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  1. I like Option 2, although I agree w/Kexikus that Option 1 feels more vanilla KotOR.
  2. Time is a construct and I am a memoryless space blob.
  3. LOL @Sith Holocron are you suggesting I volunteer my impeccable (maybe) Griff impression for this mod?
  4. I love your prevalent use of gold, especially in the Polar Academy. Really awesome stuff.
  5. My GOD this work remains gorgeous as ever. Keeping that Lehon sunset as a wallpaper And Malachor looks creeeeeeeepyyyyyy! As it should.
  6. Late to the party here as usual, but WOW WOW WOW!!! It is looking so good. Cracking the lightmapping REALLY makes it feel like an original game asset. Amazing work. Love the variegated arenas, too.
  7. To me, Griff totally fits in on M4-78. He hides somewhere when the radiation hits, and then as soon as you clear it he's back to scamming the droids out of their credits or selling battle droids to smugglers or whatever it was he was doing before the radiation hit, and you can either stop him or help him. I also just love the idea of two Twi'leks running around on an empty planet full of droids.
  8. Is this Crashed Republic Cruiser on Lehon? 'Cuz that would be AWESOME
  9. MOVING LAYERS!! Mind-blowing. Also looking back at your super sunset-y Taris skylines and just getting real nostalgic. Amazing work.