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  1. There are a few dialogues here and there I would like to add to, to avoid the cheesier stuff- like "I'm Revan Reborn," or "I am a servant of light" to the Red Rakata. More subdued options would be nice there. Or give an option to not flirt with Bastila at all when playing a male. I might do something like that, really lightweight additions. There is a mod with more tempered responses. I don't think it adds anything, though. There's nothing wrong with richer dialogue, a lot of people like it, it just doesn't work so well with me. I think a lot of people will welcome more dialogue options for KOTOR 1, especially rich dialogue.
  2. I certainly don't think the same way. One of the reasons I love KOTOR is that it doesn't have the extensive "rich dialogue" like other bioware games have. Not everything is spelled out for you like it is in other bioware games- or K2. I am more free to fill in the details and backstory myself, going by nonverbal clues of which are many in the game. After I played Dragon Age Origins I appreciated KOTOR 1 even more, because I get tired of "rich dialogue." Rich dialogue is ultimately too limiting for me. It even feels manipulative of Companion characters- which ironically suits the Exile in K2 who is essentially manipulating Companion characters into becoming Jedi, or to give bonus powers. However, I can never fully immerse myself into roleplaying my Exile as I can my Revan, light side or dark side. There's too much defined for the Exile in many of the dialogue options, which doesn't really reflect my own reactions. KOTOR 1's looser style lets me be more immersed. I know a lot of people prefer a rich dialogue, or having their character more defined for them, but that's a matter of preference, not that a game is shallow because it doesn't have a lot of rich dialogue. If you want to make and release a mod that provides more definition and rich dialogue for the player character, that's great, because I do believe in options and it might encourage more people to play and perhaps mod for KOTOR 1, so I would support it for those aspects. But it doesn't mean the game, or the existing dialogue, however imperfect in other ways, is shallow.
  3. All of these reviewers complaining how slow, how dull, how unoriginal The Mandalorian is. "It's like dozens of other things I've seen before, or all those other shows I've seen. The Mandalorian isn't all that great, give us something better!"

    "What? Tatooine again? Why does Star Wars always have a desert planet?"

    Moon, Mercury, Mars, maybe desert worlds are common?

    We get something that's more like original Star Wars and people want to pick it apart on the grounds that they've seen all of this before.

    "It's too much like Lone Wolf and Cub!" Funny how I didn't even think of that, even as I like Lone Wolf and Cub. Something about Baby Yoda invites a lot of wonder, what mysteries are there behind the child. What is going to happen, what will be revealed later on? What isn't being explicitly said in the show. Where did the child come from? Lucas had never revealed the species or the home world of Yoda's people, let alone why a child would be out in the galaxy and how whoever wants the child dead knows what it is and how.

    These people have seen so much maybe it's because of the over saturation of what they've read and seen before that they are bored with whatever comes out. I've learned years ago if I binge on so many of a kind of movie or kind of book, they all begin to seem the same, rather than have crucial differences. Sometimes taking a break from it, or not reading, seeing, all of the like kind can make a difference. The entire spectrum of sci-fi and fantasy media is so saturated in modern times, we tend to lose the sense of magic and wonder, or just good ole fun, we tend to expect others to serve up something new and original, rather than being more discriminatory in our consumption and appreciate what's already out there. We learn instead to see patterns of tropes as a serious literary study, missing what might not be explicitly spoken or displayed.

    Critique would be good if those who are deep into Mandalorian lore discuss whatever they've changed, or if there are stolen ideas from the EU that Disney officially ignores, but that is mentioned only once in a great while, not even discussed.

  4. Oops, my bad, It's called T3M4 Light Side. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=606223822 There's a red Dark Side version.
  5. Ebony Moon

    Baby Yoda

    A K1 version would be awesome, too, if possible. Maybe find him in Dantooine with Sherruk 😂
  6. Looks like Mungo hasn't been here since 2016. But it would be nice to have some of those old mods re-upped. Like this saber pack, An Extra Starport Visa, and DarthDac's Warpband V2.0, among others from the old Gamefront.. Some of the mod authors don't seem to be around anymore.
  7. I'm looking for version 2 of this mod. I've found version 1 here: https://www.lonebullet.com/maps/download-darthdacs-warpband-knights-of-the-old-republic-map-level-free-56613.htm But it doesn't have all of the features of version 2. If anyone could give me a link, I would appreciate it. TIA.
  8. You could include the grate as an option. As a note, using this in K1, the Ebon Hawk light panels are dimmer than TSL, so the glass will be a bit dimmer and more violet. (Please note this is a test run of the original version of the textures.)
  9. It looks great with my dark sider, I like the blond guy, in black dark jedi knight robes. The silver blade is really striking with him.
  10. Red double lightsaber is my standby in both games when I'm playing dark side. Violet or silver is another favorite. Double bladed, of course. My ds Exile tends to favor the silver double blade. Then in my last play through I discovered the Mantle of the Force, and my light side Revan favors that. But there is a black lightsaber that my ds Revan may prefer, one that I had taken from a mod and customized. I'm also working on a multi-color blade. For the game. Myself, I would go with a double bladed saber with red, black, silver, or violet blade. The violet would favor more of a blue, not the pink in the game.
  11. Had Nar Shaddaa theme music in my head all day long. Yesterday, too. Now uninstalling and reinstalling TSL for a clean start after all of my experiments. Tomorrow it will be a install of a second K1, to have different sets of mods. It's funny how I sometimes want to play the other game when I'm playing k1 or k2.

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      Yeah, this is so true!

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      Wait until you get this snazzy number stuck in your head again: 


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      Ebony Moon

      An entire hour of that, lol!

      Cantina music in Star Wars has always been distinctive. I like the ones in both Kotors.

  12. This. We've seen what happens when a game gets rushed for a deadline. No different for mods.