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  1. I've heard something about a 4GB memory patch for TSL, what benefits does this provide and will Steam users be able to use this or is only compatible with the 4CD EXE?

    1. Malkior


      Darth Parametric answered it in this thread, I believe. 

      The gist is, yes it may boost some performance but it would be minimal since modern systems can handle any overhead already.

    2. Thor110


      It's probably possible to use the Aspyr version .exe that is available on the GoG forums, though because of it's nature it would sever it's connection to Steam, I wonder if this has any noticeable effect on the time it takes for the dialog skipping bug to occur.

  2. This may or may not be the answer to your problem, hope this helps. Been a while since I installed this mod, but I know I definitely had this issue and this helped it. Really hope someone updates the mod to fix this cause otherwise a lot of people aren't going to get this working and some people won't realize the answer is in a few pages deep of mod reviews. Quoted from the BOSSR mod comments section: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As many people seem to struggle with this: -Install this as your very first mod, most importantly before K1R, it'll work with K1R if you install it before K1R -Extract the content of the bos_sr_1.0 files. Extracting one will extract the content of each part -Extract the patch into a seperate folder -Go to the tslpatch data folder of the main mod and open changes.ini with your favorite editor -Replace all / with \ -Do the same for the changes.ini in the tslpatchdata folder of the patch -run the installer for the main mod, it should run through without throwing any exceptions -do the same for the patch -install k1r and all your other mods --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Although this is something I've wanted for quite some time, idk who you'd get to do it. These are probably super hard to make. I imagine it would take a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time. Plus I feel like only a few people out there would know how to get the Kotor CGI art style just right. The modern M4-78 videos are a good example, and the following is an example of someone who nearly nailed it: Plus I personally think the Coruscant mod needs a big overhaul. Seeing reused modules in between the same game gets kinda tedious, It's part of the reason why I'm not really that much into mods like Brotherhood of Shadow, despite the excellent technical work behind the mod. It's just jading to see the exact same location twice in the same game, just changing the module textures from light blue to dark blue to try and sell it as a brand new place ain't gonna cut it anymore for me. I've been thinking that a CGI landing/take-off video should wait until a new unique landing module has been made. Since porting modules in-between games has been something happening in Kotor modding more recently, I think a decent compromise would be using Davik's estate from Kotor 1 as a landing site for some building on Coruscant.... although idk what for, it's a cool urbanized landing area. That's just one idea however. I'd be cool with an overhauled Coruscant for Kotor 2 basically being half Taris modules since Taris isn't in Kotor 2 anyway.
  4. That's a neat theory when looking at the graphics of the Switch version, but I'm doubting that they'd go through all that hoplah just for a prt. Not to mention, I don't even know if they knew how to do such a task themselves. I think the analysis by @jacqylfrostis accurate, this is probably the mobile version of the game.
  5. Cool idea, but it'd probably be only appropriate for the Red Rakata tribe. The other Black Rakata apparently lost the technology the ancient Rakata had. I would actually like a mod that replaces all Black Rakatan vibro weapons with basic long/short swords and quarterstaffs. It would also help with the accurate vibroblade mod cause the Black Rakatan are the only enemy iirc that dual wield with a vibroblade in one hand, and a few of those encounters are scripted without a UTC to edit for it.
  6. I did something like this for personal use back when I was new to MDLOPS and I stopped after getting about 2/3 of the way there. I got lazy, lost all my mod files and never got back to it again. This is a permanent addition to the game, thank you so much! I was really hoping someone would do this!
  7. Question about Kotor 2 for Switch and TSLRCM:
    I believe that the Jedi Padawan (Kaevee) you find in the Dantooine sublevel controlling the laegreks has her lines recorded by a fan and was not content technically restored.

    If this is going to be included in the Kotor 2 "DLC", how will crediting work? Is the voice actress aware of this situation? 

    And if this is not a problem, would it be too far fetched to then say that M478 could have been added to the Switch game despite the quantity of fan recorded dialogue? 

    1. zbyl2


      m478 will never be added to switch 

  8. The Aspyr version of Kotor 2 has a few shader issues not present in the older versions of the game. This can be seen often with lightsabers hilts appearing to be missing their textures, but some older texture mods clearly reflect this change as well as they will not appear correctly. This mod is an example of one I recall having issues with the Aspyr version.
  9. This is a really cool mod, great idea
  10. You guys think that Disney's pumping out just too much Star Wars stuff at this point?

    They're making a new show based on Andor from Rogue One and I just don't care anymore since they've got like 6-7 other series coming out and more movies about to come out. I've lost so much interest in modern Star Wars, not because it's necessarily bad but because there's so much of it. It's OK to take breaks now and again.

    1. DarthParametric


      They need to be constantly pumping out filler material for Disney+ in order to keep people subscribed. Hence the string of Star Wars and Marvel TV shows. Quality is well down the list of their priorities. The only way they'll stop is if the financials stop making sense, as happened with their Star Wars theatrical plans.

    2. djh269


      Whilst I am a nerd who can never get enough content, I'm missing independent movies sometimes. And TV series that have original concepts. Whilst I'm not bored at this point in time I can completely understand why some/alot of people are getting bored of it all.

      Disney acquiring both Marvel and Star Wars is a gift and a curse. We'll get a lot of exposition, but disneyifing everything will get very boring soon.

    3. VarsityPuppet


      You know what they say about quality vs. quantity...

  11. This is a very helpful resource for modders, thank you!
  12. Did the Ancient Sith Species have any hair at all before the arrival of the Dark Jedi exiles on Korriban? "Sith purebloods" is a concept that I keep seeing both with and without hair on their head, but I usually see it referring only to members of the Sith species who are bald. IDK the lore of TOR, so how does this work?

    1. Nevrius


      If I remember correctly, the very ancient Sith Purebloods - prior to Ajunta&co arriving - didn't have any hair. The hair only came thanks to interspecies relationships.

      These ancient Sith for the most part also only had three fingers on each hand, if memory serves right, but don't take my word on that one.

  13. Fantastic mod! I can't believe I never noticed this until now, but the Manaan docking bay and the Yavin station landing pad are basically 1:1. Even their cargo box layout is the same now that I'm paying attention to the ebon hawk landing video. I thought you were joking about the areas having the same architect cause I thought you were referring to how you just spliced the Manaan hangar into the Yavin station and reskinned it, but Bioware seriously just redid their exact same work with Manaan into the Yavin cinematic. I appreciate the attention to subtle detail you added to make the Manaan hangar look closer to Yavin's landing pad, such as adding the cables on the ceiling. Not sure how you did that, yet I'm very impressed anyway.
    Permanent addition to the game, it blends in perfectly with the Yavin Station. This is what Bioware should've made the Yavin IV module like. I hope you'll make more module additions/enhancements like these in the future!
  14. I would appreciate that if you could, thank you!