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  1. I know this is the wrong forum but it is the one with the most recent activity. I am currently stuck on my third world Taris-Dant-Korriban.There is an enemy I need to kill the problem is she is invicible. I would take a guess and say the "Robes on sith in korriban" Mod is responsible or reacting badly to K1R maybe. I don't know. Either way I need a way to kill this enemy or atleast alter her code to maybe give her 1 health so I can finally move on. I have tried using KSE to add the insta-kill pistol but It does'nt show up. For some reason my console is on strike aswell even though i have EnableCheats=1 + EnableConsole=1. Any suggestions? P.S - Also while in the market for help. I have moved some saved game files to a fresh install. They work fine when i load them, and Also If i save them I mantain those saves whilst my game is open but then after i close my game I have to go to Appdata/Local etc.. To find the saves as they are not actually overwriting the original saves and If i just opened the game, The saves would be exactly the same as when i copied them over.
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