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    In terms of games, I enjoy RPGs, and I absolutely adore the KOTOR series! If you need any Voice over work done, please shoot me a PM!

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  1. Isn't it ironic that I hate the cold, and yet I really like the Snowtrooper armor from TESB?




  2. Mellowtron11

    Hidden Ebon Hawk Smuggling Compartment

    When you talk to Ratrin Vhek on Nar Shaadaa, he mentions that there were 2 smuggling compartments. There's one in the starboard dormintory and one in the cargo hold. The cargo hold compartment is the one with the Jedi Robe, few credits, a weapon or two, and some pazaak cards. In the vanilla version of KOTOR2, the starboard side compartment that was accessible after talking to Vhek,. But I don't recall seeing the other compartment in the vanilla game. Was this restoration of the cargo hold compartment something that was meant to be restored from the game files, or was this something the TSLRCM crew added in for continuity's sake?
  3. Mellowtron11

    KotOR0022 - Filtered

    Looks way better than the grainy and washed out vanilla texture of the base game.
  4. Mellowtron11

    The Fallen: Redeemed

    Really nice picture of the Grove duel!
  5. Does this retexture look more washed out to you? I wanted to make the Gray Jedi Robe look more 'gray' and not the same as the Dark Jedi Robe in K2. So far this is what I have, although I'll probably have to redo it.




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    2. Mellowtron11


      Thank you Ebmar!

    3. Mellowtron11


      I like the way the reskin is going, but the main thing that is bugging me is the cloth between the neck and the robe. There is almost no texture on that part. See the screenshot below.


    4. ebmar


      Haha, yeah- the collar. Actually guess it'd be a problem at one point but I was assuming that you'll try to live hard with, lol. There're alternatives; such as making its area to black/darker color like we saw earlier with the Handmaiden's robe or 'borrowing' from another robe texture that has details on theirs. Or, if GIMP has a 'texturizer' filter you could actually play around with them [or, you could also draw it by hand to perfectly match the robe design].

  6. Mellowtron11

    Basil Bonehead's Mod Analysis Facility

    I'm sure you'll find something to make a video about. Just take some time off and relax a bit before you do another analysis video.
  7. Mellowtron11

    Korriban Expansion: Modernizing an Older Mod (WIP)

    Hey NewbieModder and Ndix Ur. Forgive the bump but has there been any more luck with the project so far? Any updates coming around soon?
  8. Mellowtron11

    M4-78EP 1.5 Released

    So that's why.... and that's why I wondered why the mod wasn't on 1.4
  9. Mellowtron11


    Whoops, I meant remake!
  10. Mellowtron11


    I think we all knew that this mod would have gotten shut down eventually. Especially when you broadcast everything on an open channel. Ah well.
  11. Pretty nice to add different armors between the NPC's, considering that the mercs and the Militia ought to look a little rag-tag on this backwater planet.
  12. So I was looking through my old copy of Halo 2 and saw in the manual that Kevin Michael Richardson, the actor who voiced Jolee, also played the Brute Chieftain Tartarus. He does a lot of VO work.

    (Random fact- tartarus is also the Greek abyss of torment and suffering.)

    1. Mutilator57


      I also recall him from Avatar: The Last Airbender too; great man!

  13. All these years of playing KOTOR 1 and  I never knew that you could goad Calo Nord into fighting you in the Taris cantina....


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    2. ebmar



      All these years of playing KOTOR 1 and  I never knew that you could goad Calo Nord into fighting you in the Taris cantina....

      In contrast with you; the very first encounter with Calo is me being a dead meat lol.


      It's in a popular youtube video where bosses can't be defeated (1:20mins in)

      Never saw him as a boss really but, he fights hard on Davik's Estate [not until finding out to beat him was actually just thrown all the grenades we have lol].

    3. mrmann


      Just like the sith soldier with the turrets you can fight Calo early but he's artificially difficulty and not intended to be killed. Both he and the sith solider are invincible lol

      funny side story: i remember one time getting the lowercity sith soldier to chase me and fight the hidden beck guard and both of them never took damage. it was jarring to me at the time.

    4. djh269


      And the turrets outside the Tatooine Sand People Enclave, it's the UTIs in the UTCs that have insta-kill properties. 

  14. Mellowtron11

    KotOR & TSL Ramble

    So that's what the stunt modules meant in KOTOR tool....interesting.
  15. Mellowtron11

    K1 Community Patch

    On another note, would this mod be worth adding to the community patch? After all, it does fix a skill inconsistency with the Jedi Classes. You'd have to get darthbdaman's permission of course.