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Found 46 results

  1. Hi everyone, hope were all having a good day I'm super new to modding and modeling in kotor, let alone any game and im trying to make and import a custom lightsaber model into kotor 1. Ive followed a number of youtube tutorials but come up stuck. Ive made my model and saved it as an mdl file, put into kotor etc, then when I whip out the lightsaber it is invisible in game. Im using 3ds max to create a model and kotor tool + mdlops to convert it all to something kotor can read. The main info im going off is in ( Please forgive me if im doing something blindly wrong, I have essentially no idea what i'm doing, Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Wasn't sure where to post this. I decided to play through Kotor 2 again, and for the most part is was smooth sailing. Until I had Visas appear. The fight against Visas went off without a hitch, but afterwards was when the problems started. During the cutscene with Atton looking over Visas in the med bay, Visas's model was replaced by Kreia's. After the cutscene, I go talk to Visas and she's still using Kreia's model. I used KSE to change Visas's model to normal, but when I go back into the game, her model is still Kreia. I looked online and the only tip I could find was that it might be a problem with the Visas Unmasked mod (which I have never had problems with before, by the way; I've done two whole playthroughs with it installed and never had issues with it). I uninstalled Visas Unmasked, and that's when things really went to hell. Whenever I load up a save, the screen is covered up by\zoomed into some random random texture and I can't turn the camera. The minimap and other gui elements are visible, but my character can barely move, or not even move at all depending on the save I load. I reinstalled the mod, but it didn't fix the issue. Is there a way to fix this, or am I gonna have to do a hard reboot of my mods and game? EDIT: Figured out the problem and had to do a clean install. This blog can be removed.
  3. I was changing the levels in which each class gets feats, it does not seem to work. I basically made it so scout gets a feat the first three levels then another every other, and scoundrel gets a feat the first two levels, and then every other. Mission Joins the party at lvl 3, so when she hit level 4 I expected her to get another feat. She however did not. The featgain.2da is located here --> C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\swkotor\override (on my pc). I edited it with the Kotor Tool program and saved it in the mentioned folder. Not sure if party members level up using a different table? or is another file necessary for this to work? Any input is greaty appreciated.
  4. I noticed in nearly all of Jedi Shem L's videos on youtube regarding kotor that he had his lightsabers have specific sounds. He had all lightsabers with their corresponding colors to have different sounds. Every lightsaber that wasn't red had Luke's saber sound and all red had vader's. For a long while I was curious as to how he did it to no avail however DX. I know he released an Ultimate Sound Mod ages ago but that in particular regarding lightsaber sounds are assigned to "lightsaber type" not sound itself. All single blade sabers have ROTJ Vader ignition sound and all short blade sabers have Luke's ROTJ saber ignition sound. I'll link in a video to further add detail for this thread. Thank you much everyone!
  5. I noticed in nearly all of Jedi Shem L's videos on youtube regarding kotor that he had his lightsabers have specific sounds. He had all lightsabers with their corresponding colors to have different sounds. Every lightsaber that wasn't red had Luke's saber sound and all red had vader's. For a long while I was curious as to how he did it to no avail however DX. I know he released an Ultimate Sound Mod ages ago but that in particular regarding lightsaber sounds are assigned to "lightsaber type" not sound itself. All single blade sabers have ROTJ Vader ignition sound and all short blade sabers have Luke's ROTJ saber ignition sound. I'll link in a video to further add detail for this thread. Thank you much everyone!
  6. On the droid planet i have searched the cleaning droid and got the part out of it,spoken to is-43 again and he got t3 back his only dialogue now just says how bad t3 was at his job, the maintenance droid in central sector doesnt give any dialogue options he just says "i dont have it" for some reason and no matter which i speak to i just cant progress :/ i hope you can help its driving me crazy
  7. Hello there, when texturing the Onderon Western Square/Market place one thing stands out: every building is using the same 2 -3 textures. I'd like to get rid of that by assigning different instances for each building - usually, this was possible by renaming each instance (e.g. LEH_wall01 -> JEH_wall01, JEH_wall1a etc.) in a Hex Editor, however, at Onderon it isnt possible. Theres mostly only one texture instance to be found in the mdl. Now, i'd like to know - is there a way to assign more instances to each of those buildings? Example: when editing the 512ondd.mdl theres only one instance of OND_wl05 and it covers the whole area: texture: hex edited area: Do you guys know how to fix this?
  8. Hello! I am extremely new to modding, but I have an idea I want to pursue that I would appreciate any guidance on. The rough outline is to bring a version of TSL’s richer companion interactions to K1. The method would be to equip a custom “hide” item into your companion’s hidden inventory slot when you finish a companion’s relevant optional quest as a buff/reward. This is the same way that HK-47 receives all their buffs from your relevant repair attempts. The goal is to boost the weaker non-jedi characters, while providing some incentive/satisfaction for pursuing their individual storylines. In my own attempt to research this, I have the following basics mapped out: I would need to create new .uti files for the items containing the buffs. I would need to create a script that equips the item in the “hide” slot (or replace an item already there) I need to then attach(?) that script to the dialog or journal event associated with completing the relevant quest I would also need to change/add text to the last dialog entry associated with that quest to explain to players the nature of the boost [ala HK-47’s repair boosts] The relevant characters and quests are: Carth → Finding Dustil Mission → Mission’s brother Canderous → Jagi’s Challenge Zaalbar → Chieftain in Need The boosts would attempt to make each character closer to the utility of jedi in a way that is consistent with the narrative: I am not posting this in the mod requests section because I would like to figure this out on my own. Looking through the mod tools and tutorial sections, there are a few different tools I could use? Which ones are the best for this kind of task? I have tried to get JRLedit and dlg editor, but I can’t seem to get them working on my computer. Am I on the right track? Is any part of this just not going to work? Any guidance or redirect to the right resources would be amazing.
  9. Im trying to retexture Nar Shaddaa's Main area, the Landing Platform, but when adding lights to the NAR_fl08 they look totally dim. They are cubemap based for extra brightness; this worked always so far, but not with NAR_fl08 somehow. I did try Txi commands "blending additive & blending punchthrough" with the same result. At the screenshots you see other cubemap based "lights" textures, which are illuminated correctly for comparison. Do you guys have an idea what causes this & help me out? Any ideas are greatly appreciated!
  10. Hi, coming from the GOG Version i installed the K2 Steam Version today for the first time and i was shocked! Instead of having hi-res crisp 2k/4k textures everything looked a bit blurry like an upscaled low-res render, but thats not all! All shiny cubemap surfaces are gone! Like there are no CM being applied... Is there any workaround to fix that and enable Cubemap + hi-res again? (Graphics settings are on max already) I really hope this issue can be solved and i you guys can help me out on that.
  11. Every time that I equip the armour it just crashes my game without any log afterwards. If I could get some help, that would be fabulous
  12. admission: i'm a n00ber sc00ber when it comes to modding and coding. Here's my predicament: i'm working with a mid 2010 mac running on sierra. some windows mods install correctly with wine and then others give me this message "Error: Unhandled exception: Cannot create file "Z:\Applications\Knights of the Old\Contents\Assets\dialog.tlk". Access denied (0). please help! thanks in advance.
  13. Hi. So the speedrunning community is trying to figure out how a glitch works that we call a "Displaced Loading Zone" (aka DLZ). And I've come here for some help solving this mystery. What is a DLZ? A DLZ is when you're just walking along in the game and suddenly, for no apparent reason, the game loads a different module - as if you had walked into a Loading Zone. Examples: Endar Spire Taris - Sith Base Dantooine Enclave Speedrunner DLZ info doc: What We Know This used to be a very rare occurrence and getting footage of it was even rarer. But as more people streamed the game, we got more and more examples. We eventually got enough info to start some early speculation on how this glitch was occurring. Long story short, we have a basic understanding of the circumstances needed for this glitch to fire. How does a DLZ work? What's Confirmed: A DLZ always occurs when the player is "below" or "south" of the Loading Zone on the map (in the negative Y direction). A DLZ can occur at any Y position below the loading zone, so long as it coincides with the trigger. Z position does not matter Camera facing does not matter Player facing does not matter? Which character is party leader doesn't matter A DLZ can trigger dialogue cutscenes as well as Loading Zones. Some maps in game are turned 90 degrees from the way they are actually oriented in the Toolset (example: Endar Spire - Command Module). If a party member is too far away from the party leader, a "Gather Your Party" dialogue occurs instead of the module transition and the player is placed outside the door at the transabort point. If there are 2 valid destinations above the player when a DLZ is triggered, it will not always go to the nearest one What's Theorized: A DLZ occurs when the player is within range of some sort of trigger or encounter, etc. A DLZ occurs when the player is "East" or "West" of any trigger on the map (in any X direction - not just when inside the trigger) A DLZ is caused because the game checks if the player position matches the Y coordinate of the trigger and the X coordinate of the loading zone. A DLZ cannot cause a player to reach a loading zone that is "East" or "West" of them (in the positive or negative X direction). A DLZ cannot cause a player to reach a loading zone that is "South" of them (in the negative Y direction) If there are 2 valid destinations above the player when a DLZ is triggered, it will always go to the farthest one (highest Y coord) A DLZ only fires when you're aligned at the very edge of the door's loading zone with your X value. Here's an example DLZ from the Endar Spire: Conceptual Semantics: There are various ways of conceptualizing this phenomenon and we often use them interchangeably. Expressing it in these different ways can cause confusion. All of these are conceptually more or less the same, even if it's not exactly how the glitch works. The Loading Zone is brought down to the player - (hence, "Displaced Loading Zone") The player is brought up to the Loading Zone Move along the Y-axis Move up/down from this X point Aligned at this X value Vertical DLZ Matching X coordinate of the Loading Zone and the Y coordinate of the Trigger. Consistent Results - Performing the Glitch at Will We just recently discovered a way to consistently perform the glitch. Up until now, we have been unable to perform the glitch at will. This made studying how it works next to impossible. The method involves continuously walking into a wall while angling left and right to continually pass over the X position where we know the glitch can occur. The Consistency varies wildly. But it's something. In fact, the new Endar Spire DLZ method is so consistent that anyone can do it in, at most, about 10 seconds. It's basically free. Consistent Endar Spire DLZ Finding Various DLZ coordinates - (X position is what matters) So, after trying this method on various DLZ locations, we set about determining precisely what X value needed to be achieved for it to fire. Some DLZ locations were harder to get to work than others. And some seemed to need extremely precise positioning to work. We suspect that there is something to this that we are missing. It appears that sometimes if we are moving too fast or too slow in the X direction, it doesn't happen. So, our current method is to pass over the X point as many times as we can to just hope it fires. Typical DLZ attempt by our most practiced DLZer WHY does a DLZ happen? Seeking the answer to this question is what led me here to make this post. I started combing through the source SCRIPTS of the game to try to understand how triggers and loading zones are handled by the game. It's a big pool to dive into. I can read the scripts well enough. It's all VERY thoroughly commented, which helps a lot. But I can't seem to find the scripts I'm looking for, even when going down an #include rabbit trail. The closest I've come to finding what I'm looking for is coming across the GetEnteringObject() function being used. But I have yet to find the NSS file where it's defined. What I'm looking for: How does the game track player position? How does the game know a player entered a trigger zone? How does the game know a player entered a loading zone? How could the player/loading zone coordinates be getting confused? My theory is something like: in the script, the programmer assumes the Y coordinate for the player is known and only checks to see that the X coord matches. Something like that. If you've read this far, thank you for your time. Any help or insights you could give would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Hi, need a bit help here - basically im trying to assign a custom bumpmap to the game, but it doesnt apply to the texture: for example, when i add the needed txi files to Manaan Hraekert rift groundtexture LMA_ floor01s the bumpmap is not recognised (floor tex = transparent for now to see the bumpmap clearly) So ive downloaded MDLedit v 1.0.9 Beta to edit the model, but ive zero experience with it. the tga & txi structure in override looks like this: LMA_ floor01s.tga LMA_ floor01s.txi ( envmaptexture wateralpha bumpyshinytexture CM_asith bumpmaptexture LMA_floor01sB ) LMA_ floor01sB.tga LMA_ floor01sB.txi ( envmaptexture wateralpha isbumpmap 1 bumpmapscaling 2 ) Im glad for any help you could give me on this!
  15. I'm trying to make this mod: compatible with this mod: I seem to have succeeded, both item are now craftable in the workbench and they display just fine on my Female Exile, Disciple, Visas. The GameFront robes don't display on Bao-Dur properly for obvious reasons, but for Atton they also cause his body to become invisible and talking to him crashes the game? I thought he used the regular male body type so I'm a little confused here? p.s How does one go about adding a restriction to an item so Bao-Dur cannot equip it? Regular robe have the Restriction of cannot equip: Bao-Dur, but I can't seem to add that to the robes.
  16. I just started my kotor play through on pc and when Im'm playing on dantooine or under ground tarris I have mods installed but I don't think thats whats causing them. Also I'm playing off of a disk if that means anything. Info n what causes this or a fix would be appreciated. -Thxs
  17. So I was using the the mod fett style mandolorians for k1 and when I tried taking canderous' armor off it stayed on. So I unistalled the mod but I didn't have the file s backed up so I screwed it up and removed canderous entirely by mistake some how. If you could help me with canderous' base game files or how to fix this it would be much appreciated. I attached the fett style mandolarian mod I was using. Disclaimer (IDK if this is necessary but I dont want to get in trouble) I didn't make this mod or modify it in any way.
  18. Hi everyone! Getting back into kotor modding, and one thing I've wanted to do was improve PMHH02 from tsl into k1, but I couldn't figure it out. So I came here to ask if anyone could 1) port the tsl head (PMHH02) into k1 for me, or 2) give me some tips/point me to a good tutorial. Thanks in advance!
  19. I thought it would be fun to try and make a custom bipedal T3-M4 mod for my playthrough, I was going to RP being a droid nut and freak some of my friends out lol I've modded a few games before (Monster Hunter World, and Mordhau) but, of course Kotor 1 is its own beast. I'm following a few guides, but I'm stuck before I even really began because I can't seem to find T3's .MDL file to edit in the first place! Here is a screenshot of my Kotor Tool. And any advice any of you guys have is appreciated, I'm out of my element haha. Oh and just to be sure, it is possible to change just T3's model right? I was worried that since I can't seem to find him in the party .Mdl's that he had a shared model with the other astromechs, and that any changes to his model would affect them too. I hope that isn't the case.
  20. Very new to using mods i have created a few basic myself but want to get into placebles i have downloaded the whereami armband and have it in game but when i try the whereami command nothing shows up in the message log is there any other way to find my location?
  21. I am copying this from the post I made on the Kotor Subreddit: So I am at the rebuilt Jedi enclave, there have been no game breaking bugs up to this point. The cutscenes start happen normally, the scene with Tobin and Kreia sitting down. But when I walk to the Masters, the cutscenes doesn't start, and I can't talk to any of the Masters. I can talk to Kreia, but then it starts a cutscene where I kill the Masters and Kreia starts the DS dialogue. I haven't tested if this forces the dark side ending to trigger yet, but if it doesn't, I can ignore this bug. The mods I have installed that I think might be interfering are Partyswap and Extended Enclave, but I have the patches for that. I heard that having Force Fashion II and Kreia's Extended Robe mod can cause issues, but they never caused any noticeable trouble in past playthroughs. I use the GOG version of the game, I can't recall the version from memory. From memory I have TSLRCM, high level force powers, SLM, force fashion, full force mod, tomb of azdath n'dul, recruit Atris, Korriban expanded, m4-78, Partyswap, extended enclave, Kreia assorted robes collection, force fashion II, Those are the big ones, then there are the texture mods and a few tweaks on world's other than Dantooine. What could be the issue, and is it possible to use Kotor Tool or a similar program to patch the problem myself? I don't want to reinstall the game, but I will if I have to...
  22. This is the problem I'm having, I have already posted it to Reddit. From what Snigaroo said on the subreddit, it's probably the robe mods that I have installed that seems to have issues with Melee animations. The robe mods I have installed are Force Fashion II and Lore Keeper Robes. I have never had this issue before. My questions now is if I was able to go in and fix the animation issues, how would I do so? I assume I would use KotorTool, but what would be the hypothetical steps I would need to take?
  23. Hey all, I've recently gotten into creating my own mods through the KOTOR tool but I've encountered a problem. I made an armor piece that disguised you as the Sith Masters from Dxun (id Dark_Jedi_Hi_3) I believe but when ever I hover over the item in the inventory my game crashes after a split second. I've attached the file, does anyone see anything that pops out to them as a cause? a_robe_sith.uti
  24. Hi everyone, I installed this female head reskin for PFHC01 and have not managed to get the reskin to show up in place of the original head for PFCH01. I have tried the following: 1. Loaded a previous savegame 2. Checked in the "New Game" menu to see if I had a savegame incompatibility 3. Uninstalled and re-installed the mod through the Override folder. The game has not crashed at any point. I have the original 4-disc retail version of the game. The portrait replacement has worked, so it's not a case of the override folder being ignored. The only other reskin I have installed at the moment is a Bastila reskin, which has worked. Please help? I've got no clue what to do more.