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  1. VarsityPuppet


    I hopped in and have tried to help dispel the idea about it being a mod. Can’t do much else about people having Disney or people hating copyright law
  2. VarsityPuppet

    [K1] "Legends" Series

    Either way, I think only Mandalore himself gets to wield that axe. I just thought I'd show off a little bit though
  3. VarsityPuppet

    [K1] "Legends" Series

    If you're referring to the mythosaur axe, I have a version of it that I created for the Battlefront 2 Kotor mod. Here it is in KOTOR though. Zaalbar included for size
  4. VarsityPuppet

    Ajunta Tomb

    Who is that spoopy sith ghost?
  5. VarsityPuppet

    Blog #61 - I need a tutorial for a G0-T0 voice filter

    Second filter test is great!
  6. VarsityPuppet

    Spectral Ajunta Pall Canonical Appearance

    I removed the onSpawn script (the one that gives him the force shield effect), but I think that messes up something with his user define script when he dies. There is another instance that I got locked in the tomb however - I placed a lot of mines in his area right before the fight and it instantly killed him... ...but also I think I killed him too good because I got XP points and he didn't disappear. And I think that must mess up the door unlock script.
  7. VarsityPuppet

    Ajunta Pall WIP

    Thanks to my bros @DarthParametric @bead-v and @JCarter426 for hammering on MDLEdit. Looks like y'all will be getting a ghostly Ajunta Pall after all (along with a bug fix or two) Screenshot has been brightened so the transparency can be seen more easily
  8. VarsityPuppet

    Spectral Ajunta Pall Canonical Appearance

    Okay, so you'll want to delete kor37_freedon.utc from your override and then try the Ajunta Pall sequence again.
  9. I’m conflicted about this because I dislike JavaScript but this is amazing work! Great job @Blue!
  10. VarsityPuppet

    Bug Reporting (Test Thread)

    no u
  11. VarsityPuppet

    Bug Reporting (Test Thread)

    Anoooother Test Post
  12. VarsityPuppet

    Bug Reporting (Test Thread)

    One more post
  13. VarsityPuppet

    Bug Reporting (Test Thread)

    Another post too, wheeeeee
  14. VarsityPuppet

    Bug Reporting (Test Thread)

    This is another test post, we'll see what's up with this faaaaam
  15. VarsityPuppet

    Bug Reporting (Test Thread)

    This is just a test post