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  1. What makes you say it isn't compatible? Yes, Peragus is in a different position and has a nebula behind it (as intended) but Trenchs replacement texture still works exactly as intended (and is actually recommended to be used in the mod description).
  2. Thank you very much. I'm still very confused though. In the savegame, it looks like HKs appearance was correctly set, so I don't get why he's invisible. I will have to look into this in more detail and try to replicate the bug myself. For now, you can try just removing drdparts.dlg and continuing the game. It's effect is only visual and everything else should still work. But I would recommend that you make saves before completing HK and everytime before you repair him.
  3. I'm confused. Can you send me a savegame after the model disappeared?
  4. It looks like maybe the dialog patching did not work. You could try this file and see if it fixes the issue.. drdparts.dlg
  5. Thanks for the file. It looks fine. Could you please also attach your drdparts.dlg and hk_repair.ncs files?
  6. That sounds like a mod compability issue. Might still be somewhat fixable but I would expect you will run into more issues later on (at least with repairing HK). Is this after he joined the party or before? And please attach appearance.2da from your Override, that might help find the issue.
  7. That sounds plausible, yes. Please attach the hk47.dlg so I can have a look. Maybe there's some obvious fix.
  8. I assume you use some kind of HD menu patch? Then I guess you could try and figure out how the planet position in the 5120x2880 galaxymap.gui relate to the vanilla one and from there figure out how to change their position to match the ones in this mod, but I don't know how easy this is going to be.
  9. That certainly is a great idea. If anyone wants to use my skyboxes for this, you are free to do so from my end. Just make sure you check the Terms of Use of where I got the models I used in my skyboxes.
  10. I honestly have no idea what is going on there. I would assume that it is some kind of rendering bug caused either by the mobile port in general or the weaker hardware of a phone compared to a computer. No idea how to fix it though, sorry.
  11. Sorry for the late reply. You probably no longer need the information but for completeness: No, a new save is not required. Yes.
  12. That's weird but good to know. I wouldn't have expected them to make a difference either.
  13. Glad to hear you managed to resolve the issue. Did you initially copy the full files to Override as well or just the shortcuts?
  14. Uhhh, I have honestly no idea what's going on there. Did you maybe miss any of the files during the installation? Except for those you intentionally skipped of course. Did you install any other mods at the same time as this one?
  15. Thanks for the feedback. This is actually something that was bothering me even back when I made this mod. IIRC Malkior and I talked about it and the result is the best we or actually Malkior could come up with, which while not fully consistent with the cutscenes still looks very good I have to say! Well, if you end up finding your old files and want to make a new version for option A, just let me know and I'll release a small update. For option B it really depends on the quality that can be achieved, not only resolution wise but also in the perspective. The standard Ravager screenshot that ZeldaTheSwordsman posted has a wrong camera perspective and completely wrong lighting so I don't think that one could be used here. But maybe there are other options.
  16. Glad to hear that you like my work. As to the issues you are experiencing, that's a problem with mods that change the camera in cutscenes where often the original camera settings were designed to hide such things. IMHO the camera mod should have left the cutscenes alone or at the very least, fixed the camera angles/positions to hide the level edges (especially in the first screenshot) so that's not something I can fix. As for the logo, I did check the game (in widescreen) to see if they are visible anywhere in vanilla and if they were, I already removed them. It's of course always possible that another mod changes a camera so that they are visible again (as you obviously noticed) and even if I made them smaller, the same could still happen. Nevertheless, I'll keep that specific case in mind for a future release. It's not high on my priority list though, sorry.
  17. That's probably it. Make sure to follow the installation instructions of the latest version of High Quality Skyboxes II when updating!
  18. Uploaded a new version that fixes an issue where players would get stuck in the Nar Shaddaa cantina. There is no need to redownload, simply delete 306nara.wok, 306narb.wok and 306nard.wok from your Override.
  19. Uploaded a new version that includes the fix for Taris Upper City north as well as lower quality (1k) versions of all files for weaker computers.
  20. I could, if I had any idea, how it worked myself. Not knowing how many 2da files work is one of the main reasons that breakdown never got any further than it did.
  21. Published another update, this one being more serious since it fixes breaking dialogs in a number of modules. The issue was most notable in 401dxn but also occured in other modules. Thanks to everyone who reported the issue. I strongly suggest you redownload the mod if you have a previous version installed. If you do make sure to read the read-me for special instructions on how to update the mod! In the most likely case that you are using TSLRCM you will need to delete 401dxn.mod and 510ond.mod from your modules folder before installing the new version of my mod but read the full instructions to be sure. Sorry for that!
  22. Thank you very much. That installlog was very useful and allowed me to find the culprit: There's something wrong with the 401dxn.mod coming with my mod but so far I have been unable to figure out what exactly. I'll continue investigating this issue but for the time being you can just delete 401dxn.mod from the modules folder after installing this mod if you have this issue and it should be fixed. You will loose the fog changes I made to that module but that's better than broken cutscenes. I'll get back to you once I know more @Pimpnkill@mackmitchell94@1Leonard Update: I found the issue and uploaded a fix. The installation is slightly more complicated if you have an older version of the mod installed, so make sure you read the read-me. Most likely you will only have to delete 401dxn.mod and 510ond.mod from your modules folder before installing the new version but check the full instructions to be sure.
  23. The mods that are required for this aren't even available on mobile so there's no use for that currently.
  24. That's weird and might actually be related but I'll have to check when I'm back home.