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  1. Oh no, you are not missing any tool, to my knowledge. There is simply no way (again, to my knowledge) to identify which dialog.tlk strings are actually unused. The lines you found inside .dlg files may actually be unused too. There is much cut content in the game. K1R is using an updated dialog.tlk I provided some time ago but I will recommend yours to replace it altogether since it is a vastly superior effort. Actually, if you could just separate the mere fixes (typos) then I believe that version should be part of the Community Patch. Cheers!
  2. No problem, friend. I am impressed so far with the quality of your work. You have my most sincere thanks for it. Sometimes it is a bit hard to figure the right punctuation replacing the overused hyphen and of course there are many VO'ed lines that you have changed a bit and I do understand the reason behind it. I have been struggling myself about doing the same or let them be. Cheers!
  3. Gimmick5000, I am now at line 14000 but I don't seem to be able to download your new 1.01 version. Cheers!
  4. I am taking a very good look to all the wonderfully documented entries. I noticed how you have improved the dialogue making changes to a few lines which unfortunately would no longer match the VOs (ex. "kidnapping" replacing "stealing" or "the entire fate of the galaxy" replaced by "the fate of the entire galaxy"). While I can appreciate how the text itself becomes better, I have myself chosen in such cases to let it go. At 2406 I would suggest a "!" after "worry"- At 2533 there is a typo (at least in the documentation): "to". At 4118 typo ("yo" -> "you") Entry 5346 appears twice. At 6831 the correction is missing. At 18397 "almost" is written twice. At 19195 you change "loathe" to "loathed" but I find the original text to be correct. At 19465 typo: payed -> paid 19543 has a double entry. At 21287 self-righteousness -> self-righteous At 21573 not going risk -> not going to risk At 21808 want leave -> want to leave I will return with more suggestions/questions as I proceed further. It will take quite some time. Oh and ironically, in your post above, you have misspelled "omitted" *chuckles* Thanks for your invaluable work! Cheers! PS It would have been much easier to be able to download the change-log. Perhaps you can consider allowing for it?
  5. Hello! Excellent! I have myself authored something very similar and I will be glad to go through your change log and see if I have missed some typos. Cheers!
  6. Salk

    Sith Uniform Restoration

    Hello! I have done exactly that in my own unreleased SW: KotOR Upgrade modification where I covered all cases about needing both the Player and Carth to wear Sith Uniforms in order to access the Lower City. If one day it will ever release you might be one to enjot it as it seems you are interested in a vision of the game that is somewhat similar to mine. Currently, I don't intend to release their part separately. I made an exception for the Undercity Encounter and a few other parts of it (mostly tweaks to the Pazaak game and the text corrections to the dialog.tlk file). Cheers!
  7. This is my take. ia_jedirobe_005.tga PMBIC05.tga
  8. Yes, all we have done is change a bit the two main colors and add the Qel-Droma House symbol at the collar of the robe. Again, if you want to take a look at the result, you need but to ask. Cheers!
  9. JCarter426, my wife and I tried to give a more unique look to Qel-Droma's robe (which currently uses a common texture). I think the result is pretty good so if you want to include it in one future version of your modification, please let me know. Cheers!
  10. I have been pestering people in private for help and was trying to get to read some tutorials and someone mentioned Rece's Armor Tutorial but I never found a link for it and the link above is broken. Can someone help? Thanks!
  11. Salk

    Taris Mercenaries

    Here it is. Let me know if it works smoothly for you. Revised Canderous encounter in
  12. Salk

    Taris Mercenaries

    Hello! Strange coincidence. I have just changed that a few days ago so that one only dies and two survive, in accordance to the dialogue (Canderous mentions "boys" plural but also leaving before he loses more of his men). From my change-log: - Tweaked Canderous encounter in the Undercity so that two of his men, as opposed to one, survive the rakghouls attack to preserve dialogue consistency (modified tar04_cand043.dlg, tar04_daviktp41.utc, tar04_daviktp42.utc, k_ptar_cander04.ncs) If you are interested, I can attach a zip file with my modifications to be dumped in your Override folder. You will need a save game where you didn't visit the Undercity yet though.
  13. Hello! From what I understand KotOR would allow me to use the texture created for the Dark_Jedi_Sith_Apprentice (entry 41 in appearance.2da) called N_SithAppren. In my effort to restore Ulic Qel Droma's Mesh Suit I realize that ideally I would use that very model and recolored texture. The problem is: it seems there is no model nor texture for a female. Can someone consider creating one for this particular restoration, if that is even possible at all? The task is well beyond my current (and foreseeable future) skills. Cheers!
  14. Salk

    [Request] Female Sith Apprentice

    Thanks, JCarter426! I am wondering how many hidden gems from DP are scattered all over this Forum... Cheers!
  15. Hello! I'm in the process of restoring this armor (which will be the only one in KotOR to allow for unrestricted Force Powers use) and I would like to ask for opinions about a fitting penalty/restriction (Alignment Restrictions are ruled out though) and 1 or 2 (preferably Force-related) bonus replacing the current overused and dull Fire/Cold ones. Thanks!
  16. Hello again, JDub96. I have thought of Suvam but he has already so many powerful and unique items that adding one more didn't feel particularly appealing to me. I am leaning towards Miak Dorin. He also has some unique things but not as many. Lore wise Suvam does feel more appropriate though. Cheers!
  17. Hello JDub96! Yes, if you are interested in that kind of internal continuity. I preferred to have something unique. Now I have to decide how to introduce it into the game. Hello ebmar! I was thinking exactly along those terms. The original color scheme, honestly, is quite ugly, with the common light leather color used also by the heavy combat suit and a bunch of others (but in my case, I made each armor in the game look slightly different). Cheers!
  18. This is how I recolored the original unused texture for Ulic Qel Droma's Mesh Suit.I am still a bit uncertain about using a dark blue as opposed to black, which was my initial preference. Only, there are already too many black armors in the game. The Armor will give +10 bonus to resist vs Force Powers (which, from what I understand, means it raises the DC for the attacker of 10 points) and has a malus of -2 to saving throws against Dark Side (the armor, as the description says, is "a powerful, if tainted, item").
  19. Thanks for your input, Ragnarök. I have decided that I will want only one bonus (since the fact that this particular Armor won't restrict Force Powers is already a big bonus in itself) and I am leaning towards Force Resistance although I still need to figure out how it works. I like it because it is a more original Armor bonus than the common immunity or regeneration, which are very fine but a bit overused in the game. About the penalty, I am not sure a Dex malus would cut it. Mainly because Armors already limit the max Dex bonus of the wearer. This is a light armor, it is not supposed to hinder movements too much. Cheers!
  20. Hello! While fiddling with item properties via Kotor Tool, I noticed that among the different properties there are Damage Reduction and Damage Resist. Can someone tell me what exactly is the difference? In particular, choosing the first one, there is the possibility of choosing a bonus from 1 to 5 which I am not sure how and when applies. I am also a bit confused by the Improved Force Resistance property (which can be set between 10 to 32 in 2 units intervals). What does this one do? Thanks!
  21. Thanks! I will give it a try. Cheers!
  22. Salk

    MOD:TSL Malak Mouth Fix

    Congratualtions on this new release! I am not much of a TSL player but I am always happy to find new fixes for this game as well. Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work!
  23. Salk

    MOD:[K1] Rakghoul Fiend

    Very nice addition! I like how the Alphas now stand out compared to the others. Keep up the excellent work, my friend!
  24. Salk

    Signs for Tatooine Enterable Buildings

    ebmar, the "embossed" effect is wanted, right? It may look particularly good bump mapped.