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  1. Alright then, I'll see how it goes with the all-in-one models.
  2. Ah I see. So, in that case, would I also have the head as a separate model for all the other body models?
  3. Not sure if I follow. Would that happen as well with the method you described above?
  4. Alright, I see. I was thinking about using that supermodel for the skirt anyway so that method is welcome. I've played a bit more with the robe and found something I like better: I think the short sleeves work better with the Jedi warrior concept. The idea is that the "naked" appearance will be default. So both as companion and when she's at the Grove. I'll add the cloaked version as an alternative redeemed appearance.
  5. Damn, wish you'd told me sooner. Jokes aside, adding a cloak is actually a smart idea. After about 30 minutes reshaping, here's what it looks like: Not bad honestly. Think I'll create a new, more silk-like texture for the cloak since I want to give it a lighter feel than the default one does.
  6. The textures are almost complete. Here are a few screens of the finished product. I still have to draw her necklace though. I've also been tweaking the head a bit more. I've also added some geometry to the eyelids objects to give her some eyelashes. The eye texture was also modified a bit to look a bit more human-like. And I've created her extra-long lightsaber from the concept. So pretty good progress overall. Off to skinning now and putting everything in game nicely.
  7. Juhani Appearance Overhaul - coming soon to your Override folders.


    1. ebmar


      It looks promising! :cheers:

  8. Good to know. It is just a trimesh though. The head still follows the exact same structure as the original.
  9. Wonderful, thank you. I managed to get it to look good. I'll tweak it further when I get to the skinning of the head.
  10. That's not an issue. Basically my workflow is: modelling and texturing in Blender -> export in .fbx -> skinning in 3DS Max. I did check that tool out yesterday very quickly. But what made me scratch my head is the "Edit constraints" button (original Juhani head): I assume those yellow boxes outline the constraints for the dangling of the ponytail. However, how are they generated? By simply setting up a Flex modifier (let's say I set up one that is identical to the original ponytail for the modified one) or are there additional steps?
  11. Thank you! I appreciate it. Actually, everything below the waist are textures that haven't been worked on yet. So the pants, skirt and boots are just solid colors that I set ealry on to have a general feel of the end result. I'm working my way down from the top, getting the armor-y part of it right was crucial. I very much plan on adding the necklace, based on your feedback I'll try drawing it around the seam of her neck. Yep, I took a look at a few female heads that feature ponytails. Haven't figured out how to parameter the Flex modifier to get the same result quite yet though.
  12. Good idea. I'll look into that once I'm done with the textures. Speaking of which, I finally managed to paint some textures that ressemble Kotor's art style: Once I finished painting it, a quick pixellisation filter on Photoshop should give it a nice final retro game touch. Also, I'll sprinkle it with just a bit of noise. I have been quite busy these past couple days. I started working on a new project that I had in mind for almost a year since I stumbled on this incredible piece of art by Corbin Hunter. I've contacted the author via Reddit and got his permission to bring his art to game. Here's what I've been toying with: I've finished the basic modelling. The upper torso has been ripped from Juhani's underwear model and painted over in order to remove the underwear textures (the result is very convincing). I've also started texturing the new outfit. The torso/abdomen part is quite detailed so that's gonna take a while to get to look right, but I'm optimistic. You may notice the head is quite a bit different as well: It's crazy the difference a couple eyebrows can make. And a decent haircut, because I don't know what Bioware was thinking when they made.. whatever this is. Feedback is welcome. I'm afraid she might look too angry, so I might lift her eyebrows a bit to make her look more friendlier.
  13. Does anyone have any tutorials or recommended software (other than PS) for creating textures with the same style the Kotor games have? I'm creating textures for a new robes model but I struggle to get the same look as the existing in-game models.

  14. Ah I didn’t see those, thanks. So yeah, I’ll try to copy the way the crystal is handled by Kreia over to T3. In my case, 5 robes levels would bring it to 25 UTIs. I’ll also take a moment to look the stats of the crystals in details in order to ensure the player won’t end up being OP but while still making it worthwhile to wear the robes other than just the looks. I want to keep it somewhat realistic as well, i.e. giving them a strength would be goofy. They are robes, not an exosuit or whatnot.
  15. That’s exactly it. I found this handy article that details each single crystal and their buffs (section VI). The crystal can be take on 9 levels and there are also 5 alignment levels that determine its stats, making a grand total of 45 different crystals. I took a look at the items in Kotor tool but there were only 5 <FullName>’s Crystal, one for each alignment level. I assume this means the crystal’s level is handled via a script.