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  1. It is, yes! While both concern T3-M4, this mod only alters the dialog for Janice on Taris, allowing for T3 to be recruited early. The main dialog for T3, which that mod changes, is left unchanged in this mod and therefore will be compatible.
  2. Thanks! My goal is to flesh out the sublevel in a way that does not feel too out of line with the rest of the game. A compliment to K!, not a contradictory module. If you have any ideas or thoughts on how you would use the sublevel, I'm all ears! There's still a lot of real estate that can be used.
  3. looking at the files the mod uses, nothing flags me immediately as being an issue. But since the idea for this mod has expanded to involve quests taking place on multiple worlds, there's potential for a conflict that can be addressed if/when they arise. Without having all the quests fully fleshed out it's hard to say atm. But definitely something to keep on the radar. I've never used Recruitable Kay to date. So far, the only module the sublevel changes beyond its own is adding the necessary components to allow entry from danm14 and return to such from the Sublevel. This will change once quests are fully integrated of course. If you think of anything as being a potential conflict, just let me know!
  4. I mean there’s also 40 plus Jedi Knights and Masters hanging about. That alone would give them pause😅
  5. Patrolling soldiers, I can do. The ships overhead are beyond my current skill set at the moment😅 Once the Holocron Toolset is ready for building new maps with Dantooine rooms, I plan to see if I can recreate the Enclave with another docking area. Could be a good spot for fighters or the like to at least give the planet some kind of defense.
  6. I suppose in theory one could recreate the Enclave with the toolset from the ground up and build from there. If I am understanding correctly.
  7. Including the Enclave rooms in danm13, the main floor, in this bundle would really allow for a more functionally complete Academy to be made. There are numerous doors that right now lead nowhere, but could be used to expand into areas like additional hangar areas, training dojos, mediation gardens. You name it. Sublevel would be nice too
  8. UPDATE - It has been 6 months since this project was first announced and I am pleased to report it is proceeding nicely. This idea originally started as me wondering what the Enclave Sublevel would look like cleaned up from debris in TSL and maybe what an academy run by the Exile would look like there. Over time, and with input and contributions from over a dozen community members, the project has evolved into what will be the realization of a dream so many have had since TSL was released: Seeing the Sublevel in K1. Below are pictures that will give you an idea on where the project is as well as where it still has to go from here. Please provide your opinions, feedback, ideas, and hopes for the Sublevel. As much community input and support this mod has, the more successful and impactful of an experience it will be. The Enclave Sublevel is being designed to serve as a sort of hub world where multiple quests will be given/turned in over the course of the game. Current examples include: Mandalorian Holocron Quest - @EAF97came up with the idea for this quest. The player will retrieve holocrons from the raiding Mandalorians on Dantooine and turn them in to Atris within the Jedi Archives. Here's a shot of the holocrons in the players inventory and a snippet of speaking to Atris: Stealing Kolto from the Sith on Manaan - This quest stemmed from my irritation as a kid that there was a whole store where Kolto was sold and I could not buy any! This quest will be given by the Selkath Jedi Master Qual found within the Medical Bay of the Enclave (pictured below). The player will be sent to use a mimicked Sith Kolto purchasing permit that will lead the player to work with Republic spies within the Sith to not only purchase an extra ton of Kolto on the Sith's dime, but to steal their existing shipment within their hangar as well. The player will be caught in the middle of the thievery and fight the Sith in the dropship loading area seen below. This area is ordinarily not accessible, but there is a walkmesh for it, allowing it to be used. This is another area I spent a lot of time wanting to enter as a kid. You can see on the mini map how its ordinarily out of bounds. Dantooine Murder Quest will be completable from within the Sublevel, and consequently able to be skipped without a negative response from Bolook in the Dantooine plains. The Jedi Shadows from SWTOR will play a role in the Sublevel as they offer rewards for any Jedi or Sith relics the player finds and turns in to them on their journey. The player will also be able to turn in any lightsabers they find on their journey for a bounty, in the same vein as turning in Gaffi sticks to Czerka. The items you turn in will be stored safely away within the storage room. This is the same room whose door malfunctions, trapping Dergar Chester, the Enclave's maintenance Head Technician, inside. Can we break in and get these items back? Sith Holocrons are stored safely inside away from the impressionable minds of the young students of the Academy. The Republic Operations Center has the capacity to play host to side quests centered around directly aiding the Republic itself. Think the side missions in Mass Effect where the Alliance calls asking for Shepards help. There are several STUNT modules of Republic ship bridges that could be used for this purpose. Speaking of the Ops Center. Here it is: Dodonna can be seen within at the moment and is a placeholder until a better female Republic officer can be found/created. If you have any suggestions on who to use here. Feel free to chime in! The player will be able to duel with all named Jedi all the way from Belaya to Master Vandar. I'm still playing with how that will work. But there are two circle rooms that have been slotted for the purpose of dueling. One is occupied and serves to help foster a 'lived in' atmosphere for the sublevel. The other is empty and awaiting the player to choose who they would like to duel. See the droid walking through the door? Select doors are set to auto open when near and auto close when no one is in range. This will help the Sublevel's droids complete their appointed rounds without interruption! These droids are not the Czerka model the Exile finds 5 years later, but the player will have a role in why the Enclave needed to replace all of their droids through a side quest with Dergar Chester's apprentice. Several TSL Masters are present within the Enclave as the war's travels have led them to temporarily stop off on Dantooine. Currently present are Kavar, Vash, and Atris. Thanks to @EAF97for their working porting them over and the initial dialog work for them. What remains to be done? -There remains a good deal of scripting to get done. Quests need back-end work for firing journal entries and to be staffed properly with relevant events like combat, and DLGs need to be fully fleshed out. -The child models currently are in a half baked state as far as the end state that is desired for them. The goal would be they would be able to wear Jedi robes and have full combat animations. All I have confirmed they can do at the moment is unarmed combat as seen below: I have repaired the initial room of the Sublevel by swapping out the room's model for another identical one that is used further in. You can see the difference in the tile and lighting. Speaking of lighting, the entire sublevel is way too dark for my liking. It made sense in TSL since it was abandoned, but I would like it to be much brighter in here than it is now. K1 is even darker than TSL is in the sublevel. See below for comparison. TSL^ K1^ I'm thinking new lightmaps for every room (some?) may be needed, but an expert on modeling and lightmaps would know more about how to best address this issue. The Central Garden area is...well, just look... Thor110 had this same issue when they ported over the module from TSL, and it was mimicked on Dxun, Telos surface, and Dantooine. Indicating it was likely a foliage texture issue. But loading in the module with no textures at all still has the odd black lines. So I'm thinking its a model issue with this area? All that to say! The meat and potatoes of the mod are moving forward. I am compiling a list of everyone who has assisted so far, whether large or small, so as many as possible can be credited for this mod as possible when it releases. @EAF97was the primary motivator for me shifting this project to K1 first instead of TSL. They've been a huge help getting this going. @Sith Holocronhas been instrumental in helping to coordinate the project and serving as a sounding board. The DS Discord has likewise been a big help. I know @lachjameshas looked at some AI work for the TSL Masters' VO, as well as that @Allronixhas put their experience to work ensuring said dialog is lore friendly and accurate. @Hunters Runrestored the Sublevel's walls to their original non-destroyed state. That alone was a huge contribution! There are many more who have helped one way or another that I will detail in full as the mod gets closer to a release. With that in mind, as many seasoned hands on this project, the better! While I will, and am learning how to mess with models and lightmaps to see the Sublevel made into what it can be, if you have experience addressing some of the issue I have noted above and want to play a role in bringing the Sublevel to K1, please PM me! If you have any ideas or thoughts on what you would like to see in the Sublevel, please comment below! I will be updating this post shortly with a new installer that will allow anyone who wants to look inside at this stage to do so. Whether for curiosities sake or for the sake of helping to address a problem.
  9. This would be a much welcome correction! The panels in the Ebon Hawk have needed a good deal of love over time, so to see this corrected would be great!
  10. It's definitely something that would help expand a sublevel mod I am working on with a few others for K1. Could even flesh out the main level of the Jedi Enclave. Lot of doors there that could lead to new rooms.
  11. This is honestly really exciting. The potential of this tool will be huge.
  12. That makes sense! Thanks for your help. Im always up for learning what are best practices for modding. I’ll get this updated.
  13. The door won't, no. But the On Enter script calls for: object oTar05_elevator = GetObjectByTag("tar05_elevator", 0); I changed the tag of the tar05_elevator.utd to tar05ab_elevator. So when the script calls for the original tag, it won't find anything and the door will not lock.
  14. You nailed it. From what I found while searching, looking at the changes made, the door itself (tar05_elevator) was changed to call up script cp_tar05_elebrk. While I can override the door with the original version, that won't have an effect on the locking mechanism itself tucked away in OnEnter. If the locking mechanism was tied to the door itself this would be easier to correct and maintain CP changes going forward. What are your thoughts on changing the tag of the UTD? If I change the tag to a different name, for example tar05ab_elevator instead of tar05_elevator, that would seem to bypass overwriting any future CP changes makes to OnEnter. The script would be calling for a tag that doesn't exist due to the copy of the door in override with a different tag.
  15. Community Patch injects their script directly into tar_m02ab.mod, which would hold all their changes outside of the override folder.