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  1. It's weird since I am quite confident that many modders here are using the tool on Windows 10 without needing to go through any extra process. I notice that the version I use is 2.3.2 though so it may be that.
  2. Hi! When you speak about DLG_Edit do you mean the DLG_Editor tool? Because I am using it without any kind of issue on Windows 10. If DLG_edit is another tool please disregard this comment.
  3. This function should return a string but it seems to return an integer instead. // 538: Get the tag of the key that will open the lock on oObject. int GetLockKeyTag(object oObject); I guess that makes it completely useless and unusable?
  4. Hello again. In short, it checks on the distance between the party leader and the henchmen, if there are any, and then if some specific conditions are met, the henchmen jump to the party leader. The condition being several, including checks for no party member being in combat and no "combat zone" nearby, no solo mode activated, and no conversation taking place. The drawbacks are in the execution: 1) I could either choose to make the jump a "cutscene" or not. The first one would make it a bit less jarring but it'd slow down the game pace and the frequency of it would become an annoyance. The second (which I went for) doesn't really pause the game for the jump but rather triggers a short fade out / fade in and a short message when a party member jumps. 2) It may happen that the jumping party member and the party leader get "stuck" against each other (I suppose they "share" the same coordinates or something similar). If that happens, the player needs to switch party leader back and forth and the party members "disentangle" from each other automatically. It is not game breaking and it doesn't happen often but it surely is quite bad. Because of the issues I'd not call it an improvement over the stock game. Of course if somebody more capable than me could work things out to remove those issues then I guess you could say it'd be.
  5. Hi! I have been bothered by this and tried to find a solution to the problem of one party member being left behind (and not only that...) and my current remedy works somewhat fairly but is not perfect. I tweaked both the k_hen_spawn01 (and Canderous's custom version k_hen_candspwn) and the k_hen_heartbt01 scripts to try to accomplish my goal.
  6. Oh right you are. And no, I think it is perfectly reasonable to require that at least K1 CP is installed first.
  7. N-DReW-25, thanks for this new interesting modification. But I think you need to include the .mod files else the TSL Patcher won't be able to make the necessary .utc changes for users that do not have such .mod files already in their /modules folder.
  8. I can but test for possible solutions then. Much appreciated, DP.
  9. Hello! Can someone tell me if any of the function above could be used by an object to return itself? Ex. heartbeat script for one door: void main() { object oDoor = GetNearestObject(OBJECT_TYPE_DOOR, OBJECT_SELF); SignalEvent(oDoor,EventUserDefined(20)); } or void main() { string sDoor = GetTag(OBJECT_SELF) object oDoor = GetNearestObjectByTag(sDoor, OBJECT_SELF); SignalEvent(oDoor,EventUserDefined(20)); } The reason I am investigating this as opposed to simply using OBJECT_SELF is that it seems like doors in one area using the same name and sharing the same script don't identify themselves properly.
  10. Hello! Does anyone know if GetNearestCreature() can be used to detect a dead creature with the CREATURE_TYPE_IS_ALIVE parameter? I am using a UD script for doors to automatically close if there are no creatures within a certain distance but it seems bodies of dead creatures escape the loop. Worth mentioning maybe is the fact that I am using a "body stay" modification as well which may make things more complicated.
  11. Not sure I get what you are saying. I also see no links.
  12. Well, rather then wait for the new version I thought I'd provide some feedback that might be of some use after testing 1.0. Due to the fact that I needed integrating this modification into my own installation I had to manually inject all the TSL Patcher changes so please keep this in mind (i.e. human error on my part is a possibility, despite my best efforts to avoid it by double checking what I was doing). Bastila is facing the Player when she should instead be facing Carth (lev40_bast400.dlg [E54]). The camera's field of view should be adjusted to allow for 4:3 resolution because the way it is now Carth is talking and half of his body is cut out (lev40_bast400.dlg [Camera IDs 100 & 103 - I locally changed their FoV to 75 and 80 respectively and that seems to be good enough). The party cell door is now a forcefield and needs the additional sound added to the .GIT and the addition of the sound off script in the "OnOpen" door field. But honestly I don't even hear the forcefield sound from any of the force fields in the area. Either I am deaf or something is wrong. (Original Issue)I chose Juhani as jail breaker and in her cutscene she attacks a SIth Soldier but the lightsaber is not showing. It activates after she's killed her enemy, making for a rather ludicrous scene. (Original Issue)All three models (Carth, Player, Bastila) inside the torture cages suffer of some weird light issues causing some part of their bodies (ex. Bastila corners of her eyes) to be too bright without any apparent reason. This applies to several body parts but I suspect it is an original issue. (Original Issue) After lifting the force fields via computer, a cutscene starts where Rodians and Sith Soldiers are about to face each other for battle. It is very clumsily done, with the actors scrambling to find their destination before any combat ensues. I suggest a relocation of the waypoints and other minor adjustments to make it smoother. (Original Issue) The recovered equipment will be showing as new items in the inventory but if I remember correctly this is a game engine limitations we can not do anything about. Suggestion: in the lev40_carth.dlg cutscene we never get a nice camera shot showing the whole group standing in the Ebon Hakw's center room. Adding one static camera to do this at a few dialogue junctions would be a good idea. Actually no need to add any, it is enough to use the module's camera 1 at E7. Suggestion: change lev40_torturer.utc's appearance (currently a Sith Soldier) Suggestion: change name for three Sith Soldier originally called "Technician". "Sith Guard" like others in the area would be more correct. Everything went smoothly enough otherwise and I tested using a female protagonist. EDIT: Additional generic observation. Why do the "Force Field" doors even display the Bash icon? It should not be there at all because they shouldn't be destroyable. Enabling the Plot flag might be a solution. And I don't even think that the name "Cell Door" is really appropriate. I locally changed their name to Force Field (string #408).
  13. DP, one curiosity: are you now using Blender for your animating and modeling work?