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  1. Hmm. Carth and the Captain of the Harbinger have a conversation that seems to imply that Carth is aware of The Exile's presence on the ship. Atris had leaked word that The Exile had returned to Republic space, yes? So Sion, Carth, and Kreia were all looking for The Exile just prior to the game start. Still; what was Kreia's plan? The Exile had been stripped of the Force (as had she, right?). How was The Exile supposed to stop the Sith Triumvirate in that condition? Back to Malachor. What do the game files reveal of the sequence of events that was supposed to happen after The Battle of Telos?
  2. Wait a minute. The HK-50 from the Harbinger was locked in the same room on the Hawk as HK-47 yes? That is weird too. How did he get locked in? By whom? T3? The Hawk is under attack by a Sith warship right? The Harbinger detects this and moves to intercept, yes? Sion is on the Sith warship right? So Sion was looking for Kreia and not the Exile???!!??!? Wow. What a terrible decision by LucasArts.
  3. Everything is too %^&*! dark. What is it with the aversion of modern filmakers to colour?! I am glad Paul actually looks like the teenager he is supposed to be. Jason Mamoa as Duncan???!! Are you kidding me.? Terrible. Would have preferred another mini-series to a theatrical film to be honest. We will see.
  4. Thanks for the replies folks. It leads to further questions of course! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I take it Lorna Vash was not supposed to be found dead? Korriban feels extremely short too. Then there is the Droid Planet (I haven't read too much about it or played the mod). Also, why did Mandalore not want the Republic to suspect that they were on the Ravager? How did the Force Bond between Kreia and The Exile break? Did it break? Who blasted HK-47 to pieces and how did Droid Merchants get parts for him!!?? I am still not completely clear about the sequence of events that lead to Kreia being on the Hawk in the beginning of the game. The game feels quite rushed after you finish Nar Shaada; the Restored Content mod actually makes this more apparent. I love the mod of course.
  5. I mean it is very weird. Dialogue on the Ravager seems to indicate that The Exile was not supposed to accompany Mandalore and Visas. How did Kreia and Handmaiden get back to Telos? How did HK and Bao-Dur go to the HK Factory without anyone noticing? And Malachor?!?! How did the Hawk get fixed? Why was the party separated? Thoughts?
  6. Amazing work Jorak. Have not played the original KOTOR in over a decade (I'm a TSL guy ๐Ÿ˜), but I simply must do so once this mod is ready to go!
  7. Love the idea, but I get a CTD when I install the final repair part. Text indicates that the repair happens, then HK vanishes and I CTD. I can avoid the CTD by quickly bypassing the text. When I do this the camera pans back into the overhead view and I get a fade to black that never goes away, even though I can still access the game menu. I run a lot of mods, but not other HK mods that I am aware of. ๐Ÿคจ