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  1. i have absolutley no idea why my method works but you can extract my rogue armour.rar into override and edit the appearance.2da how I describe it and it shoudl work- Open appearance.2da from your override folder using 2DA Editor. Make a backup copy of this in case anything goes wrong in your editing. Hit Edit → Filter (or CTRL + F on your keyboard) and type in P_FEM. For all of the visible rows, replace the contents in the modelb column with PFBBS. Replace all contents in the texb column with PFBBS Rogue armour.rar
  2. Thanks, after some texperiments with the Appearence file, it finally works. 😃
  3. Thanks for the incredible help, 😀 But for some reason only the model loads but not the textures, so ingame I get the correct armor but in white without the textures. Any idea what could have caused this, I followed all your instructions. mod.rar
  4. How do I need to rename those files in order for them to replace the sentinel clothing?
  5. OK I managed to fix it myself, by removing all listed files here and installed Telos OTE