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Found 32 results

  1. Hi, need a bit help here - basically im trying to assign a custom bumpmap to the game, but it doesnt apply to the texture: for example, when i add the needed txi files to Manaan Hraekert rift groundtexture LMA_ floor01s the bumpmap is not recognised (floor tex = transparent for now to see the bumpmap clearly) So ive downloaded MDLedit v 1.0.9 Beta to edit the model, but ive zero experience with it. the tga & txi structure in override looks like this: LMA_ floor01s.tga LMA_ floor01s.txi ( envmaptexture wateralpha bumpyshinytexture CM_asith bumpmaptexture LMA_floor01sB ) LMA_ floor01sB.tga LMA_ floor01sB.txi ( envmaptexture wateralpha isbumpmap 1 bumpmapscaling 2 ) Im glad for any help you could give me on this!
  2. I'm trying to make this mod: compatible with this mod: I seem to have succeeded, both item are now craftable in the workbench and they display just fine on my Female Exile, Disciple, Visas. The GameFront robes don't display on Bao-Dur properly for obvious reasons, but for Atton they also cause his body to become invisible and talking to him crashes the game? I thought he used the regular male body type so I'm a little confused here? p.s How does one go about adding a restriction to an item so Bao-Dur cannot equip it? Regular robe have the Restriction of cannot equip: Bao-Dur, but I can't seem to add that to the robes.
  3. I just started my kotor play through on pc and when Im'm playing on dantooine or under ground tarris I have mods installed but I don't think thats whats causing them. Also I'm playing off of a disk if that means anything. Info n what causes this or a fix would be appreciated. -Thxs
  4. So I was using the the mod fett style mandolorians for k1 and when I tried taking canderous' armor off it stayed on. So I unistalled the mod but I didn't have the file s backed up so I screwed it up and removed canderous entirely by mistake some how. If you could help me with canderous' base game files or how to fix this it would be much appreciated. I attached the fett style mandolarian mod I was using. Disclaimer (IDK if this is necessary but I dont want to get in trouble) I didn't make this mod or modify it in any way.
  5. Hi everyone! Getting back into kotor modding, and one thing I've wanted to do was improve PMHH02 from tsl into k1, but I couldn't figure it out. So I came here to ask if anyone could 1) port the tsl head (PMHH02) into k1 for me, or 2) give me some tips/point me to a good tutorial. Thanks in advance!
  6. I thought it would be fun to try and make a custom bipedal T3-M4 mod for my playthrough, I was going to RP being a droid nut and freak some of my friends out lol I've modded a few games before (Monster Hunter World, and Mordhau) but, of course Kotor 1 is its own beast. I'm following a few guides, but I'm stuck before I even really began because I can't seem to find T3's .MDL file to edit in the first place! Here is a screenshot of my Kotor Tool. And any advice any of you guys have is appreciated, I'm out of my element haha. Oh and just to be sure, it is possible to change just T3's model right? I was worried that since I can't seem to find him in the party .Mdl's that he had a shared model with the other astromechs, and that any changes to his model would affect them too. I hope that isn't the case.
  7. Very new to using mods i have created a few basic myself but want to get into placebles i have downloaded the whereami armband and have it in game but when i try the whereami command nothing shows up in the message log is there any other way to find my location?
  8. I am copying this from the post I made on the Kotor Subreddit: So I am at the rebuilt Jedi enclave, there have been no game breaking bugs up to this point. The cutscenes start happen normally, the scene with Tobin and Kreia sitting down. But when I walk to the Masters, the cutscenes doesn't start, and I can't talk to any of the Masters. I can talk to Kreia, but then it starts a cutscene where I kill the Masters and Kreia starts the DS dialogue. I haven't tested if this forces the dark side ending to trigger yet, but if it doesn't, I can ignore this bug. The mods I have installed that I think might be interfering are Partyswap and Extended Enclave, but I have the patches for that. I heard that having Force Fashion II and Kreia's Extended Robe mod can cause issues, but they never caused any noticeable trouble in past playthroughs. I use the GOG version of the game, I can't recall the version from memory. From memory I have TSLRCM, high level force powers, SLM, force fashion, full force mod, tomb of azdath n'dul, recruit Atris, Korriban expanded, m4-78, Partyswap, extended enclave, Kreia assorted robes collection, force fashion II, Those are the big ones, then there are the texture mods and a few tweaks on world's other than Dantooine. What could be the issue, and is it possible to use Kotor Tool or a similar program to patch the problem myself? I don't want to reinstall the game, but I will if I have to...
  9. This is the problem I'm having, I have already posted it to Reddit. From what Snigaroo said on the subreddit, it's probably the robe mods that I have installed that seems to have issues with Melee animations. The robe mods I have installed are Force Fashion II and Lore Keeper Robes. I have never had this issue before. My questions now is if I was able to go in and fix the animation issues, how would I do so? I assume I would use KotorTool, but what would be the hypothetical steps I would need to take?
  10. Hey all, I've recently gotten into creating my own mods through the KOTOR tool but I've encountered a problem. I made an armor piece that disguised you as the Sith Masters from Dxun (id Dark_Jedi_Hi_3) I believe but when ever I hover over the item in the inventory my game crashes after a split second. I've attached the file, does anyone see anything that pops out to them as a cause? a_robe_sith.uti
  11. Hi everyone, I installed this female head reskin for PFHC01 and have not managed to get the reskin to show up in place of the original head for PFCH01. I have tried the following: 1. Loaded a previous savegame 2. Checked in the "New Game" menu to see if I had a savegame incompatibility 3. Uninstalled and re-installed the mod through the Override folder. The game has not crashed at any point. I have the original 4-disc retail version of the game. The portrait replacement has worked, so it's not a case of the override folder being ignored. The only other reskin I have installed at the moment is a Bastila reskin, which has worked. Please help? I've got no clue what to do more.
  12. A friend of mine recently requested that I make the unused bearded Canderous head a select able PC head in K1 and TSL, I told him that I can't port models to K1 yet due to lack of experience. But that I would happily attempt to get it working in TSL... Welp, that didn't work out well. I extracted the head, it's texture, and all the other files that I needed to extract. I renamed the head to replace the Obi-Wan looking guy. And.... this happened. But hey, despite the fact I unleashed a borderline Lovecraftian horror into the world of Star wars. At least it's progress!
  13. since its may now and that time of the month i decided to make my first kotor 1 modded game play-through pc windows 7 GOG version references from Aezgaroth KotOR Remastered . if you want a more heavy modded build list set i would recommend checking out his Build with more details. my modded build set is basically a lightweight. install order KotOR 1 Restoration 1.2 Brotherhood of Shadow Solomons Revenge Solomons Revenge Patch 1-1 (same page as above) if you come across error i recommend checking Brotherhood of Shadow nexus description to solve error Bendak Bounty Rework and Emblem Armor Compability Patch 1.0 Requires both mods to use patch. check mods description for mods Lightsaber and Force Forms 1.2 Bastila on Korriban - K1R Version 1.0 Hidden Bek Control Room Restoration 1.0 Trandoshans Rescaled for K1 1.0 Get the Other Krayt Dragon Pearl (1.1) Sherruk - Attacks With Lightsabers Sherruk Inventory Patch Place in override Force Power Gain Movie-Style Retextures for Kotor/ TSL (7) High Quality Cockpit Skyboxes 1.0 UniWS Help to change the size of the screen resolution (then use HUD Correction) KotOR High Resolution Menus 1.2 K1 Main Menu Widescreen Fix 1.0 HD UI Menu Pack 1.1 even though its my first time making a mod build list i hope this helps any future readers wanting to use mods for the first time Thanks to both bioware and obsidian for making a great Game AND Huge thanks to all modders out there on deadlystream nexusmods,etc for making these mods possible >Legal: THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT, LUCASARTS, DISNEY OR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE MENTIONED COMPANIES. USE OF THIS FILE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND THE ABOVE MENTIONED COMPANIES OR THE AUTHORS ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THESE FILES. took me days to figure out what i wanted to use.. ill come back if i find any errors or when i finish the game. happy may the four to you all..
  14. Guys and gals, please help me with flawless widescreen for kotor 2. I dunno if i'm being stupid or my pc is being stupid or what. I followed Xuul's guide to the letter, got to the flawless widescreen part. "Awesome" I thought to myself, "I can enjoy kotor in 1080p" alas twas not to be, for when i settled my gaze on the flawless widescreen program looking for that holy grail of a plugin called Kotor II, it could not be found. Yup, zero plugins. Nothing. Nada. How do i fix this? Did i do something wrong? Do i need to install flawless widescreen in the kotor folder? do i need to sacrifice 100 virgin wookies to darth vader? someone please end my misery. tl:dr, installed flawless widescreen as per xuul, no plugins P.S. - Ignore my grammar, i'm at work and not supposed to be using the internets for personal stuff so no proofreading. P.P.S - Windows 7 home professional, core I5 cpu, 8gb ram, GTX 750 Ti Gpu, 4 cd retail version of Kotor II, South african
  15. Does anybody have any experience with photography? Could they give me a few basic pointers regarding how to take solid photos? Or could someone act as a reviewer of the photos I take, and give advice. Reason: What I'm trying to do is, is take a few screenshots of several Custom battles scenes in kotor1 and put them inside a cutscene. Don't worry about which or how, I've got that covered. If you know nothing about photos, but would still be willing to be a reviewer. I would love to get your feedback as well!
  16. Does anyone happen to have a save game that includes the following information: PC just finished 3rd planet, and moving on to the fourth planet. Has not gone to the planet of Manaan, even the landing zone on the planet surface! I need Manaan to be the fourth planet. I'm working on Shanilia Grey Jedi Merchant Mod, and I'm testing out my dlg file. Inside the dlg file are different scripts to check for "availability of node," I want to find out which ones work. Before you ask, I have checked the files in SavedGames forums. It's the third planet for djh269, which has been very helpful, but I require it to be the fourth.
  17. Ok so i tried this mod skins but later i found another which i liked more this one , i thought if i just dropped the files in th override it would replace the former ones from the mod but they somehow combined, i then tried to manually delete the first mod but it did not worked either i still have the combined weird looking armor, any advice?
  18. Any one that's with the Republic on the Ebon Hawk server I need for a Group Flashpoint or two on Friday, I need help earning Credit's because I'm saving up for a stronghold, is anyone interested? I believe I'm level 10 but when the game is done reinstalling I can tell you for sure, I'm a Smuggler/Gunslinger.
  19. Hi if anyone remember's this post from the TSLRCM Support form this means I'm still having this problem. It's still going on and the only mod's I have are TSLRCM 1.8.5 and Party Swap 1.3.1 It was happening before I had party swap, TSLRCM used to work but now this problem is happening and I can't play the game, please help because I'm almost ready to uninstall TSLRCM and play vanilla, I have reinstalled the game 3 time's and the mod 3 time's I'm about ready to give up playing with TSLRCM.
  20. Anyone know how to extract the player heads from kotor 2? I need this Blonde male head. It's called PMHC06 In the file's.
  21. Hello! I'm new to the site and I'm new to modding, I've played kotor 1 and TSL for a few year's and I just got TSL on steam, I've been trying to make custom party member portrait's, I know you need to put them in the override folder but I'm not sure what size they need to be, I also don't know how to convert them to the .TGA format, help from experienced modder's and anyone who know's more about this stuff then me is welcome.
  22. Hi all, I have been searching for hours for a way to decompile the .ncs scripts for kotor 2, I have tried DeNCS but that didn't seem to want to decompile the script files properly. Plus all other ways to decompile that I have tried have not succeeded. I am using the Steam version of TSL and I have Windows 10 if that helps. Thanks in advance
  23. Hello, I have recently acquired KOTOR via Steam, and only a few days ago, I decided to install a couple of mods to enhance the game. I only have three mods, being Space Alex's K1 Enhancement pack (Restored Content) and Invisible head fix, and Weapon remodel/texture fixes by Fallen Guardian and Toasty Fresh. One problem I had immediately was when I was in the Black Vulkar Base, I was unable to access the Sub-level as whenever I attempted to use the security terminal, it would say there was a conversation node error. I had to resort to using a couple of warp codes to advance through the quest, yet I found myself in another rut yesterday. I'm at the Swoop Race track, and every time I get ready for a race, I get a message from someone who was added with the mod, as she would say some details about the Prototype accelerator. After she finishes, the screen would go black, but nothing happens after that. All I'm able to do is click on the screen, and a majority of the time, I end up talking to the race announcer again to plan my race. I tried to use the save editor to advance myself manually to say I won the race, but it didn't work. Is there a way to fix this without having to reinstall the game? Thanks in advance!
  24. I have recently started adding mods to my KotOR TSL game (beyond RCM which I've had for some time). I initially jumped in without reading into it and completely FUBAR'd my game, so I restored local content and created a backup of this once I confirmed it was working fine again. I then took it slowly, and found that the first few mods I integrated used the TSL patcher, and upon testing the game was fine. I created an updated backup of the game at a working point with the mods I had so far installed.* I then went ahead and installed some more mods, some of these explained that they just needed to be dropped into the override folder, which I did with no conflicts in file names. When I loaded the game again, it crashed as soon as I went through a loading door to a new area. (When this happens it boots me back to the title screen and the buttons are unresponsive, I then have to end the process through task manager). If I remove just the files I had added for the mod and load the game again, the issue remains. I then have to delete all the items out of the SWKotOR 2 folder and paste in a copy of the backup for this to work. (Even though the files are exactly the same as if I had removed the mod out myself) This, I have found, only occurs with some files, such as a vibrosword reskin mod and an enhanced beams reskin mod. However other mods such as BaoDur's repulsor reskin also add to the override and cause no issues. Is there a reason for this? *BaoDur's Electromesh Armor 2.0 BaoDur's repuslor reskin Aliens redetailed Thanks in advance
  25. Hi everyone! So as I guess you may be able to tell, I'm fairly new around here and the modding scene / community in general. I have however always wanted to do modding however, I've never had the equipment for it. But I have a computer now and thought "Why not?" However though as I have never created a mod before I have absolutely no idea how to do it and I know that I will have to start very basic, such as a texture mod or maybe a skin mod even. So I was wondering if anyone could help me out on how to do it, what programs would be needed and so forth. So if anyone did have any help that they could give, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.