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Found 60 results

  1. Hello. I have recently reinstalled KOTOR 1, and was looking to install one of my favourite mods, the Multiple Force Kill and Plague. The problem is when i hit "install mod" it freezes up for a mid second before returning the error "2da tlk and gff file patcher. has stopped working". It doesn't start except for a line that says "Appending strings to TLK file C:\Program Files (x86)\Lucasarts\SWKotor\Dialog.tlk". The weird thing is that if i change the flag "Lookupgamefolder" in changes.ini and point it to KOTOR 2, it works and installs the mod correctly. Now, i've been looking for 3 versions of the mod archive online, on filefront: The first version, that is called "". The second version, that is called "" (the "fixed" version) Another version on Moddb that is called "". All of them if pointed to KOTOR 2 they work, but on KOTOR 1 they freeze and crash. I remember that it used to work years ago on my KOTOR 1 installation. In the description it says conflicting info: My KOTOR installation is a retail CD version. I tried also on a vanilla 1.03 dialog.tlk but it still crashes, tried using compatibility mode, nothing. All other TSLPatcher for KOTOR 1 mods work fine and don't crash, only this one does. Can anyone help out or at least have a version of this mod for KOTOR 1? Thanks.
  2. I know this is the wrong forum but it is the one with the most recent activity. I am currently stuck on my third world Taris-Dant-Korriban.There is an enemy I need to kill the problem is she is invicible. I would take a guess and say the "Robes on sith in korriban" Mod is responsible or reacting badly to K1R maybe. I don't know. Either way I need a way to kill this enemy or atleast alter her code to maybe give her 1 health so I can finally move on. I have tried using KSE to add the insta-kill pistol but It does'nt show up. For some reason my console is on strike aswell even though i have EnableCheats=1 + EnableConsole=1. Any suggestions? P.S - Also while in the market for help. I have moved some saved game files to a fresh install. They work fine when i load them, and Also If i save them I mantain those saves whilst my game is open but then after i close my game I have to go to Appdata/Local etc.. To find the saves as they are not actually overwriting the original saves and If i just opened the game, The saves would be exactly the same as when i copied them over.
  3. SITH'S BLOOD!!!!!!!!! This is a follow up to my previous thread here but I am thinking there HAS to be a way to correct this utilizing the correct damage displayed in the Combat Log report screen, where I discovered the bug many years ago. My prior thread is still on page 1 and addressed the issues of using the Shien lightsaber form, with all of the other Sith Marauder Powers. Since I knew that the current community patch hasn't been able to fix the negative "strength mod" damage bonus from Master Power Attack using the Shien light saber form which when combined with Master Speed and scoring a critical strike gives you X4 damage, I figured I would try another entire playthrough with both Jedi Weapon Master and Sith Marauder and a different approach, hoping to avoid the bug. My thinking was that initially going full Jedi Weapon Master when you reach full Light Side, you get that +3 STR bonus and it would be easier and quicker to naturally, without cheating, to hit the strength mod bonus cap quicker, but Sith Marauder is far superior when it comes to a Strength Stacking build using Master Power Attack to try and discover the biggest Crits possible, which is kinda "my thing". Since the Sith Marauder can use the Credo Robe for +6 Strength and the "Named" Dark Side Crystal once fully upgraded yields an additional +7 Strength, the Jedi Weapon Master actually falls far short compared to the Marauder as the majority of the damage with Master Power Attack comes from your STR, especially on a crit with the x3 or x4 multiplier. So what I did on this playthrough was start with 18 strength, every chance I had to raise an attribute point, it went into strength, then for equipment, used the following strength based gear: Crado Robe (+6 Str), Physical Boost D Package (+3 Str), Dominator Gauntlets (+5 Str), GNS Strength Enhancer Belt (+4 Str) and the my light saber build is: Opila Crystal for the Massive Critical damage boost Named Crystal, Dark Side, Rank 9 (Highest Rank) +7 Str, Ponite Lens Expert Fencing Emitter Ultimate Diatium Energy Cell (screenshot of lightsaber included below) ----------------------------------------------------- I also utilized the mod that is supposed to give you an XP boost for stuff that you kill as it claimed in a full playthrough you can reach level 50? But I 'm thinking combined with the community patch that that is not possible, however, it did aid in me doing an honest playthrough with only mods and I only used the save game editor to grant me a few additional feats so that the main character can get all of the XP from things like mines, unlocking security crates & lockers, repairing droids instead of say Atton or HK-47 and lastly made sure that the witch Kreia was always in the party because I previously failed to pay attention that when she is in your party she has the "Mentor" Feat which gives the entire party an additional 7% XP when she is in the party and it gives an nice additional boost to leveling up. This build is so powerful that my main Jedi hasn't even trained Heal as I found if you force Kreia into "Jedi Support" she'll heal the party and do all sorts of random buffs. So this Dark Side playthrough I knew Shein Form would immediately be broken as once your strength is above a buffed 54, and you score a "crit" of x4 damage, your "strength mod bonus" according to the combat log goes from 124 points of damage to -124 points of damage. I have extensive screenshots of this in my previous thread. So I played entirely with only the Makaski Form which gives a much more modest damage boost of +3 damage and keeps your "crits" on a x3 multiplier with Master Speed compared to the Shein form which boosts it to an x4 crit multiplier. Things were going quite well, I was consistently getting Master Power Attack Crits of 300+ to 350 points of damage with only a x3 multiplier, as I think my previous best with a x4 multiplier was 375 points of damage. But sure enough, once I finished doing all of the evil Dark Side options for Onderon Part 1, I was able to get the last Dark Side Crystal upgrade with +7 Strength, started to solo the stealthed hissa's in the beginning of Korriban and it happened.... With a buffed Strength of 67 you can actually get a Strength bonus of 126 points, but once you get to a buffed Strength of 68, I think it's considered an "overflow" error, your strength mod bonus goes NEGATIVE again, but this time to -127 points. I've included screenshots in this thread to show this unfortunate discovery. My thinking on this is though, the correct damage is actually displayed in the combat log, isn't there some way to pull this data into a "mod" then have the same "mod" that is like an additional overlay on the main screen to display your properly re-calculated critical damage? The other weird thing I've observed is that granted if a foe you kill doesn't have a total amount of health of hit points, the combat log still will display your additional hits but it won't display it in the standard red floating damage numbers when you succeed with an attack or miss. So that is the challenge I would like to pose to the community, to create like an overlay damage mod that properly re-calculates your crits despite the negative strength mod damage and to also show all damage that a single saber strike does, so you can finally see honest and accurate damage numbers? On my present playthrough I am seeing non-critical hits in excess of 135+ points of damage and since I am on Korribon, I don't yet have the Ludo Kresh armband which should give me another +1 Strength and with the boosted XP mod I should be able to get an additional point of Str (or more) for a fully buffed strength of 70 and that is without any cheating. A x3 crit of say 140 damage would be 420 damage with Makashi and Master Speed and using the Shien form with Master Speed would be an x4 crit of an insane 560 points of damage. Imagine actually seeing those sweet red crit numbers via a mod on your main screen! Talk about a much needed attitude adjustment for that over confident Darth Sion! I highly encourage anybody considering another playthrough to check this out and confirm it for yourself. A strength stacking Sith Marauder build, with a double saber and Master Power Attack IS the biggest hitter period, yet, the original game code is seriously leaving the full potential of this build and approach in the realm of the UNKNOWN. Please dear community, consider researching this yourself and throwing this conundrum into your creative modding experience and fulfill my dream for all lovers of KOTOR 2 to know the full potential of build! I know one of you or maybe networking together it can be achieved! For now, I am going to put my main playthrough on hold, do a little more research on Korriban as the Shyrak Cave is a GREAT PLACE to get tons of crits on the winged beasties in there and see if Master Critical Strike and Master Flurry get affected by the "negative strength damage mod" bug as well or not. If I discover anything else, I will of course be back to report! And let me just clarify about my vision for a true combat damage mod as an overlay. What I am thinking is, if you've ever used the program FRAPS for showing FPS, taking screenshots or making videos, Fraps does have a built in overlay for the FPS variable that can be displayed in either of the 4 corners. That is basically what I am visualizing for this mod, to just pull out the damage variables, re-calculate and total them, then have a similar overlay that shows something simple like "True Saber Damage" then a secondary display of the stacked red damage numbers, ideally in the same font as the original code. I think that would be a pretty bad ass idea and I hope it can be done as somebody in my original thread stated that trying to fix the actual damage equation or the damage tables, is hardcoded into the .exe. So doing an overlay approach, I would think, could bypass this restriction. Please let me know what you think! Remember, if you play around with this and get really religious studying Master Power Attack hits you'll also notice that quite often you'll do damage that is reported in the combat log but isn't displayed in the red numbers on the main screen. This potential mod actually kills two birds with one stone, if it possible to do it! Darth Fart
  4. Wasn't sure where to post this. I decided to play through Kotor 2 again, and for the most part is was smooth sailing. Until I had Visas appear. The fight against Visas went off without a hitch, but afterwards was when the problems started. During the cutscene with Atton looking over Visas in the med bay, Visas's model was replaced by Kreia's. After the cutscene, I go talk to Visas and she's still using Kreia's model. I used KSE to change Visas's model to normal, but when I go back into the game, her model is still Kreia. I looked online and the only tip I could find was that it might be a problem with the Visas Unmasked mod (which I have never had problems with before, by the way; I've done two whole playthroughs with it installed and never had issues with it). I uninstalled Visas Unmasked, and that's when things really went to hell. Whenever I load up a save, the screen is covered up by\zoomed into some random random texture and I can't turn the camera. The minimap and other gui elements are visible, but my character can barely move, or not even move at all depending on the save I load. I reinstalled the mod, but it didn't fix the issue. Is there a way to fix this, or am I gonna have to do a hard reboot of my mods and game? EDIT: Figured out the problem and had to do a clean install. This blog can be removed.
  5. Anyone know what causes a runtime error on the steam version of kotor 2, it seems like when download a certain number of mods or a certain patcher mods I run into this error and I tried all the usual fixes found here PC Specs: Processor AMD Ryzen 5 3500 6-Core Processor 3.59 GHz Installed RAM 32.0 GB System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor Windows 11 Home
  6. Anyone know how to fix or can fix (A better Mira) mod by corpsecotillion I really like the mod. but unfortunately it has some bugs. Following these instructions fixes the head mesh issue "The head model expects a file mirahe.tga, make a copy of p_mirah.tga and rename it to mirahe.tga.I believe the name for the body texture is also incorrect, P_MiraA01.tga should be P_MiraA.tga" But even with the headmesh fix the teeth of the model clip through when Mira is talking and it's weird and buggy. Alternative request: Change Mira's default hair to the one in the mod
  7. I just recently finished a modded playthrough of kotor 1 and so I bought the second one last night and was following this guide: I know I made a mistake somewhere because when I booted the game it looked like this I have absouletly no idea how to fix this or what could have caused it, and I thought I may as well try to ask here before I try re-downloading the whole modlist. The only mods I use are the ones in the link I provided. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Hello! Basically, I am going through my second full playghtrough KOTOR 2 (GOG 2.1. version) with TSLRCM (1.8.6), everything looks fine, no problems with it and then this happened when I tried to win a swoop race on Telos... It happened to me like 10 times when I was testing if it isn't just by this startup, controls and camera started to glitch from side to side (via video in attachements, it is kinda "soft" version of what really happened, sometimes you cannot see almost nothing). Is there some way to fix it? I am running game on Windows XP SP 3 compatiblity mode (this fixed my problem with floating swoop). (bug happens around fifth second of the video) swkotor2bug.mp4
  9. Version 1.0


    Fixes a few missed script parameters. Makes Mical's "medic" dialogue available once you learn that he has medical training. Force Fashion II compatible files included.
  10. So I was playing through Telos (and having fun making tree and grass textures with gimp). Made it to the base, Speed boosted through all the droids and the tank. And then during the shuttle scene where everyone is freaking out, I noticed the Pipes along the wall and the floors were pitch black. Finally pinned it down to "LEH_brwall03.tga & LEH_floor05.tga" deleted them. Is there anyway to improve the quality of these textures without causing a blackout? (I am assuming this scene comes from TSLRCM v186). Thanks
  11. I'm currently playing through Nar Shaddaa. Made my way down to the refuge sector and picked up all the LS quests from the hobos. One of them was to rescue some broad's daughter named Adara. I then proceed to head up to the exchange, and slaughter all the orcs guarding her. So I open the door, and not only is she obnoxious but her hair is way out of whack. Well I've seen a lot of posts asking for help, and everyone always wants a mod list so... The Mods_____________ Patches: 1.TSLRCM v186 (DeadlyStream) 2.UNOFFICIAL TSLRCM TWEAK PACK v1.3 (DeadlyStream) 3.M478EP v151 (DeadlyStream) 4.M478EP Fixes v1.0.1 (DeadlyStream) 5.M4-78 Movies Remade V3 (DeadlyStream) 6.KotOR 2 Community Patch v1.5 (DeadlyStream) 7.MarauderFixPack_v1.0.5 (DeadlyStream) 8.JC's Minor Fixes for K2 v1.5 (DeadlyStream) 9.JC's Merchant Inventory Fix for K2 v1.1 (DeadlyStream) 10.JC's Player Soundset Restoration for K2 v1.0 (DeadlyStream) 11.JC's Supermodel Fix for K2 v1.6 (DeadlyStream) 12.K2 Improved Gameplay v2.5 (DeadlyStream) 13.Hide Weapons in Animations v2.0 (NexusMods) 14.Bao Dur Shied Dialogue Restoration v1.1 (DeadlyStream) 15.Bao Dur & Force Fields v1.0.0 (DeadlyStream) 16.Extended Carth Meeting v1.2 (DeadlyStream) 17.Dustil-Restoration-v1.1 (DeadlyStream) 18.Kill The Ithorian v1.1 (DeadlyStream) 19:Power Cost Correction (DeadlyStream) 20:Mining Laser Consistency Fix v1.0 (DeadlyStream) 21:Side Opening Doors on Malachor (DeadlyStream) 22:TSL Ebon Hawk Downloadable Map v1.2.1 (DeadlyStream) 23:Realistic Visual Effects (DeadlyStream) 24:TSL ASPYR+Steam_Fog Shader Patch v1.0 (Reddit) 25:TRANSPARENCY FIX_v1.0 (From "KOTOR 2 UNLIMITED WORLD TEXTURE MOD") (NexusMods) 26:Kinrath Egg Bash Crystal Drop V0.9 (DeadlyStream) 27:Widescreen UI Fix for Knights of the Old Republic 2_v4.1_Steam (DeadlyStream) 28:Thematic Sith Lords v1.0 (DeadlyStream) 29:Full Jedi Council 2.0 (DeadlyStream) 30:HQ Music Update Patch 1.0 (DeadlyStream) 31:KotOR 2 Remastered (AI Upscaled) Cutscenes v1.0 (DeadlyStream) 32:Extended Korriban Arrival 1.2 (DeadlyStream) 33:Extended Enclave (TSLRCM add-on) 2.5.1 (DeadlyStream) 34:Improved AI 2.2 (And Patch) (DeadlyStream) 35:Party Tweaker TSL 1.2 (DeadlyStream) 36:TSL Main Menu Model Fix for Widescreen 1.2 (DeadlyStream) 37:Droid Energized Armor Balance Fix 1.0 (DeadlyStream) 38:Sith Holocron - Replacement Loading Screens for KotOR2_All Parts (DeadlyStream) 39:Kreia's Fall HD cutscene 1.2 (DeadlyStream) 40:AI Upscaled PC And Party Portraits v1.0 (NexusMods) 41:AI Upscaled Icon Overhaul v1.0 (DeadlyStream) 42:Fixed Hologram Models & Admiralty Redux for TSLRCM 1.61+Patch (DeadlyStream) 43:Sith Assassins - With Lightsabers (DeadlyStream) 44:Peragus Sith Troops To Sith Assassins 1.0 (DeadlyStream) 45:Nihilus/Visas scene VO tweak (DeadlyStream) 46:Robe Description Fixes 1.0.1 (DeadlyStream) 47:Bavakar Implant Fix K2 1.0 (DeadlyStream) 48:Missing Door - Jekk Jekk Tarr Tunnels 1.0 (DeadlyStream) Environment: 49:Ultimate Dantooine High Resolution+Patch - TPC (NexusMods) 50:Ultimate Dxun High Resolution - TPC (NexusMods) 51:Ultimate High Resolution Texture Pack - TPC (NexusMods) 52:Ultimate Korriban High Resolution - TPC (NexusMods) 53:Ultimate Malachor V High Resolution - TPC (NexusMods) 54:Ultimate Nar Shaddaa High Resolution - TPC (NexusMods) 55:Ultimate Onderon High Resolution - TPC (NexusMods) 56:TSL Backdrop Improvements v1.4 (DeadlyStream) 57:Khoonda flag fix v1.0 (DeadlyStream) 58:TSL HD Cockpit Skyboxes v3.1 HI-RES_TPC (DeadlyStream) 59:Sith Holocron-TSL Animated Galaxy Map Texture in Canon Positions v1.1 (DeadlyStream) 60:M4-78 New Building Texture v1.0 (DeadlyStream) 61:New Texture of Holocrons in the Telos Secret Academy v1.2 (DeadlyStream) 62:Czerka Sign and Desk Enhancement v1.2 (DeadlyStream) 63:New Sith Academy Holocron v1.0 (NexusMods) 64:[TSL] Animated Computer Panel v2.0 (DeadlyStream) 65:(VERY) ANIMATED SCREENS AND PANELS FOR M4-78 v1.0 (DeadlyStream) 66:Ebon Hawk HD - 4X Upscaled Texture v1.0 (NexusMods) 67:Replacement Peragus II Artwork by Trench v1.0 (DeadlyStream) 68:Animated Ebon Hawk Monitors (not including Galaxy Map) v1.1 (DeadlyStream) 69:High Quality Skyboxes II v2.1 (DeadlyStream) 70:HD Skybox for M4-78 v1.1 (NexusMods) 71:Improved Peragus Asteroid Fields 1.2 (DeadlyStream) 72:Maps HD+Patch v1.0 (NexusMods) 73:Replacement Texture for Lightning on Malachor V1.2 (DeadlyStream) 74:Daemon's Ebon Hawk Re-Skin (Steam) v1.0 (Had to delete LEH_brwall03.tga & LEH_floor05.tga, plus some panel files) (NexusMods) 75:Droid Testing Console Texture Upgrade v1.2 (DeadlyStream) 76:Peragus Large Monitor Adjustment v1.0 (DeadlyStream) 77:[TSL] Swoop Monitors Replacement Pack v1.0 (DeadlyStream) 78:The IceEclipse Power Textures v1.03 (NexusMods) Character Overhauls 79:Re-scaled Trandoshans v1.0 (DeadlyStream) 80:TSL Better Male Twi'lek Heads v1.3.1 (DeadlyStream) 81:Visually Repair HK-47 v1.0.1 (DeadlyStream) 82:TSL Jedi Malak Mouth Fix v1.1 (DeadlyStream) 83:PFHC06 Fix 1.0 (DeadlyStream) 84:JC's Handmaiden Sisters v2.0 (DeadlyStream) 85:Maintenance Officer Realistic Reskin v1.1 (DeadlyStream) 86:TSL Mira Unpoofed v1.0.2 (DeadlyStream) 87:Luxa Hair Fix (DeadlyStream) 88:TSL Head Model Fixes (DeadlyStream) 89:Visas Marr's Robe fix v1.0 (DeadlyStream) 90:Player & Party Underwear v2.0 (DeadlyStream) 91:TSL Thigh-High Boots For Female Twi'lek Body v1.0 (DeadlyStream) 92:PHMC06 Beard and new Dark side Transition v1.0 (DeadlyStream) 93:Better Male Bodies (GameFront) 94:Ultimate Character Overhaul -REDUX- v2.0+Patches 95:Fallen Mandalorians - HD Upscaled Textures V1.0 (NexusMods) 96:Expanded lore friendly Mandalore's mask with matching armor and icons (upscaled high quality textures) v2.0 (DeadlyStream) Appearance.2da? Mdl or Mdx? Heads.2da? I've deleted them all at one point or another to no avail. Any ideas at all would be appreciated.
  12. Im trying to retexture Nar Shaddaa's Main area, the Landing Platform, but when adding lights to the NAR_fl08 they look totally dim. They are cubemap based for extra brightness; this worked always so far, but not with NAR_fl08 somehow. I did try Txi commands "blending additive & blending punchthrough" with the same result. At the screenshots you see other cubemap based "lights" textures, which are illuminated correctly for comparison. Do you guys have an idea what causes this & help me out? Any ideas are greatly appreciated!
  13. Hi, coming from the GOG Version i installed the K2 Steam Version today for the first time and i was shocked! Instead of having hi-res crisp 2k/4k textures everything looked a bit blurry like an upscaled low-res render, but thats not all! All shiny cubemap surfaces are gone! Like there are no CM being applied... Is there any workaround to fix that and enable Cubemap + hi-res again? (Graphics settings are on max already) I really hope this issue can be solved and i you guys can help me out on that.
  14. How common is it for the K1R TSLpatcher to be abruptly denied permission to create a temporary folder in its own directory while in the middle of installation? How common is it for it to be one of the Pazaak Tournament files that sets this off (for me it's always enter_paz.ncs)? And is there a more reliable way around this than "Run as admin until you get lucky"? Second, how common is it for the Black Vulkar Base to softlock in some way or other (usually involving a glitched terminal somewhere along the line)?
  15. I had to reinstall K1R to fix a game-breaking bug in the Black Vulkar base (the Security Panel leading to the Garage Elevator was glitched and impossible to interact with). Because of how K1R works, that means I had to reinstall all the other mods I was using too. One of those mods was Kainzorus Prime's Clone Armors mod: However, the reinstall caused the armors in my possession on my existing save files to hilariously glitch out (they behave normally on a brand-new game started after the reinstall). They now show as one of three random models pulled from elsewhere in the game files (see attached); which model each armor shows as is consistent. Is there any way I can fix the ones I have on the existing files? I've tried stowing them in a container, that didn't work. Not even if I left the area the container was in, savequit, and then loaded and returned. Would deleting them from my inventory with KSE and spawning new ones via cheat console work?
  16. View File Marauder Strict Fix Pack K2 Marauder Strict Fix Pack for KotOR II: TSL Notice that this is NOT the same as Marauder Fix Pack. Version 1.0.0 -Description- A collection of my fixes for items that had wrong descriptions or properties. This differs from my previous Marauder Fix Pack, by not including consistency fixes. New here is that Droid Anatomy Fix is now included and installed by default after it was updated. -Installation- Uses TSLPatcher. Double-click StrictFixPackK2.exe, confirm your choice and tell the installer where the game path is. -Compatibility- If there is something that would conflict, the installer will not overwrite it. Don’t use it with K2CP because they already include most (if not all) of my fixes. Marauder Fix Pack already has these fixes. There’s no need to combine the two. -Permissions- You have permission to alter this mod and redistribute your modified versions. I'm happy for you to repackage it, include it in your own mods, or upload it anywhere you like. I only ask to be mentioned as the original author of the mod. -Credits- Made with Fred Tetra's Kotor Tool Uses TSL Patcher for installing the mod Submitter Marauder Submitted 09/20/2020 Category Mods TSLRCM Compatible Yes  
  17. Version 1.0.0


    Marauder Strict Fix Pack for KotOR II: TSL Notice that this is NOT the same as Marauder Fix Pack. Version 1.0.0 -Description- A collection of my fixes for items that had wrong descriptions or properties. This differs from my previous Marauder Fix Pack, by not including consistency fixes. New here is that Droid Anatomy Fix is now included and installed by default after it was updated. -Installation- Uses TSLPatcher. Double-click StrictFixPackK2.exe, confirm your choice and tell the installer where the game path is. -Compatibility- If there is something that would conflict, the installer will not overwrite it. Don’t use it with K2CP because they already include most (if not all) of my fixes. Marauder Fix Pack already has these fixes. There’s no need to combine the two. -Permissions- You have permission to alter this mod and redistribute your modified versions. I'm happy for you to repackage it, include it in your own mods, or upload it anywhere you like. I only ask to be mentioned as the original author of the mod. -Credits- Made with Fred Tetra's Kotor Tool Uses TSL Patcher for installing the mod
  18. Marauder

    Marauder Fix Pack

    Version 1.0.5


    Marauder Fix Pack for KotOR II: TSL There is a new version 1.0.5, make sure to grab the 1.0.5 version of the zip. -Description- A collection of my fixes to upgrade items that had wrong descriptions or properties. It combines all the fixes I have done for TSL. -Fixes (incomplete list)- Fixed the Mandalorian Chamber Mark III doing 3-17 damage instead of 2-16 as in the description. Barab Ore Ingot now correctly shows 2-12 fire damage in the description instead of 2-16. Targetting Scope Mark I was changed to show that it in fact has a slow effect like the others and not a stun effect. Corrected Ion Cell Mark II to show that it does Ion damage like the others instead of Bludgeoning damage. Birestorative underlay Mark III (u_a_unde_14) was missing the word "upgradeable." at the end of it's description. Hurrikaine Crystal description changed to mention the property On Hit: Knockdown DC 18 which was missing before. Firkrann Crystal changed to show that it does Ion damage vs droids instead of regular Ion damage which was missing before. Various whitespace fixes. Various missing colons after "Massive Criticals". Fix for Ostrine edge not showing the requirements to use it. Added missing return carriage for Solari crystal. Many robes were missing part of their descriptions that mark them as upgradeable. Droid Anatomy Description Fix is now included in main install -Installation- Just double-click MarauderFixPackK2.exe, confirm your choice then tell the installer where the game path is. -Compatibility- For now this is still not compatible with 90SK's TSL Loot & Immersion Upgrade, but this will probably happen in the next point release. This mod will not overwrite anything however, meaning you can safely use it and still get some of the fixes whilst using other mods. -Copying- You have permission to alter this mod and redistribute your modified versions. I'm happy for you to repackage it, include it in your own mods, or upload it anywhere you like. I only ask to be mentioned as the original author of the mod. -Credits- Made with Fred Tetra's Kotor Tool Uses TSL Patcher for installing the mod
  19. Version 1.0.1


    Fixes all robes that weren't marked as upgradeable in their description. This should work universally with TSLRCM, M478-EP and Vanilla TSL, but does not yet work with 90SK's TSL Loot & Immersion Upgrade or anything else it would overwrite. Use it however you want, as usual just throw a mention my way.
  20. Version 1.0.1


    Droid Anatomy Library Fix 1.0.1 for K2 by Marauder Corrects the Droid Anatomy Library not showing it's +1-10 Energy Damage vs Humans. All the bonuses from this utility item only apply when unarmed. This should be interesting for seeing HK-47 rough up some gland-driven meatbags. -Install- Drop d_interface_12.uti into your Override folder. -Copying- Use it however you want, just throw a mention my way.
  21. Alright, so this is my First Playthrough of Brotherhood of Shadow, really it's my first Modded Playthrough of the original Kotor, but after a slow start figuring things out, I've made my way through the game, completed the original brotherhood of Shadow questline no problem, Started Solomons revenge and everything is moving smoothly. Then we get to the korriban Wastes, and things look a little... Odd. It feels like I was missing a lot of textures for Rocky outcropings because a lot of it was seethrough, but it wasn't affecting my ability to play, and it had a cool effect like the darkside was eroding the rock away, but I digress. We enter the temple, and I eventually find myself reliving Revan, Malik and Shadow's Assault on the mandalorian bridge. Again, things are going alright, figuring things out. Feeling smart cuz I got the puzzle with the power converters and the energy shield. Using gernades to blow them up was pretty cool. ANYWAY, I make my way to the next map, I think it was the bridge elevator. Map loads, I open the door, and I'm greeted by 2 droids, 2 small turrets, and at the far end of the room down the halway, 2 blue mandalorians and shortly after 2 yellow mandalorians show up running down the hall. (I'm using colors to hopefully give you an idea of where I'm at cause frankly I have no idea) And I enter the room, and the game crashes. The game always crashes without fail as soon as I aggro the mandalorians (I believe) I've worked out that I can camp in the little spawn room with my teammates and basically lure the droids in to the room to kill them, and wait for the turrets to die from blaster reflection, but the game crashes everytime I seem to aggro the mandalorians. Can anyone help me? Please? I've practically torn my hair out looking for this bug on like 3 different forums and I only found it reported once, with no answer. My Modlist is as follows Kotor 1 Restoration, k1 Force Powers, Fire and Ice HD, Solomons Revenge and Brotherhood of Shadow (I got them both from the combined install) Kotor1 Lightsaber Forms, 1k Skybox Retexture, Weapon Model Overhaul and Highres Lightning. I also have the optional 1k BOSSR addons Any and all help is appreciated
  22. The first mistake I have is that I am trapped in Zez-Kai Ell's room in Nar Shadda after talking to him and agreeing to meet in Dantooine. The exit door is locked and there is no way to open it. I already installed the whereami bracelet and I can equip it, but when I wanna use it it does not appear next to the grenades and the medpacs, but in the menu of my character I have it equipped.
  23. Version 1.0.1


    This mod provides a work-around for those experiencing a problem with the grass on Dantooine where it looks as though the grass is floating from the surface of the plains, and becomes glitchy. I believe you shouldn't have this problem with the latest versions of the game, but I'm making this available anyway. I had suffered from this issue myself and managed to find this 'fix' to the problem. Actually it's not a real fix as only the game developers can do that but you can try this mod to work around the issue. If you suffer from this problem then you can try this mod as an alternative to disabling grass completely whilst you play through Dantooine. What it does is make sure 'fast grass' is turned on for the 'high' graphical preset. The other presets are unaffected because that option is already enabled for them, but many of you will of course want to be able to switch to the 'high' graphics preset. Screenshots have now been included as of revision 1.01. I want to draw your attention to the fact I don't have screenshots of the original issue, but I'm showing how the fast grass setting looks here (just looks slightly shorter to me, if anything). For now here is the mod though and you should only try this fix if you know and have the issue with the grass on Dantooine. You can test if this mod will help you by enabling cheats and then warping to the area in the screenshots: 1. In swkotor.ini under [Game Options] add the line EnableCheats=1 2. Start a new game or load an old save you don't care about 3. Open the cheat console using the ` or ~ key depending on your layout. 4. Type warp danm14aa and hit enter --Compatibility-- As far as I'm aware I'm the only one who uses this file so far and that was with Kotor 2 for my Reduced Graphics Mod. If you're ever asked to overwrite, say no and abort installation for now. --Installation-- Drop videoquality.2da into your Override folder. At minimum do this just before leaving the Jedi Enclave or just before entering the Taris Undercity. Preferably install when starting a new game.
  24. Stuck on the quest where you have to try and deal with the Crazy assassin droid that hates sound in the Tomb of Marko Ragnos on Korriban. No matter what i try, when i get to the door that you have to open, it just wont open (citing the message in the topic title). I've dealt with all the droids, equipped the sound dampener belt, removed both companions and made sure i dont have any other types of stealth belts in my inventory. I dont have any files which modify that module (or at least as far as i know) so i just dont know whats going on. I've reloaded my save outside the tomb maybe 6-7 times now and its getting quite frustrating. Im wondering if there are any globals (numerical or boolean) that i can change in KSE to force the door to open or to force a certain outcome of the quest if that failed.