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  1. Thanks for the free wallpapers! 🤣 Excited for M4-78 in particular, as it was SO bad in the game files. Looks good so far! Definitely the right mood. Would love a high-res version of your below Kashyyyk creation if you're feeling generous! 😀
  2. Ahsoka's looking great!! I won't chime in on my CW or Rebels opinions because I can tell we disagree 🤣
  3. Original 4CD version for me, too.
  4. @Sith Holocron, haven't tested further but the Black Market Droid fix definitely works, thank you!
  5. I noticed this for the first time ever on my most recent K2 run, which most be something like my 25th or 30th haha... of COURSE this modding community would have already noticed it three years earlier and made a fix, despite this game coming up on its 16-year-old mark 🤣 Thanks as always, JC!
  6. Very nice. Can always get behind a sun-peeking-out-from-behind-clouds! And Onderon looks like Space Jerusalem, which is awesome haha.
  7. I do agree moving clouds would look better, but if it's not possible, then sheet lightning would definitely be a welcome addition! Love that it accents Telos feeling unstable, newly healed, reborn, etc, etc.
  8. GORGEOUS. And yes, ice walls, please!
  9. Like these looks! A somewhat radical departure, but in the spirit of the originals and the gameplay vibe.
  10. bahahaha just seeing Juhani the Nun. Leia looks good too!
  11. Just catching up on this awesome undertaking - I love how basically you're rectifying every slightly lazy design element in the game. Obsessed. Can't wait for Belaya, Sherruk, and the others!! If you want to circumvent the helmeted VO issue with the Bendak head (which I LOVE), I'd be happy to simply redo Bendak's VO.
  12. I like Option 2, although I agree w/Kexikus that Option 1 feels more vanilla KotOR.