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  1. I’m working on this right now actually. Details are in the Work in Progress forum.
  2. This will release for K1 first, yes. Then TSL will follow up with relevant changes.
  3. Today the Operations Center of the Jedi Enclave Sublevel began to take shape. Here, the Jedi work in cooperation with Republic aides to track fleet deployments, ongoing missions, and can communicate directly with Republic Command via the holo-table. My thinking here is the holo of Admiral Dodonna could be used as either background detail with republic soldiers talking to her out of earshot, or a quest designed with speaking to her being a part of it. Having issues getting the Jedi to spar like the Mandalorian recruits do on Dxun in TSL. In the meantime they've been set to min 1 hp and to different factions just for displaying the idea Jedi will be sparring and dueling within the sublevel to give the impression they are doing all they can to be prepared for the war. I'd like to set up a dedicated dueling room where the player can practice against other Jedi and even the Masters as there is dialog I found from the main level of the Enclave that indicates at one time we were meant to beat Jedi like Zhar in a duel to progress in the questline
  4. So as far as rubble, any that can be easily removed has been. Ie the placeables. The big structural debris that partially blocks off some hallways are part of the actual model of those hallways and while they appear to be removable it’s beyond my current abilities. The plan is to explain those away as either early efforts of the Laigreks to break in or failed czerka thermal charges that were used to try and expand the sub level by the Jedi. That being said, we would like the large debris cleared out and the the hallways 100% restored. So if anyone has experience changing the actual structure of modules, feel free to take a stab at it!
  5. As an update to this, work on the project has shifted to K1 first in coordination with @EAF97and their NPC Overhaul project. The module has successfuly been ported into K1 thanks to Thor110s tutorials. As work carries on and various scripts and quests get created next, the project will enter a workable state that can be released in a beta format before the end of the year (2021). The goal would be a full release but that depends on my schedule. Here's what got messed with today: Using @InSidiousmodding resource for holocron models, the Jedi Academy sublevel on Dantooine now has actual holocrons! Jedi Initiates have been added to the Academy where the player can witness some of their training. @EAF97has worked hard to get Atris and her Handmaiden's ported over and we are thinking of what quests can be associated with them and the holocrons. Our buddies Rickard and Handon from the murder investigation quest are not happy about their arrangements.
  6. Yeah the double layers made me worry too if it would play nice, or even at all. I can't think of any other areas where this occurs. What interests me is why the developers went to the effort they did to make these rooms to begin with. They either had plans at one point, or were really committed to the common area rooms being able to look down into an empty area. Worst case scenario, One or two of them can be copied and moved over to a different area that has room for them on the main level. Apparently there was a secret cloning facility within the Dantooine Enclave according to 'canon' so that's an option, more likely I'll house Sith and Jedi artifacts here and the like in addition to a large training area.
  7. Yeah, I tried to warp directly to a waypoint I placed where it should show, but no luck of course. Time to learn walkmeshes! The Kotor Level Editor has really helped the process along from a design standpoint, not too hard to use once you iron out how to work with it.
  8. So it seems that every common room area (the rooms with the 4 pillars), has an expansive open area underneath. There are 4 of these areas in total. The possibilities of what to do in these space, if I can figure out how to get down there, are huge.
  9. If we're talking about the scripts, those are not located in the modules tar_m02aa or tar_m02ac natively, they come from tat_m17ac, with some slight modification for pricing values. An override here can be toggled but it would likely never run across such unless another mod has pulled them from tat_m17ac before this one to my thinking.
  10. I look forward to further education or confirmation it is passable!
  11. Installer updated to reflect best practice installation methods! Thanks again @N-DReW25, @ebmar
  12. I'm glad you both brought this up because it has been on my mind that using rim doesn't seem like a best practice situation, at the time it is all I knew how to ensure a change took place, but knowing more now, I'll rearrange how this mod works to not be calling critical rim files. Thanks for the help!
  13. Main issue right now is finding out how to save changes to the module in KLE. Doesn't seem to be a full guide on such. It isn't finding the module file in Module Out folder.
  14. I've been using the KotOR Toolset to get coordinates and then placing them via the git files. I have not run across the Level Editor before but downloading it now. Toolset has been invaluable but as I'm sure you know it is fairly limited in several areas. These force cage UTPs in particular have not been synced up yet, but normally I ensure placement is precise and in line to the smallest decimal. Hopefully Level Editor will help alleviate some of that work.
  15. Good point! Here's a early look at the Enclave Holding Cells. Plan to add relevant terminals with a droid attendant and large footlockers for their belongings. Our murderous friends from K1 will enjoy their accommodations.