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  1. KSE is looking for your SWKotOR location and not just your save files. All you should need is a file named dialog.tlk and swkotor.exe. You can easily do that by creating an empty file in notepad and save one as swkotor.exe and another dialog.tlk. They should be saved in the same place where you have you saves folder (something like .../Star Wars KotOR/). That should get KSE working for any SWKotOR saves.
  2. Make sure you got all the files and that there were no errors during the installation. You could also try to reload a save to get the text. Also make sure you moved all files to your device and the respective folders in com.aspyr.swkotor\files.
  3. Through the placing of the files into their respective places on Android or porting them from a PC installation, K1R can be played on Android.
  4. This thread lists the mods known to be compatible or incompatible with SWKotOR on Android and any accompanying conflicts. Unless otherwise stated, assume all the following are K1R compatible. If you have confirmed that any number of mods are compatible or have a link to an unlincked mod, leave a comment below and this post will be appended. Compatible Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge Canon Galaxy Map for KotOR Crixler's New Lightsaber Crystal Pack Enhanced Merchants Tomb of Exar Kun Kainzorus Prime's NPC Overhaul KotOR 1 Restoration Party on the Leviathan Roleplay Padawan Sunry Murder Enhancement Super Enhanced Mod Weapons of the Old Republic Redhawke's mods XediiXarwarz's mods Incompatible
  5. In another forum post I read the other day, replacing the dialog.tlk file and streamwaves folder should be enough to convert the game language. However, I cannot confirm this as it could result in the above from N-DRew25 and recommend acquisition of a copy for the locale.
  6. I'm proud to announce that I have successfully ported K1R and its expansions to Android and have encountered only a few minor errors that were usually fixed by reloading a save. Through installing with the TSL Patcher on a computer and moving those files to the KOTOR directory on Android, the mod should be installed and override any equivalents in the .obb files. Alternatively, manually moving the files should work but errors are likely and multiple mods could not be compatible as well as not patching anything as previously stated. It should also be noted that the dialog.tlk was made for the computer version so will require modification to display Android specific prompts. This is much easier than the modifying of the .obb files and having a size restriction that some of us had been working with. It is my hope that this will continue to work with other larger mods I'm beginning testing with. Hopefully there will be Android ready versions being uploaded soon.