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  1. Saw it last Monday, and hated it. I found Luke completely out of character. You mean to tell me the same guy who saw the good in the second most evil person in the galaxy would contemplate killing the son of his sister and his best friend for even a minute? Really movie? Also you're telling me the same Luke that defied Yoda to go save his friends is going to go hide and wait to die really? There were plenty of other issues with the movie but Luke's out of character behavior was my main issue.
  2. When Kriea gives the implied choice to either save the Exile's friends and be weaker for it or get to her quicker in the Trayus Academy Kyle Katarn can make both choices simultaneously, it also makes him stronger, and he doesn't even have to fight Darth Sion he simply looks at Sion and his will erodes.
  3. They originally made Kyle Katarn not Revan the protagonist of KotOR 1 but the developers kept running into a bug where Kyle would immediately warp to Darth Malak at the beginning of the game and Bryar Pistol him in the face thus ending the game within the first few seconds. When Kyle Katarn was asked about the bug Kyle responded "That's no bug.".
  4. I think the chances of the KotOR era being canonized are pretty high honestly. Also I have that Revan Black Series figure it is very nice and I highly recommend it to any KotOR fan.
  5. Kyle Katarn doesn't need the persuade skill to get Major Hurka to take him to Saul Karath he simply looks at her and she does, also she doesn't rat him out to the guards, oh and of course after Kyle kills Saul he charges up her loading ramp.
  6. I know this isn't the proper Kyle Katarn facts thread for it but to add to that. The blast that killed Jyn and Cassian wasn't from the Death Star Kyle Katarn was just pissed that Cassian and Jyn tried to take credit for something he did. Also Cassian had to die anyway because nobody impersonates Kyle Katarn and lives.
  7. Don't forget that Kyle also has all the restored content from both games including stuff that was cut out of KotOR 1 before they switched engines, and he also has all planets from both games without porting in his multiplayer versions.
  8. Fascinating! It's always wonderful to see new cut content be discovered. Unfortunately I'm not good at textures so I can't really help you there but LDR or SithSpecter may be able to help you if you would like to ask them.
  9. Congratulations Tails. Why do I believe Tails? It's because he knew it was a standalone mod prior to K1R's release and has thus had years to accomplish this amazing feat.
  10. I agree with this Twitch streaming is the best option.