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  1. Big thanks! Didn't know! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - If someone interested, variation with reskinned head
  2. Point of this topic actually is a question. Can somebody help me find a texture in the first KotOR game ? I'm making a reskin of the czerka commander (the one you encounter on the Kashyyk). With kotor tool i have found texture of his body N_CzerkaOffC01.tga. But i can't find his head. For this topic not be be merely a question. I'm making reskin to match Saul Karath's republic uniform. And here's what i have done with the body so far. I'm sorry if it's wrong place to ask such a simple question
  3. Definitely i will. Haps Obi and Anakin were my favorite models mods for Jedi Academy) You mean without Brotherhood of Shadow Solomon's Revenge mod itself ? Or you want me to make new textures for them, cause robe model is different ?
  4. Main idea was to make a restrictions to the robes according to their grades. But then i realized that there is big difference between player and other party npcs levels. So it won't work as i want =/
  5. [Mod-Note: Please do not double- (or in this case, triple-) post. See the Site Rules, Rule 8, Section 6 and its supplementary thread.] Good News, everyone. I'm back. I had little time for the mod, sorry for that. My plans are: 1. Install kotor with K1R 2. Walkthrough + completing mod as the same time As i remember, i had several thoughts what stats should robes have. I will make a stats table first. The problem is, i want to make robes unique and not overpowered. But at the same time player should have time to wear each of time, otherwise if they will drop too soon they will confuse or they will stay in the inventory for eternity. Edit 1: Welll, there was an idea to combine robes requirements with Sense feat Original Feats: On which lvl Sense feat grants Jedi Robes Sith Robes Neutral Robes Edit 2: It looks like Malaks Unique Apprentices 1.0 by Kexikus works very well with new robes
  6. Sons of Deadly Stream and Lucasforums, my brothers! I see in your eyes the same desire that i have! A day will come when the K1R project comes out, when we forsake our families, and play Kotor all our free time; but it is not this day! This day we wait! By all that you hold dear on this good Forum, I bid you can wait until release, Men of the Kotor community!
  7. If Imperial officer outfit without insignia and pens was ported to Kotor 1 Admiral Saul could look like this (i rrecoloured Kainzorus Prime's ported model and colour rank insignia and pens with black)
  8. Well, just don't have much time for it lately. Anyway i will try ti find some time to finish it)
  9. I don't know if i'll use Genetica 4.0, but anyway thanks ! At the moment i'm checking the robe placement and making playthrough Mod will consist 3 parts: 1) Only robe reskins (with vanilla drop) 2) Reskins for Jedi NPCs 3) Korriban sith students robe fix 4) Robe placement
  10. Quanon, Thank You for your opinion. I'll keep it in mind! Small update Renamed Sith Apprentice Robe into Sith Robe and made compatibility with robes korriban sith students mod by Shem So, there were some problems with the original mod and Ыруь mod. By using this 2 mods together the new robe model has female characters, Now it's fixed, but if you gonna use this fix, you'll have to manually change 2 lines in the appearance.2da (because i don't know how to make self-installer). I will write detailed instruction how to do it when mod is released (it's very simple actually, but will require kotor tool to do it) This is because of appearance of Shaardan and Twi-lek sith thug. (so it's not critical if you won't do this, just not eye-candy)) ) I didn't change lashowe friends and one of the sith thugs because in the Shem's mod there are only few models with the robe (Sith in the uniform are used not only on korriban as sith's but as soldiers for example on manaan and other planets). So i tried to avoid clone effect) Well... maybe i will change sith teacher's into dark jedi (because at the moment they are 3 black women in 1! room). At least they will be in masks And of course some screens... Shaardan Yuthura Sith thugs Lashowe and friends Mekel