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  1. View File Viridian Mantle of the Force & Cyan Heart of the Guardian (Optional Silver Heart of the Guardian) A simple mod I've wanted to do for a while but just learned how to. Replaces the Mantle of the Force's colour with KOTOR 2's Viridian and swaps the Heart of the Guardian's colour for the Mantle/Cyan. Simply place the files into the override. Submitter SovereignXII Submitted 02/18/2020 Category Mods K1R Compatible Yes  
  2. Version 1.3.0


    A simple mod I've wanted to do for a while but just learned how to. Replaces the Mantle of the Force's colour with KOTOR 2's Viridian and swaps the Heart of the Guardian's colour for the Mantle/Cyan. Simply place the files into the override.
  3. Edit: I managed to find it, I'll be uploading the results to the files soon.
  4. That was the mod I was referring to when I said "I've also seen another mod on this site, which adds the extra colours but does other things like create a green/yellow colour for Bastila, gives all the blades animated textures, changes some colours like yellow."
  5. Would it be possible to make a version that just ports over the TSL colours into K1 and adds them to the Dantooine Cave without anything else, like altering the blade textures or adding anything new like Bastila's colours, altering the yellow colour or giving them animated blades?
  6. Is there a mod which adds the extra colours from KOTOR 2 like Viridian, Silver etc. and adds them into KOTOR 1? Maybe adds them to the Dantooine Cave or adds them to Suvam's merchant inventory? I've seen a mod which replaces Mantle of the Force with Viridian. I've also seen another mod on this site, which adds the extra colours but does other things like create a green/yellow colour for Bastila, gives all the blades animated textures, changes some colours like yellow. I'm just looking for a straight conversion of the extra TSL colours to make them available in KOTOR 1 Thanks.
  7. @A Future Pilot The issue I mentioned above about looping messenger sequences seems to have been cause by your mods k_dialog files. I deleted them from the override and the game appears to be working normally again. Edit: I think I am mistaken, I just tried going through their convo's again, and the same looping issue I mentioned above happened still. k_htmd_dialog.dlg k_hlena_dialog.dlg k_hjuh_dialog.dlg k_hhkd_dialog.dlg k_hjagi_dialog.dlg k_hdavin_dialog.dlg k_hcar_dialog.dlg k_hcan_dialog.dlg
  8. I'm having an issue that only started after installing this mod, so I must assume it is responsible for it. Basically the problem is with the messengers that appear for companions. Like Lena and Jagi. Their conversations glitch out and loop. E.g Jagi appeared on Dantooine to challenge Canderous to a duel on Tatooine then he walked off. After the conversation I spoke to Canderous with him saying we had to get to Tatooine so he could kill Jagi. After that convo ended, the screen went black and we were entered into a conversation with Jagi again (he was standing near that Jedi who tells you about the Terentatek) and this conversation was his dialogue on Tatooine 'so you have come and I see you have brought friends' etc. etc. I convinced Jagi not to fight, he 'supposedly' took his own life, and that ended the conversation, I received XP and a journal entry saying Jagi was dead and it has shaken Canderous. I went to where Jagi was in the convo and he was just standing there, I spoke to him and it re-entered the original conversation back outside the Hawk, where Canderous was surprised to see Jagi, and Jagi challenging him to a duel. I went into the Ebon Hawk and Canderous is talking about needing to go to Tatooine to kill Jagi. I haven't gotten there yet so I don't know what effect this will have. Another example with Lena, after I finished the conversation with her. I tried going back to the Ebon Hawk but the screen went black, and the conversation restated. Overall I went though Lena's conversation 3 times before I finally was able to enter the Hawk. Edit: Just wanted to note that I'm not using the K1 restoration mod.
  9. Something I just noticed that I wanted to point out. The problem with the melee weapon going through the thumb on the human male model when dual-wielding, happens to Zaalbar both when dual-wielding and when only holding 1 weapon. Edit: Actually nevermind, this seems to be a vanilla issue with Zaalbar
  10. Background: I've learned how to hex edit sabers so I can swap their colours, so now I KOTOR 1 I can, for example. Take OldFlash's Anakin Hilt which replaces Mantle of the Force, and make it replace the Blue hilt AND change its colour to Blue instead of Cyan. However, I'm attempting to do the same in KOTOR 2, I have OldFlash's TSL hilt replacement pack. It has an Anakin hilt which replaces the Bronze colour. I can edit the blade to make it Blue, BUT. When I rename the files themselves from _007 to _001, the hilt is lacking textures. If I change them back to _007 the texture is back but of course it replaces the Bronze hilt when I'm trying to replace Blue. I haven't encountered this issue in KOTOR1, simply renaming the file makes it replace the corresponding hilt so I'm a little stuck here. I'll keep trying in the mean time, but any insight into why this is happening would be appreciated. Thank you
  11. Edit: Solved most of my issues. Only thing I'm still stuck on is the length of the hilt. Trying to covert Count Dooku's hilt from OldFlash from a Malak Longsaber replacement into a regular Blue blade. I changed the colour but can't change the length... Then with OldFlash's TLS hilt replacement pack. The hilt becomes textureless. I don't think it's a problem with the HEX, but simply renaming the saber fies 007 to 001 to replace blue. It's so confusing.
  12. Got a triple request here. I was wondering if someone could create a mod which reveals maps without having to walk around, similar to what buying the maps from Adum Larp does (for K1 and K2) 2nd: Modify the UI so that those selection circles that appear around character and enemies are removed. (for K1 and K2) 3rd: Is it possible to create a mod which disables the requirement to have the party near you to transition area? The AI pathfinding is so bad, they're always getting stuck on everything and it's driving me crazy. Cheers 😘
  13. I imagine she couldn't cook... all she know is McDonald’s , charge her phone, twerk, be bisexual , eat hot chip & lie. Pretty sure this is canon.
  14. I think my current playthrough is cursed xD I've encountered a few bugs I've never seen before after all these years and I was wondering if anyone else had ever experienced them (and if there are any fixes out there for them too). 1: In the Matale Estate/Courtyard map I experienced and odd glitch. I was exploring, to fill in my Map and as turned the corner and started travelling down the path (the one that leads to the estate's back entrance) I suddenly had my screen go black. Then a loading screen, and then I was back on the previous map I had been to, The Grove. It wasn't an accidental quick load either, for some reason the game just randomly warped me to the prior map while I was walking around. (Is there a mod for KOTOR 1 that removes the black 'Fog of War' from the maps?) 2: During the quest to save Shen from Mr.Matale's estate, I found Rahesha matale running around in the corridors instead of being in her room. I was in combat and when it was over she had the nerve to ask me 'what I was doing here?' xD. Then when I opened Shen's locked door. I think he punched me, or he punched the already unlocked door like he was trying to break it open...(since I didn't take any damage) 3: On Tatooine I wanted to take Mission in with me into the Sand People Enclave, because of Griff. However I forgot and had Bastila with me instead. Well I was in front of the guard who's supposed to stop you and take you to the chieftain. But instead on engaging with that Guard I left the enclave, went far away from the place and swapped Bastila for mission. (my party was now Me, HK-47 and Mission). I made sure to dress her up in sand people clothing, and even gave us both Gaffi sticks for that true Sand People aesthetic. But when I entered the enclave all the sand people were hostile...(Also is there a mod that removes the need to have your party near you in order to go to the next area? Their awful pathfinding is killing my vibes). 4: So this has only been an issue with playing KOTOR on windows 10, rather than just this one playthrough, but Bastila has some dialogue which crackles. Mainly her last 3, after giving her mother back the holocron. So, the one where she speaks to you right after, the one where she tells you how much she likes you ''''''''as a friend''''''' and the last one where she kisses you. They all have audio where it pops, and crackles. So far this issue seems limited to those dialogues and the occasional Lightsaber clash sound. I've tried Hardware and Software audio for this game. I'm running as an Admin, with Fullscreen Optimisations turned off. V-sync On and Compatibility mode Windows XP Service Pack 2 (have tried 3 as well). I am using the Widescreen mod to play it at 1920x1080 resolution. Not a bug: I only found now on this playthrough that the Paaerduag merchant has a pouch on his shelf that you can loot. Also not a bug: Discovered some developer snuck their babies pictures into some of the terminals behind people's desks in the Tatooine buildings (the Swoop Track and Czerka office)
  15. I'm using Windows 10 and the GOG version of the game if that helps.