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  1. Those animated flags at the beginning must've been a pain to get right! Such a subtle detail but probably one of the most painstaking ones
  2. Yet another mod from WildKarrde that I never knew I needed, but will never remove from my override folder. well done, as always
  3. This is all so incredible, I never thought this would be possible. I'm curious, how well does the HK50 factory play now? I know I've seen old gameplay builds where cheats were used on XBOX to go to the cut HK50 Telos modules. They were mostly complete, just with text issues and missing dialogue strings, etc
  4. Thank you so much for editing the appearance of the Leviathan doors, the new unique variant you provided is miles better and helps make the area feel more original.
  5. I thought that particular bug was familiar thanks for the link!
  6. Very good point, I should've also mentioned that. Iirc years ago this problem was maybe more complex than the utc file and idk what I did to fix it, guess that's why I forgot to mention the need to use an older save anyway, not like it matters since its required anyway And yeah I don't even bother going through the proper steps with him anymore lol I just try to do whatever to help
  7. I swear this happened to me once. I think I fixed it, but it was a long time ago. Do you have any UTC files in your override with her name? Maybe try deleting it. Check to see if you have any files that are scripts named after "kor36", that's the module name for the Valley of the Dark Lords map you're in. Delete and backup anything that looks suspicious If you're not able to fix it, just take the L on this quest and load an older save prior to starting this quest, or just let her keep the holocron
  8. Have to say, this has been immensely convenient for me. I've been dabbing in the BOS modules in the Holocron Toolset and I suck at remembering the modules so I can load them in-game.
  9. If you use the brotherhood of Shadow mod, what happens if the keep Sera Degana with you all the way to meeting Bastilla on Lehon and add her to your party via the dark ending? Bastila and Sera use the same character select slot.

    1. LordMerek


      Shouldn't she use Juhani's character slot? Or does this assume you've killed Bastila? Because in a Dark Side playthrough the chances of killing Bastila are lower than killing Juhani. Usually. Depending on what you are doing.

    2. DarthParametric


      To answer the question in regard to party slots, you cannot add an NPC to a slot that is already filled. The script will simply fail. If it was supposed to perform additional functions after trying to add the NPC, then those will probably break. One would hope that some failsafes were built into the script to avoid that, but you'd have to look at the source.

  10. IDK if this is what you're referring to, but I use ERFedit to open MOD files But besides that, couldn't all the warp codes for each Kotor module be found online?
  11. It's been a while since I did a full light side playthrough on Kotor 2, but I was wondering how feasible it would be to make a mod where the cutscene showing Traya being thrown into the Trayus pit would play at the end of the light side ending? IIRC it's only shown on the dark ending

    I always thought it was fitting for both endings.

    1. DarthParametric


      Should be a simple script edit, though you may also need some DLG editing to have it make sense. Although from memory even in the DS ending the tossing her into the pit thing kind of comes out of nowhere.

  12. That's so nice of Trask to visit his Sith grandpa in the intergalactic Nursing home
  13. Mephiles550

    TSL MP3 Player

    Very cool idea and I'm definitely gonna use this, but I'm curious about something. Is there a particular reason for the 25 slot limit? Was it just out of personal preference or was there an actual limit you had to deal with when making this mod?
  14. I'm really looking forward to seeing what the future of AI generated voices can do for Kotor


  15. I thought all Kotor 1 player models were already included in Kotor 2, even if not used? Is that not the case?

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    2. DarthParametric
    3. Mephiles550


      That's interesting, thanks for clarifying.

      The question popped up after seeing the latest topic about porting Juhani to TSL, I always thought those player models were already there. 

    4. DarthParametric


      A bunch of heads got remodelled/re-uv'd, others just got outright replaced, so it's a bit of a mixed bag as to what remains. The most well known example is mullet man being turned into one of the Hispanic male heads.