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  1. Kexikus

    MOD:K1 Ported Alien VO Replacements

    Just wanted to say that I love the idea for this mod and will use it in my future playthroughs. Thanks a lot! Makes me also wonder if we could get some other better VOs from SWTOR. Could be worth investigating.
  2. Kexikus

    [WIP] High quality skyboxes

    More progress: I was originally going to do Nar Shaddaa next but my idea of getting the buildings from SWTOR proved more complicated than expected/hoped. So instead I worked some more on Dxun. I remade big parts of its landscape, added bushes etc. There's still a lot to do but here's what I have: Then I also started working on Malachor. That one turned out really well so far. The clouds are still very much a placeholder but the terrain is pretty close to being done. The green glow on the ground comes from my attempts of having a low fog that's lit from below. That's partially working but the ground glowing green is an unintended sideeffect that's maybe impossible to get rid of. In that case I'll have to find another solution or just skip the green glow from below *insert spooky music here*
  3. Kexikus

    [WIP] Recruit Dark Side Juhani

    Uhm, what? No progress, sorry. The last thing I did with the mod was to send it out to my testers. They tested it and provided very helpful feedback but I have not yet implemented any of it. I haven't forgotten about the mod, it's just not on top of my priority list right now.
  4. Why don't you just extract the entire swpc_tex_tpa.erf? That should contain 99+% of all textures. And you can extract that with the "Extract Entire ERF" button in KotOR Tool. That should even give you the .tpc files and not convert them to .tga. Btw, maybe I just misunderstood you but just to clarify: A model (i.e. .mdl file) does not contain textures. It only has references to textures and KotOR Tool can use them to extract those textures from the .erf archive while exporting the model to ease your workflow.
  5. Not a lot as I never worked with creating new modules. I know that missing textures don't matter while missing models crash the game (maybe not always though). The game stores the .txi information inside its textures, that is, in the .tpc as ebmar mentioned. It's only when using the converted .tga files that you need the extra .txi file to keep this information. I'm not 100% sure about how KotOR Tool handles txi information when doing batch extraction (as I assume you did that). I know that it shows the txi information when you use it to open (not extract!) a texture. And since the batch extraction gives you .tpcs IIRC, the information should also still be there. But depending on how you continued from there, the information might no longer be there.
  6. The transparent textures are most likely due to missing .txi files.
  7. Kexikus

    [WIP] High quality skyboxes

    I know that this was Obsidians intention but I honestly think that it looks terrible, which is why I changed it. But if you don't like it, you'll be able to easily change it back by removing a few files from the Override.
  8. Kexikus

    [WIP] High quality skyboxes

    There's nothing fancy about it. I just copied the mesh from another module (Upper City South), positioned it in my Davik's Estate scene in 3ds Max and linked it to the skybox odysseybase. And since I'm lazy, I took a building mesh that already has a proper lightmap so I didn't have to add that one either. In other news: I now consider the skybox part of Taris final. I will probably go back and tweak the lightmaps some more in the future but that will be only tiny changes. And to celebrate this milestone there is the obligatory render: I also went back to the very first skybox I made when restarting this project almost two years ago: The Telos Polar Plateau. There was always something bothering me about its snow in particular, but that's now fixed. The trick was to get rid of the fancy snow shader (which had among other effects an actual displacement for piled up snow) and replace it with a very simple color shader instead. Then I lightened up the rock color to better match the ingame terrain and the skybox was done. Afterwards I just had to fix up the model and while doing that, I also added a skybox to the academy hangar similar to DarthParametrics standalone mod. And even though it's not exactly spectacular, here's a standalone render of that skybox:
  9. Kexikus

    [WIP] High quality skyboxes

    You are absolutely right about that. The colours were still a bit off and Bioware's lighting on Taris is terrible^^ So I continued iterating over the lightmap for my 2d buildings and also the lightmaps for the 3d buildings to get everything to blend together. Once I was happy with that, I enabled all the clouds in TG and rendered the skybox again. That changed the lighting of the skybox so there was a mismatch once again. That meant tweaking the skybox lighting to get it closer to where it was before, followed by tweaking the lightmaps again. And finally, I rerendered the 2d buildings with more contrast and a better cubemap. Here's the result of all that: Much better if you ask me. What's left now is to rerender the cubemap (used both when rendering the backdrop buildings and ingame for reflections) at a higher resolution and then maybe do some additional tweaking. More importantly, I still need to do the same thing (changing all the lightmaps) for the Upper City South. But I'm getting there I also noticed that I had forgotten about one skybox when going through all the models and fixing them: Davik's Estate. That was changed and Davik has a nice view from his hangar now. I decided not to add additional backdrop buildings here since I figured that his estate was probably expensive and should thus stand a little more separated from the rest of the buildings.
  10. Kexikus

    Cubemap orientation

    Thank you very much for your help. I had it flipped in my head, just like you said. But I was now able to figure it out. Thanks
  11. Kexikus

    Suulru Vanilla Questline

    Yeay, first
  12. Kexikus

    Cubemap orientation

    May I ask how you tested this? The reason why I'm wondering is that judging by Darth_Sapiens examples the order would be different: Let's say that 3 is north or front, then 4 and 2 would be switched in your order (5 and 6 are flipped by 180° here). I tried both versions ingame (these are for sky reflections on Taris buildings) but it's really hard to tell whether or not the reflections are accurate. Maybe that's also due to a misunderstanding on my side about how cubemaps for reflections work.
  13. Kexikus

    Suulru Vanilla Questline

    The TSLRCM Tweak pack has an option to do that:
  14. I'm currently trying to figure out cubemaps. The conversion from a simple folded cube to KotORs format is okay. But I'm now wondering how the cubemap is "oriented" in space. Up and down are obvious but which side is "facing" north? Any help here would be very welcome