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  1. I don't play K2 to the end. I have played the end several times before, light side and dark side. But now I don't/ I find the endgame depressing, because I would rather play Revan, not hearing about Revan- "where Revan wanders now." Don't get me wrong, K2 is a good game. The new companions are good (but not better than K1- they have the advantage of a year's technology to be developed more for more game content) The gameplay and the Jedi class, feats, powers, and skills are great- in all a fun game. Kreia is fascinating and I was "Yes!" when she revealed that she was one of Revan's teachers, if not his original Jedi master. I understand game limits, etc, and what the writers had to work with- and they did a great job in spite of the limitations. But when it come to retcon, and Revan this and Revan that, I'm out. I won't touch swotor because of what they did to Revan. Finish the game! It is interesting to the last.
  2. Found it in my archives. It's called Unlimited Freebies .
  3. This may sound silly but I've spent hours looking for this mod. It removes the limit to how many times you can ask companion characters to create items for you, grenades, computer spikes, etc. I don't remember the title and every google search term or parameter gives generic results. I've even looked through pages on different sites. Does anyone know what mod this is?
  4. That is all I can find on the internet, it's a swtor line,. Either I am getting better at controlling the camera spin, or it does some work. The only other thing I can think of is checking a camera 2da file and learn to edit it. It may or may not have the camera controls that I am looking for.
  5. That would be great! That little upgrade is useful in the very beginning of the game. I'm not sure, I'm really new to this, but I would think that anything in the override folder would take precedence. Yeah, be careful with those storms. We're getting them bad here, too.
  6. Just installed Kotor Tool v1.0.2210.16738. I get an error message each time I open it: Could not retrieve information on the latest version of Kotor Tool. Error: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found. It seems to be working all right, got it to recognize Steam K2 etc. Is this something to be concerned about?
  7. Really like this, but I miss the vibrate cell that is always dropped here in vanilla.
    It was fun beating all the Sith on the Endar Spire with this. Love the retext.
  8. This is downloading empty files. ETA: downloading now!
  9. Adding Controls_CameraRotationSpeed = 0.08 to the swkotor.ini seems to help especially with the uncontrolled spinning of the cam. Thanks to swotor forum that mentioned that.. Also keeping the arrow of the cam in the center of the screen when moving helps a lot too.
  10. The W, A, D keys move too much for me, same with controller, and I can barely control movement, running into walls, or the screen swinging so much from overcompensation. I've turned down the mouse sensitivity all the way down in the gameplay settings, but it's still too much. I've been doing some research and all I could find are posts on .ini settings for SWOTOR, like camera sensitivity-Controls_CameraRotationSpeed =. Is there the same for KOTOR? Looking at the swkotor ini I find Keyboard Camera Deceleration=2000.000000 Keyboard Camera Acceleration=500.000000 Keyboard Camera DPS=200.000000 Mouse Sensitivity=0 Are these the right entries to change? And what values/range should I enter? BTW, this is the same on my Win 8 machine with a steam copy, and on my win 7 with a GOG copy.