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  1. Is your PC really the strongest ever at the end of Kotor 1/2?

    Best Weapons, armor and shields and overall gear in the game, plenty of means to heal.

    What does the final boss have?
    Their  dirty clothes and a basic lightsaber. Don't really heal that much, easily preventable with Malak.

    Really, when you think about it, these guys are probably way better then you by the end.

  2. Mephiles550

    TFU Sion port for TSL

    Could someone, anyone, get their hands on that grumpy dad skin for Sion by Drewton? I always wanted that version of Sion but it was never released.
  3. Mephiles550

    M4-78EP 1.5 Released

    This is a really cool mod, you've definitely covered many of the issues people had with previous versions of the planet. With that said, I've had a somewhat buggy experience with the M4-78 Chamber. One more potentially game breaking bug is that if you talk to Kaah about giving him a power core than decide to leave the conversation after presented the option that allows you to take his core, you won't get a second chance to get it from him. The new ending is really cool too and the dialogue splicing is much better. I don't think it was necessary for M4-78's ending to bring up those lines from Visas and Kreia about I'm really questioning how some of the modules were split as portions of the industrial zone often felt unnecessarily small and the FPS wasn't really improved in the same parts from last time. Those are my only critiques, the team definitely improved everything else and now M4-78 is a solid 9.5/10 in my book. Several of these bugs may also be exclusive only to me since I installed this newer version with M4-78 1.3 already installed. I had to make some tweaks to make everything compatible myself and I'm pretty sure all I'm getting now from the mod is the same experience I would've had in a clean runthrough of the mod.
  4. Is it possible to somehow keep the stealth field effect and force vision effect with Frame Buffer Effects disabled? Using my handy dandy override folder perhaps? 

  5. Mephiles550

    Clifford Wants to Play.jpg

  6. Mephiles550

    TSL ORIGINS: Harbinger Overhaul

    To anyone having the floor bug, remove the file HAR_Fl01from your override folder. There are other files in the mod causing all of the really shiny reflections, but that's the main one for the floor. Looks a lot better without it. I'm starting to really dislike the Steam version of this game now.
  7. Mephiles550


    Who knows, maybe Nihilus and Sion were a little more close during their college days. I consider Nihilus pretty damn broken of a man myself considering he actually has less body than Nihilus does technically underneath those robes. I'm not sure which person of the two has it worse when you think about it.
  8. Mephiles550


    Question is, who here is the one talking?
  9. Could someone port the full Ubese Assassin model from TSL to Kotor 1?

  10. I tried to replace the Great Storm Beast on Malachor with a Rancor in Kotor Tool and it crashed a second after it showed the rancor loaded. Do you think the problem was something wrong with the animations or the model being too big and stuck in the map? Or was it something else? I'm stuck. 😕

    1. N-DReW25


      Maybe the big Rancor lacks animations and it crashes the game due to either a missing model or missing model data, did you manage to see the Ranor before the game crashed and did it do anything (Walk, Run, Attack etc)?

    2. Mephiles550


      I saw the rancor at the size I expected and it had regular idle animations. It stood where the big storm beast spawns. But it wouldnt move forward at all so the game crashed after like 2 or 3 seconds looking at it 

    3. Mephiles550


      Actually, I just tried it again and this time it worked! I didn't do anything different either. The fight is actually a lot more intimidating now!

      The only bug I occasionally get when trying this fight is that sometimes, after I kill it, I randomly die. That makes no sense to me.

  11. Mephiles550

    Kotor 2 Movie Style Overhaul

    You're my favorite texture artist/designer for the Kotor games. These all look so stunning! You really should consider overhauling Nar Shaddaa. We have so many good texture mods for the other locations already (minus M4-78) and while Nar Shaddaa does have some texture mods, in my opinion, they're all awful. I've been wanting your take on Nar Shaddaa ever since I first saw some of your animated textures.
  12. Mephiles550

    Revan "clones" in star forge and Taris

    I'm sorry, ya this is just a vanilla bug and I looked up to how to fix it. It was just coincidence it used the Star Forge dialogue.
  13. Mephiles550

    Revan "clones" in star forge and Taris

    Something really strange happened to me in game, I was at Manaan finding my 3rd Star Map and I went to the Swoop Race circuit there and talking to the guy who sets it up, I get a message about how I released one of the Jedi prisoners from the Star Forge. Then I get an error Node passage. Trying to talk again just results in him asking if I'd like to race again, then cuts to the error node message right after it.
  14. Mephiles550


    The assets are all really cool looking and the mappers and modelers certainly know their stuff, but is this going to be an actual game? lol no. Maybe if the team continues at this pace for the next 20 years we will have a complete game, but determination of projects like this tend to die off eventually once they realize the full scale of how unreachable their ambitions are.