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  1. Awesome. Do you have those hilts still? I'd take both the Kotor 1 and 2 versions if you do.
  2. Amazing stuff! I quite like the look of Ahsoka, as well as the Luke robes.
  3. Sorry to necro this thread, but where did you find all of these mods? Some look familiar and others don't... are they all separate??
  4. Probably very possible, but the only things I've been able to mod in so far have been texture mods. So I'd need to learn how to use KotorTool.
  5. Dang, he was a Watchman? Never would have guessed. Thanks for finding the wayback link, though. I wasn't able to recover it myself. I wonder if the GameFront wayback downloads still work...
  6. I adore those darkside hilts. Especially Malak's, I remember that from an old Jedi Academy mod. Would it be possible to replace his vanilla hilt with that, somehow? I'm curious. Also curious if they could hypothetically work with SLM. ...Oh, and I wouldn't mind the files.
  7. I feel like I'm going crazy. I could swear that there was a mod on filefront that allowed you to replace G0-T0 with Revan. It made him into either a sentinel or a consular (I believe it was the former). I haven't seen it on Gamefront yet, so I'm assuming they either couldn't find it or didn't bother with it. Either way, I was hoping to play around with it on my most recent playthrough. I was wondering if anyone still had it somewhere. Thanks in advance.
  8. Yo, I had a problem with this. When I was trying to play the Visas cutscene, the sequence would break when it was Nihilus's turn to talk Visas would just keep sitting there. I removed the mod and the cutscene worked fine. Any idea what causes this?
  9. That makes sense. Thank you! Sorry to keep you up at a late hour, I appreciate the support.
  10. Yes, that's what I'm saying. I renamed the models from the flowing robes one, but they both use DS textures. I renamed the flowing robes model to match the LS model that the mod adds. It works, but the LS model doesn't use the custom texture. I want to force it to load the custom texture rather than the DS N_DarthRevan01.
  11. Thank you for your patience. From the mod, it had seemed like there were two different versions included: A Star Forge appearance and a Darth Revan appearance. Both with different textures. Likely because both model files had different texture paths. Basically, I tried to rename, copy and replace the TSL Flowing Revan Robes for over the model that Grey_Ghost used. However, when I equip the sets of armor in game, they both share the same texture. I assume this is because they're identical files, so they are both redirected to N_DarthRevan01.tga. I want to use the Flowing Revan Robes, but I don't want both models to look identical. I was hoping to find a way to fix that, and redirect the second robes file (Star Forge Model) to the correct texture again (N_StarForgeA01.tga). I hope this makes sense.
  12. Hi, thanks for the response. I'm particularly looking to change the texture reference for the flowing Revan model, since I was going to combine that with a mod that adds Star Forge robes with modified textures for personal use. Specifically, I'm using the TSL "Masked Revan Star Forge Robes Mod" as a base, since it includes both a disguise for the normal robes, and for a unique set of Star Forge robes. I'm new to modding, so I was looking for a close example to start. Which program would you recommend for hex editing if that's the case?
  13. I've not the foggiest idea how to get into an MDL or MDX file. I only have Blender and Clip Studio Modeler. I tried to get a plugin for Blender a while ago, but it was incompatible with whichever versions I tried. So it seems like I'm running on dreams here. Any advice?