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  1. Mephiles550


    The assets are all really cool looking and the mappers and modelers certainly know their stuff, but is this going to be an actual game? lol no. Maybe if the team continues at this pace for the next 20 years we will have a complete game, but determination of projects like this tend to die off eventually once they realize the full scale of how unreachable their ambitions are.
  2. Mephiles550

    Mysterious Box Music for Unknown World

    There is probably no correlation, but isn't it neat how this track was intended to be used for Sleheyron and it's called the "unknown world"? Sleheyron is pretty unknown about if you ask me.
  3. In terms of decision making, who do you think is the worst Jedi?

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    2. Spectrometer


      I'm surprised no one mentioned Anakin (I'm an Anakin fan, but even I can't deny that he made some bad decisions, even though in the end he fulfilled the Prophecy).

    3. djh269


      Definitely Anakin, he killed all the Jedi in the Temple including the younglings because he didn't like sand or people with the high ground. "In my point of view the jedi are evil" after killing 8 year olds. 

    4. Mephiles550


      I'm going with Mace Windu on this one.

      Basically said the dumbest shit to convince Ahsoka to stay, which ended up making her leave anyway and he probably didn't care.

      Brought only three other Jedi Masters, one of which Grievous even technically bested,  to take down Palpatine without properly examining the situation.

      Made his own padawan fall to the Dark Side and he had to kill him.

      Treated Anakin worse than any other Jedi did IMO, first one to declare that he should not be trained, did not believe that he was the chosen one,  kept denying him important misions and trust, etc. Always failed to properly reason with Anakin.

      Fell for Palpatine's bait, both before confronting him and after "beating" him right as Anakin showed up.

      Basically I'm convinced Windu is the whole reason why all the fucking Jedi were killed cause of his poor decision making.

  4. Is it common in the Steam version of TSL for your character to be locked in place in combat and unable to move afterwards cause that's been happening to me alot lately.

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    2. DarthParametric


      It's not the monitor itself, it's the game running at refresh rates beyond what it was designed for (remember it was designed to run at 30Hz/fps on a CRT television). You see similar kinds of things with certain games having physics issues when the game runs faster than it was designed for. As with KOTOR, a common problem with console ports. Another example of framerate-related weirdness - in Fallout 4 above 60fps you will end up getting trapped when interacting with computer terminals, unable to exist.

    3. LiliArch


      unable to exist”, huh? Guess that’s one way to cause a critical existence failure. In all seriousness though, I knew that old games may run too fast thus making it impossible to do anything, because you’ll, for example, just plain hit a wall before having a chance to act, but freezing caused by similar reasons was news to me. It’s a bizarre thought. Well, unless the game is actually run by GPU and not CPU, in which case I can imagine it going haywire.

      Not that I would know, mind you. I’m a software person, not a hardware one.

    4. DarthParametric


      Lol, whoops. Unable to exit. You'd try to exit out of the terminal screen and get stuck in the middle of the standing up animation. The only way out was to load a prior save or teleport via the console.

  5. I'm fully aware that TSLRCM is incompatible with the USM and while I'm perfectly ok with that cause my Saber modding in the Kotor games never really got to crazy minus that mod, I still really miss some of the unique saber hilts, like Darth Nihilus' and Darth Sion's hilts. They were super cool! I know we have a few mods here that port over those two hilts and several others, but they're gigantic mods that I really am not interested in. So my request is for someone to port over only those two hilts for their respective Sith lords, with proper script fixes and UTI/UTC edits for all cutscenes, old and new from TSLRCM so that they'll always been seen with their USM hilts if they are holding a saber in the cutscene or battle.
  6. Mephiles550

    JC's Darksaber for K2

    @JCarter426As a reference. It's definitely shorter than other sabers, even taking Rebel's wacky saber logic into account.
  7. Mephiles550

    JC's Darksaber for K2

    Sine the Darksaber is a rather short blade, wouldn't it make more sense to make this a shortsaber as well?
  8. I miss before Disney took over Star Wars. I do enjoy much of the new content coming out (minus the new trilogy) and I like how Star Wars is considerably more "organized" now if that's the right way to word it, but some of the magic is gone. Besides the Clone Wars being cancelled, I liked the chaotic nature of the Expanded universe. What was canon? What was the timeline? Hell, idk but I loved all of it. It was a mess full of wondrous creativity to explore and Disney will never give us that because they're plans are much more strict.

  9. It's interesting how the Vertex Objects lightsaber glitch in the TSL Steam update only happens on some maps, and on some maps it can be triggered just from looking at the camera at a different angle, the Onderon Palace is one example.

  10. Mephiles550

    Using K1R on xbox questions

    I would absolutely love to see a video or screens of how this looks in game, preferably the restored Black Vulkar module.
  11. Mephiles550

    Galaxy Map - Coruscant Bug

    Sorry for the bump, but I dun goofed up in a similar manner. I forgot to replace the changes.ini file. Problem is now I've got way, WAAAAAY to many mods just to redo the process and I'm not about to figure out which files belongs to which mod to remove them somewhere else and start again. I was wondering if there was a way to manually make the edits the new changes.ini file makes manually in Kotor Tool to the Planetary.2DA file or whatever other file is responsible for the galaxy map jargon.
  12. Mephiles550

    Spectral Ajunta Pall Canonical Appearance

    This is one of the best mods ever. It's a perfect remake of Ajunta. A shame we can't make him a little transparent though. I love what you did with his voice, it's much more fitting for both his character and the model. If you can't make him transparent, could you re-enable the cheesy shield effect maybe?
  13. Mephiles550

    JC's Dense Aliens for K1

    Glad to know. Finally, I always hated the low poly models. This is definitely a fine addition to my collection. Those low poly models are genuine garbage. I think they just forgot that they had to make higher poly ones when testing high vs low settings in the game and forgot they missed a couple models or something lol.
  14. Mephiles550

    JC's Dense Aliens for K1

    Is this legal? Genuinely curious, not sure how this works. I thought you could "port" Kotor 1 models to Kotor 2 cause the models were still technically there but for TSL to Kotor, you have to rip files from one game to another.
  15. So Traya was originally supposed to be Yoda's species?

    Would you have preferred that? I think that would have been a really intriguing idea. Would he/she talk like Yoda and have his speech patterns? Would they more or less be exactly like Kreia personality wise? A grey/evil version of Yoda sounds cool.

    1. DarthParametric


      I think you are mixing Bioware's ideas with Obsidian's. The Yoda-species thing was Bioware's idea for K2, but then they refused the gig and used the main plot idea for Jade Empire instead.