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  1. Starting from the ground up with KOTOR
    - Fresh Install from 4CD version
    - GOG exe (yes, I own a GOG version)
    - Widescreen exe patch and UI fixes
    - 4GB exe memory fix

    I have never gotten widescreen to work in the past, so I'm genuinely pleased by this:

    Screenshot (254).png

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    2. DarthParametric



      The version has Aspyr's update now

      Does it? Last I saw it was someone that had zipped up the Steam files and posted it on the GOG forums. I don't use Galaxy though, so I haven't checked for any updates.

      Edit: Ahah -

      Not that it is worth bothering with. Nothing of value was added, aside from those incapable of WS patching themselves, or those that simply had to have native controller support. And none of that is worth all the added bugs.

    3. La Ingobernable

      La Ingobernable

      Great. So the one time I decide to make a backup for the actual game, I get to store a crappy buggy version. So now I have to get somebody to share the previous version with me. Just great.

    4. VarsityPuppet


      If you have the GOG version, you can still revert to the legacy version.

  2. Looks like I may need to do a fresh Kotor install.

    My options right now are crashes or broken textures. What gives?

    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Might I suggest the Reddit Builds?

  3. Nothing remotely important or interesting about this date, certainly not in relation to Star Wars

  4. I know it’s April fools, but there is a HUGE announcement coming today!

    Stay Tuned!

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    2. VarsityPuppet
    3. VarsityPuppet


      And yes I’ve known about this since April

    4. Mephiles550


      I actually find this pretty mind blowing. Aspyr clearly knew about TSLRC since the Steam port of TSL and gave it as much support as it could, but it could never directly include it in it's product. Even TSLRCM for mobile had to be installed seperately via modding.

      But this feels like a game changer, now Aspyr (or you guys working with them? what's going on anymore?) is actually providing the mod (if you can even call it that anymore) themselves! I had a feeling TSL would come out on Switch, but I thought it would never have the  restored content and it would inevitably disappoint people, but dang! I might just be overthinking how important this is, but I genuinely never thought this would even be possible without them just flat-out stealing the mod and calling it their own.

       This actually makes me think that a Kotor 2 remake in the year 2032 actually WON'T suck in concept.

  5. You will have more success diagnosing your issue if you follow the bug report format in this thread:

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    2. Stormie97


      Can't wait to play KoTOR on my smart fridge!

    3. VarsityPuppet


      "Can it play Kotor?" is the new "Can it play Doom?"

    4. VarsityPuppet


      For real though, as someone who played Kotor on xbox endlessly (and even modded it on xbox) and really enjoys the Nintendo Switch, this is great

  7. I've been thinking about the KotOR remake, and we should lobby to #CanonizeDakBenkins

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    2. TK-664


      My first remake mod to be sure #RecruitableDakBenkins (how do you do that)

    3. N-DReW25


      Is this about that Recruitable Dak Benkins mod which was requested a few years back?

    4. Sith Holocron
  8. Struggling with this Kotor Remake that will inevitably be butchered. Sucks because I love this part of Star Wars. but...

    Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

    And the originals aren't going anywhere

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    2. Mephiles550


      I'm expecting the Sleheyron planet mod to be finished with other people having already made texture mods for it already before this remake is released. 

      So quite some time from now

    3. DarthParametric



      let’s remain catiously optimistic


    4. N-DReW25


      I really hope this remake, good or bad, can be used to keep the Kotor community afloat. Like I can just image the following being added to Deadlystream:

      * Kotor Remake discussion section

      * Kotor Remake art being features in the Deadlystream logo on the top of the site

      * Kotor Remake mods section...


      I reckon we will need it eventually, modern Disney Star Wars games like Battlefront 2 and Jedi Fallen Order actually do have some mods which can be made and installed... so I have a feeling that this Kotor Remake may just have mods to be made for it.


      I recall some years ago that the Kotor and Kotor 2 sections of NexusMods were a serious competitor to the mods offered my Deadlystream, I now feel that ever since the Gamefront mods were removed from the site 70% of "Kotor NexusModders" end up uploading mostly weird asf mods which would get ridiculed the moment they'd be uploaded here.


      The 2nd most recent Kotor mod uploaded to NexusMods is called "Sonic The Werehog Soundset (UPDATED) for K1" FFS 🤣:lol:🤦‍♂️

      Since Battlefront 2 and Jedi Fallen Order both have NexusMods sections with mods actively being contributed, it might be a good idea to consider a Kotor Remake mod section should they become popular.


      @JDub96 What makes you say that? Can you link to this? 


      @Stormie97 When Disney realizes Stormie is half way through making his Duro model for Kotor and it looks just as good as the 2017 Battlefront 2 Duro.




      @Mephiles550 I reckon they'll aim to release the Remake in 2023 for the 20th anniversary of the game, boy has it been that long?

  9. I can't wait to see my favorite character in action again. Hopefully they don't do him dirty again
  10. I seem to be having issues with your Peragus Tweak mod where it prevents me from being able to play the holo-log entries at the terminals on Peragus and the Harbinger. Have you made any changes to this mod since its release? I have really wanted it in my playthrough but I am worried it will cause bugs. What is the best way to fix this? God Bless

    1. VarsityPuppet


      Which version have you downloaded? 1.3?

    2. EAF97


      No, it was version 1.4. I was unable to open or play the holo-logs for the Maintenance Officer on Peragus and for the Medical Officer on the Harbinger.

  11. Tales of the Jedi - The Great Sith War vol 1-6 out in the wild.

    Almost got em, but not about to start collecting. Omnibus is better

    1. Malkior


      Personally I'm avoiding as many Omnibuses as I can, as Marvel gets the proceeds and I refuse to support them after what they did to Dark Horse. (The people who actually made them)

    2. VarsityPuppet


      I've been buying from ebay anyways...

      Also I've ended up buying almost all of the Tales of the Jedi TPB

  12. How did I miss this mod? This is great work