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  1. Thank you for all the help guys! So my issue was solved quite by chance actually. I was playing the game from a backup hard drive where I copied the same Kotor folder from my main hard drive. I supposed it was time to copy my saves to the main one and leave the backup hard drive unused as it should be, so I did. Just in case, I tried the administrator cutscene again. Sure enough the bug happened again, I was stuck... But Shadow was not, for some reason. She was left behind the doors. So I did the office scene, then switched to Shadow, then used the elevator with her. Sure enough my character teleported to the elevator and the problem was solved. I'm so lucky! EDIT: Would you like me to share the save after I managed to leave the Administrator’s office? Here’s the thing though, I tried to play the saves on my other backed up installations (even those saved on non-BoS places) for example I tried loading my saves on a clean minus BoS installation, but the game crashes whenever it tries to load the save.
  2. I entered the Administrator's Office with Shadow, destroyed the turrets and droids, and then made a deal with the administrator. Now I can't leave his office. You can see below in my video that the door doesn't budge and doesn't let me leave at all. What am I supposed to do? I've edited my ini file to add the EnableCheats=1 line, set my savegame through KOTOR Save Editor to "Cheats Used", and tried to enter the cheat code to warp myself but for the life of me can't get the cheat console activated. I thought maybe it is invisible but whatever I type doesn't work, the hotkeys bring me to the game menus. I think because I have a Turkish Q keyboard so I tried pressing the buttons that would give me the tilde sign but no, still no cheat console. Is there any way to change the module I'm in from the save editor or kotor tool (the latter I have no idea how to use)? I have no idea how to exit. By the way this isn't the first time this has happened, in an earlier playthrough in I think my old computer (in any case a different installation) I ran into the same error. What should I do?
  3. So I kinda got it to work. Reinstalling the game and installing the Mando mod before BoS: SR did the trick. Oddly enough only the Mandos at the Sandral grounds seem to have bugged out heads. I’m not sure if it had anything to do with BoS: SR though. I’ve chosen to ignore it this time. Let’s hope that reinstalling other mods will still make it all work. Thanks for all the help, you guys!
  4. Thanks a lot. I see. Unfortunately as I said above removing the Mando mod breaks all Mandalorians so I’m stuck with it. What if I reinstalled the game, installed the Mando mod first, and then installed BoS: SR? Let me try that on my other hard drive...
  5. Apparently it's a group called "TeamFett". It says so in the description in the link I shared above: "Today TeamFett, brings us a mod which contains the Boba Fett Model; a massive thanks has to go to Xavier 2 and the AotC team, as well as Darth Deadman who are some old school Holowan Modders." Anyway, here's my appearance.2da file and the log for the installation (I also uploaded heads.2da because the log has a warning considering that too): appearance.2da installlog.rtf heads.2da
  6. Surprisingly it did use TSL Patcher. For some reason it messed it up anyway (there weren’t any errors during installation either). Weird. Should I upload the log and/or the appearance.2da file?
  7. No, I couldn't find it here but I found it with a quick Google search: I assumed it was a messy appearance.2da file but I have no idea how to edit it. Shall I share my file here so someone could take a look or something? EDIT: So I don’t know who this guy is but if I give Canderous the (modded) basic Mandalorian grunt armor he looks like this. Must be a character in Brotherhood of Shadow I’m not supposed to know yet lol. I should note that when other characters wear it they look like my character’s head
  8. So I wanted to replay Kotor with mods including Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon’s Revenge and one of the things I wanted to be part of the game was the mod Fett Style Mandalorians. Unfortunately there seems to be a mistake when it comes to their heads. I first noticed this with Canderous having Shadow’s head (also whenever I try to change his outfit his appearance still doesn’t change): Also his blaster seems to have lost its texture for some reason: And it looks like other Mandalorians are affected too as one of them has my player character’s head: I tried uninstalling but when I try that all the Mandalorians from the game including Canderous disappear (not just invisible; gone completely). In the party screen, Canderous’ description changes to: “I am broken. I am very very broken” and when I try to add him the game crashes. I’m assuming other Mandalorian related things in the game would break as well. I’m assuming this is because of an incompatibility regarding Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon’s Revenge, however the problem is I cannot uninstall it without breaking the game, and I don’t want Mandalorians with random heads in the game. How do I fix this? Please help! EDIT: More screenshots. Sherruk now has the (modded) Helena head and a white armor? I am so confused
  9. Works perfectly, thank you so much for your help! Are you going to submit your head to the Deadly Stream downloads? I'm sure a lot more people will be interested as well
  10. I am so sorry for bothering you again, but is there any way to bring Revan's skin color back to normal? At the moment it looks super dark, compared to the VP's face and the official Revan. Can you help me please?
  11. Alternative versions with the evil versions could be done, however it will be that way from the start, no transitions. It wouldn't be natural, though if you're willing to overlook that, you could replace the VP_RevanFace.tga in the tslpatchdata folder with the dark side version of your choice (or any version you want) of VarsityPuppet's PMHC01
  12. I actually did install the mod again, though accidentally. Once I apply your suggesstion there will be three more heada in total than the official version xD I guess I could uninstall the failed attempts though
  13. Excuse me, by "I tried" I meant I already edited the files but nothing changed. I'll do as you say tonight for PMHC04.tga, I hope it'll be as I expect