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  1. I did it lightside and was just given a saber upgrade.
  2. Are you sure? I was watching a video about lightsaber drops and with the TSLRCM Kaevee was the person who gave the part/saber. It was from Dec 2019 so that would be v1.8.5
    The enclave scene, as well as the added scenes after turned the whole section into a work of art.
  3. Fair enough, have to compliment you on this mod though. I just finished my lightside playthrough and the whole enclave scene and the after-scenes where amazing.
  4. Fair enough. If I wanted to edit this so that they appeared in the workbench later, like say, level 15. How would I go about doing that? I assume it's one of the 2da. Files?
  5. @danil-ch I don't know if it's fixable, but when Kreia drains the Jedi Masters' and they're collapsed on the floor, their left sleeve constantly flaps about.
  6. @DeadMan Would it be at all possible to make a version where the requirement to be able to make these on the workbench is the character having completed their own 'build your lightsaber' quest?
  7. Hmm, well I finished Dantooine and the only saber related thing I got was for finishing the planet and talking with Vrook. Also, I don't want to make a separate thread about it so I'll ask here: I loaded the game today, was at Telos where Kreia talks to Atris. the line where Kreia mentioned she was the one who asked for the PC to be exiled in the first place ended prematurely, it was like: Kreia "I was the one who a-" Atris "I did as you asked" I know there's some kinda memory issue with the game than can cause dialogue to start skipping after playing it for a few hours, but this happened near to when I started today. There was also an oddity on Citadel Station - Sith Invasion. I could still select Kreia as a party member?
  8. @Pavijan357 I don't think your Jorran fix works. I have TSLRCM 1.8.5 and your 1.2.3 version of this mod. Removed Kaeve (both components) and Jorran didn't give me a saber part.
  9. Is it given to that female Padawan in the enclave? If so, that's the issue. I use the 'UNOFFICIAL TSLRCM (THE SITH LORDS RESTORATION MODIFICATION) TWEAK PACK version 1.2.3' Specifically the options to remove Kaeve from the mod restoring the original interactions found in vanilla K2. I forget everything from many years ago when I attempted a K2 RCM run, it didn't go far, but I remember her and she felt really out of place. Sigh, I guess I'll have to use a save editor to add a saber. As feedback for TSLRCM. Maybe make restoring everything to do with Kaeve optional or something?
  10. I'm doing my first playthrough of this game with this mod installed and I'm noticing a seemingly reduced amount of sabers/parts. When I saved Jorran from the Dantooine Enclave I opted to buy what he had, but instead of getting a lightsaber part as expected, I was given a slotted upgrade instead. Once I got Disciple I left to go to Nar Shaddaa, I broke into Vogga's stash and got a part there so I was able to build my lightsaber, then I reunited Lootra and his wife and was given a Double-Bladed. But I've finished Nar Shaddaa, met with the Jedi Master and wasn't given another saber? I thought sabers were automatically a reward when finishing a planet? And since Jorran didn't give me a saber part, that means I'm down by 2 sabers (?) when I kinda need (want) them since I've already made everyone a Jedi.
  11. I just found an appearance.2da file from a mod on google that claims to let Atton use the J slot revan robes. Would it be as simple as copying the lines from Party_NPC_Atton from that .2da into mine? Or would be be more involved? Edit: Well I added PMBJ to Atton's 2da section and it seems to work now... xD As for baseitems.2da, taking a look I assume it's the denysubrace section that controls whether Bao-Dur can wear something.
  12. Odd, it has User Limitation: Human in the uti file, so I don't know why he still can. I also have no idea what J slot means, or what I'd exactly need to change in the apperance.2da file. The most I currently know how to do is open the file with Kotor Tool, but what would I do then?
  13. I'm trying to make this mod: compatible with this mod: I seem to have succeeded, both item are now craftable in the workbench and they display just fine on my Female Exile, Disciple, Visas. The GameFront robes don't display on Bao-Dur properly for obvious reasons, but for Atton they also cause his body to become invisible and talking to him crashes the game? I thought he used the regular male body type so I'm a little confused here? p.s How does one go about adding a restriction to an item so Bao-Dur cannot equip it? Regular robe have the Restriction of cannot equip: Bao-Dur, but I can't seem to add that to the robes.
  14. I finished K1 so I started my K2 playthrough, but I can't seem to stop the game from crashing no matter what I do. Sometimes It'll go for hours, other times it's only a few minutes. I had a few crashes on Peragus II while I was exploring. One crash happened once I exited the Droid Control terminal in the mines. Now I'm on Nar Shaddaa and the game keeps crashing. This time I was just walking around near the swoop race area, there isn't any crash window message, the game just basically closes itself. So far I've tried running the game as Admin, Compatibility Mode Win XP Service Pack 2 and 3, disabled fullscreen optimisation. I've disabled Soft Shadow and Frame Buffer Effects and I've tried using in-game v-sync and currently my Nvidia control panel v-sync. I have threaded optimisation turned off in my control panel too. One crash was when the game transitioned into GO-TO's yacht and showed off the bounty hunters. But a google search showed I needed to set Disable Vertex Buffer Objects to =0. I'm on Windows 10 with an Nvidia GTX 1080 and in i7 8700k with 16GB RAM. The game is the GOG copy and as for mods, I have : uniws 1080p patch 1080p UI TSLRCM 1.8.5. UNOFFICIAL TSLRCM (THE SITH LORDS RESTORATION MODIFICATION) TWEAK PACK version 1.2.3 (Only the Kaevee Removal Part 1&2 and original Saedhe's Head components) TSLRCM Hssiss Glitch Restored TSL Jedi Malak Mouth Fix 1.1.0 Revan_Cutscene_K2_102 K2 Masked Revan Star Forge Robe-918-1-0 JC's Supermodel Fix for K2 v1.6 JC's Handmaiden Sisters v2.0 EZ Swoop racing Kotor 2 1080p AI upscaled 60fps Cutscenes Visual_effects remover k2 force power armour restrictions removed k2 Get a Grip Zeison Sha Armour Male Model Fix Harbinger Hull Fixes 1.1 Peragus Administration Level Room Model Fixes Boma Beast Teeth Fix Bounty Hunter Starport Visa Fix 1.1 Ebon Hawk Cockpit Fixes v2.0 JC's Feat Fixes for K2 1.1 JC's Minor Fixes for K2 v.1.5 JC's Shader Fixes for K2 v1.1 JC's VO fixes for K2 MarauderFixPack pchc06 fixed PMHH01 fixed 1.1 Sensor Droids fix Serocco Guard VO Fix Movement Animation Fix
  15. Thank you so much, I was able to find two instances of it being set to 1.0 instead of 0.0. Now it works perfectly. And yes, I believe the hilt is a modified version of SithSpectre's Kylo Ren saber made to look like Jedi Ben Solo's hilt. I just modified the texture that came with this hilt so it looks more film accurate and now I've fixed that weird blue blade issue.
  16. The only reference to a plane I could find was within these lines, but I couldn't see anything that said 1.0. " w_Lghtsbr_098 Dummy01 lshandle01 plane242 plane239 plane241 plane240 E.powered ". Do I change each one, such as plane242 to plane0.0? Edit: So I used MLDOps to get an ascii file, but I don't really know what I'm looking at, I couldn't find anything that said 1.0 w_lghtsbr_001-ascii.mdl
  17. I've been messing around with a saber hilt I'm trying to get right, it's almost the way I need it to be except for a strange issue I can't seem to resolve. When I load my game with that hilt equipped, the beam is this really thin blue line, not visible at every angle. It fixes itself once I ignite the saber but returns again when I load. I assume it's an issue with the .mdl file? I don't have screenshots but I can upload a video of the issue if it helps and I'll attach the mdl file to see if anyone can spot the issue. Thanks for any assistance. Kotor hilt issue.mp4 w_lghtsbr_001.mdl
  18. That's good to know, I'm just glad it's not something only happening to me. If indix UR does tackle it then that'd be great. But at least knowing what causes it is enough of a relief. Apparently it's the widescreen mod, but I can live with it in that case.
  19. On my recent run of Kotor 1 I noticed that the cutscenes for destroying the machinery at the underwater research base on Manaan didn't play. Then at the end when doing the Darkside path, the final cutscene 'The Infinite Fleet' was extremely quiet, after which the credits took place in a tiny window in the corner and my character was standing there on the Unknown Planet idling... Anyone know what's up with this and how to fix it if possible?
  20. Odd, I use the same Deadeye mod, not sure why he doesn't walk off for me, I can just keep initiating the conversation, great for getting lightside points but a bit weird xD I use the same Xor mod too! I just wish I could get a mod which makes Bolook green without touching anything else about that quest.
  21. Yeah, to be honest, while I don't have the CP installed anymore I'm, quite happy with my current setup. The only issues I wish I could get a standalone fix for would be Deadeye Duncan not leaving after speaking to him on Manaan, the restoration mod I use to bring him back is pretty old so I imagine that's the issue with him not leaving. The Bastila thing of course, and also the Sound Dampening issue with the Assassin Droid on Korriban. If I could get fixes for those 3 things my KOTOR setup would be perfection. 👌
  22. The issue I had with the community patch was that companion messengers like Lena, Jagi etc. kept looping their dialogues. I'll paste what I wrote on the mod's comment section and github issues page. "I'm having an issue that only started after installing this mod, so I must assume it is responsible for it. Basically the problem is with the messengers that appear for companions. Like Lena and Jagi. Their conversations glitch out and loop. E.g Jagi appeared on Dantooine to challenge Canderous to a duel on Tatooine then he walked off. After the conversation I spoke to Canderous with him saying we had to get to Tatooine so he could kill Jagi. After that convo ended, the screen went black and we were entered into a conversation with Jagi again (he was standing near that Jedi who tells you about the Terentatek) and this conversation was his dialogue on Tatooine 'so you have come and I see you have brought friends' etc. etc. I convinced Jagi not to fight, he 'supposedly' took his own life, and that ended the conversation, I received XP and a journal entry saying Jagi was dead and it has shaken Canderous. I went to where Jagi was in the convo and he was just standing there, I spoke to him and it re-entered the original conversation back outside the Hawk, where Canderous was surprised to see Jagi, and Jagi challenging him to a duel. I went into the Ebon Hawk and Canderous is talking about needing to go to Tatooine to kill Jagi. I haven't gotten there yet so I don't know what effect this will have. Another example with Lena, after I finished the conversation with her. I tried going back to the Ebon Hawk but the screen went black, and the conversation restated. Overall I went though Lena's conversation 3 times before I finally was able to enter the Hawk. "
  23. @DarthParametric Hi, might I ask what exactly your ebo_bast_vision.dlg file does? I've got another mod which fixes Bastila not giving dialogue for the 4th planet you visit and it uses the same file.