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  1. This is really impressive! Would you be able to clean the module of any rubish and debris seen throughout the map, though? Idk what parts of that in TSL are just placeables or part of the map itself.
  2. I am very interested to learn more about the original Xbox's modding capabilities, as there's very limited info available about it. Have you tried any mods that add new modules besides the crystal caves? I would love to learn how Yavin IV or Ord Mantell works. I also don't know much about original Xbox modding, do you think this would be possible with the tools available today to do this on original Xbox hardware or do you need at least a 360?
  3. The more I'm looking at it, I'm guessing that @Jango32 was correct and that this definitely feels more like an Early Selkath attempt than anything else. Makes sense, I guess. Good job restoring what you could. Something I like doing with old games is restoring as much old content as I can and reverting the game to the earliest, yet fully completable, extent possible (Half Life 2's beta started that hobby for me). I would like to see a version of this model with a working idle animation so that I can use it in a "beta build" of Kotor and view it in all it's 480P glory on my 4K monitor.
  4. I'm really surprised to see that the console port of the game can support mods with such large texture sizes. I was under the impression that the engine itself, despite being on an original Xbox, 360 or Xbone, was designed to not allow super high textures on the console port. I knew that new NPCs and placeables, item mods and new modules (to an extent) and 2DA edits mostly worked, but this is a genuine surprise. I assume this is your Reddit thread also? Found it when I was looking up what you meant by Kotor "Reborn" edition. Eitherway, nice job getting it compatible. Where/how did you learn how to add mods to the game on 360?
  5. Neat find, I didn't know about this. The red one could be a messed up version of the Devaronian, just without the horns. The clothing also gives that away to me, alot of Devaronians are seen wearing that type of garb (bulky and open upper jacket, too-cool-for-school look, biker gang, etc) The blue one could be a Gand, It's got the same bug head thing going on that the Gand have. It could also be a Sullistan, but the eyes aren't spaced quite the same. Those feint blue streaks coming down from the head to the torso on sprite also match the same patten of the Gand's breathing tubes seen in Kotor 2. Both species would be seen in Kotor 2 and some species had model updates from K1 to K2, so it's not a big revelation to think that these sprites were cutouts of older models for the Gands and Devaronians. Alien01's (the one I suspect is a very early Gand WIP) model height could be attributed to how they barely worked on the thing and didn't put time in to provide it with the proper height. What I find interesting is that the bottom left sprite is a perfect match to that little mouse alien in Kotor 2 (the one in the Nar Shaddaa cantina who helps T3 get into Vogga's warehouse). That means that they must've already had the model finished, but didn't include it into Kotor 1 for some reason.
  6. My biggest concern is that this game will take the episodic approach, limiting each episode to 1 or 2 planets each. FFVII did the same thing, the first teaser trailer back in 2015 never mentioned the episodic format the game would take. Now it's 2021, barely 30% of the complete remake is technically done. The game much not be on league with games as legendary as FFVII to warrant such a massive scale remake attempt, but it's still a concern regardless. Please just be 1 complete package, even if it is a massive file size.
  7. What I'm curious about is how faithful they'll stay to the original game and how many liabilities they'll take with their own reimagining of things.

    Also if this is some episodic type deal like FFVII I'm probably not gonna bother.

    1. VarsityPuppet


      I've heard that they're reimagining it for a new generation... soo, I'm not getting good vibes from this

    2. Nevrius


      There is some chatter going on the comms that they supposedly hired an SJW with serious hatred for the OG, but I'm taking these news with a grain of salt, since I find these channels tend to blow things out of proportion more often than not. 

      I'll likely gonna adopt my usual stance for games I'm excited about, but want to see how they actually look (meaning watching playthroughs on YT).

      Honestly, the thing I'm most bummed about is that from what I understand, it's a PS5 thing only, and I'm a PC guy (though someone said it would be for PC too? Can anyone clarify?), and not willing to spend money on consoles which are gonna be obsolete in a few years anyway. 

  8. They're remaking Kotor and it's a PS5 exclusive?

    That's wonderful news. Ain't getting it.

    It's a pain in the ass just trying to find a PS5 to buy anyway.

    Hopefully it'll be brought to PC quickly after launch. 

    1. bendarby24


      Its also coming to PC.

  9. Has anyone heard anything from Sithspector or how his progress on Sleheyron is going? It's been quite a while. 

    I'm guessing he's just not had much time to work on it, which is understandable. 

    I'll stop inquiring about it permanently if mods want

    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      I sent him a message on another matter and it went unanswered.  If I had to hazard a guess, RL has reared it's head.

      When he does have something to report on Sleheyron, I am sure he'll mention something in the WIP thread.

    2. LDR


      Knowing him and his passion for it, I assure you Sithspecter is probably hard at work with Sleheyron.

  10. When you kill Nihilus and Visas looks at Nihilus' face, what do you do differently to have Visas say he looks like "a man, nothing more" instead of "a graveyard world"? Is it random?

    1. TK-664


      Huh? I didn't know about that, I always got the first line.

    2. LDR


      There's two dialogue options:

      1) Tell me what you saw. (I saw a graveyard world...)

      2) What did you see when you looked at him? (A man, nothing more.)

      If I'm interpreting this correctly, there's Visas seeing/looking with her eyes, and then there's Visas "seeing" with the Force. I took a look through Kotor Tool (ERFs > Modules > 852NIH_dlg.erf > 852end.dlg), and emphasis is placed on the wording the player uses. Feel free to look at it yourself and give it your own interpretation.

  11. Would you want a Kotor remake? Rumors of one are surfacing again.

    I'm personally leaning towards no. I'm too paranoid they'll just make a trash product loosely based on the original game that plays and feels completely different.

    And if they do remake the first one, I really, REALLY do not want them to remake the 2nd one. It will almost definitely not implement the cut content, whether that just be the minor story consistencies or M478. 

    I kinda just want a Kotor 3 that eliminates a lot of the story in TOR and revises it it to make Revan's journey and the threat in the unknown regions less underwhelming... but that's probably asking for too much.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Vriff


      Yes, I would want them to remake KOTOR 1 and 2 both and bring them into canon status.


      I know people are doubtful, but Jason Schreier has a well known record for being having insider industry knowledge so if he's teasing a KOTOR game is in development I 100% believe it.

    3. TamerBill


      If we do get a KotOR 3 it'll be like Baldur's Gate 3, an unrelated game re-using the KotOR name for marketing reasons.

    4. Spectrometer


      A good remake of KOTOR 2 (just graphics, cut content and maybe minor gameplay tweaks) would be amazing for my personal replayability of the game.

      I love KOTOR 2, but I've played it so many times that I cannot enjoy it without any novelty.

  12. Got back into Kotor modding and Deadlystream cause of Kotor 2's mobile port announcement, great early christmas gift.

    I decided to try Brotherhood of Shadow along with my other 14GB of Kotor mods. From the save provided with the mod, it's worked fantastically well from start to finish, with only a few tidbits here needing some obvious patching. I'm stunned by how little I have to fix. 

    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      What needs patching?  Will you be releasing these fixes?

    2. Mephiles550


      No because all of the fixes would only be relevant to my own personal override folder's contents, it would be useless to anyone else and would probably just cause more problems.


      Most of the glitches I encountered were related to the 2da files, with some objects here and there likely not having been in their right spot, e.g, Akirkon at the last fight was a czerka employee, the force cage at the end was a rock, and solomons grave was a puddle of oil, etc. They werent common, but noticable. Those were really the only problems I had. 

      I will say tho that I would genuinely pay money to have someone with a decent VO and microphone replace all of Shadows twilek lines with actual english. Its seriously unbearable hearing twilek speak in moments that are actually well written. 

    3. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      You could always try and see if you want to hire a voice actress. 

  13. Our first adventure takes us to the usual scene. Our hero awakens, pulled away from his wonderous dream of being surrounding by Twilek Lekku, With his morning quarterstaff still up and about, our trusty bunkmate has come to inform us of the situation. In a terrible state of ironic affairs, it seems that he is the one who has fallen out of bed and hit his head, as he believes that he is a Jedi Knight. Yep, a Jedi Knight holding a Blaster rifle and with a Republic Soldier uniform. Seems legit. He also speaks the Twilek language. Fascinating. There have been stories, rare as they are, of people suffering traumatic cranial injuries regaining consciousness to find memories that were not once theirs or somehow have the ability to speak a language never spoken by them before. Perhaps this is one of those moments? Anyway, we have to escort our immensly confused friend to the scene of the battle. We now have a glimpse of what he actually looks like through our animated profile pic of him! Based on this most handsome face, I believe a more fitting name should be applied. Yes, henceforth, we shall name our companion "Bruh". Anyway, Bruh's first battle with sith ends up poorly, but we still survived! In reality, it's just cause we're invincible on the first level, but let's just play along and pretend that Bruh cut down all those mean bad sith bullies with his laser sword Rude ass still won't give me the advanced medical kit he usually would here tho... But now, we've reached the heart of the battle, and it seems like all hands are on deck! In one corner we have a mercenary, on the other corner, a Czerka employee, and on the other corner... a civillian? That thing is nearly half her size, dang. What is she even doing here?? Oddly enough, that's supposed to be Selven. How nice of her to help the Republic before she died. Shame, guess we'll have to kill her again on Taris to make up the favor. BTW, so nice of the journalist the Repuiblic hired to interview bastilla to pick up arms and defend the ship. I also really like the new Twilek Sith Captain! Adds some really nice diversity to the sith ranks. I have to wonder though, who thought she would be fit for battle with her arm so damaged? As Bruh and Revan limp their way to victory, fighting against odds clearly meant for a Jedi and not two republic soldiers to be dealing with, we come across a duel between a Dark Jedi and a Jedi apprentice, our first lightsaber encounter in the game! Except for some reason, Bruh keeps talking about how that's his padawan... Ya, sure thing, Bruh. We'll take you to the neurologist as soon as this mission is done with, ok buddy? (WHAT IS SHE EVEN WEARING) Unfortunately, both the Dark Jedi and the Jedi perished in the battle. Bruh is not to happy that we pointed out that she died, constantly lamenting about how she could take her on no problem... even though this was her first actual real mission. Bruh, you need help ASAP To try and make some sense of this, Bruh attempts to meditate to resolve the issue, falling back on his Jedi teaching. Ya, his nonexistant Jedi teaching. C'mon... YOU. ARE. A. SOLDIEEEEEER You're not a real Jedi, you're a ground unit! You are a general's plaything! Finally, the insanity is almost done, and I got my first level u....uhhhh wait what? OK, something is missing here, I can't quiet put my finger on it... Where the feats at? Where are the ranged attacks? I'm pretty sure a few other things are missing. If I'm not careful, I could find myself getting stuck on this menu just cause my character gained every feat to early lol And this next scene, Bruh truly reveals his insanity. He just suddenly took off his clothes (I swear I didn't do this), ran into Darth Bandon unarmed and said that the Force would protect him or something and that fate was a mysterious thing. We'll whatever, I'll let that lunatic deal with little bald. Godspeed, Bruh Finally, time for the second pa- aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Carth is Black my god man what is even happening lol btw was the scout outfit intentional? I'll assume the extra melanin was not. To my utter shock, the Dark Stalker mod for the Endar Spire, which I modifed heavily, still works flawlessly! I have no idea how, but I'm not complaining! Well, that's it for part 1. All things considered, part 1 is tame. Like, REALLY tame, compared to what's next. If you enjoyed this blog entry, don't worry, it all goes downhill from here! Stay tuned~
  14. Revan: "Carth, a sith patrol is harrassing those people outside of our apartment, we gotta help them!"

    Carth: "You're right, don't worry, I'll just throw a grenade between all of them!"

    Duros with 1 HP, 3rd degree burns and entrails falling out of abdomen: "Thankfully you were able to step in and help us, human"

    You know you questioned this whole scenario once lol 

    1. Mellowtron11


      I  always thought that Duros caught a round from the crossfire between the 2 parties.