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  1. Kexikus

    KOTORmax bug reporting thread

    I wasn't able to see the animation in Max and when I exported the model the animation was missing as well. The first might be due to the timeline not zooming out but it should still export the animation, right?
  2. Kexikus

    RGB-BGR Converter

    Should anyone wonder how to go the other way around, i.e. convert BGR to RGB, all you need to do is solve this equation: BGR - R - 256 * G - 65536 * B = 0 where BGR is the BGR value and R, G, B are the RGB values that need to be between 0 and 255.
  3. Kexikus

    KOTORmax bug reporting thread

    It seems like KOTORMax's area import function does not properly import (all?) animations. I noticed that when working on the Telos skybox models that contain animations for the birds flying around. When I imported the entire area using the "Layout File Import", those animations just wouldn't be there. "With Anims" was checked of course. But when I use "MDL Loading" instead with the exact same model, the animation will load just fine. I've attached all the corresponding files. The issue was with 233TELSB. The other models don't have animations (I think).
  4. Well, reading your explanation / description, I now know why I had forgotten all about those issues. They were way over my head ^^'
  5. I'm not 100% sure but it does sound familiar. I can't remember what the steps for fixing it were though 😕
  6. So today I wanted to finally do some modding again and guess what, my TSL gog installation won't launch anymore. Tried repairing, compability modes, reinstallation, but nothing helped.

    That was certainly not helping with motivation...

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    2. Kexikus


      The game won't launch. I can see it active in the task manager but it never really starts.

    3. ebmar



      The game won't launch. I can see it active in the task manager but it never really starts.

      Dang. I thought it was the installer which I believe I could assist by sending you a copy of the .exe which works on my end.

      I wonder what is the problem here. 🤔

      Edit: Have you tried using the executable from this release?


    4. Kexikus


      No, I haven't. And I don't think that's the issue either. The very same game installation has been working fine on this exact system. The only reason I can think of is that some Windows update or graphics driver update broke something.

      It's not a big deal though, I just switched to the Steam installation that's still working.

  7. Kexikus

    How to change NPC's Inventory?

    What tool are you using to edit the UTC? And what do you mean by "going back to the inventory"? Reopening the file? Or accessing the inventory ingame?
  8. That really is incredible! Amazing work
  9. Kexikus

    Skinning and porting a model

    I have no idea what "Export All" is but apparently that's a button I've never seen. But judging from the error message, try the following: Navigate to the OdysseyBase of your model and there you will see an option to export that model. I think it's in the "Modifier" tab, but I might confuse the name here. It's where you have all the settings for the model.
  10. Kexikus

    K1 Republic Armor?

    I'm just guessing here but I'd think that this can only work for 2das where all columns are basically the same, i.e. each column stands for one variation of the same thing. Then the game wouldn't have to know what each colum stands for specifically.
  11. Kexikus

    K1 Republic Armor?

    That's not related to the column not being connected to a UTI. The main game executable simply doesn't know what to do with that row. That's the problem. So unless we get the sourcecode for the game, there's no chance of us ever adding columns to 2da files.
  12. Kexikus

    Sandpeople Disguise Drop Fix

    Not really sure what else could be causing this. Maybe a game version thing or so, but I don't know to be honest.
  13. Kexikus

    Sandpeople Disguise Drop Fix

    You need to install that mod before you've ever visited the Dune Sea. Afterwards it will no longer work.
  14. Kexikus

    MOD:[K1] Lyn Sekla "Legends"

    It's working fine for me on Win10.
  15. Kexikus

    MOD:[K1] Lyn Sekla "Legends"

    There is this very useful tool here: It allows you to search through all of K1s/TSLs files to find files with certain properties and will tell you where they're located. That's what I always use to check for duplicate files.