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  1. I have eventually worked on this myself. However I haven't been able to finish it yet. I have a lot going on right now but I might be able to finish the mod this summer.
  2. If no one else picked this up, I'll make the hilt. I went ahead and did the basic modelling, which is almost done. This is actually a nice opportunity for me to learn about texturing.
  3. It's basically a cartoony pajama version of the TSL robes IMO. I don't think the aliens look too much out of placem, maybe it's the textures giving you this impression?
  4. Hey everyone! Back in late summer I made this thread as I needed help porting Toshi's Luke Jedi Robes model from Jedi Academy. Well, I kind of dropped the project for a while because of school but I really want to get this done soon, preferably before Christmas. The mod is actually near completion, but I wanted to make this seriously and so I took it a step further. Here's the progress so far : The original model has been scaled and reshaped where needed be, I used the hands from the PMBAM model as that method would make it easier for the skinning process. Speaking of which, skinning is done, or at least to at satisfactory level: there seems to be a fine line between looking good and OHMYGODWHYWOULDITBENDLIKETHAT. So there's still a bit of stretching going on in certain animations, but overall I think I wouldn't be able to make it much better. I also created an alternative robe item using textures from another mod (but I do think it needs some tweaks) Naturally, I used the only unoccupied spot for the item (PMBJM) and created two quick items with descriptions. Those are, however, kind of uninspired so if you have any ideas, feel free to throw them in. Here's the cool part. I wanted this mod to feel complete and that couldn't be possible if there was no female version for this. So I went ahead and completely remodeled the robes to fit the base female body model from TSL in Blender. It was finicky, tedious and frustrating, because I suck. But I came through, as you can see: I haven't finished the skinning process for the female model yet. So that's it for now. I still don't quite know how to put these items into the world though, so I might need a bit of help on that matter further down the line. This is my very first attempt at modding and there has been a steeeep learning curve to get here. I should add that I have complete permissions from the original authors of those files, I can provide screenshots if requested. Oh and as the title suggests, I have a few other ideas for models once this will be done, but I prefer to focus on the task at hand for now.
  5. Sorry for double posting. So, I couldn't get that technique to work so I took the time to redo the skinning, everything seems fine now : Well, except for the textures. I really don't understand how those things work. Basically, the model is using 3 textures, "body.tga" for the jumpsuit, "tunic.tga" for the tunic over the jumpsuit and "pmbama01.tga" for the hands (I used PMBAMA's hands instead of adapting the hands that came with the model as it seemed easier). I'm kinda lost as to what I have to do now to get it to work. I'm uploading hereby an updated archive with the .max file, the .mdl files (for KOTOR II) and a .mdl.ascii ready to be imported in Max/3DS Max as well as the aforementioned textures. I really could use help on this phase with the textures. Luke_ROTJ_02.rar
  6. Thanks, from a noob perspective it sounds complicated but I'll give it a try!
  7. Well I guess worst case scenario is redoing the whole skinning part then.. Though I'd appreciate an alternative if someone has one to offer.
  8. Well, I found the issue: Resetting Xform basically messed up my entire skinning: So I'm probably doing it wrong, until now I basically selected everything included under PMBAM and hit the "Reset X Form" button. I don't know the correct way to do it though. Thanks, I'll try out those things and report back.
  9. Well I'm pretty clueless. I got work tomorrow so it's time for me to sleep. I attaching my Max file hereby as well as the textures if anyone wants to take a look in the meantime (don't judge my stuff too harsh, it's my first time doing anything real on 3d programs) Luke_Max_File.rar
  10. Well I imported the exported ascii file again in 3DS Max and I don't see any displacement I have tried a bunch of things but nothing helpful so far (such as welding possible vertices and such). I did take a look at the Sanity Check Log file, here it is what I got during my last exporting : Aside from the whole lot of welds checks on the bones, there's a few lines that might be related to my problem: The rotation controller for "Torso" is not linear: 'Euler_XYZ' 'Controllers on Keys' Check failed. Checking node LArm Node "LArm" has a scale that is not 1 'Zero orld Scale' Check failed. The rotation controller for "RArm" is not linear: 'Euler_XYZ' 'Controllers on Keys' Check failed I don't know what those mean unfortunately
  11. Progress! I used a bunch of those features from my previous reply such as Reset XForm after having selected everything and after compiling I got this: So the animations work and it has the right size. However I still don't have working textures and the arms are seperated of the Torso. But I'm getting close!
  12. Thanks for your help. I used your method with both MDLOps and MDLEdit (using the hotfix), both time I got this in game: I also used the "Use game units" tip you gave, doesn't seem to have had any effects I think Just to be sure, do I have to use any of the Kotormax features before exporting (like Reset XForm, Scalewizard, etc) or do anything to the "hierarchy"? Right now, here's how it looks like:
  13. I used Blender for the first part of the porting, being the reshaping of things like the shoulders or arms so they're closer to the ones typically found in KOTOR body models. For everything else, I did use 3DS Max. It's the program I'm using right now while trying to export it. How should I change those units then and to what? As for the compiling, I'm confused as to how it works (I'm a newbie). Just to see, I tried compiling with MDLEdit but the program crashes as soon as I load the exported .mdl.ascii file
  14. Well, I did scale the model to match the one from KOTOR beforehand. That was actually the first thing I did: As for the animations I actually deleted everything I found here:
  15. Well I must be doing something horribly wrong, when I try to export with the one under OdysseyBase, I get the following message: Once I've converted it, here is what it looks like ingame : Horrible. I then proceeded to delete the animations I had imported for the skinning, and here's what I got. Obviously it's way too small, also it just remains it in T-pose, animations don't work (I assume because I've deleted them sigh). Also, the texture is still from the one from the PMBAM model, even though I placed the correct one in the Override folder.. What is the exact step by step process to export a model? I must have the basics of it completely wrong.