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  1. Kexikus

    Sith Assassins in K1

    There might be some confusion here: You need the binary supermodel (S_Female02.mdl and .mdx) as well as your ASCII model (whatever that's called) in the same folder. And you'll have to try S_Female02 from both K1 and TSL as only one of them might work. Maybe you already did that, in that case, ignore my post.
  2. Kexikus


    That is correct. You can also have a look at my tutorial for more detailed information on folder priorities:
  3. Kexikus

    Download:4k Atton

    Isn't there a report function on nexusmods for this kind of thing? That should get their stuff to remove it.
  4. Kexikus

    [REQUEST] K1 Light Side save for award ceremony

    I don't have a savegame for you but you can also use DS saves in this case. Her regular appearance (non-hologram uniform, right?) can also be seen in certain cutscenes during the Starforge sequence where she and master Vandar are on board of the republic flagship. I think that includes the DS ending where the republic fleet is destroyed.
  5. I had that issue as well with transparent textures. I think it's caused by semi-transparent pixels at the edges of your alpha channel mask. Those lines are not actually white, but show the background geometry/skybox because KotOR cannot handle semitransparency with other objects behind them properly. It might be fixable similar to the hologram edits DarthParametric did before, i.e. by changing the node order in the model, but I have not tested that.
  6. Kexikus


    I would guess you have the wrong textures. Or you're using a retexture mod from the Steam workshop that overrides your edits.
  7. Kexikus

    [WIP] High quality skyboxes

    One or two weeks ago, I decided to quickly finish Onderon, thinking that there were only some tweaks to the TG scene and the fixed skybox models left to do. Turns out that I had forgotten about the turret scene and the swoopracing. For the turret minigame I had to add the palace model and alter the visible terrain as the vanilla one didn't fit my skybox design at all. So that's done now except for some lightmap tweaks to make the palace blend better with the vanilla geometry. The swooprace is another thing entirely. I didn't even know there was swoopracing on Onderon and my Onderon landscape doesn't really work well with the swooptrack as that one seems to start outside of the city and then gradually enter it, so neither my normal Onderon skybox nor my skyramp skybox work well for that module. I tried creating a third one from a different point of view but that didn't look great either. I'm not quite out of ideas yet but we'll see how it goes. Anyway, I wanted to share what I have. So here are two renders and two screenshots:
  8. Kexikus

    sith troopers to sith assassin

    I might be wrong here but I think altering dialog.tlk is really difficult. It's something about having to recalculate the offset of all lines if the length of one line changes and I think that's why TSLPatcher cannot actually edit dialog.tlk. All it can do is to add lines at the end of dialog.tlk. Then you'd have to also edit the dlg files using the changed lines to point to your new lines. But if you do that, you could also just skip editing dialog.tlk by setting the StringRef in the dialog files to -1 and adding the text in there.
  9. Kexikus

    [WIP] Selven "Legends"

    It's called Star Jedi.
  10. Kexikus

    true swoop racer

    Couldn't you just switch the appearance for the cutscene at the end of each swoop race? Then it'd only be two scripts, one fired in the beginning and one in the end of the "dialog".
  11. The skybox is unaffected by area fog as it would be flat green-blue-ish, but yeah, it does look a little out of place. Nothing that can be done about it except for making a new skybox, but that wouldn't fit once the radiation has been fixed.
  12. Not sure if it's the same fog fix that @Sith Holocron was referring to, but there's this one that should fix your issues:
  13. Kexikus

    Remove the audience from the dueling ring

    Just look up the warp code and then search through the models with the corresponding name. It's one of those (probably).
  14. Kexikus

    #3: Porting

    How is the file naming in SWTOR? Or better: How long would it take to find a certain sound file or texture or whatever?
  15. Kexikus

    [WIP] High quality skyboxes

    You might, but I don't have the slightest idea how I'd be able to pull this off in TG.