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  1. Ah okay. I didn't even notice those and I have no idea what they're supposed to be either.
  2. Thanks for the praise. I'm glad you like it. As for your question, I honestly don't know which smoke you are referring to. I can't see any smoke in either the vanilla nor my skyboxes except for on the polar plateau.
  3. Here they are! The comparison gallery for the TSL release is ready. Have fun looking through those pictures:
  4. Thanks for looking into it. I still have no idea why it happens only in this one module but at least it seems to be consistent for everyone who has this issue. I've attached a possible fix to this post. Could you extract the two files into your Override and see if the issue is fixed? @mackmitchell94 Could you check as well?
  5. Hmm, you're the second person to report this glitch. Does it happen in every Taris module or only in some? Also, what's your OS and GPU?
  6. The only one that could be causing that is K1 extremely realistic visuals. Could you check if apart from LTS_bsky01.tpc which should be in your Override, there's also LTS_bsky01.tga or .txi? If so delete those and see if it helps. I doubt it because it works in the other modules but you never know.
  7. Sorry, I mistyped the second model. It should be m02ab_02l
  8. Well, I would guess that this is somehow related to using a laptop GPU. Kotor is known to have issues with those. I have no idea how that would happen though, especially in only a single area. You could check that the m02ab_sky and m02ab_01l models are in your Override. There should be .mdl and .mdx files for both of those. Maybe they got corrupted somehow but I doubt it.
  9. That makes sense. While I like the yellow windows I can see why you would prefer the old ones. And I definitely see your point about them lacking variation in my case. I did intentionally make them quite dense/small to convey a better sense of scale but I might have overdone that a little. Right now I don't feel like doing that (slightly burned out on skyboxes) but I might actually look into improving that in the future. Since it's only a backdrop texture that is much easier than changing an entire skybox. No promises though.
  10. Glad to hear that I was able to convince you on that end Well, I just disagree here. IMO the mountains fit Dantooine's landscape very well, but that's of course up to personal taste. I want to note however, that those mountains were also present in the original release. I think I changed their position and the big one that bothers you was probably farther away before but the mountains themselves are not new. As I said before, that's also personal taste and I do think that my textures are a vast improvement over the vanilla look in every regard. I have no idea what you're trying to show on those pictures however. Could you elaborate on that? The mdl and mdx files are replacements of the skybox models. I can't remember how terrible the vanilla Manaan skybox model is but I would assume that without those models you will get very ugly seams when using my new textures, so I would highly recommend using them. The only exception would be the docking bay where I also edited the backdrop planes which you don't want to use. So there you'll have to decide what to do. As for the underwater scene. I get why you feel that my skybox there is too bright compared to vanilla but the colors are almost exactly the same in V1 and V2. The biggest difference is that the new one has better lightrays and works when looking up whereas the old one was seriously broken there. So I don't get why you would continue using V1 in that case at all. Anyway, thanks for the review. I'm glad you like the things you do like and I hope you'll like the TSL version just as much if not even better.
  11. Thanks! I only changed fog values. So SunFogOn, SunFogNear, SunFogFar and SunFogColor. Correct me if I am wrong but so far I have not come across a single mod that edits .are files except for this one. That is why I did not set up an installer but if that assessment is wrong, let me know and I will provide a TSLPatcher installation.
  12. It is finally done! After about three and a half years, High Quality Skyboxes II for K1 is finally out! You can find dozens of new screenshots by following the link above and I highly recommend that you upgrade if you are using the old version of my mod. There's also a video showcase here: Now that the K1 skyboxes are out I will start getting the TSL skyboxes ready for release. The first step for that will be to take screenshots so the answer to your question is "hopefully soon".
  13. After about three and a half years it's finally done: High Quality Skyboxes II is out! You can find dozens of screenshots as well as a video showcase in the original post of this thread. I highly recommend you upgrade to this new and very much improved version of the mod.
  14. You are using TSLRCM+M4-78EP from the workshop, right? The patch doesn't work with that!