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  1. VarsityPuppet

    Mod of the Year 2018 Nominations Are Open!

    Merry Christmas! Season's Greetings! I'm trying to get us ahead of the curve this year (thanks @N-DReW25 for asking), so we're opening Mod of the Year 2018 nominations! If you've never participated in Mod of the Year before, it's pretty simple. Rules for nominations: Nominate up to 3 mods (1 per category) and 1 community member If the mod/member you're nominating has already been nominated, try to think of another that hasn't received a nomination yet. This isn't required, but it widens the pool The mod doesn't have to be hosted on DeadlyStream to be nominated, but you should provide a link in your nomination Mods eligible for nomination have to have been released in 2018. Mod updates released in 2018 do not count The categories this year are: Best Texture Enhancement - Reskins, HD Textures, or any mod that adds new textures to the game Best Content Restoration / Addition - Mods that enhances the existing game content or add new game content Most Helpful Community Member - A member that has been active in helping the community overall, whether performing mod requests, troubleshooting game installs or if you're named @DarthParametric and of course Mod of the Year - The best Kotor/TSL mod released this year! We'll collect nominations all the way up until December 25th, so there should be plenty of time to get nominations in. Voting will start the first week of 2019. K1 and K2 mods will both be contending for the same awards, so choose wisely!
  2. I’m thankful for all of you, my friends! This community has been a great creative outlet for me and I’m grateful if even only one person downloads my mods. They are made with great inspiration and care - as a natural way to worship the Lord who conquered death to save mankind. I’m happy that I can spread some joy and excellence through something unexpected like KOTOR mods! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. VarsityPuppet

    Wrong shadows

    It could be done, the bones would have to be re-shaped to make it look more like the cloak though. As is, the cape bones for some are a little sparse and without some modification, you'd be able to see through the areas where they don't overlap
  4. VarsityPuppet

    Blog #91 - Set Decoration: Peragus and the Harbinger

    Can you remind me again what this fixes?
  5. VarsityPuppet

    Player Armors for Atris

    I was going to include it but am saving it for version 2
  6. VarsityPuppet

    Visas' Meditation Obelisks

    My Life For Yours
  7. VarsityPuppet

    Visas Unmasked!

    Ahh I see. Yeah she will receive the shroud item when she joins the party. If you want to get the item I think it’s giveitem visasshroud
  8. VarsityPuppet

    Helena Shan Improvement

    The clothes in the video were just random ones that I chose at the time. I could make multiple installs I suppose. As far as the forehead wrinkles go, Helena has probably lived a hard life
  9. VarsityPuppet

    Visas Unmasked!

    There is an item you’re supposed to receive when she joins your party that you can equip on her head
  10. VarsityPuppet

    Porting the Jedi Masters heads into K1

    Putting the Jedi masters into that light-side ending cutscene would be pretty cool
  11. VarsityPuppet

    [K1/TSL] Body Re-Model

    What you're asking for is a mod that remodels every body model in the game. That's fair, I get that, it's an unexplored area, but it's unexplored for good reasons. 1) That's a lot of different models to modify 2) With our current modeling tools, we could probably apply a turbo-smooth modifier to the meshes, but the problem with that is it's a pain in the butt to redo the bone weights. Even with Turbosmooth, you'd still have to do a little editing
  12. VarsityPuppet


    I hopped in and have tried to help dispel the idea about it being a mod. Can’t do much else about people having Disney or people hating copyright law
  13. VarsityPuppet

    [K1] "Legends" Series

    Either way, I think only Mandalore himself gets to wield that axe. I just thought I'd show off a little bit though
  14. VarsityPuppet

    [K1] "Legends" Series

    If you're referring to the mythosaur axe, I have a version of it that I created for the Battlefront 2 Kotor mod. Here it is in KOTOR though. Zaalbar included for size
  15. VarsityPuppet

    Ajunta Tomb

    Who is that spoopy sith ghost?