273 "you" -> "they" At 26497 suggested tweak: "I'd like to see you try and operate that communicator without arms." At 26501 suggested change: remove "Vulkar" At 26523 suggested tweak: "I need information. I suggest you answer my questions before I decide you're more useful to me dead than alive." At 26657 suggested change (the revision doesn't fit in with the dialogue): "You don't seem to understand so I'll make it very simple: the girl, or your life. Now." At 26697 suggested change: "It's nothing personal, but the Vulkars have Bastila and it's easier to get her back directly from them." At 27128 suggested change: "I don't like your face. I can rearrange it for you for free or you can pay up to keep it the way it is." At 27130 suggested change: "[Persuade] I'll leave you alone... but that privilege is going to cost you." At 27177 "theeth" -> "teeth" At 27486 suggested change: "[Force Persuade] You need the business and will gladly waive the landing fee." At 27750 typos "payed" -> "paid", "your" -> "you're" and suggested change: "Listen, you crook: you come up with a fair price or you won't be around to enjoy your large profits." At 27760 suggested change (the revision doesn't fit in with the dialogue): "You have a deal." -> "I will pay the asked price." At 28696 "possible" -> "possibly", "burried" -> "buried" At 29271 suggested change: "I've just slaughtered tens of Sand People warriors. Sweeten the deal and the last thing you learn in your life won't be how easily I could kill you too." At 29805 "of" -> "off" At 30965 "disposed them" -> "disposed of them" At 31180 typo (original) "did really did deceive you" -> "did really deceive you" At 31693 suggested change: "feeling" -> "blow" At 32586 "payed" -> "paid" At 32938 "decypher" -> "decipher" and suggested change: "stowaway. The rudimentary language she speaks, while sounding like Mandalorian, translates into pure gibberish. With some effort, it might be possible to decipher her made-up language. Getting her off the ship by force is also a possibility." At 33303 "wether" -> "whether" At 39304 "het" -> "get" At 39339 "stay" -> "stayed" At 42719 "look up Mika" -> "look him up" At 48872 suggested change: "Leave him alone." At 48980 "to time" -> "no time" I will return with more suggestions/questions as I proceed further. It will take quite some time. Oh and ironically, in your post above, you have misspelled "omitted" *chuckles* Thanks for your invaluable work! Cheers! PS It would have been much easier to be able to download the change-log. Perhaps you can consider allowing for it?
  17. Hello! Excellent! I have myself authored something very similar and I will be glad to go through your change log and see if I have missed some typos. Cheers!
  18. Salk

    Sith Uniform Restoration

    Hello! I have done exactly that in my own unreleased SW: KotOR Upgrade modification where I covered all cases about needing both the Player and Carth to wear Sith Uniforms in order to access the Lower City. If one day it will ever release you might be one to enjot it as it seems you are interested in a vision of the game that is somewhat similar to mine. Currently, I don't intend to release their part separately. I made an exception for the Undercity Encounter and a few other parts of it (mostly tweaks to the Pazaak game and the text corrections to the dialog.tlk file). Cheers!
  19. This is my take. ia_jedirobe_005.tga PMBIC05.tga
  20. Yes, all we have done is change a bit the two main colors and add the Qel-Droma House symbol at the collar of the robe. Again, if you want to take a look at the result, you need but to ask. Cheers!
  21. JCarter426, my wife and I tried to give a more unique look to Qel-Droma's robe (which currently uses a common texture). I think the result is pretty good so if you want to include it in one future version of your modification, please let me know. Cheers!
  22. I have been pestering people in private for help and was trying to get to read some tutorials and someone mentioned Rece's Armor Tutorial but I never found a link for it and the link above is broken. Can someone help? Thanks!
  23. Salk

    Taris Mercenaries

    Here it is. Let me know if it works smoothly for you. Revised Canderous encounter in
  24. Salk

    Taris Mercenaries

    Hello! Strange coincidence. I have just changed that a few days ago so that one only dies and two survive, in accordance to the dialogue (Canderous mentions "boys" plural but also leaving before he loses more of his men). From my change-log: - Tweaked Canderous encounter in the Undercity so that two of his men, as opposed to one, survive the rakghouls attack to preserve dialogue consistency (modified tar04_cand043.dlg, tar04_daviktp41.utc, tar04_daviktp42.utc, k_ptar_cander04.ncs) If you are interested, I can attach a zip file with my modifications to be dumped in your Override folder. You will need a save game where you didn't visit the Undercity yet though.