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  1. No, it's Dxun. It's done when it's done. But to give a slightly more helpful answer: Yes, I'm waiting until all skyboxes are done before I release them. But as you can see from this thread, I am getting very close to this goal.
  2. And here's the final skybox. Ord Mantell based on InSidious' reskin of the mod and SWTORs depiction of the planet. There are still quite a few skyboxes that need to be rendered in full quality and other minor fixes that need to be applied as I go through them so don't get too excited quite yet but it's getting there. And here's a not very impressive screenshot of the latest skybox I finished:
  3. Nope. No, it isn't. I switched the format of my sheet that keeps track of all the things I do and that new one doesn't lend itself to be such a presentation.
  4. Thank you all for the kind words! I'm glad you like these. I have since finished Yavin 4 and I'm really happy with the result: It's slightly less of a jungle than what we see in the movies so that it blends better with the modules usd in the mod. But I think that works really well too, so I'm fine with it. Now onto the last completely new skybox I want to create: Ord Mantell
  5. Even if it's rapidly decaying, there would still be normal street traffic of people driving to work or something. But I will add far less traffic than on Coruscant or Nar Shaddaa the latter of which you can see in this video btw:
  6. After a long fight against the Korriban wastes module I finally finished the last BoSSR skybox: That leaves two mod skyboxes to do. I think those shouldn't take long but then again I thought the same of the skybox above... I'll keep you updated. In the meantime I also changed my mind and added some traffic to all Coruscant skyboxes: I'll do the same for Nar Shaddaa and probably Taris as well to better sell the cityscape of those planets.
  7. TSLPatcher has a functionality that lets you compare an edited gff file to the original and will then create the change list based on that. Setting that up even for your dialog shouldn't take more than 5 minutes once you figured out how it works. And while dialogs are prone to breaking when used in multiple mods even with TSLPatcher to patch them, it would still make it way more likely that your mod can be used with others.
  8. I did a quick check through my SWTOR archive but only found 3d models. Honestly though, I also don't think that adding them would be worth the effort for one tiny module in a mod that not many people even use (compared to vanilla TSL). In the vanilla Coruscant module you would only barely see them as well. Thanks for the suggestion though, I might have to keep that in mind for Nar Shaddaa.
  9. Progress has been going somewhat slow but still steady lately. But I figured I might as well show some of the stuff that has happened. Let's start with the full quality Coruscant skybox, shown here as part of the Coruscant mod, but it's the same that's also used in vanilla: Next up we have one of the three Korriban skyboxes used in BoS:SR. This one is the same as the TSL Korriban skybox. One of the others is the K1 vanilla Korriban skybox and the last one is unique to BoS:SR but I haven't started that one yet. And finally a screenshot of what I'm currently working on (apart from rendering the TSL skyboxes): BoS:SR Taris The lighting of all these layers doesn't quite match yet but I'm getting there. And as a final note for today: I'm pretty sure that I want to make skyboxes for Yavin IV and Ord Mantell. But I have to look at their modules first to see if that's possible with the quality goal I have in mind. If it is, both of them shouldn't take very long.
  10. Since you're creating area models (although I'm not quite sure which software you're using and I don't think you'll get around actual 3d modeling if you want to continue this project), here's two threads that you should look at that contain pretty much all the information needed to create custom areas which is totally possible even though it's obviously a lot of work: And finally, here's a tutorial on lightmaps:
  11. In that case I suggest you redownload TSLRCM and check whether you can find the file in there. I doubt that anyone has a database of TSLRCM edits by file
  12. Where did you find the file? If it's in the Override and you only have TSLRCM installed, then it's from TSLRCM. If it's in a .mod, you can compare it to the version in the corresponding .rim and see if there are any differences. If there are, then again it's from TSLRCM. In all other cases it's a vanilla file.
  13. Thanks! Work has been continuing with the first TSL skyboxes being rendered in their full glory. As an example, here's one of the Onderon skyboxes including holes in the turret gun barrels: At the same time, I'm also working on the mod skyboxes. So far M4-78 and Coruscant are done designwise but still need to be rendered. That brings me to a question for all of you though. Is there any mod that I should include, i.e. make a skybox for, that is not already part of my plans? So far I want to make skyboxes for: M4-78 EP (TSL) Coruscant Jedi Temple (TSL) BOS:SR (K1) Green Grass for Dantooine (K1) Maybe. I'm not sure about that one yet, so let me know if that's something you're interested in. It wouldn't be a lot of work so I'll probably do it anyway, but knowing what the community actually wants would help. I'm also considering Yavin IV and Ord Mantell for K1. I haven't played either of those, so I can't say how good or popular they are. So please let me know if that's something you're interested in. Are there any other mods that I should include? Please let me know.
  14. I want to add something to this in that alpha blending seems to be related to the "background geometry" setting in models. I think this setting is responsible for why the skybox is still visible in Figure 1 of the original post but I'm not quite sure, so I'll describe my situation: I had basically several flat meshes behind each other with textures A, B and C. They were ordered A B A B C with C being the skybox with no alpha channel and A and B both having semi-transparent parts in their alpha channel. In my original setup, neither of these meshes had the "background geometry" flag enabled (not even the skybox C). In that case the skybox would always render in the background behind the semi-transparent parts of A and B. If A and B occluded each other however, only the one with the higher alpha blending would render through the semi-transparent parts of the other. So if let's say A has an alpha blending of 1.0 and B one of 0.9, then I can see A through B but not vice-versa. If they both have the same alpha blending, it would still favor one of them. This seems to be related to the model hierarchy as described by JC here. Basically, they have to be linked to the base from back to front for the semi-transparency to work properly. Things changed however, when I changed the "background geometry" setting. I originally activated that only for A and B as I assumed that C already had it enabled which turned out not to be the case. Once I did that, the alpha blending for A and B no longer mattered. Both A and B would now be rendered through the semi-transparent parts of each other. But now C would no longer render behind them. Once I enabled "background geometry" on C as well everything worked as intended. Now all meshes are rendered behind semi-transparent parts of all other meshes with their alpha blending all set to 1.0. So maybe "background geometry" is some kind of override for alpha blending in that meshes with that setting enabled are always rendered behind semi-transparent textures but if they themselves are semi-transparent, no non-background-geometry-mesh is rendered behind them. Maybe this can help in some instances where only changing the alpha blending value doesn't work.
  15. I'd certainly use that as a replacement for Ajunta Pall's sword if you release it. Great work as always!