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  1. Okay, that appear to have worked. The modelling tutorial i watched imported model only, not model+animations and i was exporting it as so. Thanks heaps for that! I spent more hours than I'd like to admit trying to figure that out.
  2. Ok ill give those ideas a go. Not sure if it was implied, but im very new to modelling etc so please excuse me if its an obvious issue. Thanks for your help😄 Ascii is here aswell: w_lghtsbr_002-kotormax.mdl.ascii
  3. Hi all, Ive been trying to troubleshoot modelling a lightsaber in kotor for a fair while now and I cant get the blade to be visible when in game. I have the model linked to all its parents and children in the correct order and the lightsaber itself appears in game, but the blade is invisible. I have tried linking and exporting with both the kotormax interface and the inbuilt 3dsmax interface to no avail. Needless to say im stumped. Ive attatched a screenshot of a standard lightsaber and my design (with blade problem & no texture) in-game. Thanks in advance. Using: 3dsmax 2019, kotormax v0.4.1, kotortool (most recent), MDLOps 1.0.0, kotor steam version
  4. That seems to have worked, but i think my model is too large when i resetXform because this is what i got in-game😂. Thanks for your help JCarter426
  5. Hi everyone, hope were all having a good day I'm super new to modding and modeling in kotor, let alone any game and im trying to make and import a custom lightsaber model into kotor 1. Ive followed a number of youtube tutorials but come up stuck. Ive made my model and saved it as an mdl file, put into kotor etc, then when I whip out the lightsaber it is invisible in game. Im using 3ds max to create a model and kotor tool + mdlops to convert it all to something kotor can read. The main info im going off is in ( Please forgive me if im doing something blindly wrong, I have essentially no idea what i'm doing, Any help would be greatly appreciated.