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  1. What would be the benefit of rendering the rooms individually though? You could just as well render the entire area at once. And it doesn't have to be scaled down, there is no limit to the map texture size.
  2. I have no idea either. Didn't even know that Max supports lightmaps until DP mentioned it. I would really like to see something like that implemented though.
  3. That's exactly what I was suggesting since it really is very simple to load the area into Max. The problem is mainly the missing geometry when viewing the area from above and the issue of getting the lightmaps into Max. Doing this manually for each mesh would take forever.
  4. Honestly, I think it would be much easier to load the modules in Max and then render from there with an orthographic camera. Granted, you don't get the exact ingame lighting so that would have to be set up to look good but you get around the facing issue where not everything is rendered ingame depending on where your character looks. And stitching perspective renders taken from different places is a real pain as nothing matches up. The biggest issue with either of these methods is something else though. The modules in both games were stripped of all geometry that cannot be seen during normal gameplay or in other words: They're not meant to be seen from above and you'd get gaps and missing roofs and whatnot everywhere. I assume that the original maps were rendered before the unnecessary geometry was cut or something like that, but for a good looking map that would have to be restored at least in parts. Either way, I like the idea even though I don't know how feasible it actually is.
  5. I really don't know how the oneliners work so all I can do is guess but have you tried making a copy of a vanilla TSL module and check if they work in there? If so you can then maybe start checking for differences in the modules as it's obviously not the dlg file that's the issue.
  6. I didn't take it as an offence, sorry if I came across like I did. But to your point, as I render the final versions of the skyboxes, I'm going through them and when I see something like the previous mismatch on Korriban, I fix it before rendering the full version. Right now, I'm doing the same for Manaan and I'm pretty sure Telos will get a similar treatment as well. With the goal always being to get the best blend between skybox and terrain that I can achieve while maintaining the vanilla atmosphere. And as I said, feel free to go through the screenshots I posted and if you find a skybox where you feel that I missed this goal, please let me know and I'll keep a close eye on that one once it comes to its final render.
  7. It's always been one of my main goals to stay true to the vanilla look. Whether I've been successfull in that endeavour you can judge for yourself by looking at the screenshots posted in this thread.
  8. That's a shame. Thanks for the answer though!
  9. Uhm, not to disappoint you but there's actually more smoke in the second version. It might look like less because I recorded the second one from a different location but it's actually four plumes now where it was three before (two of which were still static in the video).
  10. I did just that. Tweaked th column some more. It's only that one particular direction where I have a lot of smoke and that's the direction of the Industrial Zone. As you can see in the video below, there's much less smoke in the other directions and I might even reduce it further for the other modules.
  11. Hi, I had a look at those files today and from what I saw they looked really great. Hopefully someone will use them in the future to make a bigger Coruscant expansion for either game. However, I was hoping to find the full Jedi temple model shown in the preview image. Unfortunately that one doesn't seem to be included. Is there a way to get this model?
  12. Thanks for the reply guys. Upon checking the skybox again after a good night of sleep I agree with you. The static smoke doesn't work. However, I found a way to get animated smoke instead: Particles Below you can see a video demonstration with the vanilla particle smoke in the foreground and both the old static smoke on the skybox in the background and the new animated background smoke. I'll tweak the particle settings some more and remove the static smoke of course but I think this is already going in a very nice direction. You can also see the changed fog color that blends much better with the skybox now (Look for that round building in the middle of the screen and compare it to the screenshot in my last post.)
  13. Thanks, that's exactly what I was going for but I wasn't quite sure whether it fit the lore. What do you guys think of this background smoke? It's not animated of course, unlike the ingame foreground smoke and I'm not quite sure whether I like it.
  14. It's getting somewhere: The background buildings are partially from the game, partially self modeled after game models and partially from SWTOR. There's still some models and details like smoke from the chimneys missing but the overall look is pretty much what I want already. I'll also add some 2d backdrop buildings to bridge the gap and blend between the ingame terrain and the skybox. Otherwise the difference is just too obvious especially in the Central Zone. Now, I don't know alot about the lore of M4-78 so if this industrial and dirty look is somehow completely wrong, please let me know ASAP and I'll try to design something new. I will make them a little softer but not as much as in your image. I personally prefer them with hard edges and that way they match the ingame godrays better as well.
  15. I just cannot stop myself from tweaking stuff. So while preparing skyboxes for and doing the final renders, I reworked K1 Korribans colors. Not because the old ones were bad but they strayed quite a bit from vanilla, making a seamless blend much harder. So I tuned them closer to vanilla and thus got a way better blend and overall look. Here's what it looks like now (final high quality renders and correct colors): And the old version with low quality test renders:
    Great mod. Much better than the awful low quality textures used by default. This will certainly stay in my override for every M4-78EP playthrough.
  16. Thanks for the kind words everyone! Right now I would say: Not at all. I'm pretty sure that I could learn how to make such textures but at the moment I lack both the skill and the tools for it. All of those wallpapers are actually rendered in Full HD but I only ever posted lower res versions here and completely forgot that you cannot simply click it to get to the full version on imgur. In any case, I'll release them all in an archive once I'm done. But for now, here's Kashyyyk: Thanks for that link. Very interesting to read and it might have helped with some issues I had if I had seen that about three years ago. But I think I managed to work around that pretty well so I guess I'll stick with my current method xD
  17. And that's a wrap! (Or at least almost) So I started the final renders in full quality. The results are amazing if I may say so myself, but check for yourself (click on the images to see them in full size): Apart from doing all the render work, there are still some small things to fix and Telos to finish. For the latter I need to decide whether to go with the lightning or not and I also want to tweak the clouds some more. And then there are the mod skyboxes I want to create. Most of those should be pretty straightforward but a few will need more work. Among those is M4-78 which is also the one I started with. Here's what it currently looks like. The sky is working pretty well already but the buildings are obviously still missing. Let me know what you think.
  18. I don't know but my guess is forever. Some simple ones like Tatooine are probably done in about an hour but the Dxun skybox above is probably more in the range of 10+ hours per texture at least if not more than 20. That's why I'll be using a render farm instead of my computer as I would really like to be able to use it for something else than rendering over the coming months.
  19. Dxun is done! It turned out to be more complex than expected to get both sky and terrain right. I increased the overall contrast to get a better storm sky but then the terrain did no longer blend with the ingame terrain at all and adding more fog only washed out the nice storm clouds. So in the end I went with a composite of two (kinda three actually) layers that overall give a nicer blend for everything. I'm very happy with the end result and that leaves only some model edits for the Nar Shadda swoop track and for the Taris Undercity before the vanilla part of this project is ready for rendering Probably, yeah. I wonder if it would be possible to replace them with low poly 3d models though. Could the game handle that?
  20. Depending on what changes the two files contain it could also be possible to use TSLPatcher for that. Use TSLPatcher to create an installer by comparing one of the two to the vanilla version, then run that installer to patch the other one. But that only works if they change things in different places or only add entries and don't change them.
  21. Also remember that the whereami armband and I assume the force power as well give you the orientation of the player character and not the orientation of the camera. So make sure to go into first person to accurately rotate your character before getting the rotation.
  22. No. It can just distribute models (e.g. trees) on a terrain. The only software that auto-generates trees that I know of is SpeedTrees but I have never used that. I agree though. Those ugly planes should be replaced... Not sure how to go about that without adding thousands of polys to the area models.
  23. Over the last days I created a detailed spreadsheet of all modules in both games and their skybox and backdrop textures in order to get a clearer overview of all the files needed in the final mod. While doing so I also went though all modules again, double checking that I have not missed any skybox. And to no surprise, I had missed quite a few. No new textures are necessary for those but they needed the improved skybox model I created for this project so they all got it. There's one module that still needs some fixes and that's the Nar Shadaa swoop track but apart from that the models are all done. I also found another backdrop texture that I had not known about before which is used in the Taris Undercity. So I'm currently working on updating that one as well although the vanilla one is pretty good already. Apart from that I continued working on the final skybox: Dxun Jungle Tomb. Here's what I currently have. Note however, that I'm still tweaking pretty much everything about that skybox, the general look should stay about the same however.
  24. Haven't tried that yet as I was hoping to avoid to go through the process of saving an ascii just to recompile it afterwards in the very same tool. But using an ascii would certainly be a workaround as I can then easily change the value in a texteditor. Either way, it should work with a binary as well I think.