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  1. I might have to mess around with the Jolee UTCs on that file. The Jolee you see fighting the Katarns in the cutscene and the Jolee that enters your party are two different UTC files. I did have an issue with the Katarn Jolee fighting Katarns barehanded when I changed up either his armor or lightsaber. Let me take a look and let me see what I can do. If it is my file, I apologize for the trouble.
  2. Could Mara Jade be returning to Star Wars?


  3. I think some of the puzzles from M4-78 got moved to Nar Shaddaa. Or vice versa.
  4. There are actually 2 situations on Dantooine where having G0-T0 in your party actually works to the player's benefit. Pretty cool to hear little tidbits about the original M4-78 mod. That should be interesting to hear about when the next part of the M4-78 documentary comes out as I have never played the original M4-78 mod.
  5. I think GOTO becomes more sympathetic when you uncover his backstory, but most people don't bring him around on missions anyway so they end up not influencing him enough. He actually has some interesting dialogue interjections on Dantooine and Onderon. To me there is a cool thing about GOTO and that is his voice over by Daran Norris combined with that blend of compression and slight echo effects.
  6. There's always an exception to the rule for any group of people. Perhaps Vorn was one of the few smart Gamorreans. Have you read the middle of the pack X Wing Novels like Wraith Squadron, Iron FIst and Solo Command? In those books, there was an intelligent Gamorrean pilot named Voort SaBinring aka Piggy. He was highly skilled in mathemathics and navigation in addition to being a pilot. In the book X-Wing-Mercy Kill, he retires to become a mathematics professor.
  7. Not sure if this is a bug, but apparently the light side bonuses for companion characters don't take effect for your party's NPC's. I wonder if this was a little feature that forgot to be implemented with the rushed development of K2.
  8. Sorry to bump this thread up, but this video popped up a few days ago with the cut Audio files.
  9. While transitioning on foot to the docks module on Nar shaddaa, these 2 achievements popped up. I don't have any points in computer or repair, as my current Exile is a Jedi Guardian and has a 12 in Intelligence. Heck, I even got the "dancing Queen' Achievement when Kreia boarded the Ebon Hawk on Peragus after the turret shootout.
  10. Apparently there is a variation in the handmaiden and Visas fight on the Exile's alignment. Surprisingly there is a third option for the Exile's neutral alignment that the Handmaiden speaks of.
  11. I wonder if Lucasarts and Obsidian intentionally  modeled G0-T0 after the Imperial Interrogation droid and if G0-T0's yacht was modeled after the Trade Federation control ship.


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    2. Mellowtron11
    3. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      If you really want your mind blown, realize that they made the IT-O droid model from R2-D2 dome molds.

    4. Mellowtron11


      I did not know that! That's so cool!

  12. Wonder if the writers of the Geneva Convention went back and made an addendum that forced repeated viewings of the Star Wars Holiday Special and Batman and Robin would be classified as torture.
  13. You bring a valid point... I never knew what Nihlus was saying when he spoke. I imagine we all came up with ideas of what he was saying. Sometimes it is best if you let the audience use their imaginations, just like what happens to the Jedi Exile post Mandalorian War and pre Dark Wars. As for that link, would that be considered cruel and unusual punishment if you played it to a person on a loop??? Atris would probably think so.
  14. My main question is... what would the holocrons do to her? Overload her mind and cause her to go mad? Can sith holocrons even do that? I iimagine there's some expanded universe lore that has had a similar situation occur.
  15. Lol, you make a very valid point..... then again, I haven't had any run-ins with any Sith Holocrons....yet.....
  16. So after the Jedi Exile defeats Atris, you can either forgive her or leave her at the mercy of the Sith Holocrons. Since she has been humbled by you, do you really think she would willingly take herself into exile? If you leave her to the holocrons, there is a short cutscene that shows her asking the holocrons what the purpose of the Echoes in the Force are for. When she gets her answer, she says, "A beacon? For who?" However, I imagine that she might end up going mad from those same holocrons.
  17. She also can't wear any armor or clothing when you ask her. That was my issue- I kept asking her when she had clothes on. Thanks!
  18. Went to my first world post Telos, and successfully sparred with handmaiden for the first time shortly after arriving at said planet. Talked with her, got battle precognition from her, and got a few more influence gains. However, when I ask her about training without clothes is a little 'exposed', she replies, "Is does not seem to bother you". Isn't there supposed to be a dialogue option where the Exile says, "I disagree. If you don't train while encumbered, you are crippling yourself." Currently level 12 with my Exile, and I'm using the TSLRCM and the most recent M4-78 mod installed for Steam. It's been a while since I played KOTOR2 so forgive this probably easy to answer question.
  19. I think the Exile moved around the outer rim going from job to job. At least that's what the player gathers in talking to Bao Dur about what he did post Mandolorian War.
  20. Seriously, what did the Exile do in while wandering around the outer rim? Work for food, become a laborer, or something else? Star Wars lore never really goes over what the Exile did during this time.
  21. Despite KOTOR2's story being much more gray-er than previous Star Wars games, the game still pushes the whole 'choose either light side or dark side' alignment. Has anyone here ever tried a neutral playthrough in K2? Granted, you probably won't get visas, and you can't get a prestige class (I think). Don't think it would be worth being gray for that game, but it does seem like a more interesting way to play the game as opposed to the regular light side or dark side playthrough.
  22. A pale silver blade goes pretty well with the really pale dark side transition character skins in K2, come to think about it.
  23. Now that Jedi:Fallen Order is out and the saber customization guide videos are out, my inner nerd is coming out to ask this forum a question I wanted to ask for a long time- What type of saber would you want and what color blade? We'll all probably had that fantasy of having our own lightsaber at some point. For me, I would prefer a single bladed green saber. Runner up colors would be Yellow, Blue, and Cyan. If I had to pick a more exotic saber design, I would have to choose a dual bladed saberstaff.
  24. My VO channel on YouTube is finally up. Thanks to Darth Varkor for the edited footage that makes these videos possible!


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      Ebony Moon

      Nice one of Bastila's father.

      What is that glass retexture in the background?

    3. Mellowtron11


      You might have to ask Sith Holocron for that glass retexture. :)


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      Ebony Moon

      Okay, thanks!