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  1. I checked this and yes, Jorran gave the lightsaber part only if you bought the Jedi items from him in the scavenger camp, otherwise he just gave lightsaber upgrades. Fix for this added in the version 1.2.4. Removed the contradictory line in the version 1.2.4.
  2. Ok, I checked this, and it is indeed caused by reverting of Suulru's dialog. Fix is uploaded in the new version in 1.2.4.
  3. I do not notice that detail. Will check it out next time. This also applies to the @iPlissken from several years ago I rephrased my self in original comment. I know that Kreia is a manipulator and a liar, and I am perfectly aware of Kreia's abilities and the fact that she is able to influence someone while being unseen. The point is that particular line that has been added by TSLRCM goes like this: "I was the one who asked him to be exiled." So it was ASKED, not "influenced" or "suggested". The line implies that she was there as an active participant of the trial, not that she was manipulating people from the shadow (which could MAYBE be possible but it was not what was implied here). That particular line does not fit the story as it is presented in the final form and that is not only my sentiment but the most likely the one of the game developers, who deliberately cut that line, not because of any bug or time constraints (because VO was always there, it would be several seconds of work to activate the line), but for no other reason than because they simply felt that it doesn't make sense... Did you resolve the quest in a Light side or or Dark side way? Because last time I played and killed him I got the lightsaber part . Will check it out soon anyway.
  4. For your TSL Patcher (Individual component installer) version yes, patch isn't needed, but since I'm providing a complete .exe installer version also for those who want it, that still needs the patch because it is just copying the files. I will update the description to mention that.
  5. I don't see those old versions anymore. Everything seems to be fine. Its possible that it was something on my side.
  6. Correct version of 1.2.2 (latest) is already uploaded, and in place. But there are still two versions of 1.2.1. from 2015. Older one should be removed.
  7. I have mistakenly uploaded old version of M4-78EP compatibility patch in the package last night, but have corrected it right now. Can admins please remove duplicated entries from "Previous versions" list (versions 1.2.1 from 23.aug.2015 and 1.2.1 and 1.2.2 from yesterday)? Thank you in advance.
  8. Nope. It was compatible with TSLRCM 1.8.5 version, but just in case I updated the files to that version, so now there's no doubt.
  9. Done. Updated files to TSLRCM 1.8.5 version and changed modular installer to new one improved by Fair Strides.
  10. I really don't see this as a plot hole of any kind. Why would a Sith be at Korriban? Well, why not? Through the SW history powerful Sith have visited Korriban in search of the powerful artifacts or to meditate using dark side nexus there. Sion does not just sit in one room on Malachor , waiting for some Jedi to show up all the time, he probably has something else to do in life (training in dark side, increasing his power, etc.) . It's not like he needs has to have any plot related issue to go everywhere, but that's specially true for that planet. Maybe he even uses academy ruins as a a base of sorts, and travels there regularly... Not everything in universe is is tied to your character. And Vash has gone to Korriban to find some clues about Sith attack and found Sion there, who imprisoned and killed her, as she said in her datapad (clearly without M4-78). No inconsistency whatsoever. Late response but since Tweak Pack was mentioned here it is.
  11. There shouldn't be any. There are no files modified by both of them.
  12. Lines that were removed were those that imply that she was there and that she ASKED for her(him) to be exiled, which, as we find out from Jedi Masters, doesn't make sense in context of the story.
  13. Wow those look really cool! Can you maybe make it so that when you turn them into Jedi, you automatically get the appropriate robe in your inventory? Would make more sense than for Adum Larp to hold the robe made for one person whom he doesn't know.
  14. Of course, Fair Strides, if you're reading this : Thank you, this was helpful beyond measure!