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  1. Hah, that avatar looks familiar.

    1. jc2


      Nice avatar VP!

  2. This is an engine problem. The solution unfortunately is to remake the mod entirely. It can be done, just would take awhile to do.
  3. Well, the two movies in the ST has thus far have been reboot/remake of the OT, so I fully expect this to follow suit. Another Death Star again The Emperor is back Anyone else want to take bets on other similarities?
  4. 0.1.5 is out! Crashes have been pretty low, hopefully this will be the one I can bump to 1.0.0!
  5. Crashes fixed for 0.1.3 (Thanks to whoever is using the tool btw). 0.1.4 is out!
  6. Sorry it took awhile - 0.1.3 is out!
  7. It should work. Let me know if it doesn't
  8. This sounds like a great idea! I'm wondering though if we could reach out to any Let's Players and youtubers to see if there is any content out there that we can already use?
  9. I can definitely do both of those things - I forgot about ctrl+Q, but yeah that is actually supposed to work lol. It looks like there is one other bug that’s popping up - I can fix all of these things tomorrow
  10. @ebmar Thank you so much for testing out the program, man. Seriously, it's been really helpful. New version is up!
  11. 2DA Editor 0.1.1! Check it out!

    It's got bug fixes, tab support, undo/redo and crash tracking!

    Help a guy out and try the download!


    1. VarsityPuppet


      Of course the second I release it, I'm already getting crash reports.... but then again, that's why I added the integration.


      To whoever was making my program crash - there's a new build you can use now

    2. ebmar



      ...there's a new build you can use now

      Thank you for the quick fix! It works like a charm now.

      P.S. I like the initial layout better - but I trust in the Wisdom of the devs.

      Edit: apparently its New Row (Ctrl+N) feature brokes, and many times it failed on save attempt. Needless to say the [updated] program lose its functionality right now, and I have to rollback to its predecessor [v0.1.0]. Looking very forwards to a stable-updated-version!

      Edit2: it works like a charm with the most recent version! I like what you did with the row number's column layout; it provides better control with the worksheet now. Most -if not all- function seem to be working properly. Though if may I have suggestions; there's a soothing feeling working with color transition between rows like its predecessor [white-grey transition]. And if not too much request I hope that you can work on the Exit (Ctrl+Q) hotkey to have it functioning. Many thanks for considering the feedback, and the update are very much appreciated! :cheers:

  12. @Kexikus Always great work! How long until another release?