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  1. Kotor was released first for Xbox months before the PC version, and Xor is human in the Xbox version. The devs most likely intended him to be human. Did they goof up on the PC version? Probably. It's difficult to see him as anything but human given his nature. (Though I favor what fits in game over what devs intended, because sometimes you never know what they intended.)
  2. I think a major point about k1 and k2 the Jedi sometimes don't have the best sense about affairs of state. Look at the Clone Wars. But you would think that a expert Kavar - a master of strategy - to know better.
  3. Basic Forms: Shii-Jo, Makashi, Soresu, Force Channel. Every basic Jedi class learns these at different levels and different order, depending on the class. Advanced: Ataru, Shien, Niman, Juyo. Each leaned at a different order of Jedi Masters found depending on Class. Learned by Guardian, Sentinel, Weapon Master, Marauder, Watchman, Assassin. Each of these classes learn only three of these four forms, depending on their class, and in which order of Jedi Master found. Potency, Affinity, Mastery, learned only by Consular, Jedi Master, Sith Lord. All in the same order as Jedi Masters found. In all, 7 forms are learned by the character, rate and order depending on class. Here's a link for more detail https://strategywiki.org/wiki/Star_Wars_Knights_of_the_Old_Republic_II:_The_Sith_Lords/Forms
  4. Ebony Moon

    HD Kreia Upscale

    Nice work! Now I have a better look at the bands in her hair.
  5. They have a steady glow in both games. But no change in brightness. I just checked the Taris tourist protocol droids, and the Czerka one in the Telos shield.
  6. That would have been hilarious. Especially before the big reveal. Was there a version for K1? Or is it, hey, that's the General!?
  7. LOL, probably never did. You would think with how strong in the Force Revan is, that someone would believe you. Can you imagine, playing the game, suddenly some random person on the street yells, hey, that's Revan!
  8. Very good point. My light side character goes to Korriban second because that's generally when Carth's quest to get Dustil out of there kicks in on Tatoine. My dark side character goes to Korriban second because he wants to see the place, and doesn't want to seem too eager to go the place. Carth's quest is a convenient excuse to go there second. I've tried the Korriban last route once with a dark side character, and the extra dialogue was rather meh. They don't believe you, anyways, plus my character doesn't need to talk about being Revan. He's more focused on getting the job done and getting the Star Forge back.
  9. I feel you, friend. Sometimes every thing seems focused on K2. Fortunately the UNIWS is very easy to install. There's a couple of profiles for K1 for Steam Controller Companion. They are not great, but they are easy to use. Perhaps one day after all my other projects and their learning curves, I will make a much better profile for K1.
  10. I go to Tattoine first because I tend to get Mission's quest to find her brother first. Then while I am there, I get Bastila's quest with her mother, then after completing Tattoine, I get Carth's quest for Korriban.
  11. K1 was the first video game I' ve played. It was so awesome that I played it six months straight. Didn't do anything else besides sleep, go to work. I ended up saving money, lol. I got a 360 later to check out Oblivion.
  12. I got an Xbox and both games second hand, mostly because I was curious about the picture of Nihilus. I played K1 first because my friends were telling me that I should play that one, as I was going to play the second one. I'm glad I did.
  13. Here's an excellent tutorial that explains everything about custom lightsabers. It's helped me a lot in making my own personal tweaks on the 'sabers in my game. Note the part where he speaks about the problem with adding power crystals. Adding it through TSL patcher might overcome that. If you want to make custom animations for the lightsaber blade, his tutorial on txi's gives that information.
  14. After Dantooine, it's Tatooine, Korriban, Kashyyk, and Manaan.
  15. This is discouraging because it deters people from making new mods. Who wants to see their stuff highjacked like this?