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  1. Kexikus

    MOD:[K1] Animated Swoop Screen [TSLPort]

    What's the resolution per frame here? Maybe you can just reduce that as those screens are pretty small ingame anyway.
  2. Kexikus

    Chodo and Lorso Conditionals

    The difference in the script is that it uses GetGlobalBoolean instead of GetGlobalNumber. The latter just won't find a boolean so it can't check for its value. The generic script for that would be c_glob_bool_set. With that you don't need the number parameter in the dialog file. I forgot what they're actually called. The "1" in your case. The script will just return TRUE if the boolean is 1 and FALSE otherwise. You can use the not-setting (again, I forgot its actual name) in the dialog conditional to invert the behavior.
  3. Kexikus

    Chodo and Lorso Conditionals

    I can't tell you if it's the right global but if it is then yes, it should work. That is, if the global is a "number". If it's a boolean, you need a boolean script as well AFAIK. But I can't tell you its name by heart. Also, seeing what you wrote just reminded me that TSL has two conditional slots for every line of dialog. So you can easily use those two to have two conditions instead of writing your own script.
  4. Kexikus

    Chodo and Lorso Conditionals

    No, that's not in a 2da file. You can either look through the dialog file in which the choice is made and its attached scripts to find the correct global. Or you can use KSE to find it. In the latter you can probably get an idea just by looking at the names of all the globals but to really check you'd need to search for differences in two savegames with a different choice. And yes, it's easily possible to check for multiple conditions but then you'll need to make your own script. The generic scripts don't cover that. It'd be something like this: if(GetGlobalNumber("whatever") == 3 && GetGlobalNumber("whatever2") > 1){ // do stuff } You can also add more conditions with additional and (&&) or or (||) statements. Also, the generic scripts you'd be looking for if you check for only one global are the "c_global_..." and "a_global_..." scripts for checking and setting globals respectively.
  5. Kexikus

    Chodo and Lorso Conditionals

    Since this is TSL you can just use on of the generic conditionals that check for a global variable and then use the parameters to specifiy what you're looking for exactly. Then you just need to figure out which global stores this decision.
  6. I think the idea here was that snow is building up on the forcefield and is then falling down in the cutscene but it really looks ugly. I'll also change that for my skybox mod but that's still a while off.
  7. Kexikus

    [WIP] High quality skyboxes

    Over the last weeks I continued to tweak the clouds for TSLs Dantooine and finally arrived at a version that I'm really happy with, so as always here's the render to celebrate the completion of a skybox: And of course some screenshots. These also show the changed fog settings for the Khoonda plains. The enclave didn't need any changes. I also continued work on the Taris skybox. This screenshot shows only the actual skybox, the 2d buildings are disabled here as are most of the clouds to save render time. I think I'm getting there. Currently I'm stuck on finding a good way to lightmap the 2d buildings. The problem is not to get them lightmapped, that's easy, but to create the lightmap automatically and not by hand. I was thinking of projecting a cylindrical image onto their geometry to create the lighting, but tests in that direction have not been very successfull. If anyone has any ideas on how to get this done, please let me know. And as the last update for today, I rendered the 2d buildings for Tatooine. I'll have to see whether or not I'll disable the fog for Anchorhead and I might also tweak the Tatooine skybox some more. We'll see^^
  8. Kexikus

    High Quality Ravager Backdrop

  9. Kexikus

    End Cutscene

    That's on the agenda for HQ skyboxes V2.
  10. Kexikus

    [WIP] High quality skyboxes

    Early-ish Taris tests: This picture actually shows three things that are all work in progress and were at the time I took this picture not really blending together. First of all there's the skybox with the very distant buildings. The sky itself is pretty much done although I might make the clouds darker again to get closer to the vanilla look. (I brightened them up as that looked better IMO, but I'll give the darker clouds another shot once the rest is done). Then there are the 2d backdrop buildings on the right side of the image. Those were rendered in 3ds Max. And finally there's the cubemap used for the 3d buildings. Now, obviously the skybox buildings and the rest don't match here. Also the 2d buildings were rendered using the horrible vanilla "Taris cubemap" which made them blend very well with the 3d buildings but also made them look terrible as a result. In the screenshot above I have already replaced the cubemap with a copy of the skybox but I have not yet rerendered the backdrops. Since then I've rerendered the 2d backdrops which already helped a lot but they still need some tweaking. I've also done a lot more to fake the blue-pink-ish lighting for the buildings seen in the skybox itself. They're also farther away. These changes all helped with blending the three layers of cityscape together. My goal now is to make this blending even better by adjusting the lighting of both the backdrop and skybox buildings and by adjusting the lightmaps for the backdop buildings to simulate the different lighting conditions they're in while only having one texture for all directions. I'll keep you updated.
  11. Something else you could try is to replace another module with the swoop track. That shouldn't be too hard to do either. But maybe using GLIntercept is just the best way to go here.
  12. I can't check right now but you might also want to check the modules module.ifo file to see if maybe the OnEnter script is specified in there. That would be the Mod_OnLoad field in this case. Or maybe DarthParametric checked that already and it's not the case^^
  13. Yeah, those are the rim files. And I don't know which module you're looking for. It's the one you want to warp to. You mentioned 371NAR in your first post. The other ones can probably be found in one of the many warp code lists floating around the internet. Once you know which module you're looking for, you find it's .are file in the corresponding .rim section of KotOR Tool, open that with a gff-editor, find the OnEnter script name in there and put an empty script with that name into your Override.
  14. Okay, so GFF files are a format that's used for many of KotORs files, e.g. .utc, .are, .git, .ifo etc are all gff-files with a different file extension. To open these you need a GFF editor. I know that KotOR Tool allows you to directly open gff files with an editor. That's the "Open GFF Files" button you've found or you could just double-click the file in question. But I'm not sure if KotOR Tool actually comes with a GFF editor or if you have to manually add one. You can try and open them with KotOR Tool or if that doesn't work, export them and use K-GFF. Now, a module in KotOR contains three main files, a .git, a .are and a .mod. Then it also contains models, scripts, triggers and much more but we don't care about those right now. The .git contains "dynamic information" about the area, that is coordinates for placeables, spawn points for creatures, cameras and stuff like that. The .are contains "static information", e.g. lighting, music and what scripts to fire in certain conditions like when the area is loaded. I don't really know what the .ifo file does but there are some cases where the OnEnter script is specified in there instead of in the .are file. I have just accepted that fact^^ You will find these three files in the modules .rim file WITHOUT the "_s" before the extension. When you open for example the .are file in a gff editor you'll get a tree view of the file's contents. It's listed alphabetically so just search for the "OnEnter" value and you have the name of the script you're looking for.
  15. I was able to find what's causing my TSL not to start. It's the service called "Windows Audio Endpoint Builder". Disabling that allows me to start the game (GoG or LegacyPC on Steam) just fine.

    The problem is that this service is necessary to have any audio at all in Windows. So now I can either play without sound or with the broken fog from the Aspyr patch... Great, just great.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Kexikus


      It doesn't crash for me either. It just doesn't launch.

      But it's also a recent problem. TSL has been working fine ever since I built this PC with Win 10. It was only last month after a longer modding break that for some reason the GoG version would no longer launch. At that point the legacypc version on Steam was still working but a few weeks later the same thing happened there.

      I don't know why. Reinstalling Windows might even fix it, but I don't want to do that right now.

    3. LiliArch


      Maybe some Windows update broke something?

    4. Kexikus


      Yeah, I guess that's it. I wonder why the Steam version worked some weeks longer but in the end it doesn't really matter.

      Maybe some future Windows update will fix the issue but I'm not counting on it.