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  1. haha I just got this too. wonder if it's DS or just the host service...
  2. I love the "grungy" texture! I don't mind the Rakatan symbol, but it might be cleaner without it. Love the glowing letters, I was skeptical earlier on but they look great.
    THANK you, this has always bothered me lol
  3. Wow this is cool. I know I'm a year late, but I LOVE Sara Kestelman hahaha.
  4. Y'all this game is really fun. I just finished it. Pretty abrupt ending, but that's just about the only gripe I can manage against it. It's BEAUTIFUL and the story is utterly immersive. Seems like Avellone's consulting was relatively early on and he wasn't super involved in the main writing, but WOW. I want a sequel stat.
  5. I like the sphere as is! But would also be curious to see the one with openings in-game.
  6. 🤣gents, I already had that one installed in my current playthrough. Kexikus, you guide me even when I know it not! 🤣
  7. TELOS!!!! TELOOOOOS!!!! Telos alone makes this mod worth it. Goddamn. My only wish is that you would do Peragus & Citadel Station, too - but thankfully there are quite decent existing mods for those.
  8. WOOOOO!!!!! Can't wait for K2. Thank you, friend.
  9. I like it! For my money, I'd want the gap between the blades a little wider, but I think it'll look cool regardless.
  10. Wait this slider website is SO COOL hahaha I'm gonna spend hours on here