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  1. Well, he was stated to be a Mandalorian War veteran and Jedi Master before becoming Sith. So...probably he had a lightsaber still , even if it's the old version that he used while in the order-doubt he would dispose of a usefull weapon. My headcanon is that he may have kept the governor in charge of Taris with promise of giving him lightsaber, while Kalatosh himself went to lead he search party on Bastilla, probably due to being more adept in possibly sensing her presence and being most suitable candidate to actually beat her and capture the Jedi with Battle Meditation. My guess is that he would be around Lower City area or even the sewers , seeing that some of the pods went down there as also hearing that some gangs had a base in sewers , probably thinking that he could track Bastilla's movement there. Which would also lead to us showing fake papers while we meet without her to fake a rescue party for his troops or bounty hunter group that could trick him into following certain direction.Hell, we may even trick him into following Rukiil and others to Promised Land ,since lorewise they do get to the place.
  2. Tried mixing this mod with K1 Legends mods like Selven (which already buffs her by giving her access to medpacs to heal , improved attacks and shield ,plus gives her a starter with a stun grenade and better weapons and gear ) - I had to basically run in circles with Carth to shoot her while main chased her to give melee damage for like 5 minutes under mando shields and stamina/strength and alacricity adrenals and damn-that was a freaking rollercoaster XD
  3. Shay Ordo

    Stunbaton HD

    Nice mod once again...though...the shape of stun baton is questionable XD
  4. Apparently, the mod may have an issue with
  5. Sorry , tbh I'm a bit of a dumb person with all that modding stuff and how to work around all that stuff and forgot how the whole pinging works bad...
  6. Good day again , I am trying to use a certain combination of mods and wanted to know if that mix I have planned for the game would work well together (Since Diverse galaxy mod is on the list) mod combination is - (actually works well even when installed before Diverse galaxy mod ) (would require to be installed after any npc changing mods and K1 "Legends mod collection made by @ebmar) Multiple @Dark Hopemods like HD Malak , Sith Apprentices, Darth Bandon , Droids , animated shields and so on (would also require to be installed after Diverse Galaxy and @ebmar Legends mods , since the HD Protocol droids may cause a conflict with janice nall mod ) (since og gamefront mod version got corrupted - have to use alternative sites with the same masked Star Forge and Darth Revan mod) would that mod combo work together?
  7. Marl from Arena on Upper Taris for some reason has now a female voice during combat (in terms of shouting and reacting to damage)
  8. May I ask how to use the converter patch for 1.2.2 version? I'm afraid i am kinda dumb and don't want to emss anything in proccess.
  9. Shay Ordo

    Jolee Bindo HD

    would like to request heads as well
  10. During base installation I always get this line when installing Diverse Galaxy mod Error: No instruction section found for file tar03_blackv038.utc, skipp I have installed only stuff like male sith archeologist ,Queedle fix, Community patch and Community patch tweak tweak mods with last two being installed first
  11. After trying to deal with a certain Lightsaber pack mod which aditionally allowed to create sabers , I had ran into a trouble, causing me to delete the saber pack and find out now that workbench for some reason is completely unable to modify a thing and cannot see any of the items used for modding gear...does anyone have a default workbench files to use or any advice on how I can fix the issue without deleting the game and restarting it all from a new begining?