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  1. Is this Crashed Republic Cruiser on Lehon? 'Cuz that would be AWESOME
  2. MOVING LAYERS!! Mind-blowing. Also looking back at your super sunset-y Taris skylines and just getting real nostalgic. Amazing work.
  3. Chiming in here several months later to say WOW these look amazing! Your nerdy passion project is not going unnoticed! Amazing facelifts all around!
  4. Ahaha YES! LOVE the idea of this mod and also love that the only guy around with an awesome Kristoffer Tabori impression is the one doing it!
  5. Late to the party here but WOW Reminds me of Masada
  6. Yeah, as somebody obsessed with doing KotOR as movies, to me the value of Apeiron really IS just the level design and getting to visualize these worlds in much greater detail than before.
  7. Anybody else finding the recent Windows 10 update has prevented their K2 from opening? Also happening to me with JK2 and JK3, but not K1. Very confusing. I'm going to try to reinstall using more compatibility settings, but I've never had to before. EDIT: Sorry, I should be clearer. This is the Four-CD original of K2. I double-click on the .exe, the CD-cursor happens, and then nothing happens. JK2 and JK3 do their usual load cmd boxes and then the screen goes black and then it returns to the desktop as if nothing ever happened. A swkotor.exe process appears in the Task Manager for about seven seconds or so, and then disappears. Am I alone here?
  8. I just realized I hadn't commented in this thread yet! I LOVED Solo, even though I'll admit it added nothing new to the greater SW universe. It was funny, charming, and had GREAT music. And with the extremely low expectations set by the lackluster marketing, that was impressive enough for me to come out of the theater with a grin on my face! At least, all that plus the Darth Maul cameo.