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    Cool. Looking forward to when it comes out!
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    Sarna recruitment?
  3. Oh good, I'm not the only one who has that one.
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    Yummy, tasty jedi!
  5. What mod are you using for the dialogue?
  6. Many thanks for the clarifications! I'll let the thread know if it worked! Huh, that's actually never been an issue for me, but thanks for the heads-up.
  7. Ok, just to make sure I understood it correctly: first, talk to Shadow about the particular battle of the Mando Wars, complete the ensuing quest, then talk about everything else she has to offer. And only then enter the new Dreshdae modules. Is that right? Couple of questions: does it matter where I talk to her, as long as it isn't the new modules? And does this also fix the issue for when I've completed BOSSR and have to go back through the tunnels? Either way, I'll try out the proposed solutions once I get to BOSSR and let you guys know if it worked.
  8. Carth was aware of the Exile's presence on the Harbinger, yes. I think (this is purely speculation on my part) that this was part of Revan's orders between K1 and TSL. I don't think Kreia had been stripped of the Force, although I could be wrong about that. I think that restoring the Exiles connection was actually semi-intentional, although the resulting bond may well have been an accidental biproduct there. And Kreia's ultimate plan was the death of the Force, which is something she saw the potential in with the Exile. Basically, kill a forcesensitive Exile = kill the Force. Failing that, Mass Shadow Generator on Malachor V. (At least, that's how I understand this mess). Dunno about the gamefiles, though. Maybe someone else can answer that?
  9. I've been having the same problem for ages. Does anyone have an idea as to what causes this?
  10. The way I understand the chain of events, it happened as follows: The Ebon Hawk got attacked by a Sith Warship manned by Sion and his assassins, possibly because it carried Kreia (this is just speculation, though). The Harbinger with the Exile and the HK-50 on board detected it and moved to intercept. The Harbinger later tractored in the Hawk and searched the Warship, where they found Sion's 'corpse', but nothing else. However, the assassins decided to board the Harbinger, abandoning the Warship, where they started sabotaging stuff, probably in order to get to Kreia and eventually found out about the Exile. However, at around the same time, either Kreia or the HK-50 (not entirely sure, haven't played the game in a while) incapacitated the Exile and moved him/her onto the Hawk in order to escape Sion and company. T3 was probably still on board and most likely was the one who locked the HK-50 in the cargo hold. After detaching, the Ebon Hawk attempted to escape the scene, and the Harbinger, now under control of Sion, opened fire, which led to the Hawk being damaged, and presumably Kreia being injured. T3 later managed to get the Hawk to Peragus, where the HK-50 got out of his compartment, at which point the main plot begins.